2782) "Our Goals Not Only Genocide Recognition, But Also To Get Van, Kars, Sassoun, Bitlis & Erzerum" Mourad Papazian

Speech Delivered On 24 April 2006 By Mourad Papazian, Director, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (FRA) for Western Europe . .

Dear Friends, Dear Compatriots,

April 24 Has long been a day of mourning, but it has long been a day of claims for the Armenian people, the expression of the struggle for the Armenian cause, a day of mobilization against the Turkish state and genocide denial.

It is around the dynamics of the April 24 mobilization in the world that we held all the success for the Armenian cause.

The Armenian genocide recognized by the United Nations, the European Parliament, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Argentina, Uruguay, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Wales, Canada, Slovakia, Poland and France of course.

And last year, the German Bundestag, the equivalent of the French National Assembly, called on Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide.

And the list is not closed. And yes dear friends, dear compatriots, yes we will continue to build success. Next appointment on Thursday 18 May at the National Assembly where the Socialist group, the parliamentary niche, a bill against the denial of the Armenian genocide. If the National Assembly and the Senate adopt the proposed law, the denial of the Armenian genocide will be prohibited in France. And this is thanks to this law that we can prosecute, with the judicial guarantee of winning, the deniers of the Armenian genocide.

Thursday 18 May, we will be together outside the National Assembly to maintain our vigilance to Members. To vote the bill. We will be vigilant, we will be there, inside the National Assembly and outside to encourage them to vote this law at first reading. Nothing is gained, we will have to meet with parliamentary groups, dozens of MPs, to get a majority. In this struggle, the Turkish diplomacy will not be inactive, it will be a new wrestling diplomacy between Turkish and Armenian people.

We believe that this will be another success for the Armenian cause. The result of a long struggle. But to win, we will have to work until the last minute, we will be many in the National Assembly. For a success.

And these successes we accumulate day after day, year after year, we must first and foremost to the exceptional commitment of the Armenian people who never gave up and never did drop the arms.

These successes, we must also our international presence allows us to work simultaneously on all 5 continents.

These successes, we need also to the permanence of our struggle that has seen successive stages during these 91 years with an acceleration in 30 years.

These successes we have also to militant forces of the Armenian people who have ceased to be active for decades, we owe it to the mobilization of the Armenian people in the world.

These successes we finally have our union.
A union of combat.
A union of forces of our people.
A union for the future.
An unwavering union.
Diaspora in a union but a union that also unites the diaspora to Armenia.

Dear Friends, it is necessary that Turkey knows that we are in a dynamic multiplication of all the forces of the Armenian people.

For face to Turkey, we must strengthen us,
we will have to determine priorities,
we must give our struggle a new dimension.
A European dimension must.
A fight even more public, more political, much better organized, without emotion but with unwavering determination.

Given that Turkey, we are working on a long term battle. As ways to address the State made by Turkey, we will have to demonstrate political intelligence, we must strengthen us even more, you'll have to get involved with us even better for the supporters of the Armenian cause turns progressively militant spokesman in and torch-bearer. Because without you nothing is possible. Dear Friends, with you everything is possible.


Dear Friends, dear compatriots, from the accession of Ragip Tayep Erdogan to power, Turkish diplomacy has embarked on a policy effective seduction of European states. With line of sight, of course, the accession to the European Union.

It is a political sham that Europeans enjoy. It is a policy of blackmail that the Europeans fear.
It is a policy a step forward-two steps behind the Europeans promote the principle political idiot of the promise held in Turkey in 1961.

And at the same time, we find that the Turkish government has toughened its anti-Armenian.
This orchestra Turkey, across Europe, a new political denial. The Turkish lobby is becoming across Europe.
The Turkish government organizes Turkish communities in Europe, encourages them to enter the circles of power, political parties, trade unions, employers' organizations.

The Turkish government has more than 1,000 diplomats, historians, politicians who scour the world to expand the influence of Turkey against the Armenian cause.

And this, European governments know it.

Latest public artwork with the Turkish denial of events in Berlin in March and in Lyon in April.

In Berlin, the Turks celebrated the memory of Talaat, one of the executioners of the Armenian people. Talaat, one of the great officers of the genocide of the Armenian people. Talaat, the Turkish Hitler killed in 1921 by Soghomon Tehlirian as part of Operation Nemesis, decided, organized and executed by the FRA Dachnaktsoutioun.

In Lyon, more than 3000 Turks demonstrated against the construction of a monument dedicated to the memory of the Armenian people. An event organized by the Turkish governments relay in France, Turkish Embassy in Paris, the Turkish consulate in Lyon who instrumentalized the Turkish Gray Wolves, a fascist and para military. That is the true face of Turkey.

Since 3 October 2005, Turkey made a pause in the reform process, Turkey has put an end to compliance with the roadmap established by the European Union. IS THIS NORMAL? Yet European governments know!

Turkey does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus and even less to evacuate the island, yet part of the European Union. IS THIS NORMAL? Yet European governments know!

Turkey does not recognize the Armenian genocide. IS THIS NORMAL?
Yet European governments know!

Turkey is a policy denial. IS THIS NORMAL?
Yet European governments know!

Turkey is not ready to truly democratize political life because the military still plays a leading role. IS THIS NORMAL?
Yet European governments know!

Turkey is not ready to respect the rights of its minorities. IS THIS NORMAL?
Yet European governments know!

Turkey is not ready to propose a fair solution to the Kurdish problem. IS THIS NORMAL?
Yet European governments know!

Yet Europe's leaders are still proponents of Turkey's candidacy to the European Union. IS THIS NORMAL?

Today, dear friends, dear compatriots, to the Turkish Embassy in Paris, we pledge to continue fighting until the end. Today more than ever, our destiny is in our hands. All the victories we have obtained have been fought. None of the victories we have won has not been easy.

The next 10 years will be decisive for the Armenian cause.

Turkey may or may not be a member of the European Union.
We have exploited the opportunity formed by the accession of Turkey for the recognition of Armenian genocide is considered a prerequisite? Turkey says it will win this fight against us, against the Cypriots, against the Kurds, against the law, against truth, against justice, against democracy?

In any case, what is certain is that we are not spectators. What is certain is that we will use all means on our side, we are deeply involved in our struggle, we will be mobilized day and night, every day, all to win!

Faced with the governments of Europe, we will mobilize the peoples of Europe. Given the cowardice of the States, we will mobilize the courage of the public. Faced with the complacency of governments, we will solicit the support of civil societies.

To the problem of the entry of Turkey into the European Union, it is democracy that is violated. Governments that ignore the will of their voters have no political future.

Dear compatriots, Dear Friends,
91 years later, we must do everything possible to ensure that Turkey is convinced that sooner or later it will recognize this crime against humanity, that sooner or later it must act of repentance by asking forgiveness from the Armenian people , by act of reparation.

Act of reparation, because today's Turkey is responsible under international law the Armenian genocide committed in 1915 as it would not recognized and condemned.

Dear compatriots, against Turkey, we will continue to organize. Organize ourselves to better mobilize us. Mobilize us to better achieve our goals. Better achieve our goals to win. Not only for the recognition of the genocide but also to build a free Armenia, independent and united so that together we can return to Van, flies, Kars, Sassoun, Bitlis and Erzerum.

Long live the Armenian people!
Long live the struggle of the Armenian people!

CCAF, Conseil De Coordination Des Organisations Arméniennes De France (Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France )
75008 Paris


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