2801) " Mr. Sassounian, The Whole World Is Getting Sick And Tired Of You"

Mr. Sassounian,
The whole world is getting sick and tired of you and your Dashnak Armenian’s continuous whining for the past 94 years! That’s certainly a long time to play the RELIGION CARD, isn’t it?!! . .
This Dashnak Armenian deception of the world’s Christian nations for the past century has gone on long enough! What “evidence” you’ve tried to produce has long since been debunked! Those photos that you’ve constantly shown everywhere (of “Armenian women being killed” or “Armenians being executed”, or my personal favorite…A photo of Ataturk sitting in a courtyard with a dead child at his feet (supposedly an Armenian), where the authentic (real) photo from the archives shows the same pose of Ataturk, but with four PUPPIES at his feet…

The dead child was superimposed on the photo by your “people’…TYPICAL!) have already been shown to be fakes (many via PC PHOTOSHOP software)! Your “evidence” of Talat Pasha’s ordering of this fabricated “genocide” has long ago been proven forged (not only was Talat’s signature incorrect, but the Turah seal was wrong as well!).

These are merely tid-bits of the vast amounts of material that have been uncovered from all of the world’s archives which not only CLEARLY shows the great lengths that you ‘people” will go to perpetuate this disgusting falsehood among the Christian nations, but also spotlights your shameless low moral character!! Of all of the archives in the world that are open, why are the archives in Yerevan, Armenia and the Armenian Revolutionary archives from 1890 in Boston, MA still closed to the public to this very day? What are they hiding? Why are they so terrified to have them open to public scrutiny? To this day, Dashnak Armenians can not produce a SINGLE court verdict in their favor, from any court, on any date!

If Turkey were indeed guilty of the charges brought forth by the Dashnak Armenians over the past 100 years, why have they NEVER been able to sue Turkey in any civil court, anywhere, at any time? The answer is quite obvious…any type of court, anywhere, will require the presentation of UNALTERED proof/evidence!! This is simply something that the Dashnak Armenians have! All they can produce, over and over again, are the same old tired fakes, forgeries, fabrications, alterations that have been repeatedly tossed out, ad nauseum, by courts all over the land! Despite repeated invitations for the Dashnak Armenians to debate Turkey in an open public forum, with full media coverage, on a national or international stage, the Dashnaks have refused to accept!

They are too terrified that the world will learn the truth and that the Christian nations will then cut off their foreign aid, or stop doing their “dirty work” for them (to which they are so dependent upon and have become so used to)! After years of intense research, Samuel Weems states in his recent book that “Armenia’s major export is terrorism, while its major import is foreign aid”! The Dashnaks accuse Turkey of spending millions on lobbying efforts in the US Congress, yet they never mention a word about the millions that their diaspora spends on lobbying (and bribing) US senators and Congressmen each year!

They never mention the blocking of the establishment of a Turkish Studies Program on the UCLA campus (even though there is an Armenian Studies program (biased and corrupt, as usual) already on campus there), where they bullied and intimidated the school’s Board of Regents into canceling the program, even though it had been agreed to long ago and was close to being open! This is just a small example of what Dashnak Armenians will do to get their way! No wonder that their motto is “By any means necessary!”. These “means” include lies (what they’re experts at), character assassinations, slander, intimidation, manipulation, deceit, bribery, arson (fire bombings of homes of authors (i.e. Justin McCarthy) and/or businesses), assault, threats, forgeries, fabrications, terrorism, murder!

I could discuss how they try to manipulate the Jews and shamelessly attempt to equate their supposed “genocide” with the Holocaust tragedy! Or, I could discuss their insistence on being known as a “pure Aryan race”, and actually having Hitler anoint them as such during WWII!

We could discuss the Armenian newspapers and magazines published in Berlin, from 1936-1944, spouting continuous anti-Semitic vitriol while they gloriously print support for Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews! Hey, we could even discuss the infamous 812th Nazi Battalion of WWII, composed of 20,000+ Armenian volunteers, who hunted down and rounded up Jews in the Crimean and northern Caucuses regions! This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of items which Dashnak Armenians will never discuss mono-y-mono! Why? Because they consistently lack honor, dignity, credibility, integrity, etc. Volumes could literally be written about the side of the Dashnak Armenians that they are so frightened may come to light, and will do anything to prevent!

Whenever one brings up anything contrary to what THEY want the Christian world to know, then they will immediately brand that person, or persons, a “DENIALIST”, and then refuse to talk about anything regarding what that person has to say! In a nutshell, Dashnak Armenians have always been, and always will be…COWARDS! Sir Ellis Bartlett said it best when he spoke on London’s Parliament floor in Feb of 1895, saying “Armenians are, of all the oriental races, the most subtle, adroit and PRONE TO LYING!”.

To this very day, Dashnak Armenians continue to prove Sir Bartlett correct!!

Saygilarimla / Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

In the section regarding UNALTERED Proof/Evidence, the sentence should read: This is simply something the Dashnak Armenians DO NOT have!

After years of intensive research, the sentence should read: the noted author, Samuel Weems STATES in his recent book…

Obama Undermines His Credibility By Not Saying Genocide in Ankara
By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier

For several months now, I have been exposing the Turkish government’s ploy of creating the false impression that Ankara is engaged in serious negotiations to establish diplomatic relations with Yerevan. Turkey has been exploiting the illusive promise of opening the border in order to pressure Armenia into making concessions on a host of issues, while simultaneously subverting Pres. Obama’s pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Turkish officials have been repeatedly warning Pres. Obama not to issue a statement on the Armenian Genocide, claiming that such a step would disrupt the on-going negotiations between Armenia and Turkey. Regrettably, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian’s decision to travel to Istanbul this week to participate in the meeting of the Alliance of Civilizations served to substantiate the Turkish government’s contention that all is going well between the two countries.

Azerbaijan’s President, on the other hand, was determined to stick to his guns in safeguarding his nation’s interests. When Pres. Aliyev learned that Ankara was contemplating opening the border with Armenia, he viewed it as a betrayal of Azerbaijan by “fraternal Turkey.” He promptly canceled his planned trip to Istanbul. Aliyev even threatened to block the sale of natural gas to Turkey should it proceed with its announced plan to open the border. He wanted the Turkish border to remain closed in order to force Armenia into making territorial concessions on Artsakh (Karabagh). The Azeri Press Agency reported that Aliyev turned down a personal invitation to Istanbul by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as Turkey’s President and Prime Minister. Aliyev remained unmoved even when he was offered a private meeting with the President of the United States.

It is not clear if Pres. Obama was deceived by the Turks’ warnings to third parties not to interfere in the Armenian-Turkish negotiations. It could be that he found it expedient to heed the Turkish objections in order to maximize the concessions he wanted to extract from Turkey on Iraq and Afghanistan.

During a press conference in Ankara on Monday, this is how Pres. Obama responded when asked if he had changed his view on the Armenian Genocide: “My views are on the record and I have not changed views. What I have been very encouraged by is news that under Pres. Gul’s leadership, you are seeing a series of negotiations, a process, in place between Armenia and Turkey to resolve a whole host of longstanding issues, including this one. I want to be as encouraging as possible around those negotiations which are moving forward and could bear fruit very quickly, very soon. And so, as a consequence, what I want to do is not focus on my views right now, but focus on the views of the Turkish and the Armenian people.

If they can move forward and deal with a difficult and tragic history, then I think the entire world should encourage them. And so what I told the President was I want to be as constructive as possible in moving these issues forward quickly. And my sense is that they are moving quickly. I don’t want, as the President of the United States, to preempt any possible arrangements or announcements that might be made in the near future. I just want to say that we are going to be a partner in working through these issues in such a way that the most important parties, the Turks and the Armenians, are finally coming to terms in a constructive way.”

When the reporter pressed him for not using the term genocide, Pres. Obama repeated the deceptive arguments advanced by Turkey: “What I’d like to do is to encourage Pres. Gul to move forward with what have been some very fruitful negotiations. And I’m not interested in the United States in any way tilting these negotiations one way or another while they are having useful discussions.”

Pres. Gul then took the floor, and in a lengthy response, repeated the standard Turkish denials of the Armenian Genocide.

Later that day, while addressing the Turkish Parliament, Pres. Obama again carefully avoided using the term genocide: “Human endeavor is by its nature imperfect. History is often tragic, but unresolved, it can be a heavy weight. Each country must work through its past. And reckoning with the past can help us seize a better future. I know there’s strong views in this chamber about the terrible events of 1915. And while there’s been a good deal of commentary about my views, it’s really about how the Turkish and Armenian people deal with the past. And the best way forward for the Turkish and Armenian people is a process that works through the past in a way that is honest, open and constructive.”

In view of these developments, it is imperative that the Armenian government terminate at once all negotiations with Turkish leaders in order to limit the damage caused by the continued exploitation of the illusion of productive negotiations. Moreover, the Armenian leadership should denounce in the strongest possible terms Pres. Gul’s shameful denial of the Armenian Genocide during the Ankara press conference which was broadcast live by TV networks worldwide.

Meanwhile, Armenians from all over the world should inundate the White House Comment Line with phone calls to inform Pres. Obama that his statements on the Armenian Genocide in Ankara did not go far enough and do not fulfill his solemn promises on this important issue. Please call: 1-202-456-1111 and leave a message. Unless the White House hears immediately from a large number of Armenians, Pres. Obama and his aides might think that Armenians are satisfied with the remarks he made in Ankara. The President may then not issue a statement on April 24 or he may repeat the same unacceptable words he used in Turkey.

Finally, Pres. Obama should understand that the significance of keeping his word on the Armenian Genocide goes beyond this issue and has a direct bearing on his overall credibility. Within hours of the President’s remarks in Ankara, the Politifact.com website questioned his integrity, having concluded that he had broken his promise on the Armenian Genocide — one of the 511 campaign promises that the website keeps track of, to verify his trustworthiness


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