3179) Video: The Role of Truth in the Armenian Genocide

Truth is a truth is a truth © This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com Why are people so quick to accept the flimsiest hearsay substituting as evidence for what is called the Armenian genocide? It's not just Armenians conditioned by their parents, teachers and churches insuring that new generations will keep fighting for their rewarding and emotional enterprise, but non-Armenians as well, some of whom consider themselves honorable and intellectual, and who would never dream of making such a serious charge without ensuring the evidence is solidly in place.

Certainly anti-Turkish prejudice plays a part, but the reason why the truth plays such an alarming second fiddle lies deeper. Helping us to understand is a clip from THE INTERNATIONAL, starring Naomi Watts and Clive Owens.

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00:59:28,481 --> 00:59:32,150
- What are you trying to do here, Ella?
- I'm doing my job.

00:59:32,318 --> 00:59:34,945
You have any idea of the shit-storm you've gotten me into?

00:59:35,113 --> 00:59:37,739
- We're just trying to get to the truth.
- I get it.

00:59:38,324 --> 00:59:42,244
You need to remember there's what people wanna hear, wanna believe ...

00:59:42,412 --> 00:59:44,871
... there's everything else,
then there's the truth.

00:59:45,039 --> 00:59:48,375
And since when is that okay?
I can't believe you're saying this to me.

00:59:48,543 --> 00:59:50,669
The truth means responsibility, Arnie.

00:59:50,837 --> 00:59:53,839
Exactly, which is why everyone dreads it.



(85.110.9x.xxx) Erzurum, Turkey said...

Wikileaks or what!

You guys must be out of your mind to provide / gather such documents with no advertising, no payment any sort whereas greedy xurkishxorum has started charging for some of the articles on the top of the regular donations they receive and paid advertising at their site

You rock !

(76.172.181.xx) Sherman Oaks, California, United States said...

Hi there!

To write in a civilized way about a torture is maybe the virtue of a Nazi who can listen to Bach music while in the next room there is a Jew or a Polish or a French Resistance soldier being tortured.

It is hard to be civilized when your ancestors have been murdered on their historic land by barbarian hords coming from the north east...

it is hard to be very civilized when your grandparents who witnessed the murders of their parents, grandparents, siblings, grow up in orphanages... away from their home that has been burnt down...

It is hard to be civilized when western countries having interest in Turkey, ignore the truth...If the Armenians were the ones who were killing, that would be a liberation of their Motherland from nomad conquerors, unfortunately, before they could turn from a creating and building nation into a warrior nation, they were already massacred. And just a small, half way successful resistance to save their mothers and children is considered to be a massacre of Turks???

Imagine if we call resisting Jews killers of Nazis? They would be praised and called heroes for fighting for their lives!!!

And those, who hid them so they can survive!

So, the Armenians had to be sheep and go calmly to a full slaughter so as the Turks wanted, only one Armenian to remain for the Museum Exposition???


The TRUTH IS that the Turks committed the Genocide and they have to be held responsible.

There is no and cannot be another truth.

TruckTurkey said...

Jews and French Resistance never massacred German civilians before and after WW2 !!!!

Only Dro [Drastamat Kanayan] can teach Bach or Wagner about the Nazism Honor !

Why were Tashnaks fighting in Iran & TransCaucasia at the beginning of 20th Century ?
Fighting for the petrol benefits for the Western Countries not for the Resistance !!
At the beginning of 20th century Azeri populations were %50 in Armenia
How many Azeris live in Armenia Today ?

Only in Caucasia and East Anatolia nearly 2 million Kurds-Turks and Azeris died before and after the WWI !

Western Genocide Books don't mention any Kurds-Turks-Azeris deaths!
And their Orphans !
And Warangian's Reports
And Bolohovitinov Reports from Russian Military Archive !
And Niles & Sutherlands Reports from American Record Administrations & National Archives
And Armenians Statesmen Boryan, Karinyan & Katzhaznouni's wrote about Tashnak Terror !

Yes! The Truth is only for Western Parliaments !
Not for India, Africans Countries or Native Americans !

Observer2009 said...

With the December 17, 2013 verdict on "Perincek vs Switzerland" by the European Courts of Human Rights, it is established that the events of 1915 cannot be proven to be genocide and cannot be compared to Jewish Holocaust. What's more, silencing contra-genocide views is a direct violation of the human right to freedom of thought, expression, and speech--a stance contra-genocide scholars and writers were advocating all along.

With this remarkable milestone of a court verdict, the Turkish side of the story, long dismissed, ignored, and/or censored, will now finally be heard. Armenian agitation, propaganda, insurgency, deception, terrorism, treason, revolts, territorial demands, and the resulting Muslim, mostly Turkish, suffering and losses will be included in the debate for a balanced treatment of the Turkish-Armenian conflict. All this can be expected to lead to civilized dialogue and reasoned debate which, in turn, may finally produce closure based on the concepts of "shared responsibility," "shared pain," and "fair memory".

Turko-phobia and Islamo-phobia in the pro-genocide views, by far the biggest challenges to reasoned debate on the Turkish-Armenian conflict, should now clearly be checked at the door prior to debating this issue. If that is done, then it will be seen that it was a truly complex human tragedy engulfing all the people of the era and area, not just Armenians. Furthermore, Armenian complicity in this tragedy, Armenian war crimes and hate crimes can no longer be swept under the rug (se, for example, www.ethocide.com for a photo of the well-trained, well-armed Armenian military academy cadets posing with their Russian-made Mosin weapons as far back as 1906, flying in the face of the rhetoric we are all so familiar with: "poor,starving, unarmed, loyal Armenians cut down by blood-thirsty Turks for no reason on one 1915 morning". )

Truth is within reach now...

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