3220) Armenia: Racism & Intolerance Report By European Commission Feb 2011

Racism Armenia © This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com CoE Racism & Intolerance Report Cites Concerns in Armenia

On February 8, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) published a new report on Armenia saying that while improvements have been made, there are still some concerns in the area of religious freedom and refugees’ social rights
. . .

The report says that while there is no hostility vis-à-vis ethnic minorities and non-nationals, there are obvious dangers of intolerance in the field of religious freedom. The involvement of the National Security Service in this area is difficult to justify. The alternative service is too long

The ECRI is the Council of Europe’s independent human rights monitoring body specialized in combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and intolerance. It consists of 47 experts, one from every CoE member state.
Plans to make the law on freedom of conscience and religious organizations more restrictive should be abandoned. The anti-discrimination legislation needs strengthening and the budget of the Human Rights Defender’s Office is insufficient. There should be an independent mechanism for dealing with complaints against the police.

In its report, ECRI makes a number of recommendations, among which the following three will be revisited in two years’ time: Reduce the length of alternative service by six months; Change the system for the distribution of grants to ethnic minorities; Re-house all refugee families living in non-renovated accommodation in the Nor-Nork centre


Racism Overtly Practiced By The Armenians

Please allow me to present to you the views of some Armenian leaders and writers, which you will, no doubt, find gravely offensive, virulent, and blatantly racist.

Please note that these quotations are not from ordinary Armenians, therefore, cannot be readily dismissed as hapless repartee by some ignorant or extremist Armenians.

The bigoted Armenian leaders who wrote these horrible comments were unfortunately the same ones who influenced, formulated, manipulated, and/or dictated Armenian policies before, during, and after the WWI.

"?They (The Turks) have assimilated the blood of slaves from east and west, north and south. Originally Mongolian, they are now partly Negroid, Semitic, and in lesser degree Aryan.... It would be interesting to have a competent ethnologic and genetic study made of the effect of polygamy and of such unparalleled miscegenation upon the vitality of the people...the Turk today is, according to unanimous testimony, inferior in mental equipment and sustained energy to the native Christians and Jews."

To which the Armenian editor added his own ingenious analysis as a footnote :

"The Turks of Turkey are basically of the most primitive and backward branch of the Mongolian race.... Of this blending of the primitive, the savage, the stupidly brutal and atavistic products is composed the Turk of today. The retention by him of his primordial traits is explained by the Mendelian Law,..."

Source: Cardashian, Vahan, "The Turks"; An Address delivered before The American Academy of Political and Social Science, in The Lausanne Treaty - Turkey and Armenia., The American Committee Opposed to the Lausanne Treaty, New York (1926), p 106

"All Turkish children also should be killed as they form a danger to the Armenian nation?"

Source: Hamparsum Boyaciyan, a former Ottoman parliamentarian who led Armenian nationalist forces

"In Soviet Armenia today there no longer exists a single Turkish soul..."

Source: Sahak Melkonian, Preserving the Armenian Purity, 1920

"We closed the roads and mountain passes that might serve as ways of escape for the Turks and then proceeded in the work of extermination?."

Source: Ohanus Appressian, describing incidents in 1919; Memoirs of an Armenian officer, Men Are Like That, 1926.

You can now understand what the Ottoman government was really up against: a bunch of vicious, racist, treasonous, well-armed, and well-motivated back stabbers who did not hesitate to kill unprotected women and children of Turkish villages -- as all the able bodied Turkish men were sent to many distant fronts to defend the country against the invaders.

Consequently, over half a million Muslims, mostly Turks, ruthlessly met their tragic end during the WWI at the hands of these Armenian nationalists.

Today, we witness the same kind of arrogant and racist attitude in the writings of many Armenians, their extensions in the media, and their recent inventions and new tools, the so-called genocide scholars.

To these Armenian writers, the bona fide cases of genocide around the world do not exist; only the bogus genocide claims of the Armenians do. They only pay a brief lip service to the genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda, and devote the rest of their writings to the Armenian-Turkish civil war which they unfairly, incorrectly, but deliberately misrepresent as genocide.

To these people, Armenian armed uprisings and treason are not important. The facts that the Armenians had standing armies of 150,000 men and that they were belligerents are to be ignored.

Also to be dismissed are the rights of the Turks to defend themselves and their country in face of foreign invasion supported by some disloyal citizens. Well, what's left to consider?

How else can any one explain the tragic ending of the millennium of harmonious Turkish-Armenian cohabitation in Anatolia?

If Armenians didn't take up arms against their own government, didn't side with the invading Russian armies, didn't massacre Turks, Kurds, Circassioan, Arabs, and Jews , didn't undermine the Ottoman war effort; they would still be in Anatolia today, like they have been for a millennium before 1915? It is that plain and simple?

As the prominent historian, Justin McCarthy once said, any civil war, including the American civil war, can be made to look like a genocide if one ignores the other side.

Armenians always dismiss their own terrorism, armed uprisings, atrocities, betrayals, and treason; misrepresent wartime measures taken by Turks in self defense; exaggerate Armenian suffering and losses; and totally ignore the Turkish suffering and losses many times larger than the Armenians'.

How long can this ethocidal Armenian campaign continue to depict the vicious Armenian terrorists and nationalists in the Ottoman-Armenian community as "poor, starving Armenians"?

How can "poor, starving Armenians" raise a standing army of 150,000 men, slaughtering defenseless Turkish women and children in Eastern Anatolia and elsewhere?


AAG = The alleged Armenian genocide
AFATH = Armenian Falsifiers and Turk Haters
WWI = The First World War

Ethocide = Systematic extermination of ethics via malicious mass deception for political, economic, social, and/or moral benefits




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