3257) Another Archive Document Related To The Armenian Attacks About To Be Forgotten

[Turkish Cops Being Attacked by the Armenians in Istanbul Streets]

By TruckTurkey

The ‘Illustration’ that represents the attacks by Armenian protestors to Ottoman Law Enforcement and that was published in the Nov 1896 issue of L’Univers Illustrie Journal is one of the rare examples. These rare illustrations that happen to be in French archives for many many years now are never published by the European or American media or by the science environment since they contradict the so called Armenian Genocide propaganda. Naturally, it is only wishful thinking to even consider that these illustrations can be seen in Armenian Institutions like Zoryan or Gomidas or in any related Armenian websites.
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The explanation part of the ‘Illustration’ includes an article about ‘Turkish Armed Forces Being Attacked by Armenians in İstanbul Streets’. Meanwhile there is also reference to comments of British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lord Salisbury politically presented about how they managed to get Abdülhamid the 2nd to form a comission in 1895 for demands to expand Armenian rights.

Indeed Lord Salisbury offered a plan to German Ambassador Von Herzfeldt in England in July 1895 about how to share Ottoman Empire but this plan was rejected by Germany at that time. [Grosse Politik der Europaischen Kabinette 1870-1914,Bd. X, s. 10 vd., 40 vd.]

England lost faith in the continuation of Ottoman Empire’s existence after the Ottoman-Russian war. They also started to have concerns about Russian Czardom having a powerful existence in the Mediterranean by capturing East and Southeast Anatolia with the help of the Gregorian Armenians, after they lost their influence in Caucasus that originated from the ‘Türkmenchay Treaty’ signed between the Persians and the British in 1828.

[Likewise, as a result of this dispute between England and Russian Czardom, Armenians would have to pay a heavy price after the Paris Peace Conference held in 1919

News about ‘Massacres of Armenains’ became quite frequently published in especially French and British media towards the end of 19th century whereas the American media which had not taken any sides about the matter yet was publishing just the opposite.

[Innocent(!) Armenians Through Historical NewsPaper Archives]

In an article published in L’Univers Illustrie Journal, it is mentioned why Abdülhamid the 2nd removed Grand Vizier Kamil Pasha from duty.

English Translation:

Incidents in Armenia & Anatolia

People were looking forward to the speech of Prime Minister Lord Salisbury about the ‘Matter of the Orient’ in the celebrations held by the Mayor. Prime Minister’s speech was comforting and helped remove the pessimistic atmosphere created by the war monger media.

It is a known fact that the delegates of the three super powers suggested changes to the special laws of the Ottoman Empire to end the distressing investigations about Armenians.

Lord Salisbury ruled out the concerns about the Sultan winning a political battle against the British by indicating that he accepted the resolutions of the super powers:

‘’The impression in the foreign countries was that I added new items to the demands of the three super powers and that I amended the resolutions in line with the thoughts of the international commission. That is not true. I did not add anything new to the demands. ’’

''I proposed verbally an alternative to the resolutions of the super powers, whereby having a similar and easily achievable solution, but that would result in a more heterogeneous comission conrolling the actual Muslim organization (hence the actual Muslim organization staying the same).

However when the Sultan accepted the proposal of the delegates from the three super powers, my alternative proposal became null and void. Since my suggestion for Muslim officials replacing Christian officials in this country (in Ottoman Empire) left an impression in European governments as if one religious group was developing an attitude towards another and since this was contradicting my position, I removed that.''

After this speech, Lord Salisbury indicated that the peaceful attitude of Christianity that was dominating Anatolia for 50 years was considered to be very important by the leader countries in continuation of this country’s existence.

The understanding of Lord Salisbury is that the leader countries worked in a tremendous unity that had never been seen before. Advisors of the Sultan indicated that massacres by Armenians would not be tolerated anymore. The reaction of the leader countries to this would be, according to Lord Salisbury, an expression of disapproval although this was just his opinion not the definite reaction.

It is now known why Grand Vizier Kamil Pasha resigned. This resignation became inevitable for the Sultan after he received a declaration from the three delegates of the leader countries. It is seen from this declaration that the leader countries complaint to the Sultan about the Grand Vizier because of his following statement: ‘’ The rebellions seen in several cities will not end soon’’.

The Sultan sacrificed his Prime Minister without blinking an eye following this declaration and made him resign.

Kamil Pasha became unforgiveable after this. The Sultan made him the governor of İzmir to be able to send him away from İstanbul as quick as possible and demanded him to start work there immediately. Kamil Pasha upon this, had to start heading for İzmir by sea although his health condition was not good.

Leader countries in their resolution communicated to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs (as was also communicated to the previous Minister) the conditions of Anatolia as well as their opinions about this and this time even with more determination and asked how the Sublime Porte was considering these and how it would protect its legal existence going forward.

The leader countries were hoping that no international intervention would be necessary after the Sublime Porte took all necessary precautions following the official treaty becoming effective.

La Gazette de Francfort is conveying the reason for the resignation of Kamil Pasha as follows:

The Grand Vizier warned the Sultan about the dangerous foreign political games played on him by a declaration. After Kamil Pasha returned to the palace, the Sultan summoned him, tore the declaration apart, threw it to the Grand Vizier and shouted at him as: ''Get out you traitor! ''. Kamil Pasha hardly survived after this and left the palace.

Thanks Nabi & Elif for translates


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