3466) An American Report On The Russian Famine

Findings of the Russian Commission of the Near East Relief
Published by The Nation


0N August 1, 1921, a party of Americans then en route from New York to Transcaucasia to make a survey of conditions in Transcaucasia for the Near East Relief, came into possession of a quantity of new information respecting famine conditions in the Volga district of Russia which greatly impressed them with the very serious need which might, if the reports received were substantiated, affect the lives of several millions of people in Russia. It was learned, at the same time, that a movement was on foot in the United States to undertake a limited amount of relief work among the children and the sick of the Volga district of Russia.

While the conditions upon which it was proposed to undertake this relief work were not known, and while it was self-evident that no member of this party could in any sense whatever presume to represent any organization or organizations planning to undertake relief work in Russia and much less of course the American Government in investigating conditions in Russia, the American party in question found itself peculiarly fortunately situated to be able to obtain first-hand information of conditions in the famine district of Russia, with the least possible delay, and to place whatever information might thus be obtained at the disposal of Mr. Herbert Hoover, as head of the American Relief Administration, should he desire it, or of any other American agency which might subsequently undertake relief work in this district; at the same time placing before the American public an impartial account of conditions in Russia as observed by Americans entirely without interest or bias.
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Sukru Server Aya said...

This interesting report merely compliments the Near East Report or US Senate Resolution 266 ref.
to which I referred in chapter 7 of my book
readily on the internet for unload and print.

When these two official American Reports are compared side by side, we notice the following facts, which no one speaks of:

a- The "Russian Famine Report" (# 3466) indicates that 585.000 Armenians living in the Eastern Provinces of Anatolia, themselves immigrated to Causssus Armenia (and were subject to the famine conditions ruling under their own Dashnakist Government June 2 1918 to Dec.2, 1920).

b- Near East Relief Report (# 2335) gives this number of those who moved themselves to Russia/Armenia as 500.000 Armenians and adds that 300.000 Armenians returned to Cilicia (from the south and Armenia) and that 200.000 to 300.000 Armenians remaining in Syria in Camps are in need of Relief. These numbers and reports are enough to prove the great fraud when speaking of Armenian losses during and after relocation, effective in the year 1922. Also under international war rules, "the victors are responsible for the maintenance and feeding of the people in the countries they occupy". Strangely, the victors which contributed to these starvations "by blockading all seaports" are never held reponsible for anything!

c- The Report outlines much more serious famine conditions in Russia when they were Sovietized in 1920s, such as 25 million Russians exposed to famine in the Volga valley, 3 millions on the move by trains, searching for some shelter and food.

d- We note the reluctance of the "League of Nations" to help Russians, and the extreme efforts of F. Nansen on behalf of the Red Cross and League's Secretary for Immigration Affairs, to assist even a much larger case of mass deaths due to starvation, (farmers had to eat their last draft animals) and epidemics, including cholera. After reading this report, one can understand why F. Nansen donated the "Nobel Prize" he received, for the salvation of war stricken and starving Russians.

Thank you for this addition to your E-library.

Sukru S. Aya

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