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    Dear Sirs,

    (ROBERT FISK 5 April 2015)

    I cannot imagine that your respected paper has become a tool of biased propaganda, as demonstrated by Mr. Fisk at all times with his “cemented obsession” of the “unproven-hearsay-Armenian genocide”.

    In these years where we need full usage of science and logic for world peace, tolerance, compassion and minimizing the danger of frictions and animosities implanted by tales of holly books… Mr. Fisk pours some gasoline on a century old drama to inflame theological differences and conflicts of interests.

    Mr. Fisk’s knowledge on “genocide” is FIXED on Armenians only and their being Christians. For example he will not remember the 30 years Wars of Catholics and Protestants in the 17th century which took 8 million lives, he would not know the 1975-1979 Kmer Rough killings of some 2 million Cambodians (not classified as genocide) or the 1978 tragedy of Jim Jones’ Temple of God in Guyana and mass suicides. He would not care about some 1.5 million Muslims who were “killed for the sake of democracy (?)” or presently over 3 million Syrian Muslims who abandoned their homes because of fractional wars on sects of the same religion. He can easily link ISIS butcheries with Armenian churches and disregard some wise sayings on RELIGION;
    Religion is the opium of the masses. (Karl Marx)

    Morality is doing what is right regardless what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told regardless of what is right. Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

    (Compliments to Mr. Fisk for his contributions)
    Mr. Fisk for over ten years is reputed as a liar:


    Now let us disclose a few paradoxes from this article.

    a- The photograph is claimed to be of “Armenian genocide” in 1915, taken at some village in the Eastern Anatolia. Sir, the relocations started in the summer of 1915, the soldiers are Russian in summer uniforms. When did these immigrants turned into skeletons, before they even went? It will take for sure more than a year for a corpse to decay and become bones and skulls?

    b- Reference is made to Armenian Churches. There are about 60 active Armenian Churches in Turkey today, these averages about one church for 1000 persons. What is the average in USA or Armenia?

    c- In 1820’s before Russians started resettling Armenians in Erivan areas 70% of the local population was Muslim. Can Mr. Fisk show but one Muslim family or mosque relics standing up in Armenia?

    Last word: Does the name of your paper also imply that your writers are independent in exposing their shallowness and bias, taking the readers to be dupes with no knowledge and brains?

    Respectfully, Istanbul April 11, 2015
    Sukru Server Aya (researcher and writer)

    Genocide Of A Nation
    Dominic Lawson 12 April 2015, Sunday Times

    Killing millions: ‘John Bull’s dilemma’, an 1895 satirical comment on the mass slaughter of Armenians (Bridgeman Art Library)


    SOMETIMES it is not the images of genocide that chill the blood, but the evidence of the perpetrators’ ordinary courtesies as they embark on mass murder. In Thomas de Waal’s Great Catastrophe, there is a copy of a handwritten letter sent by Talat Pasha, one of the three leaders of the so-called “Young Turks” government, gracefully accepting a dinner invitation that evening from the US Ambassador to Constantinople and offering compliments to “Madame Morgenthau”. The date of the letter (and the dinner) is April 24, 1915: the very day on which Talat’s “final solution to the Armenian problem” went into action, with the rounding up of Armenian civic and intellectual leaders, followed by their murder. I cannot understand the use of a very old cartoon when Gladstone was shouting “Turks deserve to die”! What is Talat’s polite reply to the dinner invitation is ridiculed? 235 Armenian celebrities associated to Tashnak Revolutionaries were rounded up one night before the Allied Landing at Dardanelles and sent inland by train to few towns staying at houses but showing up to the police. No one was murdered; some were let return to Istanbul 2-3 weeks later.

    Suggest you read Ara Sarafian’s conference


    No palavers please!

    The letter comes from the Henry Morgenthau archive, as does a subsequent account of the response by Talat in August 2015, when the US envoy called on him to protest at the programme of deportation and murder of the Armenian population: “ ‘It is no use for you to argue,’ Talat answered. ‘We have already disposed of three-quarters of the Armenians; there are none at all left in Bitlis, Van and Erzerum. The hatred between the Turks and the Armenians is now so intense that we have got to finish with them. If we don’t, they will plan their revenge.’ ”

    Morgenthau’s “Story Book” was penned by Burton Hendricks, some 30 months after Morgenthau landed in USA; the objective was t o “create moral reasons for USA” to go to war against Germany. The stories were provided by his two Armenians secretaries he brought from Istanbul. Almost everything written in his story book is contradicted by his own hand written “Diary” recently published by the Gomidas Institute. For exact quotes comparisons see:
    Book is available from Athol Books, Belfast. In August three quarters of those to be resettled, had already left their homes in mid August. Talat meant that “it was already done. The military objective was achieved, the revolutionaries had no houses to hide and be fed, so they had to go back to Armenia. Protestants and Catholics were let return back to their homes in mid August. Over 200.000 Armenians immigrated to Russia when their army pulled back. Morgenthau’s or actual Burton Hendricks skill was to create conversations and put them in mouths as if they were recorder and replayed years later!

    De Waal’s book, which is largely devoted to the aftermath of the genocide and the attempts at some sort of resolution of the outstanding moral debt (unacknowledged by any subsequent Turkish government), provides details of the futile acts of revenge in the 1970s by the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (Asala), a tiny Beirut-based group. Asala assassinated a handful of blameless Turkish diplomats — with the result that Ronald Reagan, despite his long acquaintance with the Armenian diaspora in California, abandoned his earlier commitment to recognise the Armenian claim that they had been victims of genocide.

    He was just one of a number of American presidents (Barack Obama is only the most recent) who solicited the Armenian-American vote with such a promise, but then avoided all mention of the G-word once in office and having been apprised by their generals how vital it was to keep Turkey’s goodwill as a strategic ally. For complete answer / review of the Waal’s book please refer in full detail to:

    In truth, the Armenians have always been the victims of big-power politics. Ronald Suny’s They Can Live in the Desert But Nowhere Else puts the extermination of approximately 1.5m souls 100 years ago in exactly this context, but with a powerful personal introduction: “By the end of the war, 90% of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire were gone, a culture and a civilisation wiped out never to return. Those who observed the killings, as well as the Allied powers engaged in a war against the Ottomans, repeatedly claimed that they had never witnessed anything like it. The word for what happened had not yet been invented. There was no concept to mark the state-targeted killing of a designated ethnoreligious people. At the time those who needed a word borrowed from the Bible and called it ‘holocaust’. My great-grandparents were among the victims.”

    " “Memorandum presented to the council of League of Nations by the Armenian Delegation”

    There are now about 700.000 Armenian refugees in the outlying countries, of these 345.000 Armenians are in different parts of the Caucasus, 95.000 in Syria, 120.000 in Greece, in the islands and Macedonia, 40.000 in Bulgaria and occidental Thrace, 50.000 in Persia, and the rest dispersed here and there, not to mention about 110.000 orphans who are providentially receiving aid from the American Near East Relief "

    Below document iis irrefutable, and tells why and how 200.000 Armenians “sacrificed their lives” for the enemy fighting against the home country. I have another document from Armenian historian A.A. Lalaian, confirming death of 195.000 Armenians in Armenia due to starvation and epidemics during their 30 month Dashnakist Republic which brought all these calamities to teir own people..

    Despite this familial link, Suny is admirably dispassionate in explaining the particular circumstances that led the Ottoman government to embark on a policy of mass extermination — a mixture of outright slaughter of males and death marches of women and children into the desert. The Ottomans had suffered catastrophic defeat in the Balkan wars of 1912-13, with the result that millions of their Muslim compatriots had been displaced and fled eastwards. The “Young Turks” conceived of the Anatolian provinces as a new “homeland” — so it was necessary, in effect, to empty of Armenians the historic homeland of what was once an Armenian nation.

    Another palaver, you mean that the Ottomans lost the Balkan Wars simply to resettle the immigrants (who had left everything to save their lives) in deserted Armenian homes (mostly made by mud bricks…)!

    Women, children and the infirm were forced on death marches (Bridgeman Art Library)The other cause was their series of defeats at the hands of the vast tsarist army during the First World War. Not only was this a further shattering of the Ottoman Empire, but the Armenians were believed to be sympathetic to their Christian co-religionists. In fact it was remarkable how loyal Armenians were to their Ottoman rulers, even though they had been the victims of a series of massacres in the 1890s and in 1909. Like the Jews of Central Europe, the Christian Armenians had prospered in trade and finance: this had aroused resentment among the much larger Muslim population. Germany, in fact, is linked to both genocides: the “Young Turks” were in alliance with Berlin while they carried out their holocaust of the Armenians. German diplomats, horrified at what they were witnessing, were told to keep quiet by their government: and after the collapse of the Ottoman regime, the main perpetrators of the genocide (“The Three Pashas”) were allowed to settle in peaceful retirement in Germany. It was in Berlin on March 15, 1921 that Talat was shot dead by Soghoman Tehlirian, a 23- year-old Armenian almost deranged with grief at what he had witnessed a few years earlier. For true details of this parody see " Talaat Pasha’s murder (15.3.1921): a parody in the courts of Berlin belying 'The Miller of Sansoucci Legend of Justice" International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invensions August 2014 Volume 1, Issue 5 ISSN: 2349-2031


    The German jury, who had known little of what had happened, were so affected by the eyewitnesses’ accounts brought by the defence, that they acquitted Tehlirian after just one hour of deliberation. Sure what a justice, the victim found guilty of being murdered… General Bronsart von Scellendorf, deputy of War Minister Enver Pasha, nor any of the 10.000 Germans in Turkey were called for witnessing. Schellendorf wrote a bitter article in the German paper for this judicial play or parody.

    Yet, as Suny points out, one of the Germans, Max von Scheubner-Richter (who as vice-consul in Erzerum had sent reports to Berlin highly critical of what he termed the “annihilation” of the Armenians) later became a leading member of the Nazi party: “[He] became famous, not for his resistance to Ottoman atrocities, but when in 1923 he marched arm-in-arm with Adolf Hitler during the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Scheubner-Richter was shot in the lung and killed immediately; as he fell, he pulled Hitler down with him, dislocating Hitler’s shoulder. He probably saved the future dictator’s life when the second volley was fired.”

    Speaking of Hitler how can you overlook the famous 812th Battalion, the 22.000 men Armenian Legion (4800 SS troops) serving Hitler and speaking of his victory just two months prior to his suicide. The famous Butcher of Muslims, Armenian General Dro Drastamat Kanajan later became important adviser since he knew Russian language and army tactics. Most of his troops were Russian Armenians who fell prisoners to Germans and this time fought against Russia and rounded up Jews.

    So, from witnessing the first genocide of the 20th century to accidentally enabling the second: what an astonishing footnote to the history of mass murder.

    Great Catastrophe: Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of Genocide by Thomas de Waal

    Andrea Gagliarducci, Catholic News Agency


    A Sincere Complaint To God;

    Oh Lord, in the second half of my lifetime and because of my readings and using a part of the “granted intelligence”, I have my personal concerns about the creditability of all of the theological tale books. I do not wish that this complaint goes to God of Gilgamesh (much earlier than Christ) but it goes to the God of Christ since it relates to the misconduct of Christ’s prestigious Vicar, the Pope!

    (A).The National Catholic Reporter advertised Catholicism as: " Committed to works of LOVE, MERCY and JUSTICE in service among God’s people".

    (B) On the other hand one of the Ten Commandments reads: [You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.]

    (C) A scholar thinks that: [Authority which demands obeisance and refuses dialogue, and takes its stand on a fixed and dogmatic position, does not witness very convincingly to the presence of God who came amongst us as one whose power appeared as powerlessness and whose wisdom as foolishness. Prof. Veronica Brady ]

    (D) We know that Karekin II, Catholicos of Etchmiadzin (head of some 9 million Orthodox Armenians) is one of the eight presidents of the WCC (World Council of Churches) with over 500 million members in about 110 countries, convinced WCC to join the centenary remembrance activities. (RCC) The Roman Catholic Church with its 1.2 billion members (being superior ) is not a member of WCC. Despite the great friction between the Roman Catholic Church with all other churches and in particular the Greek (Russian, Armenian and others) we see that Pope Francis embraced Karekin II, and in his above Eastern sermon, he deliberately bore false witness (and dragged the RCC in world politics, which is none of his duty, authority, religiosity or truth given in his hand. Thus the Pope became a tool in inflicting hatred instead of LOVE and abused JUSTICE by exhibiting an omnipotence which will further fraction differences and illogical crimes, all done for God?

    The Pope implied that Turks are responsible for :" “the extermination of a million and a half Armenian Christians, in what is generally referred to as the first genocide of the twentieth century, and the subsequent annihilation of thousands under the former totalitarian regime, are tragedies that still live in the memory of the present-day generation.”"

    My complaint is how the Vicar of Christ “bore false witness and committed the crime of slander and inflicting hate and animosity among God’s people”. As usual, we have an accusation which is not based on any historical, judicial, logical, documentary and not even neutral eye witness evidence. In short we have a “Church Verdict” (Instead of an authorized international tribunal). It is very strange how Catholics now support Orthodox after so many centuries, and join hands to damn Turks in absence. So, this Complaint is addressed to God (through readers since I do not have the e-mail address) and is aimed to prove innocence irrefutably, thus exposing the emptiness of the charge. Let us dig a little in the affection of Catholics towards Orthodox in history in another remarkable Easter!

    [Here, on Easter morning, in April 1204, the warriors of the Fourth Crusades, red handed from their conquest of the city, caroused and feasted. A courtesan, seated on the patriarchal throne, sang obscene in nasal tones to mock the chanting of Greeks. Meanwhile the drunken soldiers indulged in nameless orgies with women of the street, and fane resounded with their indecent satanic glee. In derision the consecrated bread and wine were mixed with blood and dung] (Constantinople, Edwin A. Grosvenor, Vol. 2, Boston 1900). Here is an example how Catholic Christians looted Orthodox Christians:
    [In 1204 Constantinople was captured in the course of the 4th Crusade and, both at that time and later during the 13th century, much valuable material was taken from the city and shipped back for the adornment of Venice. This included marbles and pillars for the facade of St Marks, the two square pillars in the Piazzetta known (wrongly) as the Pillars of Acre and probably also the Pietra del Bando (near the south west corner of St Marks) and the four porphyry figures known as the Tetrarchs, which were eventually installed near the entrance to the Doges Palace from the Piazzetta.] (About 60 – 80.000 Orthodox Greeks were murdered in this crusade)

    It is ironic that out of so many deaths or massacres in history only two have been recognized by the United Nation as genocide. These are the Jewish holocaust of 1945 and Rwanda of 1991, both asserted by verdicts of authorized international tribunals after investigations and reliable evidences. The Armenian genocide is claimed to have happened in 1915-1916 during a compulsory military measure; deaths started with 300.000 and by bidding higher (unproven) numbers has climbed out to 1.5 million (10.000 deaths per day) which is physically impossible since it will require 5.000 grave diggers to dig stadium size graves every day (none is ever found); it will require 100 tons of bullets etc. Throughout history despite extensive researches not one authentic document or neutral eye witness has been found. Everything is a “widely heard rumor”, which started in 1960’s. Strangely no one wrote or complained from 1915 up to 1960’s for any massacres. The Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire before the war was less than 1.3 millions. If we were to add Armenians of the Caucasus (Russia, Armenia, Persia) it would still be under 1.8 million. We are given no names, dates, numbers, places, murder tools, reason, corpses, graves, witness. Many Official Documents of U.S., British, France, Russian origin and memoranda submitted to peace conferences prove that in 1920’s at least 800.000 Armenians were safe, alive and had the option of getting back their properties fully after the 30.10.1918 Cease Fire! (Catholics and Protestants were exempted in mid August 1915. Joint US Congress-Senate report dated 22.4.1922 claims that 1.414.000 Armenians was alive on that date!

    Doc.# 1: Note by Sir Eric Drummond on 1.3.1920, General Secretary of the League of Nations, reads: " “Further, in Turkey, minorities were often oppressed and massacres carried out by irregular bands who were entirely outside the control of the central Turkish Government” ". This document from the highest neutral international office proves that Turkish governments in no way were part of some banditries and retaliatory massacres.

    Doc. #2: The followings have been copied from the Official Gazette, dated Sept.21, 1929: "…when the Armenians were driven out of Asia Minor and treated so badly by the Turks, the Allied Western Powers had said to the Armenians “if you fight with us against the Turks and if the war ends successfully for us we promise to give you a national home, liberty and independence.” The Armenians fought for the Allied Powers. 200.000 volunteers sacrificed their lives for the cause of the Entente; but when the Armistice was signed and Peace concluded the promise given to the Armenians was forgotten." T o see why “innocent Armenians” had to replaced in places where there was no war as military measure see below. When villages were emptied these troops had no place to hide and be fed. The relocation despite deficiencies militarily was a success.

    Biggest Photo Archive of World of Armenian Genocide Lie

    Doc.# 3: Near East Relief Report Dec.31.1921 : [The report is dated 22.04.1922 but evaluates the 1921 year-end status. It signed by James Barton, as chairman. Among various messages of thanks we notice the one signed jointly by Armenian Protestant Patriarch Bezdjian and Catholic Patriarch Sayegijan, thanking to American Churches and Relief operations, without uttering any anti-Turkish complaint. This 29 page report can be seen at the given reference for exact coverage.] Question: Why the Catholic and Protestant Patriarchs who lived those days did not insert one word of negativity, massacres etc.? Who speaks TRUTH; Sayegian and Bezdjian or Pope Francis and Karekin?

    Doc.# 4: “Report of the American Mission to Armenia”, General Harbord Report US Senate Doc.266, April 13,1920. Excerpted from page 35: "“We know, however, so much to be a fact that the Armenians in the new State are carrying on operations in view of exterminating the Mussulman element in obedience to orders from the Armenian corps commander. We have had copies of their orders under our eyes. That the Armenians of Erivan are following a policy of extermination against the Mussulman and this wave of sanguinary savagery has spread right up to our frontier is also established by the fact of the presence within our borders of numerous Mussulman fleeing from death on the other side” "

    Doc. # 5: Excerpted from " U.S. National Archives Ref. 184.021/175 - Constantinople, Aug. 16, 1919" (Report of Captain Emory Niles and Arthur Sutherland).: " At first we were most incredulous of the stories told as, but the unanimity of the testimony of alt witnesses, the apparent eagerness with which they told of wrongs done them, their evident hatred of Armenians, and, strongest of all, the material evidence on the ground itself, have convinced us as of the general truth of the facts, first, that Armenians massacred Musulmans on a large scale with many refinements of cruelty, and second that Armenians are responsible for most of the destruction done to towns and villages "

    Doc. # 6: Quoted from the Memorandum of the Armenians at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference:

    p.6 “Armenian volunteers fought on all the fronts. In France, in the Foreign Legion, by their bravery they covered themselves with glory. Scarcely one-tenth of their original number now survives. They fought in Syria and in Palestine, in the Legion of the Orient under French command, where they hurried in response to the call of the National Delegation… In the Caucasus, where over 150.000 Armenian men who served in the Russian army on all the fronts, an army of 50.000 men and thousands of volunteers fought throughout under the supreme command of General Nazarbekian… In addition thereto, by their resistance against the Turks until the conclusion of the armistice, they forced the Turks to send troops from Palestine to the Armenian front, and thus contributed indirectly to the victory of the Allied Army in Syria.”

    p.7 “The voice of all Armenians, dead and alive must be heard! It is true that the Armenians do not constitute the majority of the population in Armenia, but they do constitute the plurality of the population… In 1914, there were in Armenia 1.400.000 Armenians, against 943.000 Turks and 482.000 Kurds…

    Unless the above documents are proven to be UNTRUE by his Holiness the Pope and comrade Karekin II, Jesus’ Vicars owe formal confession of repentance since they unquestionably evaded the top Christian Commandments and TEMPERED TRUTH and JUSTICE by using their credibility to honor traitors, murderers and deceive the world by guarding the liars because they were Christian! Will Son & Father welcome religious bias and INJUSTICE to God’s other people?



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