3553) Comparing US-Armenian And Russian-Armenian Relations / Moscow Chooses Not To Ignore Or Forget The Armenian Genocide

  • Comparing US-Armenian And Russian-Armenian Relations

  • Moscow Chooses Not To Ignore Or Forget The Armenian Genocide

  • Comparing US-Armenian and Russian-Armenian relations

    On November 02, 2012, the well known head of the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, Steven Blank, produced
    an interesting article in which he publicly called on Washington to
    openly embrace the bloody dictatorship in Baku as an ally of the United
    States. Then o
    the evening of November 14, 2012,
    the Azerbaijan-America Alliance
    in Washington DC organized a gala dinner reception at the Reagan Center

    According to a trusted source that attended the dinner reception, over 200 diplomats were present at the event. Reportedly, the VIP guests, mostly ambassadors and some thirty US congressmen, got small
    oil barrels and mini rugs
    as party gifts. Speaker of the House
    Boehner was also
    Interestingly, the president of the US Hellenic
    Association was there as well. Although the gathering was said to have
    been cultural in scope, an Azeri event organizer who spoke during the
    night emphasized
    the need for more US
    involvement in the region, and went on to suggest that Iran is indeed a
    problem. The
    same speaker also mentioned that the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 has
    caused Baku
    to think that something similar may occur to them, implying Russian
    support for Armenian Artsakh.

    Yes, I understand: Boehner and Blank can hardly be considered Armenia-friendly. But, what about Armenia-friendly American officials?

    Well, speaking of Armenia-friendly officials: Nancy
    Pelosi is one of the American empire's most "pro-Armenian" politicians
    and one that enjoys widespread support and adoration by
    American-Armenians throughout the US. Well, now, Nancy is raising a
    glass to toast the US's strategic partnership not with Armenia - but
    with Azerbaijan


    She is perhaps also sharing a few laughs with the Turks about the
    ever-gullible American-Armenian community and that silly thing called
    the "Armenian lobby".

    Anyway, I
    don't want to make too much of this "pro-Armenian" US official's
    insulting photo op with Turkic barbarians, but I have to say this: What
    is it going to take to finally convince our idiots that US officials
    cannot - by the very nature of Western politics - be a friend of
    Armenians regardless of how many times Armenians bend-over for them?
    they have been giving the American-Armenian community lip service,
    Western officials have also been actively conspiring against Armenia.
    But, despite it all, American-Armenian community representatives
    continue to proudly do the bidding of Washingtonian reptiles inside
    Armenia. In final analysis, Armenians in the US deserve every spit in
    the face they get from their beloved masters in Washington.

    Closeness of relations between nations boils down to geopolitics. As a result, Western interests had gotten very
    close to the oil-rich dictatorship in Baku during the years prior to the
    Russian-Georgian war of 2008. The war in question
    dealt a severe blow to Western plans in the south Caucasus and saw
    the liberation of south Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgian rule. The
    war may have been short-lived but its geostrategic implications were of
    historic proportions. The resulting new "reality on the ground" caused
    the West and its regional allies to take a big step backwards -

    The Impact of the Russia-Georgia War on the South Caucasus - March, 2010: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2010/08/following-is-paper-produced-by-georgian.html
    As Russia Reclaims Its Sphere of Influence, the U.S. Doesn't Object - April, 2010: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2010/10/overflowing-with-natural-resources-and.html
    the West's ambitious south Caucasus experiment  - Georgia - effortlessly
    mutilated by Russian forces, Baku has been feeling like a hostage to
    Moscow in recent years. Consequently, there have been efforts from Baku
    and Washington to revitalize their relationship. As you will see,
    pumping billions of dollars into Azerbaijani oilfields, diverting
    Israeli arms to the Azerbaijani military and training Azeri marksmen in
    American facilities is not deemed enough support for Baku by Washington

    I go on about Washington's growing hostility towards Armenia, I'd like
    to make a statement about Armenia's "political opposition" because no
    discussion about Turco-Western relations would be complete without also
    addressing Armenia's Western-led idiots.

    Armenians in service of the empire

    Washington is the same political entity that subversive organizations such as Policy Forum Armenia (PFA), Founding Parliament (formerly known as Pre-Parliament) and Civilitas get their funding and most probably their directives from. This is the same political entity
    that is behind men like Raffi Hovanissian, Zaruhi Postanjian, Vartan Oskanian, Richard
    Giragosian and Paruyr Hayrikian. This is the same political entity who's
    close NATO ally continues to blockade Armenia. This is the same
    political entity that has been spearheading efforts to deny the Armenian Genocide. This is the same political entity
    that has been actively trying to distort Armenian history. This is the
    same Washington that has been promoting Globalism (an Anglo-centric,
    Afro venerating, Jewish worshiping, pseudo-cultural abomination being imposed upon humanity), genetically altered foods, religious cults,
    Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, Azeri-film festivals and gay parades
    inside Armenia.

    Despite its growing hostility towards Yerevan, Armenians continue to serve the American empire.


    Washington chases imperial dreams in the south Caucasus, they are
    cleverly using their levers of control to empower "anti-corruption"
    activists in Armenia to weaken the pro-Russian government in Yerevan. In

    other words, as Western officials pursue their self-serving geostrategic
    agendas, they are encouraging the self-destructive peasantry within
    Armenia's political opposition to make Armenians chase their tails with
    silly nonsense. 

    would like to remind the reader again that Armenia's most pressing
    problems today are geopolitical, geographical - and cultural - in
    these fundamental problems are not somehow solved, Armenia will
    continue to suffer from severe socioeconomic and sociopolitical ailments
    even if all of Armenia's dreaded "oligarchs" turned into pretty little
    angels overnight.

    Please revisit the following blog commentaries for more insights regarding the topic of combating corruption in Armenia, the political West and Armenians in Washington's service
    Clinton Reassures Armenian Rights Groups - September, 2010: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2010/11/hillary-clinton-reassures-armenias.html
    Serj Tankian, Dashnaktsutyun and the Continuing Media Blitz Against Armenia - August, 2011: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2011/08/serj-tankian-gets-exploited-armenia.html
    Marie Yovanovitch, Raffi Hovannisian and Regime Change in Armenia - March, 2011: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2011/03/marie-yovanovitch-and-raffi-hovannisian.html
    Panel Discussions Calling for Chaos in Armenia - February, 2012: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2012/01/washington-sponsored-panel-discussions.html
    my opinion, when it comes to combating "corruption" I think Armenia has
    more to learn from Russia's experience than from the West. In fact,
    Yerevan needs to follow Moscow's footsteps.

    A simple matter of priorities

    one can fully concentrate on internal/domestic matters and begin to
    flirt with limited forms of democracy, it first needs to stabilize its
    political landscape, find reliable trade partners, solve its external
    problems and secure its borders.

    Vladimir Putin's bloodless coup in 2000, it took Moscow over ten years
    to get its geopolitical and economic problems solved for the most part
    before it could slowly begin to embark on a domestic campaign to tackle
    issues pertaining to lawlessness in the country. In other words, it
    took the powerful Russian state over ten years to cleanse Russia of its
    1990's era criminals and secure its borders - before it began looking
    into its domestic issues.
    It's a matter of strategic priorities.
    With the nation's power structures back safely under Russian control and
    with various geopolitical matters solved during the past several years,
    Kremlin officials are only now beginning to feel confident enough to
    begin seriously addressing pressing sociological issues in the country.

    we Armenians cannot realistically expect there to be an effective
    "fight against corruption" in our poor, landlocked, remote and blockaded
    nation stuck in one of the most unstable and volatile neighborhoods in
    the world - especially by those who are taking their orders from the

    As usual, our Western-led "anti-corruption" yahoos in Armenia have it all wrong.
    This is what I mean when I say Western officials want us to keep
    chasing our tails with pursuits that are unobtainable and may in reality
    cause sociopolitical instability. The following are samples
    of how Western financed activists in Founding Parliament movement are attempting to sow sociopolitical instability inside Armenia during the tumultuous times -

    ?????? ????????? ???????????? ??????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwEaDV9_0as&spfreload=10
    ??????´?, ??????? ??? ??? ???, ??? ?????????? ?????? ??? ???????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNEz5W9_lKo
    «???????? ???????????» ????????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbF33yx8jpo
    ??????????????? ???????? ????? ????????????????: http://www.lragir.am/index.php/arm/0/country/view/74559
    ??????????????? ???????? ????? ???????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6WegQlGXiE
    are more-or-less attempting to create a parallel government in Armenia
    ahead of the up-coming presidential elections there. This is their way
    of seeding Armenia's political landscape for unrest in the near future.
    Taking into consideration the low caliber of the individuals involved, I
    personally do not think they will be successful in their attempt to
    overthrow the Armenian government. However, I do think that these people
    are still capable of doing some damage. At the very least, they can set
    the country back a few years similar to what Levon's criminals did back
    in early 2008.

    not be fooled their their lofty rhetoric, it's all sound and fury
    signifying nothing. Armenia's political opposition today is made up of
    clueless idiots, 1990s era criminals, self-serving opportunists and
    Western agents. When it comes to Armenia's volatile political landscape,
    Armenians simply must be mindful of the following: Those waiting on
    the political sidelines in Armenia to take control if the current regime
    falls are direct and indirect, willing and unwitting servants of the
    Anglo-American-Zionist global order.
    In other words, those currently
    in position to exploit political turmoil in Armenia are those that can
    easily lead the young republic down the path of destruction.

    is why true Armenian patriots that genuinely care about the health and
    well-being of the Armenian state will stick with the devil they know.

    this point, we can only hope that as with other things that have
    traditionally trickled down to Yerevan from Moscow, President Putin's
    anti-corruption campaign currently in full gear in the Russian
    Federation will also manage to reach Armenia eventually. Although we are
    recently seeing signs of this in Yerevan, I would like to see more done
    to curb Armenia's 1990's era criminals. I am confidant that as Moscow
    secures its Eurasian fortress and begins to address its pressing
    domestic matters, Yerevan will follow suit.

    the meanwhile, however, what Armenia does not need are the services of
    our Captain Americas. As a general rule, anything that is conceived,
    led, inspired or funded by the political West must be suspect.
    Therefore, any political activist in Armenia that maintains any kind of
    ties to the political West must likewise be considered suspect.

    Although generally speaking Armenians, American-Armenians in particular, have a difficult time admitting it to themselves,
    Washingtonian/Western funded organizations in Yerevan, regardless of their stated goals, are in Armenia to
    pursue agendas that are ultimately detrimental to the newly created republic.

    Washington by nature cannot be a friend

    of us know that historically the political West has been comfortably in
    bed with Turks. The existence of Turkey at the crossroads of the world
    (i.e. Asia Minor) has served Western interests very well for many years.
    Even as far back as the mid-19th century, the Western powers then,
    Franco-British forces, sided with the Ottoman Turks against the Russian
    Empire. During the Soviet era, Turkey played a very important role as a
    buffer for the West. Today, the Turks (regardless of the kind of
    government they have) continue to play a very important geostrategic
    role for Western officials. The existence of a powerful Turkey
    (regardless of whether it is on good terms with the
    Anglo-American-Zionist global order or not as long as it is not in an
    alliance with its Arab, Iranian or Russian neighbors) ensures that the
    Western world will have a zone of protection against the potential
    growth and spread of Arab nationalism, Iranian influence and of course

    the Zionist state, Sunni Islamic kingdoms, Wahhabist terrorist organizations and more
    recently segments within the region's Kurdish populations are some of the levers with which the Judeo-Western world
    manages the strategic Middle East.

    a result of certain geostrategic realities that propel Western
    interests in the region, the Western world will not, to say the least,
    have the best of intentions towards Yerevan. In other words,
    Armenia is small, remote and poor; because the Armenian nation has historical problems with Turks/Azeris; because
    the Armenian nation is a strategic ally of the Russian Federation;
    because the Armenian nation has very friendly relations with Iran, the
    Western world will not look upon Armenia favorably.

    The Western world's problem with Armenia is simply a matter of geostrategic calculus.

    numbers of Armenians today, however, seem to have a very difficult time
    accepting this reality. How could a political entity heralded around
    the world as a champion for "human rights" and "democratic values" be so
    antagonistic towards a small, impoverished, vulnerable and embattled
    nation? How could the political West be so hostile towards a cultured
    people that has suffered so much pain and misery in recent history?

    The promotion of American Exceptionalism by American officials (i.e the self-bestowed divine right to make or break nations simply because America is special) and
    the global spread of American/Western pop culture (i.e. consumerism,
    pop music, movies, fashion, etc) has managed to drastically alter the
    perceptive abilities of significant numbers of Armenians, particularly
    English speaking Armenians in the western world. 

    Attempting to combat this modern phenomenon
    is one of the main motivations behind this blog.

    we watch Washington's crimes against humanity around the
    world; as we watch Washington provide support for Turks and Islamists
    against Arabs, Iranians, Armenians, Serbians, Greeks, Cypriots and
    Russians - let us once again remind ourselves that this is the same Washington that Armenian "activist" visit to get their
    inspiration - and some times their funding - against the Armenian state... of course all in the
    name of "civil society" and fighting "corruption"! In
    other words, as Washington continues to conspire against Armenia, some Armenians are continuing to conspire against Armenia
    for Washington.

    Armenia in the eyes of Russians and Americans

    Blank's above mentioned article appears below my
    commentary. Please read it. Steven Blank is not someone that should be
    taken lightly. He is a Washington insider. He is in fact a very accurate
    representative of what
    Washingtonian interests are in the south Caucasus. Therefore, if we
    Armenians want to know what Washington is thinking or planning we simply
    need to listen to what the Steven Blanks of America are saying and not
    what the Frank Pallones of America want us Armenians to think. The few
    Armenia-friendly officials in Washington exist only to provide the
    American-Armenian community with lip-service and keep it hopeful. Armenia-friendly American officials is essentially how the
    empire manipulates and controls its Armenians subjects.

    it comes to Yerevan-Washington relations, the calculus is rather
    simple: Armenia's friends are Washington's enemies and Armenia's enemies
    are Washington's friends. Moreover, Washington is in the south Caucasus for two geostrategic reasons which have nothing to do with "democracy" or "human rights": 1) Washington desires to curb Russian and Iranian influence in the south Caucasus; 2) Washington desires to exploit Central Asian energy. Thus, when it comes to matters pertaining to
    Armenia, we Armenians cannot trust American officials. By extrapolation, when it
    comes to politics in Armenia, we cannot trust Armenians with
    Washingtonian connections.

    long as the world's geopolitical cards are stacked they way they have
    been in recent decades, Washington will continue to look at Armenia as
    either an enemy state or as an obstacle to its imperial ambitions in the
    south Caucasus. Due to various reasons, however, Washington has
    traditionally refrained from being openly hostile against Armenia. And
    not wanting to be on the receiving end of America's overt hostility (as
    well continue receiving financial benefits) is precisely why official
    Yerevan has devoted considerable amount of time and resources in keeping
    its ties with Washington somewhat active. 

    must be aware, however, that as the American empire's geostrategic
    pursuits in Eurasia and in the Middle East suffer setbacks, Washington
    will grow increasingly hostile towards Armenia.

    the Western agenda throughout Eurasia and the Middle East begins to
    slowly unravel, their
    "humanitarian" and
    "democratic" masks will gradually come off. The coming presidential
    elections in Armenia will also serve to compound the matter because
    ever since President Sargsyan began moving closer to Moscow soon after his presidential victory in 2008, American officials have not looked upon Yerevan very favorably. The matter has been significantly exasperated with Armenia's membership in the Eurasian Economic Union. Although Washington is doing its best to keep lines-of-communication with Yerevan open, we can expect to see American officials
    intensify their efforts against the Armenian state through the exploitation of their most favorite levers operating inside Armenia.

    Armenians need to somehow grow out of our political illiteracy and put
    aside our love of all things American and come to the sober recognition that
    the political West, by its very nature, is not and cannot be Armenia's

    If there
    still remains any doubt as to what side of the political fence
    Washington is on when it comes to Armenia, the articles following
    this commentary should be self-explanatory and they should
    help the reader finally come-to-terms with Caucasian realpolitik and
    place in it.

    I have posted a fairly large sampling of various different news
    articles and political assessments from Western, Armenian, Turkish and
    Russian sources. My intent in doing this is to help

    the reader compare Washington's rhetoric regarding Armenia with that of
    Moscow's, and in doing so reveal the geostrategic role Armenia
    naturally plays in the south Caucasus.

    In an article appearing in Russia Today, Mikhail Aleksandrov, a political
    analyst working for the Institute of CIS made the following comment
    about Moscow's military presence inside Armenia -

    In another article produced by Russia's Pravda, Vice President of the Academy of
    Geopolitical Issues Konstantin Sivkov is quoted as saying -

    Turkey attacks Armenia, it will be treated as an attack on Russia.
    Russia would fight on Armenia's side with all its might. If necessary,
    Russia could use nuclear weapons against Turkey, both tactical, and if
    need be, strategic. This is defined in the military doctrine of the
    Russian Federation. Armenia is fully protected with the Russian umbrella
    of both conventional forces as well as strategic nuclear forces.

    the former deputy chairman of the Russia State Duma's Defense Committee defined Russian-Armenian relations with the following words -

    is our only classic military-political ally...Armenia will not survive
    without Russia, while, without Armenia, Russia will lose all its
    important positions in the Caucasus...Even though Armenia is a small
    country, it is our forepost in the South Caucasus.  I would say that
    Armenia is more important to us than Israel is to the Americans.

    In describing what Russia's reaction would be to a possible invasion of Armenia by Turkey or Azerbaijan, Alexander
    Khramchikhin, Director of the Institute for Political and Military
    Analysis said -
    This by the former Russian ambassador to Armenia,  Vladimir Stupishin -

    my view, the true settling of the Karabakh conflict suggests complete
    rejection by Azerbaijan of the primal Armenian lands. It is possible
    to resolve the problem of the refugees by providing them with
    opportunities in places where they live now. How come in almost
    every discussion on Karabakh the only refugees that are being
    consistently mentioned are the Azeri refugees? Why can’t the
    Armenians return to Baku, Gyandja, Sumgait, Artsvashen, Getashen,

    this by Senior researcher of the Institute of World Economy and
    International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viktor
    Nadein-Rayevsky -

    will never cede Armenia for improving its relations with Turkey. This
    is a matter of principle. There are things one can sacrifice, but there
    are things one cannot. The point is not so much that two million
    Armenians live in Russia and many of them are Russian citizens. For
    Armenia Russia’s steps must never be bad. The point is that even the
    Yeltsin Russia perfectly realized that it must not waive Armenia’s
    interests, not mentioning Putin, who clearly sees the national
    interests, at least, the clear ones. He is trying to extrapolate them
    for the future. I simply can’t imagine that Russia may yield Armenia –
    if Russia does this it will lose all of its positions in the Caucasus.
    Russia should understand one most important thing – there are partners
    and allied countries with whom one should keep up the sense of alliance
    and duty.
    These highly influential men in Russia couldn't be more candid
    or more accurate in their assessments of the current geopolitical
    situation in the south Caucasus or more pro-Armenian. The rhetoric expressed by
    Arbatov and
    Kostantin Sivkov in particular is quite similar to the kind of rhetoric
    we often hear expressed by American officials about the Zionist state.
    These two men
    basically outlined the fundamental geostrategic importance of Russia's presence in the south Caucasus (an importance that real Armenian patriots feel instinctually) as well as Armenia's extreme importance in the eyes of Kremlin officials.

    Now, let's compare the above quotes about Armenia with what US officials (real policymaker and influential people and not handlers like Evens, Pallone and Schiff who are tasked with giving our American-Armenian sheeple with lip-service) have had to say about Armenia. The following comments were made by George Friedman, the American-Jew director of a much respected political Think Tank based in Washington -

    “Turkey should speak to
    Armenia not of Nagorno Karabakh. It should discuss reducing Russia’s
    role in this country. The presence of Russian troops in Armenia does
    not meet Turkey’s interests. In such conditions, the opening of borders
    with Armenia is of no use for Turkey, on the contrary, it may spoil
    its relations with Azerbaijan. So keep Armenia isolated in this case.”
    A Washington insider, Steven Blank, had this to say -

    "The violence plaguing the Arab world should move U.S. policy
    makers, decision makers and experts to consider how and why the U.S.
    should strengthen stable, pro-American governments in Muslim countries
    against internal or external threats.  Azerbaijan exemplifies such
    states. Though it is still an emerging democracy, born from the shadows
    of the Soviet Union, it has stood squarely with the U.S. against
    terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asia and throughout the world,
    all at considerable risk to itself...
    war resumed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Armenia’s recent military
    and diplomatic exercises have served notice that no doubt with Moscow’s
    and Tehran’s encouragement and help, that it would attack Azeri
    pipelines that carry much-needed oil and gas to America’s European
    Another Washington insider and former US ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza, had this to say -

    "Thinking strategically about Azerbaijan doesn’t mean sacrificing
    Western values. Struggling reformers in Iran can look for inspiration to
    neighboring Azerbaijan, also a Shiite-majority country but one in which
    a 1,400 year-old Jewish community enjoys strong state support and where
    women gained the vote a year earlier than their American sisters. The
    United States and its European allies would be wise not to write off
    Azerbaijan, and instead pursue the full range of interests – and values –
    they share with this small, but strategically significant country"
    Another Washington insider, Michael Rubin, had this to say -

    "Sadly, Armenia remains largely
    antagonistic to the United States. In 2009, Armenia voted with the
    United States on important issues at the United Nations less than half the time; In contrast, Israel voted with the United States 100% of the time
    . Armenia has also embraced Iran to the detriment of U.S. interests and security. Armenia has even reportedly supplied Iran with weapons, which the Islamic Republic used to kill Americans"
    And in another article, a character named Stephen Schwartz, an American-Jew that has supposedly converted to Islam had this to say -

    "1995 massacre of some 8,000 Bosnian
    Muslim men and boys by Serbian terrorists – is the most prominent recent
    symbol of Moscow-backed genocidal aggression in Europe", "Armenia also
    assaulted Azerbaijan", "Muscovite strategy of Slav-Orthodox assault on
    vulnerable Muslims had been visible not merely in Afghanistan, but in
    Europe, too..."
    words should not surprise or shock anyone because these men are merely
    expressing thoughts/opinions that have been widespread in Washington for a very long time. I'd like to remind the reader that Friedman, Bryza, Blank and
    Rubin are Aleksandrov's, Arbatov's, Stupishin's and Sivkov's American counterparts.

    you can see, understanding the dangers of the Anglo-American-Zionist
    alliance has been the main motivation behind my pro-Russian stance. I
    have been using various cyberian venues to cry out about Russia's
    crucially important presence in Armenia for nearly a decade.
    nearly ten years I have been attempting to help Armenians recognize
    that Russia is the single most important factor in Armenia's existence
    as a nation-state in the Caucasus today. As I have repeatedly said,
    no Russia in the Caucasus means no Armenia in the Caucasus! The
    Russia is forced out of the Caucasus is the day the region will turn
    into a
    Turkic/Islamic playground financed by a consortium of Western and Israeli energy
    interests, and not even a million of our "Dashnak fedayees" or "anti-corruption"
    crusaders will be able stop
    it from happening. This sobering realization seems to evade many, if not
    most Armenians today.

    And this brings up another point: It's the Mikhail
    Vladimir Stupishins and
    Kostantin Sivkovs
    of the Russian Federation that the Armenian Diaspora
    needs to be working on as obsessively as they work on genocide
    recognition if not more so, because at the end of the day politically
    tying Russia to
    Armenia (i.e. Armenians harnessing Russia's immense potential for
    Armenia's benefit) is simply much-much more important for our fledgling
    homeland than having any nation recognize the Armenian Genocide,
    including the US, including Turkey...

    Armenia would benefit immensely if Armenians simply came to the realization that the keys to Armenia's economic prosperity and national security lies in Moscow.

    Yet, many of us are still wasting time kissing feet in Washington.

    In real political terms, what
    has our supposedly "powerful Armenian lobby" in the US accomplished all
    these years? In real political terms, nothing!

    are wasting our time and limited resources in an anti-Armenian viper's
    nest. The time has come to take our pan-Armenian activism to the
    Kremlin, our strategic ally, in fact our only natural ally. And instead
    of acting like a bunch of worthless Arabs complaining about Jews doing
    this or that in the US, let's for once stop admiring Jews and start
    acting like them. Let's learn from what Jews have done in the US
    by aggressively and collectively work on becoming a ubiquitous presence
    in the Kremlin.

    When it
    comes to political matters relating to Armenia, I ask the reader to
    compare the reporting styles of Russian news agencies to American ones.
    The following blog post from a little over two years ago is related to this topic -
    Patriarch Visits Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan:
    every Russian official or state representative that has visited Armenia
    has paid the Armenian Genocide memorial complex an official visit...
    but Western officials cannot even say the "G" word? Russian-Turkish bilateral trade is much greater in volume than the American-Turkish
    trade... yet Moscow has the courage to publicly state that it is ready
    to defend Armenia against Turkey but American officials cannot even say
    the "G" word? There has
    been an anti-Armenian agenda inside Washington for many decades. Yet,
    come April,
    we still have fools in the American-Armenian community that drop their
    pants and
    bend-over with hope every single time.

    reminds me of yet another wonderful work by Russia's RT. On the
    twentieth anniversary of Armenia's independence, RT featured the
    following documentary about Armenia -
    20 years post-Soviet: Armenia (RT website):http://rt.com/programs/documentary/twenty-years-armenia-first/

    Youtube - Armenia: 20 years post-Soviet (1/2): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alF81CB-zhc&feature=related

    Youtube - Armenia: 20 years post-Soviet (2/2):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sh5PXQ7PdE
    In this RT produced documentary, the Armenian Genocide was acknowledged; Armenia's prehistoric
    history was acknowledged; the Armenianness of Nagorno Karabakh was
    acknowledged; the earthquake... the Turkish blockade... the first Christian
    nation... the monasteries... Mount Ararat... Armenian brandy...
    Khachkars... It was all there! 

    this wonderfully positive documentary
    been produced by the
    US government, I have no doubt that
    our proud American-Armenian community would have had one big collective
    orgasm and the film
    would have gotten massive diasporan viewership worldwide. However,
    since the documentary in question was produced by them pesky
    Ruskies in Moscow, who as we are told are constantly trying to
    depopulate Armenia and sell it to
    Turks, chances are you have not yet seen it.

    Ok, that was very nice of RT, but what has Washington, the beacon of democracy, done to commemorate Armenia's independence?

    a couple of years ago they had one of their fledgling vermin, from the
    Hovanissian family of course, produce a scathing article attacking the
    Armenian state in the mainstream US press on the eve of Armenia's
    independence day celebrations. Garin Hovanissian's garbage called "Who Will Decide Armenia's Destiny - Patriots or Tyrants?" can be read below this commentary. 

    And for Armenia's 2oth anniversary last year, the "Carnegie Endowment For International Peace" sponsored a panel discussion called
    "Lessons Learned From 20 Years of Independence and Statebuilding".
    During the event, three of Washington's Armenian whores in Armenia called for revolution, chaos and upheaval as a means of uprooting "entrenched corruption" in ArmeniaThe
    following is the link to the now infamous panel discussion

    self-destructive peasants, whores and mercenaries presenting themselves as
    representatives of Armenia in Washington are the Armenian version of Libya's NTC and
    Syria's SNC, minus the Al-Qaeda connection. These filth
    would be the ones on CNN and BBC enthusiastically explaining and
    excusing the NATO bombing of Armenia if God forbid that day ever
    arrives. And believe me, that day would arrive the very next day after Armenia is deprived of its Russian military presence.

    Without a Russian military presence in the region, the West is fully
    capable of placing Armenia under Turkish, Azeri and/or Georgian
    oversight... or just simply shatter it into pieces like what they have done
    to Serbia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. T
    he only real lesson that should have been
    learned by Yerevan during the past twenty years was to stay as far away from
    Washington as possible. Sadly, however, that is a lesson that has not yet been learned by our people.

    Cold War is long over. The Soviet Union is long gone. It is time to
    wake-up from our deep hypnosis and recognize that Washington has become a
    source of evil in Armenia and in the world. Those of us who do not see
    this are either deaf, dumb or blind. 

    emerging powers may one day begin to compete against them, the
    Anglo-American-Zionist alliance has been on a global rampage in recent
    years. They are seeking
    to maintain their control over the world's strategic reserves of energy.
    They are seeking to maintain their control over the world's commodities
    exchange. They are seeking to maintain their control over the world's
    major trade routes. Their long-term geostrategic intent is to curb the
    growth of potentially competitive powers before they rise. They
    want to destroy Iran, contain or weaken Russia and keep China dependent.

    as long as Yerevan is on bad terms with their allies and on good terms
    with their enemies, Armenia will remain an obstacle for
    them. This is the bottom line.

    must finally learn that the last thing on the minds of Western
    officials is democracy, fair elections, freedom or gay rights. Armenians must learn
    that the political West is simply interested in pushing Russia out of
    the region, curbing Arab nationalism, subduing Iran and freely exploiting Central Asian energy.
    Armenians must understand that in
    the grand geostrategic scheme of the current world we live in, Armenia is nothing but a nuisance for the Western alliance.Therefore, any Armenian today that maintains any ties with Western institutions, regardless of their intentions,
    is ultimately a traitor to the Armenian homeland.

    The following articles should
    help the reader finally come-to-terms with Caucasian realpolitik and
    place in it.
    Please make time and read them, some are particularly eye opening.


    More on that . .

    Kindly provided by Truck Turkey

    Moscow chooses not to ignore or forget the Armenian Genocide - March, 2015

    Several days before President Putin's miraculous resurrection from the dead (during which he triumphantly ordered massive military drills from the Arctic to Armenia) France’s Agence France-Presse reported that President Putin will indeed be traveling to Yerevan to commemorate the grand centennial of the Armenian Genocide - 

    Putin to Commemorate Armenian Genocide Centennial in Yerevan: http://armenianweekly.com/2015/03/12/putin-centennial-yerevan/
    The greatest and the most powerful leader of our times will join Armenians on April 24 to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. President Putin's decision to spend this most important day for Armenians with Armenians is particularly appreciated in light of the fact that the Russian Federation currently faces one of the greatest challenges in its history and Kremlin officials have their hands full. I am grateful that a superpower like the Russian Federation officially recognizes the historic tragedy that befell Armenians one hundred years. And I am deeply grateful that President Putin will make time from his very busy schedule to stand with us Armenians as a symbolic yet powerful gesture that Armenia is not alone in the tumultuous south Caucasus.

    Thank you, Russia. Thank you, President Putin.

    Although 1995 is known for being the year the Russian Duma first officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, we must always remember that it was the Soviet Union that commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 1965 by beginning the construction of the now world famous monument dedicated to the remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. Let's also recall that April 24 was a major albeit unofficial holiday for Soviet Armenia. And as noted above, the Russian Duma officially recognized the Armenian Genocide in 1995 and since then, all high ranking Russian officials and dignitaries that visit Armenia pay official visits to the genocide memorial complex to honor the 1.5 million Armenian victims. Moreover, the historical veracity of the Armenian Genocide is always acknowledged in state funded Russian news agencies, television programs and publications. In short: Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by official Moscow has never been a problem for Armenians.

    Which actually brings up an important question: If, as we are always told, international relations is solely based on selfish "interests", why then is Moscow going out of its way to recognize the Armenian Genocide?

    Think of it this way: Armenia is almost totally dependent on Russia for survival and Russians know that Armenia has no real alternatives in the south Caucasus to Russia. Moscow has Armenia's dependence with or without genocide recognition. Therefore, is it in Moscow's political or economic interests to disregard the expressed wishes of nearly one hundred million Turks and Azeris and openly take sides with Armenians by recognizing a historic event that took place one hundred years ago? No, it is not. If Russian officials were simply being guided by selfish "interests" vis-à-vis Armenia, Moscow would not have recognized the Armenian Genocide in ways it has. After all, don't Anglo-American-Jewish officials always point to political considerations (i.e. the West's close ties to Ankara) as the primary reason why they are incapable of recognizing the Armenian Genocide? Well, what about Russian ties with Turks?

    Let's take a brief look at this matter from a Russian perspective:

    Bilateral trade between Russia and Turkey/Azerbaijan is very lucrative, running to the tune of tens-of-billions of dollars annually. Russia has been for many years trying to lure Turkey away from NATO. Russia has been for many years doing its best to draw Azerbaijan into its political orbit. Russia recognizes Turkey's strategic importance as a bridge connecting Europe and the Middle East. Russia recognizes Turkey's strategic control over the Bosporus Strait. Russia has in recent years developed a very lucrative arms supply deal with Baku. Russia just recently signed a major multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline project with Turkey. Russia recognizes the importance of Baku as a strategic energy hub. Millions of Russians spend their vacations on Turkish beeches. Russians know that there are over one hundred million Turks/Turanians bordering Russia. Russians realize that are millions of pacified Turkic peoples living right within their homeland.

    Do Russians, like Westerners, have reasons to pander to Turks?

    Similar to what Western powers do when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Russia has every excuse one can imagine for pandering to Turks and Azeris at the cost of Armenian interests. At the very least, Moscow has the excuses it needs for telling Armenians - "look, we will help you in any way we can but we can't officially recognize the Armenian Genocide because we simply have a lot of important interests in Turkey and Azerbaijan." Unlike what Western powers do, however, Russian officials have somehow always managed to put aside their political and financial considerations with the Turkic world and have had the integrity to officially recognize the genocide committed against Armenians by Turks even though not doing so could prove more beneficial to Russia.

    Is this not the definition of what a true friend should be? Is this not what a genuine ally is supposed to do?

    I need to remind the reader here that Moscow's pro-Armenian stance regarding this matter has been solely a Russian initiative because there is a virtual absence of Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. In other words, there is no ANC in Russia. Russians recognize the Armenian Genocide because Russians WANT to recognize the Armenian Genocide. So, despite what Western-financed propagandists and their brain-dead followers want Armenians to believe, could it be possible that Russia is actually a true friend and a genuine ally?

    As noted above, despite the absence of Armenian activists in the Kremlin, not only does the Russian Duma officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide, every high ranking official from the Russian Federation - including Putin, Medvedev, Ivanov, Lavrov and Chilingarov - has visited the Armenian Genocide memorial, and always on a state level. And it's not only Russian politicians. The Russian Patriarch has also been to the genocide memorial. Even CSTO troops have been taken to the genocide memorial. The last time President Putin was in Armenia in 2013 he once again made time to appear at the genocide memorial -

    And in the following picture we see how "Westernized" assholes in Yerevan (London resident Babken Der Grigoryan pictured below left) greeted the man's arrival earlier in the day -

    Although Armenians are generally speaking too politically ignorant or too emotionally disturbed to realize it, Russians have actually been going out of their way to stand with us Armenians even though by doing so they may be hurting their national interests. Think about it: Other than keeping a small bunch of troublesome Armenians temporarily happy, what are Russian officials gaining by their official recognition of the Armenian Genocide? Seriously, think about this. It's not like Armenia's dependence on Russia or its allegiance to Moscow is at stake. In other words, nothing of political significance would change within the political landscape in Armenia if Russians did not recognize the Armenian Genocide. Other than hurting Armenian feelings, nothing of real political value would change in the political landscape in Armenia if Russian officials did not join us on April 24. Once more: If politics is merely about interests and financial profit, why hasn't Moscow made a deal with Turkey at Armenia's expense? It's not like Ankara has not been signalling its willingness to make a deal with the Bear -

    Turkey Leveraging Major Arms Purchase Against Genocide Recognition: http://asbarez.com/132940/turkey-leveraging-major-arms-purchase-against-genocide-recognition/
    So then, why is Moscow refraining closer cooperation with Ankara, abstaining from billions of dollars in possible military contracts with Turkey to stand firmly beside Armenians? With a major power like Turkey willing to deepen its ties with Russia, why is Moscow pandering to Armenians instead? As I said: It's not like Armenia is going anywhere.

    In my opinion, Russians are putting aside their economic and political interests with Turks and Azeris to show Turks and Azeris - as well as Armenians and the rest of the world - that Russia's alliance and friendship with Armenia transcends political and/or economic calculations. Moscow wants the world to know that Russian-Armenian alliance goes beyond mere interests and that it sees Armenia as an integral part of Russian and not Western civilization. The Russian Federation therefore sees Armenia as a natural partner that needs to be nurtured and protected, unlike Washingtonian officials that see a dollar value on everything on earth and would even sell their mothers to the highest bidder? Simply put: Moscow has been going out of its way to stand with Armenians because Russia sees Armenia as part of its world.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out recently that Strelkov, the rebel leader in Novorossia, actually made a public statement in which he said that the "Russian world" should include Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and possibly Central Asia -

    'Liberal' Putin could be toppled 'like the tsar', warns Russian ultra-nationalist: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/liberal-putin-could-be-toppled-like-tsar-warns-russian-ultra-nationalist-1493046
    Did Strelkov deliberately leave out Azerbaijan from the Russian world? I don't know and I don't even care. What's important is that Armenia continues to be looked at by Russian officials as an immensely valuable geostrategic asset. Let's take another look at what the Russian factor means for Armenia and what the Russian Bear has been doing for Armenia during the past twenty years:

    Russia provides invaluable military protection against Turkey, thereby allowing Armenia's small military to concentrate its limited resources on a more manageable enemy, Azerbaijan. Russian officials, both civilian and military, regularly warn Baku against trying to solve the unresolved dispute in Artsakh militarily. Russia provides Armenia modern weaponry at domestic prices and oftentimes for free, to help Armenia keep up with oil rich Baku's massive arms expenditures... Russia looks the other way when Yerevan transfers large quantities of Russian supplied arms to Artsakh... Russia trains Armenian military specialists for free... Russian security and intelligence officials closely collaborate with their Armenian counterparts... Russian arms developers, scientists and academicians closely collaborate with their Armenian counterparts... Russia supplies Armenia with very affordable gas and oil... Russia provides Armenia's atomic power plant its nuclear fuel and assists in its maintenance... Russia has invested billions of dollars in Armenia's economy and infrastructure... Russia is by-far Armenia's largest trading partner... Russia has given Armenian producers and businessmen open access to its vast domestic market... Russia provides work opportunities to hundreds-of-thousands of Armenians annually, who's remittances to Armenia represents a significant portion of the country's GDP... Russia uses its UN veto power to block actions against Armenia... Russia has tolerated Armenia's flirtations with Western powers... Finally, Russia officially - and proactively - recognizes the Armenian Genocide.

    What else do we want from these people?!?!?!

    It seems to me the only thing Russia has not yet begun doing for Armenia - at least to my knowledge - is giving every single Armenian alive a week long, all expenses paid vacation in Disneyland.

    But, I can hear it now: "What about Russian arms sales to Baku?!"

    I have lost count how many times I have reflected on this matter, but I guess one more time won't hurt: Foremost, let's recognize the fact that Baku has the petrodollars to purchase whatever it wants. If Russia does not sell it the weaponry it is seeking, there are a number of nations that are more than willing to do so. Western powers, Turkey and Israel have in fact been selling Baku billions-of-dollars in arms and training the Azerbaijani special forces and sharpshooters responsible for killing Armenian border guards. Russian arms sales to Baku is not directed against Armenia. Military specialists and political analysts agree that Russian arms sales to Baku and Yerevan are designed to maintain the balance of power between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Most of Baku's arms purchases from Russia are defensive weapons meant to be used for its air and sea defenses. While Russia sells weaponry to Azerbaijan at market prices, it gives weaponry to Armenia essentially for free. We also need to recognize that Russia has normal relations with Azerbaijan. Moscow is also trying hard to lure Azerbaijan into its orbit and by selling it the weaponry that Baku wants, Moscow realizes it gains leverage over Baku - which is good for Armenia. Russia will therefore do its best to maintain good relations with Baku while making sure Armenia is protected from Baku. Moreover, even though Armenia is allied to Russia, Kremlin officials know very well that Armenians can be easily bought by Western money and that Armenia and Armenian society in general is rife with Western operatives. A quick look at Armenian society these days is enough to show one that Russians cannot trust Armenians, even if there was a thing called “trust” in politics. Therefore, Russia will protect its only strategic ally in the south Caucasus but it will also make sure to also have some leverage over Yerevan by arming Baku, just in case. Russia is thus managing the situation on the ground between Yerevan and Baku by making sure that the current status quo, that which only benefits the Armenian side, is maintained.

    Nevertheless, the hysteria created by Western propagandists recently over this matter forced President Sargsyan and Foreign Minister Nalbandyan to make public statements critical of Moscow. The Armenian president knows very well that Russian arms sales to Baku are not directed against Armenia. The Armenian president knows very well that Russia has enabled Armenia to keep up with a big spending Baku. The Armenian president knows very well that Russia has been solely responsible for stopping Azerbaijan and Turkey from solving the dispute in Artsakh militarily. Knowing all this, why then did the Armenian president feel compelled to criticize Moscow? The answer: Because of Yerevan's "complimentary politics". Yerevan's desire to expose itself to Western powers is continuing to give Western propagandists meddling opportunities. Consequently, we continue seeing Western propagandists creating a self-serving, virtual reality in which Armenian officials are forced to respond. And since Armenian officials want to impress Western officials with their complimentary politics, they are responding by publicly complaining about Moscow. This is another case where Western propagandists have forced Yerevan's hand essentially because Yerevan is allowing Western powers to remain in the game. What did Armenia gain - in real political terms - by the Armenian president's public criticism of Moscow? The answer is: Other than encouraging Armenia's Russophobes and furthering Western interests in Armenia, nothing. What official Yerevan needs to be doing instead of criticizing Moscow is lobbying Russian officials. In politics, lobbying works, criticism does not. If there is a problem in a relationship between friends, you do your best to directly engage your partner in an attempt to solve the problem - instead of jumping on to your enemy's lap and complaining about your partner. Even Armenia's chobans-in-Armani-suits recognize this universal wisdom -

    ArmeniaNow: Armenian ruling party’s ‘pro-Russian wing’ hints at risks of “spoiled” relations with Moscow: https://armenianow.com/commentary/analysis/61740
    Once more: Russian arms sales to Baku is not directed against Armenia. Russia is the only nation on earth that is profoundly concerned about militarily protecting Armenia and it has been doing so brilliantly for the past twenty years. Despite the negative perception created about Russia amongst Armenians, Russian policy towards Armenia has actually been surprisingly positive and constructive, whereas the West's policy towards Armenia has always been hostile. Those who create the perception that Russia is hostile towards Armenia are in fact the hostile ones towards Armenia.

    Let's take a quick look at American hostility, direct and indirect, towards Armenia:

    Despite the million-plus Armenians living in the US, Washington has refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide; No high ranking US officials have ever visited the Armenian Genocide memorial complex on a state level; Washington has not made any effort to make Ankara lift its economic blockade of Armenia; Washington allows Turkish aggression against Syria and Iraq; Washington gives Turks access to American nuclear weapons; Through its destructive policies, Washington has harmed the Armenian communities of Ukraine, Syria and Iraq; Washington regularly meddles in the internal affairs of Armenia; Political activists connected to Washington have attempted revolutions in Armenia; There has been a disinformation campaign against Armenia by American financed news agencies and journalists; Washington trains and equips Azeri snipers and special forces; Washington is hostile towards Russia, Armenia's largest trade partner, investor and arms supplier; Washington is hostile towards Iran, Armenia's most reliable neighbor and trade partner; Washington encourages Salafist/Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism in the Caucasus; Washington is against Armenia joining the EEU; Washington is against the military protection Armenia receives from Russia; Washington has not signed a free trade agreement with Armenia; Washington's presence in Tbilisi has had a very negative impact on Georgian-Armenian relations; Washington's policies in the region have hindered the implementation of major regional infrastructure modernization project; Washington has never given any Armenian president a state level reception; No US president has ever visited Armenia, even during the 1990s when Russia was on its knees and Armenia was up for grabs.

    Simply Put: Washington is in the Caucasus region to curb Russian and Iranian influence and exploit Central Asian energy. Armenia's friends are their enemies. Their friends are Armenia's enemies. It's that simple. Only Russia has a vested interest in Armenia. Only Russia has been enabling Armenia to survive the turbulent south Caucasus. Only Russia stands to lose the most if Armenia is lost. The modern version of the "Great Game" being played by Western powers in the south Caucasus today is the ONLY reason why Armenia has been hurting since its independence. All in all, the West's presence in the Caucasus region has been very destructive for Armenia. But... according to the sheeple, Russia is the hostile country and all the US wants is freedom and democracy. We are living in a world turned upside-down.

    Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia and see a historic opportunity the kind of which Armenia has not had in well over one thousand years. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia and see a massive economic opportunity. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia, a neighboring ally who is a superpower and see a means to safeguard Armenia's borders from regional predators. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists understand that the keys to Armenia's long term health and well-being lies in the highest offices of the Kremlin. Sadly, however, Armenia today does not have an overabundance of pragmatic nationalists. What Armenia does have an overabundance of are Western mercenaries, Russophobes, smut-peddlers, nationalist nutjobs, whiners and complainers.

    Due to the Russophobia being relentlessly propagated by Western propagandists throughout Armenian society, it has become fashionable amongst Armenians these days (even amongst normally pro-Russian Armenians) to claim that Russia mistreats Armenia or that Moscow always imposes its will on Yerevan. Moreover, Armenians generally speaking are under the impression that Armenians officials are subservient to Moscow always doing the bidding of Russian officials. These are all false perceptions created by Western propagandists. The reality is that Russian officials have actually been treating Armenia with white gloves. But, as we all know, from the sheeple's perspective, perception is reality, and Western propagandists are the masters of creating perception.
    Compared to what the Russian factor in the south Caucasus means for Armenia and compared to what Russia does for Armenia, despite how hard I try, I fail to see how Russia mistreats Armenia and how Yerevan is being subservient to Moscow.

    Let's recall that Yerevan has maintained close ties with the political West. At a time when Russia is fighting a proxy war against NATO in Ukraine and Syria, Armenia, a Russian ally and a member of EEU and CSTO, has been regularly participating in NATO military exercises, some of which are aimed against Russia. Armenia purchases war supplies from NATO members. Armenia regularly hosts US and European military and civilian officials. Armenia hosts one of the largest US embassies in the world. Western operatives in Armenia have had a free hand to do as they please during the past twenty-five years. And an increasing numbers of Armenians are making a comfortable living these days by propagating Russophobia. And with regards to Armenia's membership in the CSTO and EEU: Armenia is a member of those Russian-led organizations not because of Russian pressure but because of absolute necessity. In other words, for it to survive in the south Caucasus, Armenia has no choice but to be part of the Russian orbit. I therefore don't look at Armenia's membership in the CSTO and the EEU as a result of Russian pressure. Armenia has no choice.

    Therefore, I ask: Is the notion that Russia mistreats Armenia and Armenians officials always do the bidding of Russians a false perception created by Western-financed propagandists inside Armenia society as well as the by-product of our people's political illiteracy? Absolutely!

    With that said, it should also be said that whatever flaws that exist between Russia and Armenia today is primarily the result of Yerevan’s complimentary politics (i.e. Yerevan flirting with Russia’s enemies) and the lack of sustained and organized Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. Our people's Western fetishes, Russophobia and political illiteracy is therefore hindering the proper development of Russian-Armenian alliance. While Armenia's military is its tactical advantage, Armenia's ties to Kremlin officials must be made it strategic advantage. This requires political foresight and activism. Armenians need to embark on a serious lobbying campaign in Moscow and Yerevan must limit it's dangerous exposure to Western powers. Armenian activists, Armenian officials and Armenians businessmen need to be a constant presence behind the walls of the Kremlin. Armenians need to become part of the political culture in Moscow for Moscow is where the key to Armenia's future successes are found. Yet, there continues to be virtual absence of Armenian lobbying efforts in Russia.

    While Turks and Azeris are all over Moscow lobbing their causes, our idiots are no where to be seen in Moscow because they are too busy kissing the asses of war criminals in Washington for a few dollars or in foolish hopes that Uncle Sam will utter the "G" word. Well, one does not have to be psychic to foretell that Uncle Sam will once again spit on the Armenian community's face on April 24. Armenians, particularly American-Armenians, deserve every insult by Western officials because even a jackass by now would have learned something form its past failures. Armenians need lobbying in Moscow, not in Washington.

    Although Armenians admire Jews for their political foresight and agility, when the time comes for Armenians to act like Jews they instead act like Arabs.

    Our people's political illiteracy, which has brought Armenia to this point in our history, must be in our blood. A typical case in point: While Armenians and Russians will be commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, Western funded scumbags calling themselves "Founding Parliament" will be exploiting the historic opportunity to attempt what? A revolution in the country!

    As always in our history, the Armenian fortress is being dismantled stone-by-stone from the inside by Armenians themselves. When it comes to geopolitical matters pertaining to Armenia, I, a Diasporan Armenian, am therefore more inclined to trust Russians than Armenians. I therefore thank God for the existence of Mother Russia for without her we wouldn't have an Armenia.

    It would be wise for Armenians to put aside their Qaj Nazarian empty bravado - as well as Western fetishes - and realize that Armenia lives today not because of the "almighty Armenian" and not because of the big talking Diaspora but because of the Russian factor in Armenia. Had it not been for Russia, Armenia would have suffered the fate of Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia or Ukraine or worst a very long time ago. Had it not been for the Russian coming down to the south Caucasus some two hundred years ago - and staying - we Armenians would still be living in eastern Turkey and northern Iran not much unlike backward Kurds and Yezdis. Anyone that does not see this is either an imbecile or an agent of the West. Our Russophobes therefore are either dangerous imbeciles that need to be flogged in public or Western mercenaries that need to be put up in front of a firing squad. Anyway, it is no surprise that as Russia's state representatives prepare to commemorate our solemn centennial with us Armenians, some Western pigs - and their piglets - will be running to stand with Turks -

    And as some Westerners are whoring themselves to Turks, some Westerners will be whoring themselves to Azeris -

    Is Armenia America’s Ally Or Iran’s?: http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/12/is...ally-or-irans/
    And as noted above, as Westerners keep whoring themselves to Turks and Azeris, some Armenians will be whoring themselves to Western powers by trying to start a revolution in Armenia on April 24. Nevertheless, come April 24, we Armenians will be once more dropping our pants and bending-over in front of Uncle Sam with great hope and anticipation. Come April 24, Uncle Sam will once again spit on Armenian faces -

    Be that as it may, naive Armenians are once again thinking that due to recent tensions between Ankara and Western powers, Washington may be inclined to say the "G" word this year. Naive Armenians are foolishly thinking that Anglo-American-Jews will be turning against the Turkish state because of some problems between them in recent years. Naive Armenians should realize that the West's problem is not with Turkey per se but with Recep Erdogan. Western powers may turn against Turkey's belligerent Prime Minister but they will never turn against Turkey. In other words, the tensions we sometimes see between the West and Ankara is an internal matter, a technical matter that will be sorted out between them. Under no circumstances, however, will the Anglo-American-Jewish political order abandon Turkey simply because Turkey represented a far too great geostrategic asset for them. The Anglo-American-Jewish world needs a friendly Turkey as a buffer against Russia, pan-Arab nationalism and growth of Iranian influence in the Middle East.

    Naive Armenians must understand that the Turco-Western-Judeo alliance is just too big to fail.
    Therefore, when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide blaming any single American president, administration or political party is misleading. The problem is not Bush, Clinton or Obama - or Democrat or Republican - the problem is the very nature of geopolitics the geostrategic pursuits of the American empire. Washington's anti-Armenian stance is not recent. US hostility towards Armenia actually goes back to the Soviet period. Back then, it was ARF nutjobs that were used against Soviet Armenia. Today, it's a much wider array of nutjobs (e.g. Dashnaks, socialists, liberals, feminists, environmentalists, homosexuals, etc) being used against Armenia. Nevertheless, imagine the Armenian fury if for example Moscow was working against our genocide recognition efforts. It seems that Washington is the only political entity on earth today we Armenians enthusiastically and persistently make excuses for. When it come to Washington, or Jews for that matter, we Armenians understand, we Armenians can wait, we Armenians are hopeful, we Armenians are grateful... We Armenians are pathetic!
    Speaking of the West and France

    The Anglo-American-Jewish global order is not new. The foundations of the modern political West was first placed in 1812 with Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat at Waterloo and then again in 1865, when Washington succeeded in keeping the young nation united under one flag. The West began taking discernible shape by the late 19th century when the political and financial elite in Britain and the US began joining hands. And being that wealthy Zionist Jews were firmly entrenched in both societies, the merger of British and American power included within it a very obvious Jewish factor. Hence, the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance. This global political order has been gradually evolving/developing ever since. The outcome of both world wars in the 20th century and the unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union placed the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance on top of the world.

    European nations like France and Germany collaborate with Anglo-American-Jews for various reasons. Germany, for instance, is still occupied by them, so Berlin has no choice but to tow the Western line. For its part, Paris has been closely cooperating with the political West for a number of economic and security reasons for nearly one hundred years. Moreover, large numbers of prominent Jews are also firmly embedded within the upper echelons of French society.

    Since Armenians have a love affair with all things French, allow me to just say this: Despite the fact that Paris has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide - France CANNOT be trusted. Although all of our Russophobes always blame Russians for the Bolshevik handover of historic Armenian lands to Turks, for reasons that I have not yet been able to fully explain, the same never say anything about how the French made a secret deal with Ataturk in 1920, disarmed Armenian soldiers under French command in Cilicia and turned-over the territory to Turks literally in the middle of the night -

    "During the spring of 1920, the French occupation forces began to disarm the Armenian volunteers, and by September 27, 1920, the dissolution of the Armenian Legion was completed. Some Legionnaires stayed behind to do what they could to help the local Armenians, who were now at the mercy of the Turks; others returned to their homes to try to rebuild their lives. The retreat of France from Cilicia was officially completed by the Ankara Accord of October 20, 1921, when France recognized Nationalist Turkey and agreed to withdraw all its forces from Turkish territory No adequate provisions were made to safeguard the Armenian population from persecution and massacre.. This betrayal by France, which had stood for the Armenians as a symbol of freedom, democracy, and justice, was a bitter blow. The Armenian population of Cilicia was finally and brutally eradicated. Any hope by the Armenians for a return to their homeland in Western Armenia was now destroyed, while revolution and civil war in Russia ended all possibility of an independent Armenian state in Eastern Armenia. Even as the Armenian Legion was being disbanded in Cilicia, the two-year-aid independent Republic of Armenia was being overrun by the forces of Soviet Communism (November 29, 1920). Bitter, disillusioned, and disappointed, the Legionnaires gradually resumed their daily lives".

    Dr. Barbara Merguerian
    French officials deliberately and treacherously abandoned their faithful Armenian allies and allowed the final phase of the genocide of Armenians to take place in the region. My ancestors were survivors of this final genocide made possible by the wonderful French. But we don't need to go back a hundred years to see examples of French betrayal, aggression and brutality. We saw the real face of France in the genocidal role it played in Algeria in the 1960s. We saw its criminal nature in Libya in 2011. We have seen Paris' crimes against Syria. We are currently seeing Paris' hostile behavior towards Armenia's most important ally, Russia. If France has been giving Armenia lip service in recent years by way of genocide recognition, it’s because it has been tasked to do so by NATO (i.e. Anglo-American-Jews). Most Armenians do not know that during the collapse of the Soviet Union some twenty-five years ago, major European nations were essentially given big brother status over former Soviet republics. As such: Germany got Georgia. Britain got Azerbaijan. France got Armenia. Vualá.

    France is tasked with paying lip service to Armenia in order to keep Yerevan tied to the Western world. France does not have any meaningful political designs for the south Caucasus nor does it have a long reach, militarily and politically speaking. Paris is simply following a Western script. Paris therefore is not to be taken seriously - especially today, since it has become the Western global war effort's willing partner. It would be idiotic of Armenians expect anything more than worthless symbolic gestures from Paris. At the end of the day, when Turks decide to do to Armenia what they did to Cyprus (right under the noses of the Americans, British and the French) or do what they periodically do to Syria and Iraq, it's not the French or the British or the Americans that will come to Armenia's rescue – it's the RUSSIAN BEAR.

    Think of it this way: The only nation on earth that will be most negatively impacted by Armenia's demise is Russia. No other nation stands to lose more from Armenia's destruction than Russia. This geostrategic calculus alone makes Russia the most reliable partner and ally to the Armenian nation. Think of it in another way: If Russia went out of its way to save Bashar Assad's government from Western and Turkish-backed human flesh eating monsters in 2013, imagine what it would do to protect Armenia. If Russia was prepared to start a world war to protect Armenia from a Turkish invasion in 1993 - at a time when Russia was on its knees - imagine what it would do today.
    Needless to say, for Armenia, Russia is a vital lifeline without which it cannot live. From a Russian geostrategic perspective: Armenia is one of the strategic gateways to Russia, therefore crucially important to preserve. From a Western perspective: Armenia is simply a nuance getting in the way of their desires to exploit Central Asian energy and curb Russian and Iranian influence in the south Caucasus. In other words, and I hate to break this news to Armenians, Western officials are not too concerned about fighting "corruption" or spreading "democracy" in Armenia. The West's problem is not corruption in Armenia but Russia in Armenia.

    For those amongst us who are not deaf, dumb or blind, the symbiotic relationship that exists between Armenia and Russia today is a historic opportunity for our little, impoverished, landlocked and embattled homeland in the south Caucasus. In fact, the Russian Bear's alliance is an opportunity the likes of which an Armenian state has not had in well over one thousand years. Sadly, due to Yerevan's "complimentary politics" and the constant anti-Russian hysteria being disseminated inside Armenian society by Western activists and Western funded news media outlets, we Armenians are failing to recognize and thus exploit this historic opportunity.

    Heralding the Rise of Russia
    Russo-Armenian relations, Eurasian geopolitics and resisting Western Globalism


    More on that . .



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