3577) REFLECTIONS of the EHCR Ruling on the Perincek vs Switzerland

A Turkish proverb quotes: “Let a fool throw a stone in a well, and forty wise men cannot get it out”. In our case it is the word “genocide” not thrown by a fool but hidden by some smarts screaming “I lost everything because it was taken by genocide… find and give it back to me”. This scream started after 1960s, and it was about the “alleged loss of unknown ancestors” in 1915s. No one asked, why your fathers and grand fathers did not voice this demand when they were alive? No answer. Are crime and punishment hereditary and who is to be punished for what? Do you have any document or neutral eyewitness to confirm what you claim? No! But crying has been so loud and consistently spread out throughout the world that many authorities got fed up with these complaints and said “alright, what do you want us to do so that you shut up and leave us in peace?” Just acknowledge and confirm that genocide has taken place and condemn Turks for this crime! Some states in particular where Armenian lobbies and propaganda is strong, easily fell in this pit of slander . . .

In 2003 the “European Court of Justice” (case T-346/03) had ruled in article (19) that:

It suffices to point out that the 1987 resolution is a document containing declarations of a purely political nature, which may be amended by the Parliament at any time. It cannot therefore have binding legal consequences for its author nor, a fortiori, for the other defendant institutions

Despite this clear ruling Armenian lobbies were active in several states, countries even municipalities to procure decisions by unauthorized persons that “Armenian genocide is true and Turks did it”. The irony is that, none whatsoever of these political bodies ever informed or asked Turkey for an opinion; they all acted as if they were judges and condemned the unidentified culprit in absentia.

This freedom to convict all Turks and Turkey, went to such extremity that France and Switzerland even passed laws to punish those “who do not think or agree on the Armenian genocide “or for their disapproval. This phobia-mania meant that people are free no to believe in GOD or Christ or other holy books, in which billions of people believe, and golden robed Priests even Crown Kings and oaths are taken on holy books; but you cannot refuse the unproven genocide which has no court verdict!

The UN article 6 defining genocide very clearly states that “the personal crime of genocide has to be decided upon by an authorized court in the country where it happened or an international tribunal”. The UN even has special advisers and office for “genocide”, where applications must be made. UN has only acknowledged the Holocaust and Rwanda genocide both based on authorized court verdicts.

Mr. Dogu Perincek, a politician and scholar of law, challenged Switzerland on their “unjust law” and was punished under Swiss laws. He applied to the European Court of Human Rights and won the case. This time Armenian lobbies pressed France and Switzerland to rectify EHCR’s decision going to the High Chamber, which announced their decision approving the previous EHCR decision and clarifying that “the Jewish holocaust is a proven case”, whilst “Armenian genocide has no similarity and is a disputed case”. So, the Grand Chamber found Perincek vs. Switzerland right; this is an indisputable decision and all authorities in the world have to respect. Armenians had authorized [Queens Counsel, Human Rightist] Geoffrey Robertson and a new star reputation Amal Clooney “to hypnotize the Grand Chamber’s seventeen judges”; but it did not work. Yet, the Chamber had refused to pay Perincek’s demand of indemnity 120.000 Euros and this refusal has been immediately posted in


We are pleased that the European Court of Human Rights today endorsed our argument on behalf of the Government of Armenia, which intervened in the case between Dogu Perincek and Switzerland. The decision is a victory for Armenia.

Here we have another strange and ironic evaluation of ASBAREZ; they mean “any loss of Turks is an earning or profit for Armenians.” To them loss of Perincek’s indemnity is more important than inquiring “why the population of Armenia has been reduced from 5 million to 2.5 million”?

Why don’t you mind your country and the people? The answer was given in the Nov.14, 1915 Reno Evening Gazette:

If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world, it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone.

Sukru Server Aya



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