3598) Video: Armenian Question & 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War (93 War), WWI, Abdulhamid II, Armenian Revolutionary Groups, 2nd Constitutional Era by Prof Ronald Grigor Suny

Armenian Question & 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War (93 War), WWI, Abdulhamid II, Armenian Revolutionary Groups, 2nd Constitutional Era
by Prof Ronald Grigor Suny,
University of Michigan

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ssaya said...

I watched the speech of Mr. Suny. If we are to believe his words only, all the documents, books, treaties, irrefutable evidences become void. For example he says that Armenians were relatively happy “and they had not planned any resurrections.” This means that Cyrus Hamlin was wrong in his 1895 long article in New York Times, that “the Dashnak constitution does not call for resurrection” that 1896 Ottoman Bank Raid and killing-wounding some 40 people were a sign of peace, that the 1905 attempt to assassinate Abdulhamit by the first “time set bomb” and death of some 50 people did not happen! Mr. Suny refers to the cooperation between Young Turks and Dashnaks in 1908, and also to Adana incidents increasing the number of deaths five times and omitting the Moslem deaths or mentioning the name of Bishop Mosheg who had planned these confrontations and was preaching the people to sell their coats and buy arms. Of course there is again no reference to the printed booklet distributed at the 1910 Copenhagen Socialist Congress giving the tiniest details of planned revulsions. He also omits to mention that the Ottomans had re offered the suspended autonomy lo Armenians in the Erzurum 8th Dashnak congress (August 1914) and that thousands of Armenians soldiers in the Ottoman army crossed the border and joined the Russian army even before war started. One more distortion is his blaming the Ottomans for siding with Germans. He cannot be misinformed that Britain had turned down twice in 1912 offers for alliance and that both France and Russia also turned back the contacts of Talat and Djeman Pasha to make alliances with France and Russia. Ottomans were the prize to be portioned long time ago, and the last straw they could hold was Germany. He blames Enver Pasha only for the Sarikamish disaster. What shall we do with the book and fight details given by Pastermadjian for the Sarikamish disaster? Apparently the League of Nations were all wrong when they wrote in their Official Gazette in September 1929 that the Allies made several promises to Armenians, they fought against their home country siding the enemies and that 200.000 of them “sacrificed their lives” when fighting for the enemies, but that the Allies forgot all their promises when the peace was concluded. He is of course unaware that the Van City was gifted by Armenians to Russians in mid April 1915, and that the order for relocating the Armenians in Eastern Anatolia (whilst some 200.000 of them had passed themselves to the Russian side) was issued at the end of May after the Allies had landed at Gallipoli and the armies busied by Armenian insurgencies in the East were urgently needed at Gallipoli against the Entente armies. The “temporary relocation process” despite several war shortages of almost everything including guards, was a correct military operation; once the Armenian town-villages-houses were all evacuated, the revolutionaries had no more place to hide and feed themselves. The following lines are quoted from the “Reno Evening Gazette”, November 14, 1915 and warn everyone for being taken as dupes.
< Ambassador Morgenthau appears to have fallen a ready victim to the smooth rascals that, by apocryphal tales of outrages, have procured contributions from their Armenian countrymen abroad and in this country and have lived in luxury on the proceeds for the last 30 years….
The Ambassador seriously notified the state department that the Turks had slaughtered the “majority of the Armenians of Asia Minor”. This “majority” now turns out to be 32.000 known to be hostile to Turkey and therefore, dispossessed of their homes in Erzerum and Zeitun and interned in a district where they could be watched by Turkish troops – not killed, nor even dying.… If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world, it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone. >

Sukru S. Aya

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