3745) Irish Historian - Many Historians And Politicians Remain Silent To Armenian Lies

A lot of belief in an Armenian Genocide today is simply the product of ignorance. Journalists and pseudo-historians simply regurgitated the simplistic, emotional narrative of Armenian propagandists.


A so called “Armenian Genocide” has been more discussed in the agenda of the world history as well as international political arena so far. However Armenian lobbies and diasporas in many countries, including Russia, the United States and European countries have funded media outlets and politicians in order to promote the campaign for the recognition of the genocide issue. And this policy is carried out until today. However, no one or little people in western world have turned out documentaries reflecting realities and truths of the events of 1915 occurred in eastern part of Ottoman Empire and Azerbaijan.

Dr Patrick Walsh is a one of the few western historians who shared his criticism on Armenian claims of territories and the issue of genocide in the history.

He is an author of numerous books, a political analyst and a teacher of history and politics in his home land of Ireland. . . .

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3744) Events of 1915 in Eastern Anatolia in the Context of Britain’s Great War on the Ottoman Empire

A Talk given by Dr. Patrick Walsh at the London School of Economics on February 15th 2013

The events that occurred in Eastern Anatolia in 1915 should be located in a broader context than simply that of Turk against Armenian. Both Turks and Armenians were, after all, actors in a much wider drama that was unfolding in the world and any judgement about their actions can only be made with the knowledge that they were caught up in circumstances that were not of their choosing and were largely beyond their control.

Even Atatürk was an actor in this great drama imposed from outside by the Imperialist Powers – although he succeeded in assuming a leading role in it and writing a different ending to the script that was intended for the Turks by its authors.

The context of what happened to the Armenians in 1915 is left out of . . .

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3743) “Fatal Philanthropy” – James Bryce and the Armenians

By Dr Pat Walsh 2020-07-01

To understand the point of this article we need to revisit something that George Curzon (later Lord) said in the British Parliament. At the time Curzon was Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and he said it in the course of defending traditional British policy with regard to the Ottoman Empire, on behalf of Lord Salisbury’s Government:

“We were not prepared at any moment to go to war for the sake of Armenia. We were not prepared to plunge Europe into a Continental war for the sake of Armenia. We were not prepared to jeopardise the interests of this country and I will go further and say the interests of the Armenians themselves, in pursuit of… what might, in the last resort, have turned out to be a perilous, if not a fatal philanthropy. [Loud Cheers.]” [1] . . .

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3742) James Bryce – The Historian Who Sold Out

By Dr Pat Walsh 2020-02-14

I am grateful for the following contribution from a reader:

The Year 1915 in the Ottoman Empire and the Work of the War Propaganda Bureau at Wellington House

– A Departure Point for the Truth Seeker –

James Bryce’s “The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916”, (London: G.P.Putnam’s Sons for HMSO, 1916) is the No. 1 baseless source of the Armenian claims regarding the incidents of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire.

Bryce was, it appears, at first a staunch advocate of “Teutonic Freedom” (Keith G. Robbins, “Lord Bryce and the First World War”, The Historical Journal, Vol.10, No.2 (1967), p.255), then was forced to change his views when he was 77 years old and work for “Report of the Committee an Alleged German Outrages, Presided by, James Bryce, (NY: Macmillan and Co., 1915) which became his first book wartime propaganda.

Britain had set up the War Propaganda Bureau (WPB) at Wellington House for the sole purpose of promoting lies and misinformation on Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The Allies were in . . .

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