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3792) Trafficking, Money Laundering & Extortion: Armenian Family At The Head of a Criminal Organization

[Béziers] Trafficking, money laundering and extortion: an Armenian family at the head of a criminal organizationAn Armenian family from Béziers who was at the head of a criminal organization, was arrested during a large dragnet, launched on Monday, by the gendarmerie including the GIGN.

The GIGN was engaged during this spectacular operation.

A major crackdown was launched Monday simultaneously in the Hérault and in other regions by many investigation services, of which the Biterrois was the central point, revealed this Friday Raphaël Balland, the public prosecutor of Béziers. Narrative.

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3791) 7 Awkward Questions to Ask Believers of the Armenian 'Genocide'

April 24, 2022 Since the 1990s, most scholars and historians changed their minds once they started opening more archival material with growing interest in what happened to Armenians. 


Many questions began to arise, casting total doubt on the hitherto undisputed allegation of an Armenian “genocide” committed by the Ottomans. The tough questions have become awkward for Armenians who were once very convinced that they experienced genocide. . . .

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