3734) 3000-Year-Old Armenian Castle Ruins Found In Lake Van – Turkey

Ruins of a 3000-year-old Armenian castle found in Lake Van – Turkey
March 3, 2020 Archaeology World Team

The 3,000-year-old remains of an ancient fortification have been discovered at the bottom of Turkey’s largest lake. The underwater excavations were led by Van Yüzüncü Yıl University and the governorship of Turkey’s eastern Bitlis Province.

The castle is said to belong to the Iron Age Armenian civilization also known as the Kingdom of Van, Urartu, Ararat and Armenia. The lake itself is believed to have been formed by a crater caused by a volcanic eruption of Mount Nemrut near the province of Van. The current water level of the reservoir is about 150 meters higher than it was during the Iron Age.
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3733) OK To Hate Turks Vs NOT OK To Hate Armenians!!!

There needs to be serious legislation not only in the US but in the International level, for such acts of vigilance, menace, hate and outrageous lies!

Anti-Armenian hatred is spreading across the internet at alarming rates - incited by Aliyev and invoking the most toxic stereotypes of Armenians.

Like so many of these attacks, this venomous tweet - accusing Armenians of disloyalty - was from a a well-educated Azerbaijani (in this case a U.S.-trained biophysicist with a Ph.D. from a major U.S. university).


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