3732) Stop Terrorist Parole: Deny Parole to Armenian Terrorist Hampig "Harry" Sassounian

How Genocide Allegation Lead to Terrorism on American Soil - (Rachel Maddow MSNBC)

On December 27, 2019, two commissioners of the California Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) granted provisional parole to Armenian Justice Commandos terrorist, Hampig Sassounian. In 2003, after serving 25 years of his life sentence for the 1982 assassination of the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles, Sassounian became eligible to apply for early release, which he has insistently done in six prior parole hearings. His efforts to escape full accountability have failed, thanks to the good advocacy of the Turkish American community.

Only once before, on December 14, 2016, had Sassounian similarly been granted provisional parole. Thankfully, on May 12, 2017, former California Governor Jerry Brown properly overturned BPH's misguided decision and stopped the release of Sassounian.

Similarly, California’s new governor, Honorable Gavin Newsom, will soon review Sassounian’s parole file and the December 27, 2019, decision of the BPH.

Please urge Governor Newsom to deny parole to Sassounian. Please choose and send the email letter of your preference from the options below:

Click Here to Send Your Letter to California Governor Newsom and Victims Services

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3731) Rewriting History And Passing Blame: Comparative Study Between Katyn Massacres (1940) And Armenian Relocation (1915)

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Armand SAG

Rewriting History And Passing Blame: A Comparative Study Between The Katyn Massacres (1940) And The Armenian Relocation (1915)

ORCID iD: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-1686-2513
Ph.D. Fellow at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Chairman of Institute for Turkish Studies, Utrecht

Armand Sag pointing out that they were victims of other nations that were oppressing them. Two clear examples for this were the Armenians during their war effort against the Ottoman Empire during World War One (1914-1918); and the Soviet Russians in Poland during Second World War (1939-1945). In both events, the perpetrators tried (and still try) to shift their role in the events from committing atrocities, to victims and heroes. A comparative look into the two case studies will be a good start for a preliminary research in which an outline and model will be determined for nations who have resorted to rewriting history in the process of nation building.

Keywords: Soviet Union, Poland, World War Two, Ottoman Empire, World War One . . .

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3730) From Memoirs To Cinema- Question Of Testimony And Representation Of Disaster

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Ararat's Plot & Structure

The Characters:
Center // Arshile Gorky
Second Ring // Ani, Edward
Third Ring // Raffi
Fourth Ring // Ali, David, Philip,
Celia . . .

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3729) Dashnak Fedais: Heroes Or Calamities Of The Armenian People?

Dashnak Fedais: Heroes Or Calamities Of The Armenian People?

The Critical Corner, an online publication of the Armenian News Network/Groong featured a three-part article by Eddie Arnavoudian, an Armenian-American author, who gave a highly romanticized and problematic account of the Dashnaktsutyun’s armed wing, the so-called Fedayeen.[1] Derived from an Arabic word, in the Dashnak literature the term means one who sacrifices himself for the cause of the party and people. According to Arnavoudian, the Dashnak Fedais were “the armed Armenian freedom fighters” and “deserve to be remembered well” since they fought “frequently epic battle … to protect Armenian village communities.” Moreover, they conducted many operations targeting supposedly cruel Kurds, Turkish and Russian officials to avenge the victimization of the innocent Armenian peasants and readily sacrificed themselves for the well-being and “sacred cause” of their people. . . .

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3728) Incohorence Of The West: Asserting A Claim Of Genocide Without Questioning Themselves

On November 19, 2019, "Colonisers Speak - 60 years after Congo's independence" was published on EU Observer by Milan Schreuer. The article describes Belgium's exploitation of the Congo and its genocide. Schreuer used André de Maere's memoirs in the Congo as the basis and attributed the genocide accusation to changes in the population and maltreatment of the local population.[1] André de Maere sent a letter in response to the article, stating that Belgium had assisted in the development the Congo in 1885-1960 and did not acknowledge that they had carried out colonialist activities. In addition, in response to the accusation of genocide, André de Maere explained the changes in the census with diseases and a wrong census.[2] . . .

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3727) Measures Of The UN Security Council Against International Terrorism And Globally Threatening Armenian Terrorism

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Measures Of The UN Security Council Against International Terrorism And Globally Threatening Armenian Terrorism

by Ramila Bahlul DADASHOVA

Abstract: Although the United Nations adopted a range of conventions, decisions, and resolutions on combatting international terrorism, Armenia continues to carry out its actions that can be categorized as terrorism and ignores the resolutions of the global community adopted on this issue. As a result of support of terrorism in Armenia at a state level and impunity of these practices, Azerbaijanis and Turks have been exposed to Armenian terrorism and hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis have been expelled from their own lands. All the mentioned offences have been committed by Armenian terrorist groups against Azerbaijanis both inside and outside of the territory of Azerbaijan, also against the Mountain Jews in Guba region of Azerbaijan, against Georgians in Georgia, against Turks in Turkey and other countries at various times in history.

The terroristic organizations such as Armenakan, Hunchak, Dashnaktsutyun, Nemesis (acted out by Dashnaktsutyun), the secret group of DRO and its secret detachments of DRO-8, DRO-88, DRO-888, DRO-8888, Democratic Front were committed to the purpose of breaking up Turkish states. Armenian Secret Freedom Army (ASOA), Armenian Secret Army for the Freedom of Armenia (ASALA), Geregon created by ASALA, Armenian Movement of Freedom (AOD), Armenian Freedom Front, Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide, the group of Revanchists of Armenian Genocide, Armenian Unity, Apostol tried to force the Turkish government to recognize the Armenian genocide allegations, committed terroristic acts against Turkish diplomats, public figures, intellectuals, and other innocent people in different parts of the world.

After the establishment the Republic of Armenia in historically Azerbaijani lands, the same problem was put forward by anti-Azerbaijan and anti-government provocation in Nagorno Karabakh, while the Republic of Armenia has led a purposely terroristic policy in this direction.

Keywords: international terrorism, Armenian terrorism, production of narcotics, Counter-Terrorism Committee, international convention, . .

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