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Near East Relief 31 Dec 1921
Government Printing Office 1922

The report is dated 22.04.1922 but gives the status of 1921 year-end, signed by James Barton, approved with thanks by Armenian Patriarchs Bezdjian (Protestant) and Sayegiiyan (Catholic) confirming the followings:

P.4: It states that 300.000 Armenians returned to Cilicia after British-French occupation, but that they evacuated the region in 1921 after F. Bouillon’s Treaty with Kemalist Turks. It says that 200.000 to 300.000 Armenians were alive in Syria region -in need of help-. (Other sources said 150.000 only!)

P.5: The number of living people in Russian Armenia is 1 million and 500.000 of these need help of the Relief Organization. (This 1 million matches with Katchaznuni and Lalaian statements for 1918, before war - 200.000 who died of starvation until end of 1921 there.

It states that at the time 1.000.000 are alive in Caucasus Armenia,- 500.000 in need of help!

Page 8: It gives account of 64.000 alive in 124 orphanages + 50.000 in the areas = 114.000 living.

P.9: Relief activities continued in full during Kemalist rule in all areas, the following figures were given for some of the orphanages: Ankara 350, Kayseri 3190, Harput 5176, Konya 813, Sivas 1368, Maras 468 etc etc.. (USA was at an undeclared war with the Turks… for sure)

It states that 500.000 persons have migrated from Anatolia to Caucasus region. (Other sources had indicated this figure as 400.000). It lists various orphanages in occupied - unoccupied cities of the Ottoman Empire and Kemalists, showing that Turks never hindered their activities!

Throughout the report, there is not a word of Turkish atrocities or refusal of cooperation or attacks on relief goods protected by famished soldiers or Turks, and that only Christians received subject Relief!

- Generally there’s NO mention of “massacre-genocide or even LACK OF HELP” of Turks!

P. 4: As of end of 1921, 200.000 to 300.000 refugees are alive in Syria and around- in need of housing (since they are alive).

- The report shows that some $ 51 million was spent on various Relief Works.

The Relief Organization was approved by the President on Aug.6,1918 and the report gives the status and audits up to Dec. 31st, 1921. This new “obelisk-like document” sheds more light on the contents of following chapters of the book:

Ch. 2: “Ottoman Treat of Millets” - It confirms that CUP or Kemalist Turks helped-protected Relief !

Ch. 5: “Marvelous Missionaries” - It confirms that Turks never hindered Missionaries and Relief!

Ch. 7: “Distorting Realism” - It shows that HS 106 (Ch. 24) is an official distortion of above!

Ch.14: “Relocations-Arrivals” - It confirms that the figures of HS 106 and others are wrong!

Ch.15: “Population Controversy” - It proves that figures of Art. 1 of HS 106 and alike are all tall lies!

Ch.16: “Propaganda Fabrication - It shows that HS 106 is a propaganda fabrication of high degree!

Ch.17: “Proven Forgery to distort History”- Self-explanatory involving the supporters of HS 106! Ch.18: “Charity & Relief Organizations” - It gives detailed a/c $ 52 million Relief to Christians only!

Ch.19: “Famine & Epidemics” - It implies deaths were caused by epidemics, famine & treks!

Ch 24: “The Success of Armenian Lobbies” - It proves that HS 106 Committee was misguided,

Conclusion: According to this report, the Armenian deaths are unbelievably low if we are to add 1 million alive in 1921 (say 800.000 in Armenia after loss of 200.000 by starvation plus 200.000 or 300.000 in Syria district) we have a figure of 1.1 million alive and by adding those who went to other countries, Greek Islands etc. we arrive to about 1.3 million alive in 1921. If we are to depend on this report which is an official U.S. document, the deaths due to several reasons are much to less and only around 300.000 (or 20% versus 40% estimated by McCarthy for Turks and Armenians in the area).

Kindly Reviewed by Sukru S Aya