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  1. Ahtamar 19 Sep 2010 Slide Show By Dikran Dulgeryan
  2. Armenian Dasghnaksutyun Army 1915
  3. Armenian Volunteers In 1916
  4. Armenian Village In Present Day Turkey : Herisa Day -- Download -- - - Watch Online - No Sound - -

  • Armenian Question by Ömer Engin Lütem
  • The Genocide Of Truth Presentation
  • Terror

  • Videos
    1. Video: Excavation Of A Mass-Grave Realized In Oba, Turkey, 1986
    2. Prof Justin McCarthy, Ataturk University Conference, Erzurum, May 2007
    3. Prof. Kemal Karpat: Coexistence Of Jews & Turks During Ottoman Empire Era, Dialogue International
    4. Historical Testimony On Turkish - Armenian Question (4 Parts)
      TRT Documentary, with Guenter Lewy, Hikmet Özdemir, Stanford J. Shaw
    5. Armenian Terrorist Group ASALA And Its Murders
      Google Video . .
    6. Lincoln McCurdy, TCA President (C-SPAN-Interview)
      Lincoln McCurdy ( President, Turkish Coalition of America) goes over the President’s trip to Turkey on Monday, as well as relations between the countries. .
    7. Armenian Question by Riz Khan : Al Jazeera : Riz Khan, Cengiz Aktar, Etyen Mahcupyan, Yalım Eralp
    8. Transcripts/Full Texts & Videos: President Obama & Turkish President Gul Press Conference / Obama's Speech At Turkish Parliament . . .
    9. 3 Videos: If Americans Knew . . & How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation
    10. Balakian and Akçam against Turkish Denialists
    11. " Even If You Sentence Me To Death Ten Times... I Deserved It" Levon Ekmekchian
    12. Armenian Forgeries: Exploitation of Holocaust Photos to Promote False Genocide Claims
    13. Armenian Style Lobbying: "Home Invasion"
      The staff of Congressman Steve Cohen called police to his home today after an argument with an Armenian-American activist in town from California ended with Cohen physically pushing him out
    14. Arnold Terminates Deniers ; Sylvester's Genocide Evidence & William On The Genocide Roots
      3 Awesome videos - devastating in its impact, and funny, too. . .
    15. Genocide Hypocrisy from France
    16. Russian Brigadier General Leonid Bolhovitinov's Report: Barbarities by Armenians 1915
      England intentionally incited Armenians to violence in eastern Anatolia to impede the formation of an alliance between Czarist Russia and the Ottomans that would create a new axis of power.
    17. Prof.Justin McCarthy's Florida University Speech: It Is Not A Genocide-08Feb2008
    18. Best Of Asia And Europe : Istanbul Live With Matt Lauer At Today MSNBC
      Want The Best Of Asia And Europe? Try Istanbul
      Explore the city that sits at the threshold of two cultures and continents
    19. Video: You Say: We're Small, I Say: So Is Virus. Vigilant&Fatal, We Have To Learn From Virus" Dr Astarjian At ANCA Event
    20. Watch Armenian Revolt The Movie Now!
      A documentary prepared by Marty Callaghan traces Ottoman and Armenian relations from the 1800s through 1923 .
    21. Warning: Do Not Watch On Full Stomach: Disgusting Scenes From ProArmenian AntiTurkish Movie
      I wonder what the governments and the public are doing against this movie? .
    22. Desperate Hours: Inspiring Story: How Muslim Country Gave Refuge To German Jews . .
      . . And How Its Diplomats Risked Their Own Lives To Save Jews From Concentration Camps
    23. Comedy Show: Bush On Turkey To Withdraw From Iraq
    24. Armenians History Sex Bomb Version
    25. Turkish PM's Response to "Armenian Issue" Question: 44th Security Conference, Munich, Germany
      In Turkish With English Subtitles
    26. Sen. Barack Obama Discusses Armenian Genocide Resolution
    27. What Really Happened In 1915
    28. The Dumb Blond: Pelosi's Troop Risk & Record Oil Prices
    29. Armenian Bandits in New York Times
    30. 3 Minute History of Middle East Oil
    31. 2 Videos: Armenian Antisemitism & Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians
    32. A Conversation With the Prime Minister of Turkey (Subject Includes "Genocide")
    33. Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, First Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia
    34. Armenian Terrorist Organization ASALA and Murders
      TRT-INT Documentary - 5 - Parts
      Turkish Voice over with English Subtitles
    35. Interview: Prof. Justin McCarthy About Armenian Revolt
      Prof. Justin McCarthy Professor Of History and Expert in Demography Talks about the Armenian Revolt and "Genocide"
    36. Prof. Justin McCarthy Responds to Armenian Allegations and The Bill in The House, Prof. Justin McCarthy Professor Of History and Expert in Demography Responds to Armenian Genocide Allegations
    37. Our Armenians
    38. Armenians Genocide Lies : Still Playing the Angel? Part I & II, Broadcast: in Turkish with English VoiceOver Produced by TRT Int; Armenians Genocide Lies : Still Playing the Angel?
    39. Orhan Pamuk Produced by ABC Australia/Journeyman Pictures, 19:18 Minutes
      The Controversy Over Orhan Pamuk’s Work Reveals The Strains Tearing At Turkish Society. Now, Ultranationalist Have Vowed To Sue The Board Which Awarded Him The Nobel Prize.
    40. Turkey's Hidden Armenians, 13:56 Minutes
      Armenian Identity In Turkey Has Been Hidden Or Even Pushed Away For Fear Of Discrimination..
    41. Sari Gelin Documentry - Diaspora Against Sari Gelin - Analysis
    42. Armenian Issue & The Truths by Prof. McCarthy, 3 Reasons Why "Genocide" Popularly Believed
    43. Statement By Prof. Bernard Lewis Of Princeton University : No Armenian Genocide
    44. NBC Special: Armenian Terrorists at Work in U.S
      1 Hour (4 section) NBC News report on ARMENIAN terrorists at work in USA (and high level connections of Murad Topalian)
      This is an actual FBI investigation, not a movie scenario
    45. Bob Livingston: HR 106: "Armenian Genocide?"
      Former Congressman Bob Livingston discusses the Turkish position on HR 106 and its implications upon Turkish American relations. All Members of Congress should be aware that there is more than one side to this issue, and that passage can bear harmful consequences to US strategic policy in the Middle East. . .
    46. The Real Billy Hayes Regrets 'Midnight Express' Cast All Turks In A Bad Light
    47. What Some Armenians Will Do For The Truth
    48. Interview : Billy Hayes "Midnight Express"
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