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Secrets Of A "Christian" Terrorist State Armenia by Samuel A.Weems

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Holy Terror

· The Armenian Gregorian or Orthodox Church

· Christian Missionaries in Anatolia

· How the Armenian Sneak Land Grab Works

· Who First Made Up and Told the Tall Tale of a Massacre?

· Comparison of the American Civil Rights Movement to the Actions of the Armenian Church and Armenian State

· After Five Hundred Years of Peaceful Coexistence, Armenian Terrorism Begins

· The Official Beginning of Armenian Terrorism

Who Has Better Claim to the Lands of Modern-Day Turkey – Great Civilizations of the Past or Armenia?

Armenia Founded as a Dictatorship Armenia Didn’t Become a Republic by a Vote of the People

· The Real Foundation of Armenia

The Armenian Numbers Game and Their Use of Two Sets of Books

Armenia Loses Unprovoked War on Georgia Armenians Seek Free Handouts From the Christian World

American Admiral Sees Armenian’s Claims as "Absolutely False" Peace Conference Gives Armenians Nothing After Hearing Their Claim for Money Damages

What kind of Christians are the Armenians who claim to be the First Christian State? Armenian Terrorist Activities

The Corrupt Armenian State – Their People Pay a Terrible Price Greatest Scandal in American Charitable History

Bloodthirsty Armenian Bandits A Despotic Armenian Regime

What Can Be Expected From Armenia Exalting the Goal of Friendship One Day and Slandering Their Neighbors Before the Allies the Next

Armenian Cruelty Armenia Refuses to Help Muslims in Its State and Continues to Spread Terror by Attacking Defenseless Muslim Villages

· Proof of modern day Armenian cruelty and terrorism in Azerbaijan

Armenian Leaders Establish Worldwide Political Organization to Support Campaigns of Violence and Terror

Paid Armenian Agents Mold Public Opinion in the United States American Eyewitnesses Prove There Was no Turk Massacre or Genocide of Armenians

· The Niles-Sutherland Report
· The Harbor`d Report
· "Had to accept benevolence”

The Armenians Were a Dangerous People to Get Mixed Up With Allies Question Whose Side Armenia Is Really On

Armenians Establish American Colony British Say There Was no Genocide

Armenians Lose Sneak Attack on Azerbaijan Land-Grab Attempt Fails

American High Commissioner for Relief States `Armenians Are Professional Beggars" Corrupt Armenian Officials Steal Foreign Aid and There Is Corrupt Redistribution of Land Taken Without Compensation from Muslims

U.S. Senate Says "No" to Armenians Armenian-American Lobby Organization Fabricates Reports of Muslims Massacring Christians

Armenia Voluntarily Joins the Soviet Union "Republic" Becomes Communist of Its Own Free Will

Armenians Join Hitlers Nazi Cause Ten Years to Help Nazis Attempt to Conquer the World

· The Nazis and Their Armenian Supporters

Armenia in Today’s World Still a Terrorist State

· Nagorno-Karabakh



Every American will forever remember where they were on the morning of September 11, 2001 – the date Muslim extremists attacked New York City and Washington, D.C. Americans will also remember watching the celebrations in some parts of the Muslim world in the Middle East.

Many Americans are asking the question, "Why do Muslims hate the United States?" Unfortunately, the Muslim world has good cause to not like Americans and this book documents one very good reason this is true. This book could well be titled One Good Reason Why Muslims Hate Americans.

Of course, not all Muslims hate the United States. I was in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 11 producing a video titled The Seven Churches of Revelation and doing research on this book. (Many Americans do not know that Asia Minor of the Bible is today’s Turkey. Many Christians are not aware that Turkey is the second most important country in the world to historical Christianity.) Turkey is unique in that almost 97 percent of its population is Muslim. Turkey is also the only democratic Muslim nation in the world.

This modern-day Near East democratic country was founded in 1923 because of the genius of one man: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881 - 1938). He instituted extensive reforms and was truly one of the great world statesmen of the twentieth century. He threw the sultans out of the country and removed the Muslim religious leaders from their powerful positions in government. A new constitution was adopted that separated religion from government. Education was mandated for everyone. Women were given the right to vote and work in any profession. Muslim traditional dress for women was no longer required. Ataturk’s long list of reforms and improvements go on and on.

It was because of the vision of Ataturk in 1923 that I enjoyed total freedom of movement, speech, and religion in Turkey in August and September 2001. Ataturk believed Turkey must turn to the West if the nation was to grow and prosper. Turkey continues today in the Ataturk tradition. It is the reason this Muslim nation is such a close friend and strong ally of the United States, more so than any other Muslim nation.

Within thirty minutes of the third plane hitting its target in Washington, D.C., the prime minister of Turkey was on national television telling citizens he had placed the military on the highest alert. He also said he had called the president of the United States to say if America went to war; his country was ready to go to war also because Turkey and the United States are friends, allies, and partners.

This is remarkable when one realizes the Muslim nations of Iran, Iraq, and Syria are next - door neighbors. Also in the neighborhood are Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan.

I wish every American could have been with me to experience the reaction of the Turks to the cowardly attack on the United States. Taxi drivers, waiters, waitresses, employees in the small shops and large stores, government employees – all, without exception, voiced genuine sorrow and support for their government’s willingness to send their young men to fight the war on terrorism with the United States.

Turks, even though 97 percent Muslim, do not share the views of other Muslims who hate the United States. Consequently, it is a tragedy that a small group of Armenian - Americans is waging a campaign of hate toward Turkey within the United States today. This tiny band of people has caused some thirty state legislatures to pass meaningless resolutions attacking Turkey for an alleged genocide of 1915 – eight years before Turkey became a nation.

I have uncovered facts that prove Armenian - Americans are spreading tall tales claiming a massacre and genocide in an effort to get mega - dollars out of both the Turks and American Christians to benefit their 150 - year - old "ancient" homeland. The question for my fellow Americans to answer is simply this: Whom do you believe – other Americans who saw the Armenians, very much alive, leaving the Ottoman Empire? Or Armenians who merely claim 1.5 million of their people were murdered by the Ottoman government?

This book is based on historical evidence, much of it from Armenian sources. American Christians are invited to search the total record for themselves to determine who is telling truth and who is making up and spreading tall tales for their own selfish reasons.

In 1992, Armenia captured 20 percent of the lands of Muslim Azerbaijan through a surprise, unprovoked attack. The Armenians thrust more than a million Muslims from their homes without compensation, forcing them now to live in squalor in tent city refugee camps. The Russians gave Armenia more than a billion dollars worth of military arms and supplies. According to a U.S. Congressional Study Report, over the past ten years, the United States has given Armenia 1.4 billion dollars in foreign aid while discriminating against Muslim Azerbaijan by cutting foreign aid to it. This is one reason many Muslims hate Americans.

When the Azerbaijani government recovered from the attack, the country began to defend itself from the Armenian terrorists. Congress reacted by punishing Azerbaijan. The Armenian lobby within the United States lobbied Congress to pass laws to cut off many kinds of aid to Azerbaijan because the Azerbaijanis had established a blockade to prevent military supplies from reaching Armenia. In 1992, Congress passed the Freedom Support Act and Section 907, which restricts certain types of foreign aid to Azerbaijan until it has lifted its "illegal" blockade of Armenia.

Does the United States have the right to determine how one nation defends itself against another? What if another nation had passed such legislation against the United States after Japan attacked us on December 7, 1941. Why, then, is the United States punishing Azerbaijan? Why is the United States denying a country its sacred right to defend its land and people? Why is the United States taking the side of aggressor and ethnic cleanser? Didn’t we punish an aggressor – Saddam Hussein – by bombing Iraq? Didn’t we punish an ethnic cleanser – Slobodan Milosevic – by bombing Yugoslavia? Why are we now rewarding some others who perpetrated both aggression and ethnic cleansing?

Perhaps Congress passed such a law because the Armenians claim to be the first Christian nation on earth and Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. Is it any wonder gasoline prices have steadily increased during this same period of time because the Middle Eastern countries we obtain oil from are also Muslim? Clearly, these Islamic countries have no reason to cut the United States any slack when America joined with Russia to help Armenia attack its neighbor. This American attitude of helping so - called Christians against Muslims, even when the so - called Christians are terribly wrong and do evil deeds, is a major reason many Middle Eastern Muslims hate Americans.

Consider just how and why the United States discriminated against Muslim Azerbaijan. In 1992, the small but vocal Armenian - American lobby talked the U.S. Congress into passing a law to cut aid to Azerbaijan. Why? Because the Armenians claim Azerbaijan refused to allow Armenia to continue to use its ports to receive military supplies and to allow Armenia permission to transport those supplies over Azerbaijan territory. Armenian - Americans influenced Congress to call the Azerbaijan act of self - defense an "illegal embargo».

Now, after September 11, President George W Bush is attempting to reach out and secure support of Muslim nations – including Azerbaijan – to help in the U.S. war on terrorism. One reason this small state is important to America’s war effort is because of how near it is geographically to Afghanistan. The president has asked Congress to repeal the 1992 law cutting off foreign aid to Azerbaijan. As a result of this, Armenian - Americans launched a nationwide campaign to oppose President Bush’s effort to get the support of this important Muslim country. Armenian - Americans claim it might harm Armenia. Apparently, this is more important than the national interests of the United States.

At the same time Armenian - Americans are fighting President Bush, they are also working to get an Armenian terrorist out of a California prison. This Armenian terrorist assassinated a Turkish diplomat in 1982. The terrorist was caught, charged, tried, found guilt by a California jury, and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Armenian - Americans want this convicted assassin back on the streets of the United States.

It is especially important after what occurred on September 11 that we, as a nation, establish as many close friendships within the Muslim world as we can. It does not make sense to continue to support a terrorist state, like Armenia, even if it claims to be Christian.

It Isn’t right for Congress to react to the political pressure of a small but loud group calling themselves Armenians. It is long past time to examine the Armenian record. This tiny state’s chief export since 1918 has been terrorism and the chief import has been foreign aid from Christians around the world.

Because there are so few Muslims in the United States, Armenian - American lobbyists have free rein here. No one has checked to determine if Armenia is a true Christian state, as it claims. This book will explore the efforts and activities of the Armenians to establish what they claim is an independent and free state. This book will also examine the merits of the Armenian claim they are Christian. Are they really?

The facts that will be proved in this book are as follows:

In 1890, a tiny gang of Armenians began a terrorist revolutionary movement within the Ottoman Empire to obtain the lands and property of Muslims free of charge by conquest. These Armenians claimed their ancestors possessed these lands some three thousand years ago. However, Armenian Christians had lived in peace with Ottoman Muslims for more than five hundred years before their terrorist campaign began in 1890. They had lived under Roman rule for perhaps a thousand years before that.

Until 1914 and 1915, this band of troublemakers within the Ottoman Empire was so small the Ottomans ignored them. Then Russia invaded the Ottoman Empire and these Armenians nocked to join them, believing the Russian czar would give them the Ottoman lands they coveted and schemed to obtain. The czar had no intention of doing such a thing.

Turkish Armenians pretended to be friendly neighbors of the Ottomans by day but began destructive terrorist attacks behind Ottoman military lines by night. These terrorist attacks on Ottoman soil hurt the Ottoman troops, hindering their ability to fight the Russians. The Ottoman government was forced to remove all Armenians from behind the battle zones because they could not determine which Armenians were terrorists and which were not. This is much the same thing nations have done to protect themselves from what they perceived as disloyal people for thousands of years.

A recent example of this is the U.S. government’s removal of Japanese - Americans from the West Coast to internment camps inland after Japan attacked the United States on December 7, 1941. On February 19,1942, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9006, an exclusion order that gave the military permission to remove Japanese - Americans from military areas. This order permitted West Coast authorities – sensitive not only to the prospect of Japanese attacks but also to the possibility of spies collecting information for the enemy – to forcibly move Japanese - Americans to internment camps farther inland. Of course, Japanese - Americans did not establish armies behind American lines or join up with advancing Japanese armies. It was simply the fear of such a possibility that caused the U.S. government to incarcerate them.

What the Ottomans did in 1915 was no different. However, in this situation, Armenians did establish terrorism behind Ottoman lines, did join up with advancing enemy armies (Russian and French), and did try to ethnically cleanse Muslims, mostly Turks, from areas the Armenians planned to carve out of the Ottoman Empire for themselves. The sad story is what the Armenians did thereafter to deceive Christians of America and the world. The Armenian leaders sent paid agents throughout the Christian world to tell untrue stories about how hundreds of thousands of their Christians had been massacred by the terrible Turk Muslims.

The truth is that American eyewitnesses accounted for the Armenians who were removed from the combat areas as they left the Ottoman lands. Armenian spin doctors today have increased the numbers they claim to have been massacred from a few hundred thousand to 1.5 million. Armenians saw how the world responded to what the Nazis did to the Jews during World War II. Then, more than forty - three years after the event, Armenians cried out the Turks committed a terrible "genocide" in 1915. Modern - day Turkey didn’t even become a nation until 1923 – eight years after the Ottomans kicked the Armenians out of their country for being terrorists and disloyal.

The so - called Armenian state would have been nothing more than a single footnote in history had the Ottomans not joined forces with Germany during World War I – and lost. During this Great War, the United States did not even declare war on the Ottoman Empire. For some odd reason, the Armenians then, as now, take the position the Americans and other Allied nations owe them Muslim lands. Not only that, but the Armenians also believe the Allies owe them their troops and money to protect and help occupy and retain Muslim lands from sea to sea. There is little or no proof Armenians contributed much of anything to winning the war.

After the war ended, a tiny gang of dictators took control of some landlocked mountain lands in Russia and proclaimed themselves the Republic of Armenia. One of the first things this new state of Armenia did was launch a sneak attack on its Christian neighbor Georgia in an unprovoked attempt to obtain land. The Armenian terrorist dictators lost.

Shortly thereafter, the Armenian leaders attempted another surprise attack, this time on Muslim Azerbaijan. Again, the Armenian terrorist dictators lost.

The Armenians begged for arms and ammunition from the Allies to protect themselves. During this time Armenian - paid agents were trying to get any Allied country to send troops to help the Armenians gobble up the Muslim lands they coveted and schemed to obtain for free.

Meanwhile, the Armenian leaders were plotting another attack on the Turks. This time the Turks beat the Armenians to the punch, attacked first, and reclaimed their own "historic homelands" the Ottomans had possessed for some eight hundred years. During the time the Armenian leaders were making secret plans to attack the Turks, they were also making covert deals with the Russians. Armenia became a part of the Soviet Union without ever firing a shot in self - defense. In 1988, Armenia claimed to have become an independent state but continued to maintain close ties to Russia as evidenced by Armenia’s request that Russia build military bases within their tiny state. Russian troops are stationed at these bases, Russian MIG fighter jets are based in the country, and there are many surface - to - air missile batteries there today because Armenia asked for them.

Why should Congress give billions of dollars to such people when they are in the Russians` pocket? Why not just let the Russians take care of their own people?

Christians throughout the world must stop taking the word of Armenians at face value and examine the truth for themselves. This Christian, in making an independent examination, has discovered the truth cannot be found on Armenian web sites or in books and articles written by Armenians. Most Muslims have been forced out of the country. Now Armenia is one of the most closed Christian societies on earth. It has just one "official" church, which is a part of the state and given authority by the Armenian constitution. There is no such thing as the separation of church and state in this tiny land.

Contrast this fact with the Turks, whom the Armenians love to hate. It is interesting to note that there are more Armenian Churches in Turkey than there are in Armenia and contrary to most other data they make available on the web, that one is absolutely correct. I have recently been to Turkey. I witnessed with my own eyes that Turks and Armenians live and worship together in great freedom, harmony, and friendship. This is quite a contrast with the Armenian - Americans` ugly misrepresentations and evil efforts to plant the seeds of hatred and rage, here in the United States, against Turks. Just what kind of Christianity do these Armenian - Americans practice?

Why, for example, does the Armenian Church continue to use animal blood sacrifices? Why does the Armenian Church not believe in the total forgiveness of sins as taught by Christ? Why have Armenian Christian leaders called out publicly for the blessing of mythical gods?

The long list of deception, fraud, abuses, massacres, and terrorist acts Armenians have committed are documented in this book. These are Armenian secrets they don’t want the Christians of the world to know about, but they are revealed and documented in Armenian sources. These reports are factual reports by Armenians themselves.

Every Christian and every public official should read this book before agreeing to either give money or vote for meaningless resolutions attacking modern - day Turkey, solely based on the Armenian tall tales that were invented by them, in order to get lots of free stuff from the Christian world. There was no "genocide" as they claim.

Direct evidence will be provided, several times, from Armenian sources that the Armenia’s government directed terrorist attacks as official state policy. There have been Armenian terrorist attacks and murders within nations all over the world in recent years.
I am not Azerbaijani, Georgian, Turk; I am not Armenian. I am a Scottish - American, whose first Scottish ancestor came to America in 1686. I am a Southerner, a lifelong Baptist, and an American taxpayer. I have written this book under the light of extensive research in locations such as Washington, D.C., Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, and Istanbul. It would have been helpful to research in Armenia but their archives are not open to the public.

The archives in Istanbul, Turkey, are very much open, however, and have been for some time. The irony is that the files in Armenia’s capital of Yerevan and Armenian Revolutionary Federation offices in Boston are still closed to researchers and the public. What are they hiding? Why does Armenia have an Armenian Revolutionary Federation office in the United States?

The pages to follow are based on the pen of the chief historian of the self - called Republic of Armenia. The historians` own words and the sources he sited prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that his beloved Armenia is a bogus rogue state. The observations revealed in the pages to follow are written by a neutral seeker of fact and truth behind events that date from 1890 and continue to the present day.

Because I am not a professional historian I may have made technical mistakes in preparing this book. I accept responsibility for such errors. However, the facts that are presented in the text of the book speak directly and honestly for themselves. There have been prominent Americans, dating back to 1919, who have spoken out about Armenian corruption to deceive the Christian world into giving them vast amounts of unregulated money. The Armenian response to any American citizen who spoke out or objected has been, and continues to be, the same: They always launch character or physical attacks on any such person.

Hubert Hoover directed the U.S. effort to help rebuild Europe after World War I. He experienced only one failure and that was the dictator - run state of Armenia. This future American president stated that Armenian corruption "would be the greatest scandal in American charitable history». The Armenians responded by attacking his character. Readers of this book will discover from the words of today’s Armenians that this attitude of ingratitude continues. The proof will be that the Armenian attitude is that American citizens owe their tax dollars to Armenia.

There are several U.S. citizens who have researched Armenia and published their findings. Each of them has been subjected to Armenian campaigns of terror. Consider but a few such individuals:

· Professor Stanford Shaw of UCLA. Armenians bombed his home and terrorized him in several different ways.

· Professor Heath Lowry of Princeton University was recently forced out as chairman of a Near Eastern studies program because of a two-year hate and smear campaign directed against him.

· Professor Justin McCarthy of the University of Louisville has been subjected to all manner of character attacks and attempts to have him removed from his teaching position.

· Film maker Robin Williams recently produced a documentary film titled The Biblical Treasures of Turkey. Several times when he attempted to show his film, young Armenians disrupted the showings. On one occasion Armenian youth invaded the theater by throwing stink bombs and forcing the evacuation of the audience.

Once the announcement was made that this book was to be published I experienced a vicious attack directed by the Armenian Assembly of America. This is a large mega million - dollar special interest lobby based in Washington, D.C. It has forty or fifty professional employees. The sole purpose of this special interest Armenian lobby organization is to obtain as much American taxpayer dollars as they can for Armenia. This amounts to

almost 1.5 billion dollars over the past ten years. In addition, the Armenian Assembly of America also works to oppose anything relating to Turkey or the other Muslim nations of the Near East. Because of the hate campaign directed toward me by the Armenian Assembly of America more than a thousand messages have poured in attacking me personally. Of this number, there are twenty - three death threats. Consider the "character" of the Armenians who wrote the following messages to me about a book not one of them could have read yet. (I received these threats before the book was even published.)

· "The St. John Press book is full of lies, lies, and lies. Who paid Weems to write it? It’s so typical of Turkish revisionism. Are you sure you want to be supporting a website that’s so blatantly deceptive?"

· "Having read the book of Mr. Samuel A. Weems, I proclaim that all the facts that the author is talking about are DEFINITELY FALSE".

· "You stupid f – ing ignorant savages!! How can you really believe what you are publishing and distributing?"

Consider the following examples of threats upon my life. I take such threats seriously because in recent years Armenians have murdered some seventy people around the world, four here in the United States.

· "I just wanted to tell you that you will burn in hell for putting down the first Christian nation. I will make sure to show up to your funeral, hopefully soon, and piss on your pathetic corpse",

· "I will never ever ever forget my revenge so get ready for it. There are 10000000000000s like me alllll over the world. Keep smiling".

· "U deserve to die like a beast. Some Armenian is gonna kill u some day. And ur not gonna like the Armenian wrath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

· "I want to mention that your book about Armenia is stupid as you, because to write such a book against Armenia which is country in the world to accept Christian first, I want to inform you, as you know we are separated all over the world and if I can find you I`ll kill you".

I personally responded to a handful of the messages I received in order to ask questions of Armenians. I was curious about how they think. One question I asked was whether Armenians approve of all the death threats I was receiving. Here is a typical answer: "It seems that you are generalizing that Armenians are terrorists from the death threats you have received. Since when does protecting your culture make a whole nation a terrorist state?"

The prevailing Armenian attitude is that it is permissible to make death threats upon anyone with whom you disagree as a matter of "Armenian" culture. This is an unacceptable attitude within a civilized world. I asked Armenians the question why their state made a sneak attack on their neighbor Muslim Azerbaijan in 1992. The Armenians captured 20 percent of the country and forced more than 1 million poor souls to flee their homes and live in horrible tent city refugee conditions. Here is a typical answer of why Christian Armenia made the sneak attack on Muslim Azerbaijan: "Don’t you tell me that the Armenians fighting with the Azeris makes Armenians less Christian. Look back in history and you will find that a Holy War took place".

The facts are the Armenians received more than 1 billion dollars in military hardware from the Russians to wage what this Armenian calls a "Holy War». Christian Russia and Christian America supports Armenia in its "Holy War». This is an excellent example why the Muslim world hates the United States. Is it any wonder Muslim oil countries raise American gas prices so often? I asked several Armenians why U.S. taxpayers should give Armenia billions of dollars of American hard - earned tax money.
"American taxpayers have no say to what cause their tax dollar is allocated towards. They listen to their elected government like good little children. Do you know how American taxpayers benefit from American foreign aid? They have the luxury of believing that they live in a country that helps those in need. Selfishness doesn’t get votes and it certainly doesn’t make your heart feel happy. The country you live in has a hand in things you can’t even get your mind around, sorry to burst your bubble. The basic answer to your questions is that the American government doesn’t want you to know why, and it does not care what you think either".

Another Armenian wrote, "In the end, you suggest that we thank the `American people` – the favorite way for political prostitutes and demagogues to express their own wishes by speaking in the name of the people. Unlike some behind - kissing crooks, we don’t have to thank anybody for anything".

A third Armenian summed up her state’s attitude in this way: "To answer why American tax money should go to Armenia, plain and simple, because Armenia deserves it. You really are an illiterate and stupid son of a bitch". The proof presented from the pen of the Armenians own historian is that the state of Armenia founded what it called its American colony in 1919. Armenia sent paid agents and thousands of its people to the United States and other Christian nations for one basic purpose – to lobby and beg for money for what they claim as their "ancient" homeland. The work of this Armenian "American colony" continues to this very day. As any reader can clearly see from the above messages I have received, Armenians have an Old World imperialist attitude toward the United States. Take all the resources of its American colony to the "ancient" homeland of Armenia and never send anything back into the colony from Armenia.

Many Armenians have written, attacking me for being a paid agent of the Turkish government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have offered to allow the Armenian Assembly of America to examine my bank records for the past five years to prove that I am a teller of the truth. I also asked the Armenian Assembly of America to at allow me to examine their bank and financial records to determine if any of my tax money has been diverted from the Armenian government to this lobby organization. The Armenian Assembly of America’s answer is silence.

I have concluded that Armenians are taught to hate Turks, Azerbaijanis and Muslims in general from birth. The following message was sent to me that makes this point. It is typical of the many I have received: "Turks are all dogs, liars, and represent the very worst of the human condition, they are a cancer on this earth, and the most amazing thing is they`ve become more of a problem for the world now than they`ve ever been".

Turkey has been a true and loyal friend as well as a partner of the United States since World War II. The Turks fought side by side with American troops in Korea, the Gulf War, and other wars since World War II. Where was Armenia? On the opposing side every time.

Turkey is the only democratic Muslim nation in the world. It is in the best interests of the United States and the world to continue friendship with this important nation in the Near East. Let me make it very clear that all Armenians are not bad people and not all Armenians are terrorists. Permit me to share one example why I can say that all Armenians are not bad people. Consider what one lovely Armenian lady wrote to me.

“Armenians are taught hate from birth and I know it is extremely wrong that it has been aimed at the Turkish. I myself do have very close Turkish friends and I love them with all my heart. I don’t think it is right to say hateful and bad things against all Armenians. I have nothing against Turks and I think the Turks have made wonderful contributions to the world through their culture. I am a Christian, although I am not traditional Armenian Orthodox”.

"I do believe that whatever has or hasn’t happened, it should be forgiven for that would be the most `Christ like` for all of us to do. We should work on building a relationship between Armenia and Turkey that will make both countries prosper. It’s sad that two great cultures cannot contribute to each other and remain peaceful. Anyway, I hope that this email might change something".

In a follow - up email she wrote: "I know it is sad that Armenia is the first Christian nation in the world but doesn’t show any `Christ like` actions. I love Armenians, and I love God. I don’t know about Baptist churches being persecuted but I have noticed that many Armenians that I know get a little upset when I tell them I`m not the traditional Armenian Apostolic like they are (fake Christianity used to have a social circle I have noticed). I in fact am a nondenominational born - again Christian".

There is hope that in the years to come there will be a change in the present "official" Armenian terrorist attitudes as evidenced by this lady’s beautiful message. I ask every reader of this book to examine the words I have written with an open mind. I ask every reader to check out the facts I have presented for themselves to determine if the material I have presented is true. The reader will note that I use more Armenian sources and proof than from all other sources combined. Once the reader determines truth it will be for that individual to determine what additional action he or she should do to right a great wrong done to the Muslim world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Samuel A. Weems,
member of Calvary Baptist Church,
Hazen, Arkansas, April 2, 2002


Where did the Armenians come from? One doesn’t have to look back very far into history to find the answer. The beginnings of what can be called modern - day Armenia is filled with blood – Muslim blood. In 1820, czarist Russia began the first of several attempts to expand its empire westward in an attempt to obtain an age - old dream of warm - water ports. The czars began a conquest to obtain Ottoman Empire lands all the way to the Mediterranean and open seas.

Before the Russian armies began their campaigns of conquest, the czar’s agents were sent into Ottoman lands to organize Christians in an effort to undermine the Ottoman Muslims from within. The Russians reasoned that because they were Orthodox Christians, they would have much in common with other Orthodox Christians, such as the Greeks, the Slavs in the Balkans, and the Armenians.

The Russians were not able to secure a warm - water port, but they did move their boundaries westward. In the years that followed 1820, the Russians promised the Armenians they would help them establish their own state. At that time, the Ottoman Empire was in a final period of decline and decay. Other foreign powers saw this as an opportunity to establish their presence in this part of the world. Both England and France sponsored missionary activities there. All too frequently throughout history, nations have used Christianity to promote the state’s best interest and the religious people sent into different parts of the world worked for both Christ and the state’s best interests. This would be the case within the Ottoman Empire.

Russia, trying not to be outdone by the English and French, sought to gain Armenian support in destroying the Ottoman government. The Russians promised to create a "Greater Armenia" in eastern Anatolia. The Russian promise was substantially more lands between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean than the Armenian people had ever occupied at anytime in their history. In fact, there had never been a truly independent Armenia. There had never been a true "Greater Armenia». Perhaps three thousand years ago there was a tiny kingdom but it did not last long.

This "dream" of a "Greater Armenia" that the Russians created in the minds of a few Armenians in the mid - 1800s continues to this day. The Armenians took this Russian promise [that Russians had no intention of keeping] and expanded upon it. Today, Armenians claim all this land between the Black and Mediterranean seas as their "historic homeland». Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The English fanned the flame by calling the Asia Minor of the Bible Armenia. It was Prime Minister William E. Gladstone, in the early 1880s, who concocted the idea that it was in the British’s best interests to break up the Ottoman Empire. He wanted to create a number of small friendly states under England’s influence in place of the large Ottoman Empire. One such small state would be called Armenia. Gladstone asked the British press to refer to eastern Anatolia as "Armenia». British consulates were opened throughout the region, and their purpose was to make contact with the local Christian population. An Anglo - Armenian Friendship Committee was organized in London with the express purpose of influencing public opinion. Many more Christian missionaries were sent into what England had started calling "Armenia».

In 1877 and 1878 there was another war between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. As the war neared its end, the Christian Armenian patriarch of Istanbul, Nerses Varjabedyan, asked the Russian czar to retain the lands his troops occupied in east Anatolia. Once the war ended the patriarch asked Grand Duke Nicholas, the Russian military commander, to annex all eastern Anatolia into Russia and to help establish an autonomous Armenian state, much like what was being established for Bulgaria. Of course this didn’t happen as it was not in the Russians` best interest. In Bulgaria, there was a majority Christian population. In Ottoman Anatolia, Armenians amounted to less than a quarter of the population.

The British feared such Russian influence with the Armenians. They concluded that Russia would be a greater threat than the Ottomans. They realized a Russian - dominated "Greater Armenia" would open up the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean where the British possessions in India could be threatened.

Greater Armenia did not come into being as the Armenians wanted. However, the Armenian officers in the Russian army continued working to stir discontent among the Ottoman Armenians by suggesting they work by themselves to secure the same sort of independence as that secured by the Christians in the Balkans.

It must be noted that in the 1800s, Armenians were scattered within and beyond a region that today marks Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and eastern Turkey. Everywhere, except in a few small pockets, Armenians were a small minority population. As the Russians acquired lands south of the Caucasus Mountains, they removed the Muslim populations that came under their control. The Muslims were replaced with Christians whom the Russians thought would be loyal to the Russian Christian government. Christian Armenians were the focal point of this policy and were given lands the Russians obtained without paying any compensation. Armenians were moved in once the Russians had removed the Muslim owners.

A large number of Armenians resented being under Muslim rule and they were drawn to the Russians by the offer of free land and becoming a part of a Christian state. In the Erivan Province, which is the heart of modern - day Armenia, the majority of the population were Muslim before they were removed. The Russians replaced them with Armenians. This is how Armenia acquired what it today calls its "historic homeland," not as direct descendants from the biblical Noah, as many Armenians claim, but by Russians between the years 1827 and 1878.

In each of these Ottoman wars the Armenians helped the Russians. This was the beginning of the ethnic hatred between Christian Armenians and Muslim Ottomans. This conflict was caused by the Russians and their success in pushing the hot button of human greed by giving Armenians free Muslim lands. During the Russian - forced Muslim removal, it was not uncommon for up to one - third of the Muslims who were forced off their property to die. Today, the Armenians never admit they obtained their free land on the account of widespread deaths of Muslims.

The Russians forcibly removed some 1.3 million Muslims between 1827 and 1878. Russia started wars with the Ottomans in 1828, 1854, and 1877. Each time the Russians would advance, then be forced to retreat. When the Russians retreated, the Armenians, fearing Muslim retaliation for the violence they had done to the non - Christians, would flee with the Russians. Hatred grew on both sides.

In the 1890s there were Armenian rebellions in eastern Anatolia. The end result was many Muslims and Christians were killed. The same thing happened again during the Russian Revolution in 1905 in Azerbaijan.

A civil war broke out again between Christians and Muslims when World War I began. Armenian revolutionaries, many trained in Russia, attempted to take major Ottoman cities in eastern Anatolia. They did manage to capture the unarmed city of Van and hold it until the Russians arrived. The Armenians killed all but a few Muslim civilians in the city and nearby villages. Such killings by both sides went on until 1920, two years after the war officially ended. Many of the Muslim Ottoman Turks and Armenian Christians died from starvation and disease.

There will be many examples of proof presented by European officials of "official" Armenian terrorism tactics used in eastern Anatolia. There are many western diplomatic and consular representatives (including American) who reported what was actually happening there. They concluded it was the Armenian revolutionary societies doing the revolting, slaughtering, and massacring of Muslims. These officials believed that one reason for all the Armenian massacres was to secure European intervention on their behalf. The Armenians always managed to send reports stating they were being killed when the truth was it was they who were massacring civilians.

For centuries Christians have been told stories about the terrible Turk and the evils of Islam. These tales date back to the Crusades when the "purity" of Christianity opposed the black Muslims. The horrible truth is men, acting in the name of Christ, were more brutal and committed more terrible acts during this time than did the Muslims. The Muslims were simply defending their lands, which were invaded by a horde of profit - seeking men in the name of Jesus.

States in the Balkans and Caucasus regions of the world are made up of fairly homogenous populations as a result of ethnic cleansing. These states were created out of what was once a part of the Ottoman Empire as a result of wars and revolutions. In simple terms, these new states were built on a foundation of Muslim suffering.

There is no historical mention in textbooks of this colossal Muslim loss. These textbooks tell the stories of massacres by Muslims of Christian Armenians, Christian Bulgarians, and Christian Greeks. But there are no written accounts in Western textbooks of Muslim losses and massacres committed by Christian peoples.

In the United States, the Christian Armenian - American people have mounted campaigns in recent years to get cities, states, and the national government to condemn Muslim Turkey

for committing what the Armenian claim is a genocide in 1915 of some 1.5 million of Christian Armenians. If such a story is made up by Armenian - American Christians to support Armenian agendas, other Christians must oppose them.

Christians must reach out to the Muslim world and stop giving American dollars to Armenia if the war on terrorism is to ever end.


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