649) XI: Armenia Refuses To Help Muslims In Its State And Continues To Spread Terror . . : Secrets Of "Christian" Terrorist State Armenia

Armenian Cruelty Armenia Refuses To Help Muslims In Its State And Continues To Spread Terror by Attacking Defenseless Muslim Villages . .

The largest and most populace of the Transcaucasian states, Azerbaijan was also the most diverse» (l) As always, Armenians coveted much of this neighbor’s lands.

"In 1919 Europeans and Americans knew little about Azerbaijan, and the occasional newspaper accounts were singularly negative and denigrating commonly identified as Tartars or Tatars, the Azerbaijanis were portrayed as backward Muslim fanatics bent on implementing the Turkish scheme to annihilate the Armenians» (P 173)

Needless to say the paid Armenian agents spread these rumors throughout the Christian world. In a footnote, Hovannissian records one instance of how the Armenian neighbors came together to attempt to counter Christian opinion. "In October 1919 the Georgian and Azerbaijani delegations retained the services of former New York Congressman Walter M. Chandler to rally American opinion to their cause and to counteract the bad impressions made by Armenian propaganda. Chandler offered to do whatever possible `to neutralize and paralyze the unfriendly work of the Armenians` and concurred in the need for an organization along the lines of the American Committee for the Independence of Armenia» (P 174).

Perhaps no country in the history of the world has done more to say and do whatever it took to obtain foreign help than has Armenia. How much money have the Armenian leaders spent to influence public opinion in Christian nations of the world just to obtain something for nothing?

"Many British officers of the Indian Army, on the other hand; had developed an affinity for Muslim peoples, evinced no particular sympathy for Asiatic Christians such as Georgians and Armenians, and distrusted the Russians» (P 176).

One such officer was Lieutenant Colonel Claude B. Stokes. Hovannissian writes, "Stokes, a former military attache at Tehran and an officer with years of service in Asia, remained in Baku after his demobilization in the autumn of 1919 and acted as an unofficial political observer until he was attached to the Wardrop mission in November. In him, the Azerbaijani government had a staunch ally. He believed that the Muslims were innately anti-Bolshevik and could be weaned away from dangerous Pan-Turkic and pan-Islamic ideologies through the formation of stable national states supported by Great Britain» (P 176).

Even if such a thing were true, the Armenian leaders would not consider it. The Armenians stated "that Armenian survival could be assured only by keeping Turks and Azerbaijanis apart» (P 168). In 1918, during World War I, perhaps as many as 350,000 Muslims in Armenia became destitute refugees, a third of whom also became "homeless living in misery along the Ottoman frontier» (P 178).
The Azerbaijani foreign ministry and press frequently protested the maltreatment of the Turkic population under Armenian domination. Aside from doing nothing to prevent atrocities committed by Western Armenian irregulars, the Yerevan government was charged with disregarding the Muslim destitute, who were denied shelter, medical attention, and employment. Of the nearly 15,000 needy in and around the capital city, fewer than 2,500 received even a daily bowl of soup, furthermore, Armenian welfare agencies knew full well that the disease-ridden Turkish Armenians settled in barracks in the Muslim quarter of Erevan would infect and thus decimate the native inhabitants (P 178).

And the Armenians made up the story that the Ottomans committed genocide:

...On August I, Khan Tekinskii, the Azerbaijani envoy in Erevan, claimed that 300 Muslim villages had been destroyed since the beginning of 1918, that the only nondiscrimination shown by Armenians was in their slaughter of men, women, and children alike, that Muslim suffering was so intense that thousands were trying to move to Azerbaijan, and that those who had taken arms against the Armenian bandits were simply exercising their right to defend lives, property, and homes. In Paris, too, the Azerbaijani delegation launched a propaganda campaign to change the image of the Armenians as a helpless, victimized people and to point out what could be expected in areas placed under their domination. On August 20 Topchibasheer warned the peace conference that the ethnic and territorial character of the Caucasus was being radically altered through a policy of terror and violence. Armenian aggression in the provinces of Yerevan and Kars... was aimed at eliminating the Muslim population and suppressing the principle of self-determination. It had just been learned, for example, that the men of six villages had been massacred and their womenfolk distributed to the `Armenian Warriors`. Azerbaijan could no longer tolerate such atrocities acquiesce in the loss of a pan of its land and people (P 180).

And the Armenians today speak of genocide. There was one and they committed it. Is it any wonder American officers at the time spoke of how terrible the Armenian troops were? Consider these facts, as recorded by Armenian Hovannissian:

When Muslim villagers attempted to defend their lands by attempting to seize the roads and bridges spanning theAraxes River. Armenian militiamen and irregulars exacted retribution from the most vulnerable Muslim settlements and sacked the large villages of Djanfida and Kiarim-Arkb. News of this operation elicited bitter recriminations from the small Social Revolutionary and Muslim factions in the Armenian Parliament. On August 24 Arsham Khondkarian used the tactic of parliamentary questions to ask if the interior ministry knew that a number of Tatar villages had been pillaged and depopulated, that Armenian civilians had participated in the action, and that such outrages created a most detrimental atmosphere. He received no satisfactory reply.

Khondkarian’s pointed questioning was frequently cited in Azerbaijani sources as proof of Armenian culpability. Incorporating this evidence in a formal protest on September 22, Foreign Minister Jafarov charged that the recent pogroms had devastated some fifty Muslim settlements. Public opinion in Azerbaijan was incensed, and the government, revolted by the atrocities, demanded strong measures to ensure the safety of Muslims (P 181).

There you have it: an Armenian scholar calling his country’s actions against Muslims "atrocities». The Armenians must, if they are true believers of Christ, right their own wrongs before calling on Turkey or anyone else to apologize. The Armenians must apologize for their terrible acts of 1918 and 1919 against Muslims. They must give back the lands of more than 1 million Muslims forced out of their homes and farms in 1992.

Is it any wonder the Muslim oil-producing countries of the world have raised prices to Americans on a regular basis over the past ten years when the U.S. government joins with "Christian" Russia to give billions of dollars in foreign aid to "Christian" Armenia to help them force 1 million Muslims out of their homes in Azerbaijan? America must stop giving money to Armenia because it has proven unworthy to receive it.

But there is more to prove the genocide mind-set of the dictator Armenian Christians toward Muslims. There were reports in October that in "the Kars region where there were about 25,000 Muslim refugees, mostly women and children who were in terrible shape. There were another 13,000 Muslim refugees in the Armenian capital and another 50,000 in outlying districts under the control of Armenian Christians. In an area south of the Armenian Christian capital there were another 70,000 to 80,000 Muslim refugees, all without provisions and the Armenian leaders refused to provide assistance to them in any meaningful manner» (P 182-183).

In today’s world the Armenian’s deny that they murdered or committed genocide against Turks. They whine and cry out to the Christian world for money. However, their own historian admits Armenians did commit murders. Examine what the Russians said who fought alongside of their Armenian allies. Their army officers witnessed what Armenians did and their reports fill the Russian archives in Moscow about what they witnessed. Only one of the hundreds of specific Armenian campaigns of genocide is told here.

History shows that the Armenians were Russian supporters and had been since the first part of the nineteenth century after the Russians forced out Muslims from Ottoman lands they captured. There is no doubt that in 1915 the Armenians gave total military support to the Russians.

Why not let the Russians have the final word as to if the Armenians themselves were mass murderers of women, children, and elderly? Did the Armenians commit terror? Three such Russian Army officer accounts of just one area follows from all the hundreds of accounts on file in the Moscow, Russia, achieves today: This Russian Army officer proves without doubt that Armenia committed the first genocide of the twentieth century.

Russian General L. Odishe Liyetze was commanding officer of an invading army into the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of World War I. The following is a brief excerpt found in the Russian archives of what he witnessed in just one section of his command: "On the nights of March 11-12 Armenian butchers bayoneted and axed to death Muslim people in areas surrounding Erzincan. These barbarians threw their victims into pits, mostly dug according to their sinister plans to extinguish Muslims, in groups of 80. My adjutant counted and unearthed 200 such pits».

Sixteen thousand Muslims were terrorized and murdered in this one area alone. The General goes on to say of his Armenian allies – "this is an act against world civilization».

Lieutenant Colonel Griyaznof filed an official report regarding the Armenian atrocities in his area of command:

Roads leading to villages were littered with bayoneted torsos, dismembered joints and carved out organs of Muslim peasants...alas. Mainly women and children. The doctors and the employees organized the killings, and the Armenian Army committed the act of killing. Large holes were dug and the defenseless people were slaughtered like animals next to the holes. Later, the murdered Muslims were thrown into the holes. The Armenian who stood near the hole would say when the hole was filled with the corpses: ‘seventy dead bodies, well, this hole can take ten more.` Then ten more Muslims would be cut to pieces, thrown into the hole, and when the hole was full it would be covered over with soil. The Armenian responsible for the act of murdering would frequently fill a house with eighty Muslims, and cut their heads off one by one. Following the Erzincan massacre, the Armenians began to withdraw towards Erzurum.... The Armenian renegades raided the Moslem villages on the road, and destroyed the entire population, together with the villages.

Lieutenant Colonel Tverdokhleboff was the provisional commander of the Fortress of Eryerum and Deveboynu. He also commanded the 2nd Garrison Artillery Regiment. He, too, left a record of the Armenian genocide of innocent Muslims in this region: "In these days the Armenians were perpetrating indescribable cruel murders among the poor Turkish inhabitants of the neighborhood of Erzindjan; the Turks were unarmed and without any means of self-defense. On hearing that the Turkish troops were approaching, the Armenians, committing fresh crimes, fled in the direction of Erzurum».

According to the reports of the commander-in-chief, confirmed by officers who were actually present at the scene of the crime, the Armenians slew more than eight hundred Turks in Erzindjan, and so avenged one of their miserable accomplices who had been killed by a Turk in justified self-defense. Furthermore, the Armenians massacred the unhappy Mohammedan population of Ilidja, in the neighborhood of Erzurum, without spearing the women and children.

The colonel reported many individual accounts of terror. Here is one example: "Karaguedoff, and Armenian cadet of the artillery regiment, was the instigator of the outrage. In the course of ruthless searchings in Turkish homes, which he had conducted in the company of Armenian soldiers accustomed to such methods, he had appropriated furniture and other domestic property. Karaguedoff was arrested, together with other Armenian soldiers. The incidents were reported that same evening to the Commander-in chief in the presence of Government Commissioner Zetaloff and his assistant. On the same day the Armenians murdered other Turks and set fire to the Turkish bazaar». The colonel goes on to report how top Armenian leaders secured the release of his prisoners and nothing was ever done to them.

The Russian troops were outraged by the behavior of their Armenian allies all across the Ottoman Empire. There are literally thousands of reports written by these Russians about the massacres of the Turkish Muslim wherever the Armenian troops moved. Did the Armenians with the clear knowledge and consent of their officers commit their genocide? Yes. Were these massacres committed on a wide-scale basis? Yes. How then can Armenians of today deny their forefathers committed such outrages with a straight face? How can Armenians of today demand that the Turkish government apologize for a massacre of Armenians in 1915 that never took place? How can the Armenians of today spend 50 million dollars to build a genocide museum and monument two blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C., to honor something that never took place?

Shortly after the British withdrew its troops, the Azerbaijan government "intensified its investigation of the massacre of Muslims in Baku during the `March Days` of 1918 and incarcerated scores of Armenians…» (P 1 85-186).

Armenians reacted by crying out that the arrests for the massacre of Muslims were a "deliberate attempt to prevent the healing of interracial relations...” (P 186).

Today, Christian Armenians demand that Turkey apologize for the supposed 1915 genocide. This was eight years before there was the nation of Turkey. When the shoe was on the other foot and Armenians were arrested for the cold-blooded murder of Muslims, they cried out such acts were "a deliberate attempt to prevent the healing of interracial relations».

American Army Colonel William N. Haskell: Allied High Commissioner for Armenia

Colonel William N. Haskell arrived in Armenia in August as the Allied High Commissioner for the country. On August 22 the presiding speaker of parliament, Hovsep Arghutian, officially welcomed Commissioner Haskell to Armenia, regretting that he had to see the country at a time when it was devastated and filled with widows, orphans, and homeless, starving people. Surely the Allies recognized their obligation to protect the Armenians, who had served them well for five full years against the enemy. Secure in their own military strength, however, the Allies had been in no hurry to settle accounts with the defeated foe, which, as a typical representative of oriental despotism, bowed only to the display of force. Emboldened by the laxity of the victors and the removal of even a few Allied troops in Armenia, the `dark elements` were trying to destroy the young republic. The moment had come for the Allies to demonstrate that Armenia was not alone and that its enemies would not go unpunished. There was a time in history when the Armenians, `as one of the earliest peoples in the ancient world`, had enriched the culture of the West. Now the young Armenia democracy looked to the West, particularly the great American democracy, for assistance, direction, and justice (P 196-197).

Examine for a moment, in reverse order, the presiding speaker of the Armenian Parliament’s statement:
"There was a time in history when the Armenians, "as one of the earliest peoples in the ancient world, had enriched the culture of the west». And just how many Americans can recall ever being taught there was even an Armenia in their ancient history studies much less they were "enriched" in any way by a single Armenian? What has ancient history got to do with Americans paying out their tax dollars to a bunch of deadbeat people who continue to want more and more for nothing?

1. "The moment had come for the Allies to demonstrate that Armenia was not alone and that its enemies would not go unpunished». Why would the United States, which was never at war with the Ottoman Empire, Georgia, or Azerbaijan, want to punish these people for Armenia? This demand for America to "demonstrate" raw power for the dictators in Armenia makes no sense.

2. "Emboldened by the laxity of the victors and the removal of even the few Allied troops in Armenia, the `dark elements` were trying to destroy the young republic». First of all, the Armenians didn’t in truth have a republic – they had a dictatorship exactly like the Soviet Union. Second, the Allied victors made their decisions based on what they considered right and just rather than what the gang of dictators wanted. Third, it was the allied nations decision to bring their troops home now that the war was over. They had no duty to provide military forces to back the Armenian leaders` actions of attacking neighbors (whether Christian or Muslim) in their quest for more free land. Fourth, the Allies had the absolute right to make the determination of fairness as to how treat the Ottomans. Fifth, "dark elements" were trying to destroy the young republic».

"Dark elements" – Armenia made a surprise, unprovoked, sneak attack on its neighbor Georgia.

"Dark elements" – Armenia made a surprise, unprovoked, sneak attack on its neighbor Azerbaijan.

"Dark elements" – Armenian leaders organized a rebellion within the Ottoman Empire where their people had lived in peace for more than five hundred years.

"Dark elements" – The Armenian leaders joined forces with Russia in an attempt to overthrow the Ottoman Empire by military force.

"Dark elements" – The Armenian church preaches rebellion, violence, terrorism, and the taking of other people’s lands.

The Armenian leaders cry out that "dark elements," were trying to destroy them. It was the Armenians who were the "dark elements».

This is a classic demonstration of someone doing evil deeds and accusing someone else of their sinful ways. The truth, based on the historical evidence, is that this bunch of bandit Armenians didn’t care if they were attacking Christian Georgia or Muslim Ottomans or Muslim Azerbaijan. These were terrorists who wanted land that belonged to someone else and they wanted America and the Allies to protect them while they stole, pillaged, and plundered their neighbors` lands.

When the new allied high commissioner for Armenia attempted to work out peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, he quickly learned about the greed of the corrupt dictators of little Armenia. When the Armenians demanded they be given the Araxes Valley, the commissioner learned the Muslims of the Araxes valley initially regarded any provisional arrangement as preferable to restoration of Armenian control. On September 9 the representatives of ‘southwestern Azerbaijan` informed Haskell that American supervision would be acceptable so long as the principle of self-determination was upheld and until the Paris Peace Conference confirmed the region’s indissoluble unity with Azerbaijan. The Muslims had no quarrels with the Armenian villagers, who could return in safety, but they would take up arms and die with honor rather than submit to extermination by Dashnakist bandits (P 203).

Time has proven these Muslims right. Armenia has exterminated Muslims any time they grabbed land from someone else. The Muslims were always forced out in order for the "Armenian bandits" to take their lands and property for free.

An American staff officer who subsequently tried to explain the functions of the governor-general to local Muslim leaders and secure their cooperation was told that Shaur-Darolagioz, Nakhichevan, and Vedihaser were inseparable pans of Azerbaijan and were entitled to self-rule under Azerbaijani law, they would accept an American representative but not a governor, and they would welcome American relief for refugees of all faiths. It had to be understood, however, that "if anyone against the wish of our people tries to give our country to Armenians, we shall consider him an enemy; we shall meet him with arms in hand and our adversaries can enter our houses only over our dead bodies” (P 204).

The United States has given Armenia more than 1.4 billion dollars to help them capture 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands and remove more than a million Muslims. At the same time Americans cut foreign aid to Azerbaijan because they attempted to defend the land and homes of their people. This is nothing more than taking sides with bandit Armenians.

"And there was Zangezur and Goghtan. Before the World War the population of Zangezur was about evenly divided `between Christians and Muslims» (P 207) Examine what the Armenians did to begin to rid this area of Muslims: "During the spring and summer migrations of Muslim herdsmen, the opposing partisan forces had many occasions to test their mettle. The nomads, joined by mounted squads from the Hakaru valley and led by Azerbaijani and Turkish officers, pressed up into a dozen glens but were repeatedly blocked by Armenian mountaineers» (P 209)

These Muslims herdsmen had taken their flocks up into the mountains each spring and summer for thousands of years. Now the Armenian professor calls them "nomads" and Armenian bandits attempted to end their very existence. Was this a Christian act of "love thy neighbor as thy self?"

As Azerbaijani regiments gathered along the frontiers of Zangezur, the Baku newspapers bemoaned the plight of Muslim refugees from that district. They estimated that since the outset of atrocities by Andronik `Pasha` and other Armenians more than a hundred settlements had been devastated and at least 40,000 people rendered homeless. Warning that herdsmen were in jeopardy and that nomads and flocks alike were being decimated by disease in the sweltering steppes, Khosrow Bed Sultanou begged his government to help him overcome "the Armenian bandits" blocking the routes to the summer grazing lands... (P 213).

The Azerbaijanis began to speak out about the Christian Armenian terrorist acts as well they should. "Baku newspapers were preparing the populace for a state of war by headlining accounts of Armenian cruelty and disparaging Erevan’s call for the mediation of differences» (P 213-214)

This was the Armenian way – wanting to talk now that they had, by force of arms, captured Azerbaijan land and were destroying its people: The Azerbaijan response was direct and to the point: "Inform the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia that the Uezd of Zangezur is in itself part of the territories of the Azerbaijan Republic and therefore the question of the Armenian Government, expressed in the note mentioned, is an inadmittable intervention into the inner life of the Azerbaijan Republic, the government of which does not consider itself obliged to give an answer to the Government of Armenia about necessary measures into the administration of the Republic» (P 215-216).

What kind of historian would use the term "bemoaned" to describe Azerbaijan newspapers reporting such horrible Armenian acts? What kind of historian would describe Azerbaijan newspaper reporting of such Armenian aggression as "preparing the populace for a state of war by headlining accounts of Armenian cruelty…»?

Khosrov Bek Sultanov, an Azerbaijani military leader, published a leaflet printed in Russian, Turkish, and Armenian, to the inhabitants of Zangezur. Denouncing the "dark forces" that had brought about the ruin of numerous villages and the dislocation of thousands of innocent people, Sultanou called upon the Zangezur Armenians to rid themselves of so-called patriots who were condemning the district to havoc and misery. The rumors that Azerbaijani jurisdiction would be accomplished by massacres and servitude had already proved baseless in Karabagh, where people now lived in tranquility and freedom from want. Like Karabagh, the Zangezur ulzd was dependent on the Evlakh road for food and supplies and could not maintain an isolated existence indefinitely. Sultanou warned the Armenians to turn away from the provocateurs, who in the end would abandon them and flee to Erevan. "I appeal to you, people of Zangezur, workers and peasants... demonstrate that you have no links with the anarchic and adventuristic elements. I guarantee your inviolability of person and property, and I have always honored my word. If you persist, however, in abetting the lawless elements, I have sufficient means to force you to recognize the authority of the Azerbaijani republic, but in that case the responsibility for the bloodshed will rest upon you» (P 215-216).

The Armenians were just slow learners. They did exactly the same thing after living in peace with the Ottomans for more than five hundred years. They did exactly the same thing after living in peace for centuries with the Georgians. Now, they were once again making the same mistake in judgment in spilling other people’s blood to satisfy their thirst for someone else’s land – this time in Azerbaijan.

And the war began: As some Armenian troops advanced "and reopened the pass to Goghtan; for Nzhdeb, it inspired a resolve to expel Muslim partisans and villagers from the deep Barkushat-Geghvadzor valleys which cut across the heart of Zangezur» (P 218-219)

This is exactly what the so-called Christian Armenians complained that the Muslims did to them in 1915 and they cried out "genocide" forty-three years after the fact. Here; so-called Christian Armenians were expelling Muslim Azerbaijanis from a war zone. But then, after all, the self-called "Christians" were justified in removing Azerbaijanis because they were mere Muslims and they don’t have to account for terror inflicted on Muslims. The simple question must be asked: Would Jesus Christ do what the Armenians did? Of course not.

On November 16 Oliver Wardrop reported to the British authorities that the Armenians "having apparently scored an early victory, were disposed to accept a truce before the contest turned against them. They were certainly not blameless, having provoked the Tartars with harsh treatment and agitated Azerbaijani public opinion by turning thousands of Muslims into refugees» (P 219).

"In Constantinople, Admiral Bristol had complained to Haskell that Rhea and other Americans in Tiflis could not distinguish between fact and propaganda, since they had swallowed the Armenian line about a Turkish-Azerbaijani master plan to unite the Karabagh-Zangezur-Nakhichevan land bridge» (P 227).

The hardships of the Muslims of Shabur Nakhichevan also aggravated the dissension among their leaders. Samed Bey Jamalinskii, the Azerbaijani officer appointed to organize a semi-autonomous administration, complained that Persian agents were trying to entice thousands of Muslim refugees across the Arafes River with offers of relief, assistance, and land. He called upon Uskbekov’s cabinet to send men and money to protect the district and aid the inhabitants, for if a large number departed, the Armenians would again occupy the Araxes valley and have easy access to Zangezur, thus imperiling all Azerbaijan. Jamalinskii accused Captain Halil Bey of plotting against Azerbaijan officials and aspiring to become a dictator (P 229-230)

For the Armenians the taste of military success, even on a small scale against mostly civilians, was exhilarating. "Praises sounded throughout the Armenian world for the valor of the small national army, which had given no heed to its own severe deprivations in defending the homeland. A committee representing civic, religious, cultural, and political societies was organized to honor the men under arms during a three-day period from December 19 to 21, designated as Army Days`"(P 231).

"Small success" is an understatement. "Defending the homeland" is a tall tale of the first order. How can an attack on a neighbor be called "defending the homeland"? To use three days to celebrate throughout Armenia was nothing more than a scheme to keep the public happy. As the Romans once said, "Give them bread and circus`«. Of course, Rome is no more.

Now that the Armenians had gabbled up some of its neighbors` land without paying a single dime for it, they wanted to talk peace while keeping the land. Consider this tall tale told by the dictator Armenians:

Political and geographic factors had condemned Armenia to inordinate suffering throughout history, but the Great Russian Revolution of 1917 presented the opportunity for people to determine their own destinies as cultural units. The Armenians, now demanding freedom and independence, realized that only through harmonious relations with their neighbors could this goal be attained. The liberty of one republic in Transcaucasia was impossible without the freedom of all, and it was in this spirit that the Armenian delegation approached the labors of the conference (P 23 2)

Is it really possible the Armenians could keep a straight face when they said such things?

Just think, this bunch thought "the Great Russian Revolution of 1917 presented the opportunities for peoples to determine their own destinies as cultural units. "They were still miscalculating at the dawn of the Soviet Empire. These Armenian leaders were consumed with how to grab land next door and how to ethnically cleanse the inhabitants of the captured lands.... Judging by their "evil" record on human rights, Armenia is probably the only state that may have actually "deserved" the "evil" Soviet Empire. They fit right in.

"Although the Armenian government was willing to give lip service to the idea of ultimate confederation, its true attitude was one of aloofness, since the Azerbaijani project would include the Muslim Mountaineer lands of Daghestan and the North Caucasus and especially since the Armenian state was expected to spread westward far beyond the historic and geographic bounds of Transcaucasia» (P 232)

Clearly, the Armenian Christians wanted no Muslims within Trans-Caucasus, period. They wanted to keep all these lands pure – just like Hitler wanted to keep his people pure. This is exactly the attitude of today’s Armenia as they constantly attempt to expand their borders, rid the new lands they steal by force of arms of Muslims, and then destroy the land so there is nothing left for the Muslims to return home to.

Proof of modern day Armenian cruelty and terrorism in Azerbaijan

"Christian" Armenians, with approval of their one and only state church, massacred unarmed Muslim women, elderly, and children in their selfish land grab of a neighbor’s lands:.


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