761) Russia does not let Armenia to negotiate with Turkey, maybe is the case with US and EU

Russia does not let Armenia to negotiate with Turkey. I am suspicious that so is the case with US and EU. Armenia is occupied by Russians and some how by US and EU.
They do not let Armenia being independent, because the genocide is a well manipulated card in their hands against Turkey and those countries, which interests may be harmed when Turkey is harmed.

Turkish and Armenian interest is to talk directly on all levels: political, academically, cultural, economical: to be independent so to speak. This time is the best opportunity for us both to support each others independencies and we are brainwashed to hate instead, even in contrary to our own national interests.

Hate is prevails our interests. Craziness which destroyed our homes in generations and we still are not mature enough to understand.

Any historian would tell: - you are lying
No, Turkey & their European friends nearly annihilated Armenia 100 years ago. And they're still trying!

Any historian would tell: - you are lying.
I tell: - you are a chekist - KGB - propagandist of massacres and wars, and you get salary for that for sure.

100 years ago Armenia was not annihilated. Quite the opposite: It was reimplementation again after 1000 years of annihilation.
Before that, all you call Armenia in your dreams and lunacy was known to the entire world as Ottoman Empire, Caliphate before that, but not Armenia.

More: Turkish and Armenian states were implemented almost att the same time.
More: Turkish state was one of those first states recognizing Armenia (in 1990 as well).
More: Turkish, Armenian, Bulgarian and some more states were the winners from the situation, since they went out from the empire as states, what can't tell poor Assyrians, Kurds, Jews and many more tribes living in the empire.
More: the ward Turk as the name of a representative of that nation appeared with the implementation of that state. Before that time Armenians were calling them "tachik", and I never heard one single grand mom of ours who was telling the horrors of massacres to make us sleep, to tell the word Turk, but "tachik" al the time.

Have we paid high prize for the victory?
Yes we did.
Could we avoid that?
I guess we could, but that is my guess. What I know for sure, that our bravest of braves, fedajis, mauzerists, tashnak-mashnak and the rest of the pack, escaped successfully, and those 2 millions of slaughtered were defend less villagers.
No single human being is worth to die, no matter the cause, when the dying was not planned by that particular being.
I can tell for sure: that would have been much better if all our bravest of braves, fedajis, mauzerists, tashnak-mashnak and the rest of the pack would die and 2 millions would have been preserved, that could have been the best outcome, since we could have been a great nation today, with thousands of heroes to remember.

Greeks - the Byzantines, for example - have not always treated Armenians very nicely. I'm especially thinking of how they, instead of helping the Armenians against the invading Seljuks, did everything to weaken them. This was probably to some extent the result of the division between the Armenian and Greek churches. But this is all history, and today Armenians and Greeks are allies. Not because of religion, but because of a common history & culture.

What was common? The weakening? In that case why Turkish and our history is not common, since there weren’t two other nations in the world, that weakened each other more then mentioned two. Jews and Palestinians may participate in a competition probably.

The Armenian language, an independent branch of the Indo-European family tree, is for example believed to be closest to the Greek and the Iranian languages within this family - a kind of intermediate language in between.

Hebrew and Palestinian languages are the same Arabic, Assyrian or Aramean if you wish, but that never was and is and probably going to be a hinder for slautering each other.
Bad example of brotherhood.

Iran was ruled by Arabs and Turks for hundreds of years.

Even when ruled by foreign tribes or clans (There were Armenians among them too sometimes and not only in Iran. Worth to remember the two brightest sons of ours, and the worst cannibals: Byzantine Basil and Sultan Abdul Hamid the second: both Armenians), Iran was an independent state.

-I repeat my question and want an honest answer..
Should Turkey accept the so-called genocide and apologizes... then what? is that all Armenia want?
Who is going to answer this question?
I don’t want no answer from no losers though.... only legitimate people, no losers...

-Good question.
Diaspora is none represented crowd. 8 million people some tell, 8 million opinions. There isn't a common view on the subject, except "We are the best, they are the bad, and all of them owe us money (!), for the blood of our ancestors, to have more to spend in bordellos and casinos.

There isn't Armenian legitimate state as well, which could represent the collective view of at least a fraction of the nation.

Now, there isn't one single institution, which is qualified to speak in the name of Armenians.

That is why I speak in my name only and make friendship.
Vahe Avetian

-I agree fully. as for reparations (in dollars) from Turkey: If the present regime gets it, it will benefit only the bloodsuckers and reinforce their position; as for reparations (in territory): the present regime will succeed only in depopulating it, as they have been depopulating the territory under their control. who speaks in the interests of the people? No one!
Ara Baliozian

-You are the only person who agrees with me fully on this subject Ara, so I consider you and me as a nation, institution, which may negotiate in the name of two Armenians at least. I vote for your presidency in the institution, knowing perfectly well, that you'll not take the charges. You wrote about it, I remember. I will not take them either.

It is great to be in an institution with people who reject being leader easily and provide the right to others, with much more pleasure.

My respect varpet.
Vahe Avetian

For those who think that this academy shall go to Ankara, seat with Turkish academicians and find out what has happened. The only thing these guys are capable of is counting cash. If this is the case in Turkey as well, things are much worse that we could imagine.
Vahe Avetian

Lragir.am 03 April 06
Academician Henry Nersisyan, the director of the Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Acedemy of Sciences, gave the first news conference in his life on April 3 to state that his 13 accusations against the president of the National Academy of Sciences Fadey Sargsyan are still there, and he continues the struggle for the sake of the academy: "We need fundamental changes. We cannot go on like this."

Henry Nersisyan had prepared for the news conference as a scientist would do. The speaker had 8 thick folders at hand, he distributed 30 pages of information and facts to news reporters, spoke for over an hour, and as a scientist, only in the end did he conclude that "the policy conducted by Fadey Sargsyan has led to a terrible situation." Henry Nersisyan divides his accusations into four groups. Each accusations is based on facts.

The worst violation of the bylaws of the National Academy. The election to the members of the Academy must be held every years, but the elections are not held regularly. There has been no election since 2000. A general meeting should be held twice or three times a year, but it is held only once a year. Fadey Sargsyan has set up a bureau, which makes decisions, and these are applied without being ratified by the presidency. Henry Nersisyan goes farther. According to him, on March 12, 2004 Fadey Sargsyan was not reelected, because no election was held on that day. "There were three questions on the agenda of the annual general meeting of the National Academy of Sciences on March 12, 2004: the report of the President of the NAS Fadey Sargsyan, the report of the Vice President Vladimir Barkhudaryan, and discussion of the report. Later the academicians were invited to another hall to vote. And they elected Fadey Sargsyan. The academicians were not aware of this."

Financial breaches are greater in number. Henry Nersisyan says about 40-50 million drams out of the sum provided for the honorariums of academicians is saved. "The government allocates for 137 people, about 90 receive it." Fadey Sargsyan declines to say what happens to this 50 million, although Henry Nersisyan has inquired for a number of times. Not having the consent and awareness of Henry Nersisyan, the presidency of the Academy of Sciences has leased the space, belonging to the library. It does not have such a right, for the library is a state non-profit organization. Moreover, Henry Nersisyan does not know where the rent for the space belonging to the organization he heads goes. He does not know because Fadey Sargsyan would not tell him.

There are also problems connected with government funding. The institutes with a staff of 130-135 people annually receive 40 million drams. And the presidency of the Academy of Sciences, which is a "managing body and does not do scientific research," annually gets 130 million drams and additionally 40-50 million drams. Fadey Sargsyan would not say where these additional millions go. He does not say either where the means of the fund of the president of the Academy of Sciences - 17.5 million drams - goes. It is obvious that these sums are not spent for the academy. Only 30 million is allocated for equipment and apparatus. Not a cent was added to these from the additional funds. What is more, the library headed by Henry Nersisyan will get less funding this year than last year. Instead, the sums that arrive under the name "special projects" go to Fadey Sargsyan's friends and relatives: Vice President of the NAS Yuri Shukuryan gets 18 million, the medical genetic center with only 16 workers, headed by Fadey Sargsyan's daughter Tamara, receives 35 million. All the construction in the academy over the past 10 years was carried out by the same company Akunkshin, no tenders were held. "Expensive and low-quality building is carried out. There is enough ground to suggest that money is laundered."

Vahe Avetian


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