884) Svartskalle is me! - Vahe Avetian

Svartskalle is my virtual name. It is the Swedish definition for the foreigner who lives in Sweden and often people who live abroad – none Swede. The direct translation is: black head. Some friends told that it is a common word among Swedes and that I am the typical, genuine Svartskalle according to the deepest Swedish understanding of the word.
In early years of my observations I was thinking that the brilliancy of some Svartskalles is not seen because of the luck of education and Svartskalle was blamed all the time because of the luck of knowledge.
Now I know that Svartskalle is oppressed not because of the luck but the opposite, very good knowledge and awareness of brilliancy.
So the real and genuine root of xenophobia is envy, because of Svartskalle’s brilliancy.
If I am not right – then why the films produced in Malmvägen never were shown to public by local TV. Instead all existing media was claiming that more protection is needed to defend poor citizens of Sollentuna from the violent Malmvägen. Why it was never taught that Malmvägen was “strangely” peaceful and none criminal, when 3K was active? We offer two options:
No one could tell that the films were bad since they participated in international festivals and won prizes and honor for Sweden.
Showing the films would deliver opposite signal to the “official” propaganda. It would tell that there is positive and successful life in Malmvägen, which in tern would raise a question: why the political leadership of this community demolished the activities of 3K, a union of professionals living in Malmvägen.
Why piano in library was closed on keys and everybody attached disappeared suddenly in the country of communications, when we had concert organized? We were forced to send back people who visited and return the income, which was collected for women having hard times in Sollentuna.
Because people could see that the best piano player in Sollentuna and may be in Sweden as well, lived in Malmvägen and since Maestro was a professor of conservatory, could give lessons to the music teachers of the community. People could see also that Malmvägen is not a place where women are bitten but a place where people care for them.
Those above are some examples – much more can be provided.
Why professionals living in Malmvägen are unemployed? Because of poor knowledge? No way – just the opposite – because of brilliancy - an eternal food for envy, because in a very short time some well informed people showed results which the leadership never could achieve during long period, wasting huge amounts from the taxes paid by citizens.
I may be wrong for sure and I have no illusions about my being the highest instance of truth – if I am not right and the root of anticipation is not envy – then it shall be somewhere else.
A good tool for observation of possible anticipation fields are newspapers, especially Metro, my beloved, free of charge door to Swedish wisdom, my teacher of Swedish and true friend.
When I remember an article telling that someone was called “Niger monkey” – I do a conclusion: one possible field of anticipation is heritage. There are Swedes who think that their heritage is better than one who has different from Swedish roots - since Niger monkey and I are all together Svartskalles – then I think that I am considered as a monkey too. When it comes to anticipation with Svartskalle – there is always unspoken claim on superiority of “Swedish” heritage. We write and keep in mind for later analyze.
1. Heritage
When we see the pride festival from one side and oppressing the right on bearing “paranja” from the other – without double talk we just right:
2. Religion
When Birgitta Schwinn is telling that Swedish culture shall be a priority in youth centers and neglect because of that the right of professionals on job we understand:
3. Culture
When we witnessed recently the TV program with hidden camera, where responsible people of country were telling that Svartskalle is dumb and criminal, we understand that intelligence and moral can be fields of anticipation as well. We write:
4. Education
5. Moral
By the way: I feel obliged to tell that I consider using hidden cameras as immoral, no matter where – in TV program or everywhere in Malmvägen. I think in both cases it is humiliation of human integrity and dignity.
When asked - why you never engage svartskalles in debats about svartskalles - answer often is the same - Svartskalle’s attitude is negative. We write:
6. Attitude
I chose 6 possible fields for anticipation to speak about; some more may appear in the future. I want to present an individual view on matters and will try to expose relation of everything mentioned above to one particular human being – Svartskalle.
I, Vahe, a particular, one, single human being, Svartskalle was born by coincidence 400 Swedish miles away. In a town called Yerevan, in a country called Armenia.
If there is a person in neighborhood for whom this undeniable fact is an enough reason for not liking me – we need to report immediately to social services of our community and claim to support as soon as possible the moved in head person. I have all respect towards fellow Swedes and never think that there are such cases around.
You may read about me in www.svartskalle.com. I fill an ethical claim to present myself to those who want to check my background and competence concerning matters I want to touch.
Let’s mention them one more time and have them collected together for farther convenience and speak about them one by one:

Vahe Avetian


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