885) About national Ideology

National Ideology was a ghost going through entire history of our kind – Armenians.

Do we have one? No. I don’t know any. If someone knows I’d like to ask for a link or the file. Do we need one?

How the union of some 10 000 000 people is possible? How to gain it? Around what an agreement is possible? How in general people are coming to an agreement?

It is worth to pay attention to communication and negotiation technique taught in business schools. People tell about there needs which they call interests in business language and than discuss how much those interests are similar and how much they are able to compromise in their needs to not harm to much the interests of the potential partner and so on until full and beneficial for parts, partners (coo citizens) – agreement is gained. This is the only possible way to gain agreement I guess.

If one day we are going to bring forward principals to formulate an agreement I would suggest to consider 4 of them, which in my personal case can’t be avoided. If those principals are not acceptable – I am out.

Armenian is the owner, master, the ruler of Armenia which means also I am personally the undouptful owner, master, the ruler of Armenia with respect of each others equal ownership. No authority is higher than the citizen.

Independence of Armenia is a most and none negotiable which means also that the independent Armenia may freely join any form of union with other, equal in rights nations if suitable and to leave as well. Independence of Armenia is the only tool for the independence of an Armenian. The independence of the citizen is not negotiable. The meaning of the state is to guarantee that independence.

Armenian (read citizen) is free which means I am free. And if there is still one Armenian with oppressed freedom I do not see the guaranty of my own freedoms.

If those freedoms are not yet guaranteed to the citizen by the state – the citizen has the right to recognize the government as self declared illegal formation, which means I have the right to recognize Armenian Government as self declared illegal formation.

Armenian state is obliged to gain justice for the sufferings of Armenians. The owner of the cause is the citizen, which means also that I am personally the owner of the cause and no authority have the right to administrate it without my personal participation or permission through honest voting.

Armenian state is the tool of the citizen to gain justice.

There is no agreement for me if these principals are not accepted undouptfully.

A citizen has the right to bring his or hers rights to existence by any means possible with no obligation to recognize any authority or court.

An agreement based on these 4 principals could become national ideology perhaps.

After internationally observed and condemned corruption, ballot rigging scandals in parliament and presidential elections in 2002-2003, when illegal takeover of the power took place in Armenia , the prime minister of that country was accepted in Sweden with all royalties, as a best friend of Göran, had great time, meetings with the best of best of the Swedish society, was honored by the archbishop in Uppsala’s "Domkyrka" and was allowed to sign in the book of honorary guests.

More then million Armenians went to exile during the friendship session with this guy, during some last years.
One of those Armenians is me, the svartskalle living in Sollentuna, and there are many around who are not happy with the fact.

And believe me my dearest fellow Swedes, brothers and sisters,
I am equally unhappy with that fact, and share all problems and consequences not less than any other Swede.

The fact is that no one from us have chosen:

Bo, Lasse, Gunila, Ann Karin, and all other dearest ones never chose that Vahe will live near by, neither Vahe chose so:

The prime minister of Armenia and Göran did!

And they are mutually respected and accepted, and loved and paid for their services.

From the first day I am hear, I am trying to get back by all possible means, and now we came to a point, when Armenian Junta is charging me in several “crimes” (writing books) and a police officer was telling to me cynically that I shall not complain, since I am a citizen of Sweden and can stay here for the rest of my life in peace and forget Armenia.

Now international community is very much concerned and producing series of articles about absolute absence of none corrupt people in the country, to build up democracy.
Million Armenians who went to exile, 80 % of them are academicians, 80% of them are men about 40 years old, all those were and still are the people who shall build up democracy, but they are condemned to degradation in almost all countries of democracy, and criminal prime minister is the royally honored friend of Göran.

Two days ago:
French speaker of the parliament honored Armenian speaker of the respective something, which criminals call parliament, with an high ordain of the French statehood..
No one knows for what services exactly a thieve got high appreciation form the French statehood, which also means somehow of EU.
I have common grounds on cooperation even with the most arrogant fellow Swedes, who may be not are interested in Armenian affairs and for that matter in any other affair except Swedish.
In that case, I would mention to pay attention to the friendship with criminals world wide.
What kind of interest is bringing those guys together with your own leadership?

I brought to your attention two facts, in hope, that you citizens of Sweden, will pay attention to phenomenon like this, when you think about svartskalles, immigration and the rest of troubling questions.

They are troubling every body equally. Try to understand this.

Thank you.

Vahe Avetian


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