24 September 2006

1038) Armenian Question From Terror To Policy : E-Book

AUTHOR: Lieutenant General Zafer ÖZKAN
MARCH 2001

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This study, which was prepared when so-called Armenian Genocide allegations were taken into the agendas of various countries' parliaments and international official organizations, is a research product as a response to the Armenian allegations.

In the research, they call attention to the following points: “The Emigration Law" legalized on May 27th, 1915 was not related with the Armenians, related with the rebellions against the Ottoman Empire and even the word "emigration" can not be came across in the laws, written regulations and the orders about the Armenians. A response was also tried to be given to the "Armenian Genocide" allegations with the documents by this work.

Genocide is a planned destroying movement carried out by an armed society against an unarmed and defenseless society without any discrimination. It is confirmed by in addition to General Staff MHSR chairmanship and State Archive documents written by the local and foreign objective authors that Armenians made an armed rebellion before the migration event, made a collaboration with the countries that Ottoman Empire was at war, migration process was applied on just the rebellious Gregorian Armenians not on the Catholic and Protestant Armenians.

And the possible precautions for that era were taken during the migration process.

While I was working on this book, I utilized from my doctorate thesis "ARMENIAN MIGRATION" that I prepared during my postgraduate education in Ankara University in the Turkish Revolution History Institute on Turkish Revolution History.

In the historical progress of "ARMENIAN MIGRATION". Armenian's terrorism and policy affairs and their reflections to today are stated in this work; I would like to thank our citizens who sent letters, e-mails and faxes stating the Turkey's sensitivity against "Armenian Allegations" that are tried to be taken into the agenda of various European countries' and USA parliaments on different dates and the other countries' members who don't change the historical facts because of their vote anxiety.




FOREWORD ............................I
CONTENTS ..........................III
ABBREVIATIONS .....................….............VI
INTRODUCTION .....................VII




A. The Role Of Russia .........................17
B. The Role Of England ........................35
C. The Role Of France .........................45
D. TheThe Roles Of Armenian Church And Missioners .55





A. Armenian Policy .................93
B. Armenian Actions ...............117


A. Emigration Law ....................................137
B. The Taken Precautions During The
Emigration .............................151



A. The Common Characteristics Or The Armenian Terrorist Organizations ...179
B. The Applied Armenian Policy While The Terrorist Organizations Are Active.....185
C. Armenian Terrorist Incidents .... 193
D. The Political Decisions Taken In The Armenian Congresses ....209


A. Armenian's So-Called Genocide Allegations That They Expressed In The Various Countries' Parliaments And Official Organizations. .217

B. The Causes Of Their Genocide Allegations And The Necessary Precautions....227

CONCLUSION .........251


MHSR Military History and Strategic Researches
MHDJ Military History Documents Journal
AU Ankara University
See See
V Volume
Trns. Translator
F File
LHGFJ Language and History Geography Faculty Journal
I. Index
SCGA Southern Cyprus Greek Administration
Gen.St.Ch. General Staff Chairmanship
Fl. Folder
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The Armenians, who achieved the reliance of Ottomans with the "Faithful Nation" title, regarded the Turks as an enemy and began their hostile actions after the Ayastefanos and Berlin treaties that were signed at the end of the 1877-1878 Ottoman- Russian War.

At the beginning, the Armenian case was seen as an "Eastern Oriental Question", then as an "Armenian Question" and finally it is seen as a " Genocide" nowadays. The Turkish-Armenian relationships were studied in three chapters in this assignment. In the first chapter, the internal and external factors that activate the Armenian movements, in the second chapter the study of the genocide allegations in the concept of “Emigration Law”, and in the third chapter Armenian policy through past to present and some advises about the reflection of Armenian genocide allegations to present time.

According to the outcomes of the research, in the first and second chapter, the factual aims of the wealthy countries that abused the Armenians easily till the second half of the 19th century were for their own benefits in Mediterranean more than for Armenians and their benefits. These countries have established the Armenian committees, trained, armed, and made them conscious. They made them dressed French and Russian uniforms to kill the Turks but according to their benefits sometimes they said ”We don’t have a problem like that” to do the Armenians perfunctorily..

That the behaviors of Russia, England, and France as if they were preserving the Armenians were completely for show only was exposed when their policies and historical documents were studied.

Dashnak and Hunchak committees who were supported by the other countries, Russia at first, in the subjects of weapon, equipment, finance and training became a savage militant and attempted an armed fight. They caused the death of thousands of innocent and faultless Turks to establish a so-called independent Armenia. Armenians didn’t hesitate to kill the opposing people even of the same kind with them during these massacres.

The Armenian rebellions, which began in 1895, became more brutal day by day. The reason of the deaths of Turks by the Armenian rebellions between 1895-1918 was the effort to obtain the majority of population in the areas claimed as Armenian land. While they were carrying on the massacres, on the other side they didn’t neglect saying “The Turks are killing the Armenians”. The real aim of them was obtaining the support of Russia, England, and France by playing the role of innocent lamb hide.

In addition to the rebellions and massacres, because the collaboration of Armenia-Russia has risen to a level to effect the conclusion of the Ottoman-Russia War, the most humanist behavior to prevent the loss of Ottoman Army was to send the Armenians out of the military zones, briefly apply the EMIGRATION.

The event that Armenians call as “genocide” and try to show the Turks as responsible for the death of these Armenians. Certainly, there were some deaths. However; all of these deaths arose from starvation, epidemic and bandit attacks. The documents clarified that Ottoman Government had never subjected a genocide on Armenians, on the contrary, had preserved the rights and benefits of especially Armenians.

In the third chapter, how and why the Armenian genocide allegations were taken into agenda of foreign countries’ parliaments and international official organizations is studied.

This work is prepared by the help of by which internal and external factors the Armenian community that the Ottomans rely on most rebelled against Turks as an enemy, emigration and the precautions that were taken during the emigration, local and foreign objective writers’ works and General Staff MHSR archives and State Archives Chairmanship documents.

In the preparation of this work, in addition to the works and documents over 200, especially the work named “The Missions And The Revolutionary Movements Of The Armenian Committees” printed in the State Press in 1916 and the work printed in the same Printing Office “The Military Statistics in Van-Bitlis” by General Majewski were the source works.

The work written by Justin Mc. Carthy named ”Moslems and Minorities” shows the real numbers which give response to the Armenian’s “majority of population” allegations.

The second section of “Yetmişlik Bir Subayın Hatıratı (70 years-old officer’s memoirs)” written by Rahmi APAK explains the Armenian-Russian relationships and Armenian sufferings. And also “Harp Hatıralarım (My War Memories)”written by Ali İhsan SABİS is one of the works of the same kind, which were benefited from. An another interesting memoirs about this topic is “Hilal altında Dört Yıl (Four Years under the Crescent)”by Rafael de Nogalis. In this work, the author also gave place to the Armenian massacres with his Christianity spirit.

The work “Çarlık Rusyasının Türkiye'deki Oyunları (The tricks of Russian Czardom in Turkey)” by Edgar GRANVILLE is a worthy work that exposes the collaboration of Armenian-Russian and the real aims of Russians.

An another worthy response to the Armenian Genocide allegations is the article in the 141-144 and 161-164 issues of the “Belleten” journal named “Yeni Belgelerin Işığında Ermeni Meselesi ( Armenian Emigration under the light of new documents)” and “Tehcir ve Kırımlar konusundaki Ermeni Propagandası (Armenian Propaganda About The Emigration And Massacres)”.

The work named “Adana'da Ermenilerin Yaptığı Katliamlar ve Fransız-Ermeni İlişkileri (The massacres of Armenians in Adana and French-Armenian relationships)” by Yusuf Ziya BİLDİRİCİ shows how the Armenian-French collaboration transformed to the oppression against the Turks.

It attracts attention that the “Ermeni Dosyası (Armenian Folder)” by Kamuran GURUN written for denying the Armenian allegations was written by making use of British, French, and General Staff MHSR archive documents.

The studies, “Ermeni Mezalimi (Armenian Oppression)” by Mehmet HOCAOĞLU, Esat URAS’s “Ermeni ve Ermeni Meselesi (Armenian and Armenian Question)”, Hulki SARAL’s “Ermeni Meselesi (Armenian Question)” and General Staff MHSR Chairmanship publication “Belgelerle Ermeni Sorunu (Armenian question with the documents)” are the other worthy studies among the books about the Armenian question.

The book named “Ermenilerce Talat Paşa'ya Atfedilen Telgrafların Gerçek Yüzü (The other face of the telegrams that were attributed to Talat Pasha by the Armenians” written by Şinasi OREL and Süreyya YÜCEL who denied the fake Armenian documents and the 81st and 84th issues of General Staff MHSR Chairmanship Military History Documents Journal are the most important documents that researchers can apply.

The other works that were stated in the references research the Armenian question completely or partially. In this work named “Armenian Question from Terrorism and Policy in the Historical Progress” the factors that effect the Emigration and “Emigration Law” are studied together, and it is also proven that the Turks haven’t applied genocide at any time in the past.

Author’s note: Some sights and expressions are repeated in different sections of the book to enable the readers to make use of every section separately and to obtain the meaning integrity of the book.
As the different sources were used, some changes that can’t effect the geniunity of the meaning.

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