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"Hello Dear Friends,

I write this letter to inform you, that I am in Glendale, Los Angeles, USA, where I came to visit some friends, artists, to look around, to hold literary meetings if possible.

As soon I came, I was invited to a literary meeting dedicated to Vahe Oshakan, in the municipal library. As soon I came in and sat down a gentleman whom I don't know told from the scene: - "Hamazgayin" was always supportive to writers, to preserve of literature and the language.

- You are lying: I told from my place, and may be it was wrong.
- Thank you: the answer was.
- You are welcome: was my answer.

After the gentleman a lady whom I also don't know spoke longer, more interesting and less ambitions so it was fun and I head the time to realize that situation was embarrassed and some explanations shall be given. As soon the lady finished het speech, I went up to the scene, came to the microphone on a something big, with golden "HAMAZGAYIN" letters on:

- My name is Vahe Avetian. I am an Armenian writer, author of 6 books on three languages and I am accused in crime in the motherland where I do not live 15 years already, because of books of mine.

- No one wants to hear you! Shut up:

some one shouted from the hall and a couple of dozen people started to shout and scream and they attacked me.
I really became scared, couldn't see properly because of the strong lights directed towards me. Some one was shouting:

- Record, record, and don’t stop the cameras.

I thought they'll attack me and I dropped the first microphone on the flour. I turned around to go away and that big something with the second microphone was on my way. Couple of dozen fat asses was breathing behind me already. I pushed the thing and it felled down. I went farther, not successful enough.

Hostile tribe of mine surrounded me and started to push, to scrim on my face all kind of dirt. Couple of dozen hating people. They were like crazy. I as not allowed to go away from the hall.

- Keep your hands away:
I shouted on some one who was trying to hold my hands and keep me
- Call police:
some one shouted.
- Already done: an other told.

The police came. A lady and a gentleman from our tribe told them that I hit them. I didn't. I was not asked something properly. I was arrested, was brought to the Glendale jail by an Armenian police officer, who put 20 000 $ bail on me, in difference to the previous amount, 5000$, which was told by the other colleges of our compatriot, to my friends Sev, Armen, Anush, Narine and Gayane, who were with.

My friends couldn't invest the needed amount to bond me out, until they didn't found David, who paid the bail and I was freed from the prison on Monday. The arrest was on Friday evening.

I probably will write stories about the jail in Glendale in some future: I have lot of material collected, but let us go back to our tribe and my self. The police officer has dashnak orientation: I've heard from concerned citizens, living here.

I spoke about the matter to a guy; the name was Bill Hamparian or may be some thing else, am not sure. He is participating in congress elections and nominated from the democrats or greens. He is also an attorney and public servant since 1990 as he told me.

- Be careful with Glendale police and dashnaks: was his resume.
- They are connected to the mafia.

I meet dozens in the streets of the Glendale each day and can't find out if those guys are commissars because of there convictions or they get salary from the motherland. Both cases are bizarre.

Summary of the message:
Every thing in Armenia is good, every thing in USA is bad and I shall keep my mouth shut, other wise it will be not OK and it is easy to kill a person in LA too.

I am amused. The situation is so wearied, that I am not even scared. I just look around and wait.
The first hearing in the court is on 25th of October and will see what is happening.
Until then: I need your support, brothers and sisters. That is what my lower Angela Barsegian is telling: I am in a need of support network of friends.

Please be with.

Vahe Avetian

P.S. My English is not of the best quality, but the network of my friends is international, so I am going to keep the communication in English, but all languages will be welcomed and translated.


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