1273) This Month in History: Armenian Terrorism in December

 © Armenian Terrorism December 6, 1978 Geneva

A bomb explodes in front of the Turkish Consulate General. Extensive damage. The "New Armenian Resistance Group" terrorist organization claims responsibility. . . .

December 17, 1978 Geneva

A bomb explodes at the THY Bureau. Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims

December 9, 1979 Rome, Italy

Two bombs explode in downtown Rome, damaging the offices of PAN AM, British Airways and the Philippine Airways. Nine people are injured in the terrorist attack. A "New Armenian
Resistance Movement" Armenian terrorist organization claims responsibility.

December 17, 1979 London, United Kingdom

Extensive damage is caused when a bomb explodes in front of the THY offices. A "Front for the Liberation of Armenia" Armenian terrorist organization claims responsibility.

December 22, 1979 Paris, France

Yzlmaz Çolpan, the Tourism Attache at the Turkish Embassy is assassinated while walking on the Champs Elysées. Several Armenian terrorist groups, including ASALA, JCAG and the "Commandos of Armenian Militants Against Genocide" claim responsibility.

December 22, 1979 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Heavy damage results from a bomb explosion in front of the THY offices. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims credit.

December 23, 1979 Rome, Italy

A bomb explodes in front of a World Council of Churches Refugee Center, being used as a transit point for Armenian refugees from Lebanon. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims credit for the attack and warns the Italian authorities to halt "the Armenian diaspora."

December 23, 1979 Rome, Italy

Three bomb explosions occur in front of the offices of Air France and TWA, injuring a dozen passers-by. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims responsibility, stating that the bomb was placed "in reprisal against the repressive measures of French authorities against
Armenians in France" (i.e., questioning suspects, carry out
investigations, etc.)

December 5, 1980 Marseilles, France

A police expert defuses a time bomb left at the Swiss Consulate in Marseilles. The Armenian terrorist organization "October 3" claims responsibility.

* December 15, 1980 London, United Kingdom

Two bombs placed in front of the French Tourism Office in London are defused by a Scotland Yard bomb squad. The Armenian terrorist organization "October 3" claims the bombs are a warning to the French for assistance
they have rendered the Swiss in fighting Armenian terrorism.

December 17, 1980 Sydney

Two terrorists assassinate Sarik Ariyak, the Turkish Consul General, and his bodyguard, Engin Sever. The Armenian terrorist organizationJCAG claims responsibility.

* December 25, 1980 Zurich

A bomb explosion destroys a radar monitor at Kloten Airport, and a second explosive planted on the main runway of the airport is defused. The Armenian terrorist organization "October 3" claims credit for these attempted

* December 29, 1980 Madrid, Spain

A Spanish reporter is seriously injured in a telephone booth while calling in a story to his paper about the bomb attack on the Swissair offices. The Armenian terrorist organization "October 3" claims responsibility.

* December 30, 1980 Beirut, Lebanon

Bomb attack on the Credit-Suisse offices. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA and Armenian "October 3" fight over who gets the credit.

* December 8, 1982 Athens, Greece

Two Armenians on a motorbike throw a bomb at the offices of the Saudi Arabian Airlines. The bomb hits a power pylon, explodes and kills one of the terrorists. His accomplice, an Armenian from Iran named Vahe Kontaverdian is arrested. It is
later revealed that Armenian terrorist organization ASALA ordered the attack because Saudi Arabia maintains friendly relations with Turkey.

* December 1984 Brussels, Belgium

Authorities are able to thwart a bombing attempt at the residence of Selçuk Incesu, Turkish Consul General.

* December 29, 1984 Beirut, Lebanon

Two French buildings in East Beirut are bombed. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims credit.

* December 29, 1984 Paris, France

Following an ASALA threat to blow up an Air France plane, police increase security at the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

* December 1985 Paris, France

Forty-one shoppers in two of Paris' leading department stores (Gallerie Lafayette and Printemps) are injured (twelve seriously) when nearly simultaneous bomb explosions rip
through the stores. In the ensuing panic, some 10,000 Christmas shoppers flee into the street. The Armenian Reporter, published in New York, reports in its December 12th issue that French law enforcement authorities are concentrating on ASALA as the most likely perpetrator. The Armenian terrorist organization ASALA later takes credit for the two bombings.

10 December 2006
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Journal of Turkish Weekly

Armenian Terrorism in 1983
Monday , 27 November 2006

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January 21, 1983 Anaheim, California Nine "sophisticated" pipe bombs are confiscated from an Armenian bakery after one of the detonators goes off and causes fire.

January 22, 1983 Paris Two terrorists attack the offices of THY with hand grenades. No one is injured. ASALA claims credit.

January 22, 1983 Paris French police defuse a powerful explosive device near the THY counter at Orly airport. February 2, 1983 Brussels The offices of THY are bombed. The "New Armenian Resistance Organization" claims responsibility.

February 28, 1983 Luxembourg A bomb placed in front of Turkey's diplomatic mission is defused. The Armenian Reporter in New York reports that the "New Armenian Resistance Organization" is responsible.

February 28, 1983 Paris A bomb explodes at the Marmara Travel Agency. Killed in the explosion is Renée Morin, a French secretary. Four other Frenchmen are wounded. A few minutes after the attack, ASALA claims responsibility.

March 9, 1983 Belgrade Galip Balkar, the Turkish Ambassador to Yugoslavia is assassinated in central Belgrade. His chauffeur, Necati Kayar is shot in the stomach. As the two assailants flee from the scene, they are bravely pursued by Yugoslav citizens. One of the terrorists shoots and wounds a Yugoslav Colonel, and is in turn apprehended by a policeman. The second terrorist opens fire on civilians who are chasing him, killing a young student and wounding a young girl. The two terrorists, Kirkor Levonian and Raffi Elbekian, are tried and sentenced.

March 31, 1983 Frankfurt An anonymous caller threatened to bomb the offices and kill the staff of Tercüman newspaper, a Turkish daily.

May 24, 1983 Brussels Bombs explode in front of the Turkish Embassy's Culture and Information offices and in front of a Turkish-owned travel agency. The Italian director of the travel agency is wounded. ASALA claims credit.

June 16, 1983 Istanbul Armenian terrorists carry out an attack with hand grenades and automatic weapons inside the covered bazaar in Istanbul. Two dead, twenty-one wounded. ASALA claims responsibility.

July 8, 1983 Paris Armenian terrorists attack the offices of the British Council, protesting against the trials of Armenians in London.

July 14, 1983 Brussels Armenian terrorists murder Dursun Aksoy, the Administrative Attache at the Turkish Embassy. ASALA, ARA and JCAG claim responsibility.

July 15, 1983 Paris A bomb explodes in front of the THY counter at Orly airport. Eight dead, more than sixty injured. A 29 years old Syrian-Armenian named Varadjian Garbidjian confesses to having planted the bomb. He admits that the bomb was intended to have exploded once the plane was airborne.

July 15, 1983 London A bomb, similar to the one that exploded at Orly, is defused in time. ASALA claims responsibility for both attacks.

July 18, 1983 Lyon A bomb threat is made by ASALA against the Lyon railroad station.

July 20, 1983 Lyon Panicky evacuation of Lyon's Gare de Perrache following a bomb threat from ASALA.

July 22, 1983 Teheran "Orly" carries out bomb attacks on the French Embassy and Air France.

July 27, 1983 Lisbon Five Armenian terrorists attempt to storm the Turkish Embassy in Lisbon. Failing to gain access to the chancery, they occupy the residence, taking the Deputy Chief of Mission(DCM) and his family hostage. When explosives being planted by the terrorists go off, Cahide Mihçioglu, wife of the DCM and four of the terrorists are blown to pieces. The DCM, Yurtsev Mihçioglu, and his son Atasay are injured. The fifth terrorist is killed in the initial assault by Turkish security forces. One Portuguese policeman is also killed and another wounded. The ARA claims responsibility.

July 28, 1983 Lyon Another bomb threat on Lyon-Perrache railroad station. ASALA claims responsibility.

July 29, 1983 Teheran A threat to blow up the French Embassy in Teheran with a rocket attack causes Iranian officials to increase security at the facility.

July 31, 1983 Lyon and Rennes Bomb threats from Armenian terrorists force the emergency landing of two domestic French flights carrying 424 passengers. August 10, 1983 Teheran A bomb explodes in an automobile at the French Embassy. ASALA claims credit for the attack.

August 25, 1983 Bonn A whole series of bomb attacks against offices of the French Consulate General claim two lives and leave twenty-three injured. ASALA claims responsibility.

September 9, 1983 Teheran Two French Embassy cars are bombed. One of the bombs injures two embassy staff members. ASALA claims credit.

October 1, 1983 Marseilles A bomb blast destroys the U.S., Soviet and Algerian pavilions at an international trade fair in Marseilles. One person is killed and twenty-six injured. ASALA and "Orly" claim credit.

October 6, 1983 Teheran A French Embassy vehicle is bombed, injuring two passengers. "Orly" claims responsibility.

October 29, 1983 Beirut Hand-grenade attack on the French Embassy. One of the ASALA terrorists is arrested.

October 29, 1983 Beirut The Turkish Embassy is attacked by three Armenian terrorists. One of the assailants, Sarkis Denielian, a 19 years old Lebanese-Armenian is apprehended. ASALA claims responsibility.

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