1383) Alleged Assyrian Genocide lecture review.. (Firodil Institute and Gomidas Institute)

Att: Messr. Dr. Racho Donef, Nineb Lamassu
c/o Firodil Institute

Dear Sirs,

I have attended below lecture and found it lacking in academic prowess. Despite waiting patiently to the end of the lecture in good intentions so that relevant questions can be asked in good time, the evasive mode of the lecture, primarily by Dr. Racho Donef, was unacceptable.

At the risk of not getting a response to this email, I would like to re-ask the questions asked then, hoping to save myself the pre-planned interruptions performed by Nineb Lamassu Esq.,

Questions asked were:

1) Whilst speaking of alleged Armenian, Assyrian and even the Greek Genocide, what is your view on the 521,000 Turkish civilians murdered in cold blood in Eastern Anatolia in the same period by these alleged victims?

2) Although you did outline the loyalty of the Armenians, Assyrians and even Greeks to the Ottoman Empire so they should not have been "disturbed", why do you think the Russians had such a forceful hand in claiming to represent some these Western and Eastern Ottoman nationals at the 1878 St.Stefano and later Treaty of Berlin negotiations; if these minorities had not asked for Russian aid to further their aim of weakening the Ottomans, overtly or covertly? - in short why would any Ottoman Official disturb a member of his loyal nation who does not plan to revolt in Varna or Van and commit despicable treachery? -

In your answer to Question 1, you have indicated that the "Turkish dead were 'victims of war' " and "I do not speak of numbers" but when I intervened to say "so should be the Armenian, Assyrian dead" Nineb Lamassu disrupted the flow of the session. This is unacademic and assumes sinister proportions.

On your response to the second question you expressed confusion. I have clarified it for you by stating that "these treaties/negotiations included rights of Ottoman minorities" implying that Armenians and/or Assyrians had an interest in getting fellow Christian Russians involved on their side which is against your supposition that they were impartial, loyal and law abiding Ottoman subjects. Sadly, Nineb Lamassu interrupted the session again impressing 'ask questions, no statements'

However, upon official conclusion of the lecture, I have approached you freely and asked a simple question.. my question was ..

"Who has the authority to decide that an act constitutes a genocide?"

you hesitated or were surprised and momentarily offered no answer. I have further expanded my question by clarifying..

"Does United Nations have the authority to proclaim an act is a genocide?"

you have then said..


I further remarked then..

"If United nations had not recognised your claim then what is the basis of your allegation?"

You have remarked that..

"18 countries recognised it"

I then remarked..

"but 140 other countries had not!"

you have added then..

"But they are Kribatis and Solomons"

This is where the brief encounter ended as I have sensed your belittling of peoples if it had not suited your motives.

I am therefore challenging you to a free public debate at SOS. Infact a prominent Turkish historian may attend it as he will be in London towards the end of this month and early part of February. If you will accept a fair Turkish challenge (you may bring along your supporting historian/s too) then please let me know in good time.

I remain, in true memory of Hrant Dink,

Yours truly,
Hal Savas MBA
CPTR South Eastern Chapter

Assyria Society (SOS) together with Firodil Institute and Gomidas Institute Presents

Genocide In Turkey
A lecture on the Assyrian-Greek-Armenian genocide by Dr. Racho Donef from Sydney Australia. Celebrating the book launch of Dr. Donef's translation of Ahmet Refik's 'Two Committees Two Massacres'.

Saturday January 13th
3:00pm room G50.

Free Admission and refreshments

For more information contact Nineb Lamassu of Assyria SOS Society at nineb@soas.ac.uk or Firodil Institute at info@firodil.co.uk


British Citizens' Proclamation of Turkish Rights & British Committee for the Protection of Turkish Rights,

PO Box 43666
London SE22 9XW also in Swansea - Wales and Edinburgh - Scotland


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