1411) Top 10 Naive things some Armenians are saying after Dink assassination :

10. At least Turks arrested the killers. Let’s wait until the investigation is done.
9. I cried when I saw 100,000 Turks chanting “We are all Armenian.”
8. The Turks of today are not the Turks of 100 years ago.
7. Turkey can't join the EU (European Union) unless it acknowledges the Armenian Genocide.
6. Turkey can't join the EU unless it opens its border with Armenia.
5. All we want is a Genocide acknowledgement – nothing more.
4. Turkey is undergoing unprecedented, momentous changes.
3. Let’s thank Turkey for renovating the Aghtamar Church.
2. Repeal Article 301 !

And the #1 naïve thing some Armenians are saying after the Dink assassination . .
1. Prime Minister Erdogan is a moderate. It’s just the “ultra-nationalists” Turks who are the bad guys.

Nelly Sarkissian

Next time you say: I neither give a crap about Turkey nor the EU. Let them do as they wish. I¹m going to concentrate on Armenia for once. Another alternative could be: as Armenians we have earned the right to be skeptical of European and Turkish politics and politicians.

For this reason, we are best focusing on Armenia and cleaning up our own mess before believing that the EU has clean toilets and that Turkey¹s constipation is what¹s causing Armenian toilets to be clogged. In other words: Armenia¹s future does NOT depend on Turkey¹s recognition of an historical event. Let me take it a step further and say: Armenia¹s future does NOT depend on Turkey. Forget Turkey, for heaven¹s sake. Let the Turks take care of their own and let us focus on our own. I quite frankly do not give a crap whether Turkey recognizes anything or doesn¹t. I also don¹t care whether the rest of the world recognizes Armenia or not.

My biggest shame right now is that Armenians around the world are proudly exposing an Armenia that is corrupt, pathetic, and on the verge of extinction. Let¹s first work on our image before trying to make ourselves known to the rest of the world. That basically means that it is HIGH TIME we concentrated our full attention on Armenia and stopped worrying about what Turkey teaches its children at school and what the EU wishes to do to itself. Because that¹s the naivety of #7: that too many Armenians have been brainwashed to believe that Armenia is at the center of the universe and that the EU actually cares about Armenians.

Let me quote Zohrab on this one: ³The Armenian is that pathetic creature who believes the world was created to welcome him with open arms.² Or words to that effect. If the EU wants Turkey in the EU, they will make Turkey part of the EU; reforms or not, Cyprus resolved or not, Armenian genocide recognized or not, friends with its neighbors or not. In short: stop believing in the EU and stop relying on Turkey. Instead, start concentrating on Armenia. There is plenty of work to do!

Nairi Hakhverdian

No matter one gives a crap about turkey and eu or not, they both exist, this or that way, next to armenia. no matter armenia and armenians are not the center of universe, we live in this universe. so why not do chores parallelly and shared in a well proportioned fashion?
Katie Bush

Welcome back. Wonderful advice.

Harut Sassounian


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