1558) Open Letter To Senator Schiff, Speaker Pelosi Secretary Of State Dr Rice And Others In Congress

Dear Senator Schiff,

I appreciate that you are a politician and don’t really care about the Truth. TRUTH JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN way is a fallacy much like the allegations of the Armenian Genocide. I read an article about your exchange with the Secretary of State Dr Rice and your persistence in attempting to get her to admit that there was in fact a genocide. . .

You say and I quote,

“do you have any doubt, in your mind, that the murder of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923 constituted genocide? Is there any doubt about that, in your mind?”

Well that question to Secretary of State Dr Rice raises more questions then Dr Rice could possibly answer. For example on what statistics, do you say that 1.5 million Armenians were murdered? In fact, were they MURDERED at all or did they die of other causes?

Now clearly you do not care or do not have the intellectual capacity to fathom the truth. You state,

“We're all well aware of how the Turkish lobby and Turkey has, either implicitly or explicitly, threatened because it doesn't want the genocide recognized and its own difficulty in coming to grips with that chapter of Ottoman history.”

Well it’s not a matter of Turkey or Turks coming to grips with that chapter of Ottoman History it’s more of a case that the Armenian Diaspora in the US come to grips with it. You see my grandmothers relatives, the vast majority of which lived in a village called Subatan near Kars in Eastern Turkey were collected and rounded up by the local Armenians and their hench men taken to the local Mosque and burnt alive. My grandmother and her brother were sent away shortly prior to that incident and that is the only reason she survived and I am able to write this e – mail to you.

Now my question to you, your committee and in particular Speaker of the House Pelosi, is will you now get the Armenians to recognise the murder of my grandmothers relatives or does that not matter because they were only expendable Muslim Turks. Some 2.5 Million of which died or in your terms “Murdered” by Armenians. Will you now get them to come to grips with that ?

Will you now ask that the Armenians compensate my Grand Mother’s relative’s estates? I doubt it very much so long as your palm is greased with Armenian money, which is still covered in the blood of two point five Million Turks in the period in question and hundreds more as a result of their terrorist activities in the post period.

Further, you state,

“Is there any historic debate outside of Turkey? Is there any reputable historian you're aware of that takes issue with the fact that the murder of 1.5 million Armenians constituted genocide?”

Clearly, that question indicates that you are either not aware of the full facts, the authors academics that have written on the subject matter, and the numbers of reputable US Academics that object to it. Or in the alternative, you consider all these reputable academics to be of ill repute. Now I advise you of the academics which oppose recognition of the false Armenian Genocide and ask you the very direct question which of the below you say is of ill repute?

Rifaat Abou-EI-HaJ
Professor of History California Stale University at Long Beach

Sarah Moment Atis
Associate Professor of Turkish Language & Literature Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison

Karl Barbir
Associate Professor of History Siena College (New York)

Ilhan Basgoz
Director of the Turkish Studies Program at the Department of Uralic & Altaic Studies Indiana University

Daniel G. Bates
Professor of Anthropology Hunter College, City University of New York

Luke Bates
Professor of Art History Hunter College, City College of New York

Gustav Bayerie
Professor of Uralic & Altaic Studies Indiana University

Andras G.E. Bodrogligetti
Professor of Turkic & Iranian Languages University of California at Los Angeles

Kathleen BurriIl
Associate Professor of Turkish Studies Columbia University

Timothy Childs
Professorial Lecturer SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

Shafiga Daulet
Associate Professor of Political Science University of Connecticut

Roderic Davison
Professor of History George Washington University Washington. D.C.

Walter Denny
Professor of Art History & Near Eastern Studies University of Massachusetts

Dr. Alan Duben
Anthropologist Researcher New York City

Ellen Ervin
Research Assistant Professor of Turkish New York University

Caesar Farah
Professor of Islamic & Middle Eastern History University of Minnesota

Carter Findley
Associate Professor of History The Ohio State University

Michael Finefrock
Professor of History College of Charleston

Alan Fisher
Professor of History Michigan Stale University

Cornell Fischer
Assistant Professor of History Washington University (Missouri)

Peter Golden
Professor of History Rutgers University, Newark

Tom Goodrich
Professor of History Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Gould
PhD. in Ottoman History Flagstaff, Arizona

William Griswold
Professor of History Colorado State University

Tibor Halasi-Kun
Professor Emeritus of Turkish Studies Columbia University

William Hickman
Associate Professor of Turkish University of California, Berkeley

J.C. Hurewitz
Professor of Government Emeritus Former Director of the Middle East Institute (1971-1984) Columbia University

John Hymn
Professor of History Glenville State College West Virginia

Halil Inalcik
University Professor of Ottoman History & Member of The American Academy of Art & Sciences University of Chicago

Ralph Jaeckel
Visiting Assistant Professor of Turkish University of California at Los Angeles

Ronald Jennings
Associate Professor of History Asian Studies University of Illinois

James Kelly
Associate Professor of Turkish University of Utah

Kerim Key
Adjunct Professor South-eastern University Washington, D.C.

Metin Kunt
Professor of Ottoman History New York City

Frederick Latimer
Associate Professor of History, Retired University of Utah

Avigdor Levy
Professor of History Brandeis University

Bernard Lewis
Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern History Princeton University

Dr. Heath W. Lowry
Institute of Turkish Studies, Inc. Washington, D.C.

Justin McCarthy
Associate Professor of History University of Louisville

Jon Mandaville
Professor of the History of tire Middle East Portland State University (Oregon)

Michael Meeker
Professor of Anthropology University of California at San Diego

Rhoads Murphey
Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures and History Columbia University

Thomas Naff
Professor of History & Director, Middle East Research Institute University of Pennsylvania

Pierre Oberling
Professor of History Hunter College of the City University of New York

William Ochsenwald
Associate Professor of History Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Robert Olson
Associate Professor of History University of Kentucky

William Peachy
Assistant Professor of the Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures The Ohio State University

Donald Quataert
Associate Professor of History University of Houston

Howard Reed
Professor of History University of Connecticut

Dankwart Rustow
Distinguished University Professor of Political Science City University Graduate School New York

Ezel Kural Shaw
Associate Professor of History California State University, Northridge

Stanford Shaw
Professor of History University of California at Los Angeles

Elaine Smith
PhD. In Turkish History Retired Foreign Service Officer Washington, D.C.

Grace M. Smith
Visiting Lecturer In Turkish University of California at Berkeley

John Masson Smith, Jr.
Professor of History University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Svat Soucek
Turcologist, New york City

Robert Stash
Assistant Director of the Middle East Center University of Utah

June Starr
Associate Professor of Anthropology SUNY Stoneybrook

James Stewart-Robinson
Professor of Turkish Studies University of Michigan

Dr. Philip Stoddard
Executive Director Middle East Institute Washington, D.C.

Frank Tachau
Professor of Political Science University of Illinois at Chicago

Metin Tamkoc
Professor of International Law & Relations Texas Tech University

David Thomas
Associate Professor of History Rhode Island College

Margaret L. Venzke
Assistant Professor of History Dickinson College (Pennsylvania)

Warren S. Walker
Horn Professor of English & Director of the Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative Texas Tech University

Donald Webster
Professor of Turkish History, Retired

Walter Welker
Professor of Political Science Rutgers University

John Woods
Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History University of Chicago

Madeline Zilfi
Associate Professor of History University of Maryland

I would like you to answer that question in an open forum, if you have the intestinal fortitude.

Instead of wasting US Tax payer’s money on useless futile resolutions on matters you know little about or in fact are deceiving and misleading the US Public about, US politicians should necessarily work towards fixing the problems in their own back yard first and foremost. Whilst you have the largest economy in the world, you also have millions of working poor that can not get basic health care because they can not afford it. You have some of the highest rates of murder in the world; you have children that can not be educated adequately. Racism is rife throughout your country African Americans are still discriminated against. You have the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist militia in your own country causing terror amongst your own communities, and yet you and your cronies want Turkey to accept a false claim of genocide.

Well Sir when you get the Armenians that murdered my Grandmothers relatives to apologise and compensate me, perhaps then I may consider your proposal of getting to grips with that chapter of Ottoman History.


Ataman Atlas
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TurkishAmericansForInformedPolicy
March 30, 2007


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