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05 December 2007

2230) 3 Minute History of Middle East Oil

Typical Formula For A Us Takeover Of Any Country... It's Like This:

1. US sees resources they want in some country
2. US tries to buy resources from corrupt politicians
3. Doesn't work, so CIA tries to overthrow their government and install a dictator that will work with.
4. If that doesn't work, Just invade.

1. Bush/US/Corporate America needs more oil, what's a more better place than Iraq, as they have some dirt on them after selling them weapon caches, wmd's etc. years ago. All they need now is an excuse to actually invade iraq, terminate Hussein.

2. Organise terrorist attacks in the US causing fear and blaming iraq terrorists, (most of the 9/11 'hijackers' were Saudi Arabian... but frame Iraqi terrorist leaders)

3. Start a war on terror against Iraq to take away their now, extinguished wmd's and move onto taking their oil because it just so happens to be some there. Let's see how it plans out next.

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