2297) There Is Not Even A Single Evidence On Genocide At The Archives Of England

While Europe and the USA declare Turkey as a country, which commits genocide, why England cannot make any . . accusations? They had examined the documents they stole from the Ottoman archives during the invasion of Istanbul and noted the following: The last paragraph of the instruction that was sent by the Interior Ministry, suggested avoiding attitudes that would cause massacres.”

When the Montreux Ceasefire Treaty had signed in 30 October 1918, the invasion of Istanbul started officially. Using the Armenian and Greek translators, England, one of the invader countries, attacked at the Ottoman archives. They searched evidences for accusing the “unionist” leaders. They took the copies of the documents. Nevile Henderson, the High Commissioner of England in Istanbul sent the documents to Lancelor Olihant, one of the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the second term of the Lausanne Conference in 22 May 1923.

Although the documents were examined one by one, they could not find even a single evidence to accuse the unionist generals. The reasons of the relocation, the treatment that would be done towards Armenians and the instructions to the officials were written at the letters of Talat Pasha. An instruction like “Massacre or kill” did not exist even in a single text. D.O Osborne, one of the officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of England, wrote the following note when commenting on the documents: “The last paragraph of the instruction that was sent by the Interior Ministry suggested avoiding.

Prof. Dr. Salahi Sonyel, who is one of the most prominent scientists that was raise dby the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus, has been working in London for a long time. Sonyel, who posses many prizes, have made many researches on the archives of England. He attended the activities entitled “Cyprus 2007” of the Talat Pasha Committee in Cyprus during 1-4 November as the honorary member of England. Examining the documents that were stolen by England, Prof. Dr. Sonyel indicated that England could never declare Turkey as a country, which commits genocides.

(…) Prof. Dr. Salahi Sonyel, presented examples from the documents he obtained at the archives. A letter, which was sent by the Ministry of Interior with the signature of Talat and addressed to the Governor of Van, proved that Talat Pasha had never instructed for genocide.

Closing the Armenian terrorist organizations Hinchak and Tashnak Parties, searching, arresting some of the dangerous Armenian leaders, and seizing the documents they possessed, were instructed at the writing; and knowing that these organizations were attempting to erupt rebellions and incidents within the country by exploiting the situation of the Ottoman State under the war circumstances, it was said: “This instruction was issued with the intention of giving an end to the spread of the committee movements. So, putting this instruction into effect should be done without giving an opportunity for the Armenians and Muslims to commit massacres.”

During the relocation, it was reported that the transportable goods of the Armenians were sold to the opportunist with very cheap prices and the owners sold their goods at loss. Accordingly, Talat Pasha sent a secret directive to the places that were concerned on July 20th:

Allow Armenians to take every kind of their goods to take with them. And protect the goods that cannot be taken with them in the name of the owner. Prevent every kind of agreement like renting, selling, pawning and mortgaging that would leave the owner of the good deprive of his rights on the good and that would disconnect his ties with the country. Invalidate all the agreements that were made from the beginning of the relocation until the present time.”

Indicating that the artists that were not objected by the local administrations, the workers, who worked at the factories, which produced the needs of the inhabitants, the employees, who worked at the railways and stations and their families, were not forced for the relocation, Prof. Dr. Sonyel pointed out the writing, which was sent by Settlement and Immigration Affairs Manager in the name of the Interior Minister to the related places that enumerated the precautions which would be taken during the relocation:

“The food supply for the Armenians, who relocate, would be obtained until the places they reach, and the food expenses of the needy ones, would be covered by immigrant allowance. The concentration regions of the ones, who are relocating would be under constant control and surveillance and take every precaution to ensure their security.”

It was also demanded to control the health of the Armenians, ensure the food of the ones in poverty and the disabled ones, and ensuring the food supply to each convoy until the place they would relocate:
“…Ensure every kind of supplies to protect the sick people, pregnant women and children. Related officials are responsible of the application of this precaution. The head officials of the province and the governors are responsible of the application of these regulations properly”.

It was particularly stressed at the same writing that there should be no problem during the relocation and it was announced that the officials would be punished heavily otherwise:

If an attack is conducted against the immigrants, at the centers of relocation during the relocation, the subjects will immediately be caught and sent to the courts. The Officials, who take bribes and presents from the immigrants, or get in dishonest relations with women against their will by means of promises, threats and other ways, will be immediately dismissed and sent to courts and later, they will be punished heavily.

Source: Aydinlik Magazine-09.12.2007