2317) Urgent Appeal: Worldwide Release For All Diaspora's Leaders

The following excerpt was meant to be for the Armenian Diaspora Leaders.

Just consider that it is a chess game and you now have the preview of the opponents next move so you need to draw your own conclusions on what to do:
Special Worldwide Sending for Immediate Release : Appeal to All Diaspora's Leaders

Worldwide Appeal -- Armenian Genocide-Denial Offensive by Turkey Must Be Countered By Jean Eckian * USA Armenian Life (February 2008) From Paris, France

The time has come for all the Armenians to be united against a Turkish
. . . government-sponsored surge in denialism.

In the name of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents exterminated since 1895 by successive regimes of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, it is today the duty of all the Armenian political organizations to agree on a project of "counter-attack" to eliminate the denialist efforts of Turkish leaders.

Each passing day brings a new Turkish initiative with a clear objective to obstruct the American and French genocide-related resolutions. This becomes intolerable for our people which call on activists worldwide to counter en masse the blackmail and shameless lies propagated by the cohorts of denialist Turks.

They have already succeeded in intimidating a few American elected Representatives. They succeeded in sowing doubt in the spirit of French politicians. They have declared economic blackmail against all countries that recognize the indisputable reality of the Armenian Genocide. They create false historians' commissions. They threaten and kill the men who dare speak freely and openly. They lack respect towards a candidate to the presidential election of the United States because he declares recognizing the Armenian Genocide. They export violence into other countries. They vandalize the dedicated monuments to our Martyrs. They spread hatred and false information on Internet. They threaten by name the Armenians of the Diaspora. They want to suppress their righteous intellectuals many of whom are exiled abroad. They stole the properties of destroyed Armenian families. They erased the Armenian cultural heritage. They maintain a blockade against Armenia and maintain their occupation army in Cyprus. They muzzle the free expression with Article 301. They just created a television station with programs in the Armenian language to brainwash our compatriots in Armenia-Artsakh and around the world.

Who are they?

The whole world knows. But the world has also other problems.

Leaders of Armenian political and other worldwide organizations must start a major project this year. Before April 24, radio and television stations, newspapers, magazines and websites of all countries where Armenians live must help and invite the silent majority to join the activists and sympathizers of the just Armenian Cause.

Let's decide together today to launch this massive, worldwide action. Let's organize an international day of protest by Armenians. Let's synchronize the hour, the day of marches on each continent. The people of the world must be reminded. Call or write to your counterparts from all corners of the world to make this project a reality. Let's get on with it now!

Tomorrow will be too late.

Until when will we express support of our Cause without real action? The articles in the press are not enough! The Armenian world must go into the street. But the Armenians of the world need to be informed now in order to create tomorrow's political electric shock. Thanks for helping evolve this idea by transmitting it to the leaders. Lest we let our Cause be bogged down. Let's make The Walk of Life now! If Not Us, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

Take the initiative !

* Jean Eckian is a independent correspondent. He Co-organized with Levon Sayan of the recording "Pour toi Armenie" (For you Armenia) of Charles Aznavour to come to assistance of the earthquake’s disaster victims of December 7, 1988. And he is the originator of Armenian Memorial on Internet inhomage.com