2352) New Series: Lobbying* 101

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You are about to begin a transformational experience.

This first in the series document is prepared to help students, citizen lobbyists, and site visitors acquire a basic knowledge about lobbying. It is meant for people who know little about lobbying, but who wish to be more active on an individual or community level. Our aim is to help train you as an individual lobbyist and to help you discover the tools that might be required.

It is intended for visitors who have some knowledge of lobbying and would like to develop ideas for successful strategies. For those of our visitors who may already be members of organizations involved with public relations or lobbying, we hope you find the contents useful and stimulates greater interest in your work and appreciation of your efforts.

As the world becomes increasingly interdependent in the 21st century, it is essential for anyone concerned with the formulation of domestic and international policies to have insight into the role lobbies play across the globe and how they have a powerful influence on business, government, politics and the media.

It uses a unique method that serves as a study guide based on the outlines provided in each unit. The pages that follow contain 15 parts of coursework designed to introduce new concepts and aspects of lobbying so that you will acquire a basic understanding of lobbying, experience the complexities of lobbying, and better understand the motivation of lobbyists and their objectives.

It also offers exercises and tips for developing skills in order to be an influential lobbyist, while presenting controversial issues that Turkish lobbies face. Two useful sections concentrate on initiatives for individuals and groups.

Background information on current affairs is provided throughout the site, along with resources, links, and a glossary that includes lobbying terms. The series strives to be as accurate as possible. One of the unique features is the set of questions posed within each unit so that by the end of the course each participant is better prepared to explore for themselves topical lobbying issues.

You will also be encouraged to evaluate the impact of lobbies from your own perspective and to discuss these issues with family, friends and educators. As students learn how to analyze lobbying activities they are invited to submit their analysis & strategies via email for inclusion with the series. . .

Although the document serves as a general introduction, it was also constructed to meet the needs of potential pro-Turkish lobbyists and friends of Turkey. It is hoped that the document heightens your awareness of lobbying issues so that you will be actively involved in ensuring that the truth is never manipulated in order to satisfy the interests of lobbyists who may not all be working to promote the general good.

In the near future we hope to provide students, site visitors, and the next generation of Turkish lobbyists with a wider variety of resources so that we can create a worldwide and unified strategy for dealing with misconceptions about Turkey and Turks. Without your interest to counter disinformation and misleading lobbying activities, there can be no breakthroughs in Turkish lobbying, nor can democratic systems be protected from badly informed decision-makers or legislators who are beholden to special interests.

Section One

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  • 1) Who Are Lobbyists & What Motivates Them?
  • 2) Turkey's Image Abroad
  • 3) Turkic & Ottoman Communities History & Reasons For A Weak Turkish Lobby
  • 4) National & Ethnic Interests; Anti-Turkish Lobbies, Misrepresentation Of Turks & The Manipulation Of Historical Facts
  • The Turkish lobby dilemma in the United States as a case study
  • Problems encountered by Turkish lobbies in the EU, Germany, France & worldwide
  • Current Turkish lobby issues & the role of public diplomacy
  • What can be learned from powerful lobbies such as the Jewish/Pro-Israel lobby?
  • New approaches to educating & informing Turkish lobbying groups
  • Media relations, advertising & professional communications skills.
  • Initiatives for individuals & public speaking.
  • Initiatives for communities, campaigns, & NGO'S
  • Fund-raising, public relations, & what can be done domestically
  • Turkish lobbies undergo a period of transition: The need to strengthen old & new leadership
  • Long-term strategies & lobbying in the post-September 11 era

  • Alliance of Civilizations
  • Alleged Armenian Genocide Claims
  • Alleged Hellenic/Pontus Genocide Claims
  • Alleged Assyrian Genocide Claims
  • Alleged Kurdish Genocide Claims
  • US Politics
  • Glossary & Terms
  • Links
  • Review Material

  • Section Two

  • Lobbying Guide: A Guide On Whom And How To Lobby

  • Section Three

  • Lobbying And The Media: Working With Politicians And Journalists
  • Lobbying in Washington
  • Lobbying in Britain and Brussels
  • How To Work With Journalists
  • Lobbying The Media: Letters To The Editor: Op-Eds

  • Section Four

  • Encyclopedia Of Lobbyists In The United States
  • Steps to Successful Lobbying
  • Key Points for Discussion
  • PR Politics And Media
  • Know Your Rights To Demonstrate And Protest
  • How To Conduct A Letter-Writing Campaign

  • Section Five

  • How To Lobby Kit
  • Discussion of Principles of Effective Lobbying
  • Power Mapping For The Purposes Of Lobbying
  • Common Approaches to Lobbying
  • Some Theory About Persuasion
  • Principles of Effective Lobbying
  • Debrief/Follow Up

  • Section Six

  • Do It Yourself Lobbying MBA Course

  • Section Seven

  • Many More To Equip You with Simple To Follow Lobbying . .
  • . . .

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1 : Who Are Lobbyists & What Motivates Them?

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