2391) Typical Tactics Used By Armenian Genocide Promoters

*Promote racist, fascist and/or Aryan white supremacist thinking and disinformation about Turkey and Turks today.

*Use ad hominem and irrelevant personal attacks to divert attention from the real issue: historical facts.

*Rely upon falsifications, forgeries and blatantly racist remarks about Ottomans as "evidence" to play on the inherent prejudices still present in Christian societies. .

*Do not respond to facts presented by the other side, but instead rely upon unverified unsourced "grandpa" stories.

*Rely only upon publications financed solely by Armenians and Armenian organizations promoting genocide claims.

*SILENCE the opposition to avoid answering inconvenient truths that disprove genocide claims.

*Shift the burden of proof from those alleging war crimes occurred, insist guilt is presumed and the accused must prove they are innocent.

*Inundate the market with distortions to create mass confusion.

*Conceal all records of Armenian insurgent and terrorist activity by the Dashnaks and Hunchaks financed by England, Russia, France and the U.S. from the late 1880s through WWI.

*Conceal official records showing Armenian militants' intent and efforts to ethnically purge eastern Anatolia of its entire Ottoman Muslim population.

*Avoid legal forums in which cold hard historical facts supported by reliable and credible evidence dictate the result, not money and political power.

*Donate millions of dollars per annum to politicians in select countries and lobby for the adoption of historically inaccurate "proclamations" in exchange for votes.

*Support terrorism, violence and threats to intimidate the opposition.

*Instill hatred of Turkey and all Turks in Armenian youth through Armenian "youth organizations" to create new generations of genocide supporters.

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