2398) Praising Terrorism And Murder: A 100 Years Old Armenian Habit No:1

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Singing a good song and enjoying life with your family in a school fund raiser … What can be more fun and innocent than that? Right…? But what if you are singing a song, which is praising a terrorist attack that killed many innocents. What if that song is teaching about the “heroes” who “beheaded” people and “blown women in to pieces”? Will you enjoy such a song? Will you teach that to your children? Of course no sane person would do that but unfortunately many Armenians do. And they call it patriotism! . .

Here you can watch a very popular Armenian song called “Bank Ottoman” and see how some Armenians enjoy it with their children and friends. It is a song dedicated to the terrorist attack by Dashnaks (Armenian revolutionary organization which resorted to terrorism against Turkish civilians) against the Ottoman Bank in Istanbul in 1896. Although we do not know exactly when this song was first sung, it seems that it is over 100 years old. Over a century later, Armenian youth is still poisoned with the hate emanating from the melodies of this Armenian classic praising the murderous acts of Armenian terrorists. Uppss… Sorry… “Armenian heroes”… Even worse, they are learning that killing people and blowing things up is a short cut to being a national hero! And the worst of the worst is; the video is from a school fundraiser in Orange County!

Before proceeding with the videos let us describe the terrorist attack against the Ottoman bank using actual news coverage from the era. (Also you can refer to our own news archive to see some actual screen shots of the news clips, which include the incident.

From The Evening Bulletin, Aug. 28, 1896
Armenian Rioters in Constantinople Shed Much Blood
The Ottoman Bank Looted — Bombs Are Exploded — Gendarmes Beheaded — Four Ladies Among the Killed — Mob Leaders Surrender.

Constantinople, Aug. 28.—The riots which Wednesday caused so much excitement throughout Constantinople are apparently at an end. The leaders of the mob which attacked the officers of the Ottoman bank surrendered and will be expelled from Turkey.

It is known that a great many persons have been killed, but it is impossible to ascertain the exact number owing to the prevalent excitement and the desire on the part of the Armenians, as well as the Turkish authorities to keep the identity of the killed and wounded secret. The Armenian patriarch has excommunicated all Armenians concerned in this latest uprising.

The official account of the troubles attributes the riots to an organized effort on the part of the central committee of the Armenian revolutionists to stir up a revolution.

The invaders, as if by a preconcerted arrangement. suddenly entered the great hall of the Ottoman bank armed with revolvers. daggers and dynamite bombs. Forming in small groups, they were accosted by the officer of the guards who demanded from them a statement of their business with the bank.

Without stopping to reply they blew out his brains and then killed and beheaded the gendarmes, throwing heads of the dead men out into the streets. During the resultant confusion, they closed the doors of the bank and hurled a number of bombs into the street.

Four Turkish women who were driving along in a carriage were blown to pieces by the explosion of one of the dynamite bombs. Two of the French employees of the bank, while descending from a window by means of a rope were wounded by one of the explosions. They narrowly escaped with their lives by reason of the timely intervention of the imperial troops. The rioters captured a hotel in the city of Constantinople and bombs and shots and missiles fairly rained upon the heads of the passersby, wounding many persons. Many similar events are reported from various portions of the city.

From a school fundraiser in Orange County

Video 1
Video 2

Next time you meet a Diaspora Armenian in a school fund raiser telling you how barbarian, violent, and monstrous the Turks are, please turn on this song and ask them what it says. But please be respectful and let their clapping and dancing finish first.

Further reading about the terrorist attack on the Ottoman Bank.

Bank Ottoman

Bank Ottoman kravadz eh
Tashnagtzagan gomeeden,
Nra mechuh letzootzadz eh
Bayteech, khordageech roompov.

Amen hay kach usbasoom er
Ayn seerelee robeyeen,
Teh yerp beedee nedvee roompuh
Vor khordagvee tshnameen.

Aha eengav badoohanen,
Meegloreeg ghoombara,
Hon sarsetzav Sultan Hamid
Yev eer vad Eezet pashan.

Yerp ays looruh Hamid lsetz
Kovuh ganchetz Nazumuh,
Kna usav, hantardetzoor,
Ayt khrovyal hayeruh.

Bank Ottoman zedeghvadz eh
Papken Suni hargeen dag;
Hon zohvetzav papken Suni
Tashnagtzagan veh hsgan.

Sora anoonuh sarsetzootz
Harur hazar musilman,
Sotza Sultan Hamid gochvadz
Ankoot azkeen khaleefan.

Bank Ottoman has been seized
By the Tashnagtzagan Committee.
In it they have filled
Explosive, destructive bombs.

Every brave Armenian waited
For that dear moment
When would the bomb be thrown?
And the enemy destroyed.

Behold, from the window fell
A round grenade.
There trembled Sultan Hamid
And his evil Izzet Pasha.

When Hamid heard the news,
He called Nazim to his side.
Go, he said, and calm
Those agitator Armenians.

Bank Ottoman is placed
Under the command of Papken Suni.
There was martyred Papken Suni,
The noble Tashnagtzagan giant.

His name terrified
A hundred thousand Moslems
And the one called Sultan Hamid
The cruel race's Caliph.

Kindly contributed by Mustafa Balkaya