2417) Hurrah!... Pay To Arm For Killing: Another Excuse For Donations To ANCA!

Parev Friend,
"We are reinforcing our army because we must be ready to free OUR lands . . . at any moment and by any means." Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the four ways you can help defend Nagorno Karabagh.
Four simple steps to help these proud Armenians stand up against vicious threats - and deadly military attacks - by the over-armed Azerbaijani military of Ilham Aliyev.

The response was a tidal wave of messages to the U.S. Congress - sparking calls by 39 U.S. Representatives to cut off all U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan.

Today, I'd like to add a fifth way you can help: sending a secure on-line donation to the ANCA.

Your financial support - large or small - leverages our community's grassroots energy, delivering pro-Karabagh political firepower in Washington.

Ever since the U.S. recognized Kosovo's independence, Azerbaijan has gone off the deep end: threatening war, pushing an anti-Artsakh U.N. resolution, walking away from the peace process, and even launching two assaults on northeastern Nagorno Karabagh.

Your secure on-line donation will stock our political arsenal so we can:

Fight for the right of the citizens of Nagorno Karabagh to live peacefully with their families on their farms and villages.

Fight so they can honor our culture, language and heritage on our ancient soil - free from tyranny and the threat of war.

Fight for the fundamental right that, as Americans, we cherish but often take for granted - to live freely under a government of our own choosing.

Of course, the heaviest burden rights falls on the young men and women of the Nagorno Karabagh Army, brave soldiers who risk all for the future of the Armenian nation. We honor their noble service and sacrifice. But they must never stand alone.

You can - with your quick secure on-line donation - make sure that you are doing your part for all of Artsakh's proud men, women, and children.

Show you care by helping us cut military aid to Azerbaijan, expand U.S.- Karabagh ties, and deliver developmental aid - including a new hospital in the capital of Stepanakert.
Please give today. $10, $50, $100, $1000, or more. Whatever you can set aside.

Thank you, as always, for your devotion and caring,

Your secure on-line donation right now will help fight for freedom, security and a brighter future for the brave souls who stand guard on the frontiers of Armenian freedom.

ancaupdate@anca.org 04/04/2008
Subject: . . . at any moment and by any means