2529) Those Who Do Not Learn From History, Suffer The Calamities Again

Armenian Events in Chronological Order: For Those Who Forget!
Year 1022: Armenian lands were taken by Byzantine Emperor Basileos I and 40.000 Armenian were exiled to Anatolia.

1046:Armenian dynasties were totally killed by Emperor Constantine IX of Byzantine and wiped off! . .

1054:Armenian lands connected to Seljuk Empire; Tugrul bey gives them autonomy!

1098:Armenians collaborated with the Crusaders.

1461: Sultan Mehmet brings Hovakim from Bursa to Istanbul, designates him Patriarch and grants several rights.

1567:An Armenian priest from Sivas named Apkar who had printing experience in Venice, was given permission to open a printing house in Istanbul for Armenian publications. This is 160 years earlier than the Turks!

1790:First Armenian official school opened at Kumkapi by Amira Mirincian and Shnork Migirdic.

1823:Artin Bezciyan opens the Bezciyan School at Kumpkapi.

1824:Patriarch Karabet, takes the Armenian Grammar Kumkapi School, under official care of Patriarchate.

1853:(Oct.22) Armenian Educational Commission established.

1876:Armenian representatives elected to the new Parliament.

1877:(Dec.7) Armenian National Congress, decides Armenians to be drafted as soldier and join wars.

(Apr. 13) Istanbul Patriarch Nerses, sends letter to British FM Salisbury, says “cannot live with Turks”!
(July 13) Treaty of Berlin signed, article 61 dealing on Armenian matters included in the treaty..
(Aug.3) British FM Lora Sallisbury, writes to British Ambassador in Istanbul, Layard, that the Otoman Goverment should start with the reforms in the Eastern Vilayets.

(June 29) Erzurum Revolt!
(July) Kumkapi Demonstrations
First Sassun Revolution.

1892 - 1893
Revolts of Merzifon, Kayseri and Yozgat.

(Sept.30) The Incident at the Porte and demonstrations
(November) Attempt of Armenian uprising at Marash.

(Oct.30) Armenian demonstrations in Istanbul
(June 1st) Van Rebellion.
(Aug. 26) Raid on the Otoman Bank in Istanbul

1902:Armenian language scholar H. Acaryan writes a book “Effect of the Turkish language on Armenian language”

1904: The second Sason Rebellion.

1905: (July 21) Yildiz Mosque, attempt to assassinate Otoman Sultan Abdulhamit I.

1908: Armenian Jamanak newspaper starts publishing.
The second Otoman Parliament opens, some of the Armenian revolutionaries elected to the Parliament.

1909: (April 14) Adana Rebellion of Armenians.

1915:(April 15) Second Van Revolution.
(April 24) Armenian Organizations acting against the Ottoman State shut, some 235 ring leaders arrested.
(May 3) Large scale massacring done by Armenians in the city of Van.
(May 27) Law of Temporary Relocation published.

(Feb. 1) Massacre in Bayburt by ringleader Arshag.
(Apr.25) Armenian revolutionary gands, kils 750 Moslems in the Subatan village, east of Kars city.
(May 1) Armenian gangs, kill 60 Moslems in Kars, including some children.

1919: (Nov.20) Boghos Nubar and Sherif Pahsa, prominent Otoman bureocrats, sign the Armenian-Kurdish declaration of independence.

(Jan. 12) Armenian cavalry unit of 450 soldiers, torture Moslems in Arapdar village of Aintab.
(Dec.2) Armenians sign the Gumru treaty, since no other solution left.

(March 15) Talat Pahsa assassinated in Berlin.
(Dec. 6) Sait Halim Pahsa assassinated in Rome by Armenians.
(March 16) Treaty of Moscow signed, reaffirming the Gumru Treaty.
(March 18) Armenian Misak Torlakyan, assissinated Cevanshir than, Azerbaijan Interior Minister in front of Pera Palace hotel in Istanbul
(Oct. 13) The Kars Treaty signed, reconfirming the Treaties of Gumru and Moscow.

1922:(July 22) Djemal Pahsa assassinated in Tiblisi by Armenians.

1923: Munib Boya of Armenian ethnicity elected as Van Congressman to the Parliament.
(July 24) The Treaty of Lausanne signed.

1934: Franz Werfel publishes his novel “Forty Days in Musa Dagh” in English in USA.

1935: (Dec. 15) A group of Armenians gathered at the Pangalti Armenian Church, burn the novel of Franz Werfel, saying that it involves slanders against the Turkish people.

1936: Franz Werfel’s novel “140 Days in Musa Dagh” published in French, raises reaction of Turkish press.

Cevat Rifat Atilhan writes a book “Musa Dagh” and explains that Fraz Werfel’s novel does not reflect truth.
Intention to make a movie out of Franz Werfel’s novel, enters in the agenda of USA State Department.

1943: Berc Turker Keresteci, an Armenian, elected as congressman of Afyokarahisar.

1957: Migirdic Sellefian, elected as congressman of Istanbul, on the Democrat Party list.

1964: (Dec. 24) Cyprus F.M. Kipriyanu, brings the “Armenian Matter” at United Nations, to Security Council, tries to obtain a anti-Turkish decision.

1965: (April 24) Demonstration against Turkey by Armenians in the city of Sao Paolo in Brasil.

1969: (April 24) Armenian demonstrations in front of the Turkish Embassy in London.

1973: (Oct.27) Turkish General Consul in Los Angeles Mehmet Baydar and assistant Bahadir Demir, assassinated by an Armenian named Migirdic Yanikian.

(Jan. 20) ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for Liberation of Armenia) founded.
(Oct. 22) Ambassador Danish Tunagil of Turkey, assassinated in Vienna.
(Oct.24) Ambassador Ismail Erez and police guard Talip Yener, assassinated in Paris.

1976: (Feb. 16) Oktay Cerit, Charge d’affairé of Beirut Embassy assassinated.

(May 28) Zurich Labor Attaché Office bombed. Armenian named Nubar Soufian arrested, found guilty and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

(May 29) Explosives at Istanbul Yesilkoy airport and Istanbul Railway station. 4 persons dead, 31 wounded. Terrorist acts accepted by “Extreme Armenian Actions Group”.
(June 9) Turkish ambassador for Vatican, Taha Carim assassinated.

(Jan.3) Turkish Embassy – Brussels attacked with explosives. Attack confirmed by “New Armenian Resistance”
(Jan.3) Turkish Bank in London attacked with explosives. Attack confirmed by “New Armeniasn Ressistance”.
(June 2) Madrid: Necla Kuneralp, wife of Ambassador Zeki Kuneralp and ex-ambassador Besir Balcioglu killed.
(July 8) Attack on Paris Labor Attache Office and Tourism Bureau with explosives. Attack admitted by “Armenian Genocide Justice Commandos”.
(Dec. 6) Explosive Attack -Turkish Consulate in Geneva. Admitted by “New Armenian Resistance Organization.”
(Dec. 17) THY Geneva Office attacked with explosives, accepted by “ASALA” Liberation Army.

(April 15) Grek Government permits “Armenian Revenge Monument” in Athens Nea Simirna square.
(Aug. 22) Vis-Consul Niyazi Adali of Geneva Consulate attacked; 3 persons wounded, ASALA accepted!
(Aug. 27) THY Frankfurt Office attacked with explosives. ASALA accepted.
(Oct.4) THY Copenhagen Office attacked with explosives. ASALA accepted.
(Oct.12) Ambassador Ozdemir Benler’s son Ahmet Benler killed in Amsterdam, Holland.
(Dec. 22) Yilmaz Copan, Tourism Consultant in Paris, assassinated.

(Jan. 10) THY Tahran Office, attacked by ASALA.
(Feb.6) Ambassador Dogan Turkmen, attacked in Bern, Switzerland, wounded.
(March 10) Armenian terrorists raid THY Rome Office, 2 Italians killed, 14 Italians wounded.
(April 6) ASALA meeting at Sayda: Kurds and Armenians declared brotherhood by blood.
(April 17) Vatican Ambassador Vecdi Turel attacked, protecting guard Tahsin Guvenc wounded.
(April 19) ASALA attacks Turkish Consulate in Marseille with rocket.
(July 31) Attaché Galip Ozmen and daughter Neslihan ruthlessly killed in Athens.
(Aug.5) Raid by Armenians on Lyon Turkish Consulate: Three citizens wounded
(Sept. 26) Paris: Turkish Press Attaché Selcuk Bakkalbasu attacked and wounded critically.
(Nov. 10) ASALA attacks Turkish Consulate in Strazburg.
(Dec. 17) Sydney Consul General Sarik Ariyak and guard police Engin Sever killed.

(Jan. 13) Paris Embassy, Financial Consultant Ahmet Erbeyli’s car, set-up by bomb. Erbeyli escaped.
(March 4) Paris: Labor Consultant Resat Morali and religion personnel Tecelli Ari, assassinated.
(April 3) Copenhagen: Labor Consultant of Embassy Cavit Demir, gunned by Armenian terrorists going home.
(June 9) Mehmet Yerguz, Secretary at Geneva Consulate, assassinated. ASALA accepted.
(Sept. 24) Armenian terrorists raid Turkish Paris Embassy, security guard Cemal Ozen, ruthlessly killed.
(Oct.3) Turkish Embassy – Rome, 2’nd secretary Gokberk Ergenekon, attacked, escaped with wounds.
(Nov. 27) “Armenian Students Association” and “Kurdish Students Association” make joint declaration!

(Jan. 28) Los Angeles Consul General Kemal Arikan, assassinated by Harry Sasunian and Kirkor Saliba.
(April 8) Kani Gungor, Commercial Consultant at Ottowa Embassy, attacked, esapes wounded.
(May 5) Honorary Consul for Boston area, Okan Gunduz assassinated.
(June 7) Attaché Erkut Akbay at Lisbon Embassy, assassinated. In the same period, following persons have been attacked but escaped: Military Attaché in Ottowa Atilla Altikat, Burgaz-Bulgaria Consulate Attaché Bora Suelkan, Lisbon Embassy Charge d’Affairé Yurtsev Mihcioglu and wife Cahide Mihcioglu, as well as Coskun Kirca the Ambassador for Canada.

(Aug.7) 3 Armenian terrorists attack Ankara Esenboga airport with bombs and machine guns, killed 9 persons,3 of them being security guards and wounded 78 persons. Terrorist Levon Ekmekciyan was arrested.
(Aug. 10) A Turkish Armenian named Artin Penik, to Express his sorrow and protest these terrorist acts at

Ankara airport, set himself in torches in Istanbul Taksim square: he spoke badly wounded, died later.

(Jan. 29) Levon Ekmekciyan, responsible for Ankara 1982 airport massacre, was executed.
Two Armenian militants Harut Levonyan and Rafi Elbekian, plan an attack on Belgrade Turkish Embassy and kill an innocent citizen of Belgrade just passing-by.
(July 15) Terrorists of ASALA group raid Paris Orly airport – THY Office with bombs. They kill 4 French, 2 Turkish, 1 USA, 1 Swedish, in total 8 persons and wound 60 other passengers who were there.
(July 27) 5 Armenian terrorists raid the Turkish Lisbon Embassy again, five of them get killed.

1985: (March 12) Turkish Ottowa Embassy raided with bombs by 3 Armenian terrorists. One of the Canadian guards shot dead. Ambassador Coskun Kirca escapes wounded.

(Jan. 21) Armenians raid Hocali town in Azerbaijan with bombs. 3 Russian soldiers, 2 Azeris get killed. Correspondent of Azerbaijan’s Sound newspaper Sayatin Askerova, also gets killed.
(April 13) Armenians attack Azeris at Karabag. Armenians shell the Azeri villages with cannons.
(April 23) Azeri villages of Shusha town, are shelled and machine gunned. 3 Azeris die, 3 houses are destroyed, 3 houses become unusable.
(April 26) Karabagh: 4 Azeri guards get killed. Incident accepted by “Karabagh Warriors” Armenian group.
(Sept. 23) Armenia Declares independence.
(Dec. 26) Soviet Union dissolves. Armenia becomes totally and legally independent after Sept.23rd.

1996: Levon Ter Petrosian elected to be President of Armenia for he second time.

(March 20) Robert Kocharian, one of the Dashnak leaders, becomes Prime Minister of Armenia.
(Dec. 20) Armenians in Istanbul celebrate the 160th anniversary of Surp Hagop Hospital. Turkish Association of Newspapers, give the Sedat Simavi prize to Garbis Ozatay.

Turkish President Suleyman Demirel, receives editor of the Jamanak Newspaper Ara Kocunyan on the occasion of the 90th anniversary, at the Presidential house.
(February) Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosian resigns. This opens the chance for Robert Kocharian to become leader. Petrosian was disliked by extremists, because he wanted to establish peace in Karabagh.
(February) Azeri Peoples Party leader Elcibey, said that Kocharian obtained the support of Russians and started a revolt in Karabagh against Azerbaidjan.
(March 39) Kocharian becomes President of Armenia.
(July) Kurdish PKK terorist leader Abdullah Ocalan, asks Armenia to designate private village for PKK.
(Oct. 14) Mesrob Mutafyan, elected to be the 84th Armenian Patriarch.

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