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 © This content Mirrored From TurkishArmenians  Site armenians-1915.blogspot.com The allegations which point out that genocide was committed against the Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire during World War I, gradually increases, as the domestic problems of Turkey escalates! As Armenian Diaspora’s vote potential in the domestic politics in America, France etc. and the activities of their lobbies is not enough, . . the genocide claims at our home and the “genocide had committed” comprehension in the whole world of some so-called writers with the support of Baskin Oran, Halil Berktay, Elif Safak, Orhan Pamuk, have turned into a kind of an assertion! This claim has gained a momentum after the death of Hrant Dink! Some Armenian writers and the “Diaspora of Armenian Enthusiasts” joined the exterior Diaspora…Our liberals are included in this Diaspora other than Etyen Mahçupyan and Eseyan, Sevan Nisanyan!

The part of the “great game” that was played on Turkey in the 19th century was to bring Kurds and Armenians face to face to destroy the Ottoman Empire…Later that was changed; they united the Armenians and the Kurds against the Turks! By this way they wanted to weaken the Turkish Republic and divide Turkey in addition to giving land and compensation to Armenians!

…) I had many Armenian friends and classmates. They were all devoted to this land from the heart. Especially, they loved Atatürk. And I do not remember us talking about genocide among ourselves. In the letter that he wrote to me with his perfect Turkish after living in America for 40 years Arto Ayvazyan, one of my classmates, regretted by saying: “What have you done to your beautiful Turkish…” We use to go to his home when we were in America and have the meals that were prepared by her mother. We really had fun! Both of Arto’s sons used to sit on our laps and call us “uncle”. Later, when they grew up, they gave up calling us uncle and started to look daggers at us! Arto complained as: “Don’t care about them. They are tempted. Their brains are washed! What do they know about the love between us?”

The code exists on how Turkish-Armenian relations have changed at Arto’s sons…

Is it a coincidencei Hrant Dink was able to say: “poisoned Turkish blood” and Etyen Mahçupyan continues to serve on the opposite front; as if he is taking revenge…Now, Sevan Nisanciyan has also appeared! The so-called intellectual “assistant professor”, who cleans his intestines, pours feces down from his Turkish origin wife’s head! And the solidarity, which does not suit being intellectual among them; Etyen presents this incident, as an excusable occurrence. He defends him as Murat Belge! Probably, because not damaging the mutual case…Briefly, the mutual ground of being an intellectual is a jar of feces! Nisanyan told the following to Nese Düzel about Atatürk before this “feces” incident:

“Atatürk could leave the power, but, he did not. He personally paid attention with the erection of his statues at each public square in the country. This idolizing has brought a cultural-political demolition, which still continues…The republic has not brought ‘the real secularism’. Our secularism was an elimination movement. The potential of restricting the absolute power of the government by religion was attempted to be wiped out with “secularism”. Therefore the real intention was the absolute power, not secularism…The astonishing view, which points out that we are struggling against imperialism was invented by Dogan Avcioglu and Mihri Belli in 1960’s. In fact, the Salvation War is a war between Turkey and Greece…Republic is the code name for dictatorship. Republic was adopted for personal dictatorship, not for democracy.”

Nisanyan is a professor. He can say whatever he wishes to… Of course, it is unnecessary to discuss this nonsense… However, when these are pronounced by a “Turkish” Armenian, the bill is presented to all Armenians. The Armenians that I know, were greatly disturbed by these…

*Altemur Kiliç-Yeniçag Daily Newspaper-21.07.2008
*Genocide Reality


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