2555) Propaganda Perspective of the Diaspora Lobby

 © This content Mirrored From TurkishArmenians  Site armenians-1915.blogspot.com The Armenian movements and attempts, which have been based in various countries that target to break the Eastern Anatolian lands off the Turks with the intention of founding “an independent Armenia” starting from the end of 19th century, take shape according to the domestic and foreign political interests of the countries they live in. . .

The Armenian question, which is based on the interests of the foreign countries and propaganda, was created at a period when the Ottoman Empire weakened and entered to the collapsing process. Following the World War I and the Salvation War, the issue of Armenian claims, which was not active, despite some insignificant activities and which were not brought on the political platform since 1923 until 1965, were reprocessed with the influence of various political thoughts. A multi-dimensional, organized conscious slandering campaign in 1965 was started entitled ‘50th anniversary of the 1915 incidents’ in some countries and primarily in the USA, France, Greece and Lebanon. Starting from this day, the Armenian organizations, which are based in the Western countries and the Middle East have increasingly intensified their negative propaganda activities and persisted their attacks against Turkey, by adding their violent activities that were carried on until 1985.

All the Armenian activities and attempts are installed with the intention of acquiring the support of the other countries via propaganda and by this way establishing a pressure over Turkey. The mass, which is targeted at the activities are the ones, who control the world public opinion and particularly who own political power. They use every kind of environs for their propaganda activities, particularly international organizations, the universities, other educational institutions, mass media that were organized by them with this intention.

The Armenian lobby resorts every kind of method including threatening for inserting their claims and expectations like “the lands of Eastern Anatolia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are the homeland of Armenia”, “they suffered a genocide”, ”returning back to their mother country, demanding compensation” to the scientific studies, whatever field is selected at the universities, research centers and institutes. When appropriate circumstances exist, centers and institutions are founded to serve the Armenian claims, necessary attention is given for gathering the academic circles and students, who are interested in the subject under this roof and supporting the Armenian claims. Lately, it can be observed that importance has been attached to the efforts for attracting some Turkish origin citizens, who are in an effort for being accepted by the country they inhabit, into these circles in return to a choice of interests. Today, brain washing activities in the education field has reached to the secondary school level with the inclusion of the genocide claims into the national curriculum of some countries.

Another field that is used actively by the Armenian Diaspora for reaching its goals is the media. They use visual media like television, cinema of they country they reside despite the publishing house, newspaper, magazine they posses. Not giving an opportunity to the views and information opposing to their claims without having a concern of objectivity at the documentary and discussion programs and their attempts for preventing opponent programs, prepares a ground for establishing single-sided and incorrect opinions.

Preparing announcements and posters, for the April 24th, which is adopted as the anniversary of the 1915 incidents, composes the other method which they resort. Cinema and movie works are within the interest field of the Armenian lobby. Armenian claims on the 1915 incidents are inserted in the films that are made on art and tourism.

Lately, serious information pollution is being experienced particularly in the USA and Europe on the fake biographies and documents. The facts that some people undertake a role of a victim or an important person with novels, in which they locate themselves or the origin of their family into a historical perspective, and most of these memories are forged and do not comply with the realities are not ignored by a conscious minority. However, the subconscious of the masses, which are not sufficiently well-informed and conscious, are poised with these kinds of information.

One of the most typical instance of this, is the novel entitled “Skylark”, which written by Antonia Arslan, an Armenian origin Italian citizen and a lecturer at the Padova University. The most striking lie in the novel besides many contradictions is the claim, which points out that the writer’s family was obliged to leave Anatolia because of the 1915 incidents. Later it came out that Antonia Arslan’s family had settled in Europe long before 1915. The movie, which was shot based on the novel with the financial support of “Euroimage Fund” of the European Union, was criticized seriously and the expected attention was not attracted. Armenian lobby takes the advantage of opportunity to influence ordinary people by supporting films, which includes genocide lies, despite the fact that no positive reactions were taken from the criticizers, and the expected attention was not attracted.

International organizations and the propaganda activities of the national parliaments constitute the other element of the attempts in this field. Many international organizations, conferences, congresses and peace negotiations have constituted an appropriate ground for expressing Armenian claims. Armenian claims and demands were expressed at the Berlin (1878), Sevres (1920), Lausanne (1923), Tehran (1943) and Potsdam (1945) Conferences. Currently, national parliaments, United Nations, the Committee for Parliaments Union of Latin America and European Committee are the leading places, where Armenians find the opportunity to execute their propaganda activities. Armenian lobby infiltrate these circles by using humane weaknesses and political interests and attempt to acquire fruitful results by using every kind of methods that can be imagined.

The information, logic and documentary deficiency or inaccuracy of the propaganda activities on academicals and artistic fields are attempted to be camouflaged with exaggerated emotional, violent themes. So; forged, distorted documents/ memories become references of the studies of the academicals, they are imposed on the circles, which do not and cannot know the historical developments; and while the public opinions of the countries are influenced on one hand; on the other, political mechanisms are directed with the contribution of appropriate domestic and foreign expectations of the countries, where they are based. As a consequence, the question is beyond shedding light on the historical incidents. The expectations of the countries and organizations, which are directed to take sides, are reflected on Turkey, and by this way the dangerous spiral becomes increasingly widespread.

Finally, it would be right to mention about the games that are played over the Turkish public opinion. The Armenian lobby, which has found grounds for their claims at the parliaments of some countries, leading France, attempts to break the greatest resistance that they would encounter while attempting to reach their goal, into pieces internally by creating a sense of guilt on the Turkish public opinion. They have been running a sly psychological campaign in Turkey, which seems a humanistic and moral campaign, entitled “We should Face Our History”, with this intention. The goal of this campaign, which is completely guided, is to convict Turkish history with the “genocide” claims…

By this way, Turkish nation’s current sovereignty on the geography it resides, is attempted to be questioned and convicted.”

In this context, we observe the unconcerned manners, of some of our “intellectuals” who do not care about the facts on the subject, which is in fact not their field of expertise. We wonder if finding the greatest support from the countries, which incite Armenians for revolting against their country by these circles, which have not examined the facts like the archives, historical documents, official corresponding, and made statements without questioning the accuracy of the documents they found, without making a comparison with the opposing ones in addition to condemning the history of their country, is a coincidence?

In this process, the assassination of Hrant Dink, editor-in-chief of AGOS has constituted an important breaking point. Following Dink’s assassination an incomparable physiological campaign was started against the national and cultural values…

It is interesting that the ones, who do not mention about genocide against Turks while tens of Turkish diplomats were assassinated, presented this murder as the evidence of their genocide claims…

It seems like this assassination project was put into effect with the intention of testing political and social structure of Turkey. It can be discussed if this test is done spontaneously or on purpose.”

Consequently, the Armenian terrorist organizations, which compose a part of the project which aims at destroying the Ottoman Empire and establishing a Christian state instead, were unsuccessful, and were obliged to go away from the lands, where they already constitute the minority. However, the slandering campaigns against our country on this issue, in another words, the propaganda war, still continues.

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