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Yerevan: Genocide Anniversary 24 Apr 2012

Turkish Flag Burning In Yerevan (24 April 2011)

Participants of a memorial march burn a Turkish flag before heading to the monument in Yerevan, Armenia, Saturday, April 23, 2011. Several thousands of Armenians took part in a memorial march (AP Photo/Tigran Mehrabyan, PanArmenian)

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Flags And Portraits Of Turkish Leaders Burnt In Armenia, 24 April 2010

Torchlight Procession In Yerevan: Turkish Flag Burned, 24 April 2010

Dashnak Demonstration Beirut June 2005

Demonstration of Young Dashnaks Yerevan, Apr 23 2008

Demonstration of the Dashnak Party, Athens, April 24, 1996:

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Demonstration of the young Dashnaks, Erevan, April 23, 2003:

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Not: The young Dashnak burned several Turkish flags with David stars during this demonstration, and burned other in 2002. After the protestations of Israel ambassador, no other flag with David star was burned in Erevan, but the real Turkish flag is still burned every year.

Demonstration of the Dashnak party in Marseille, April 24, 2003:

Not: Following this destruction of a Turkish flag, there was a rixe between Dashnaks and Turks. After this incident, no Turkish flag were burned in Marseille.

Demonstration of the Dashnak party, Salonika, April 24, 2004:

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Demonstration of the Dashnak Party, Athens, 23 April, 2005:

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Demonstration of the Dashnak Party, Beiruth, April 24, 2006:

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Demonstration of Armenian nationalists, Montréal, April 24, 2006:

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Demonstration of the Dashnak party, Salonika, April 23, 2007:

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Not: "Greek Police Clash With Armenian Demonstrators Outside Turkish Consulate

THESSALONIKI, Greece: Riot police clashed briefly with demonstrators outside the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki Tuesday, during a protest over the mass killings of Armenians by Turks in the early 20th century.

Police said some 200 Greek Armenian protesters tried to break past a police cordon outside the consulate building. No injuries or arrests were reported.

Demonstrators chanted slogans and burnt a Turkish flag during the protest, held to commemorate the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1919 in what is now eastern Turkey."

International Herald Tribune, France, April 24, 2007.

“A prosecutor in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki has pressed charges against unidentified persons who burned a Turkish flag during a Greek-Armenian demonstration in front of Turkey's consulate in the city last month.”

Today’s Zaman, May 25, 2007.

Demonstration of the Dashnak Party, Erevan, April 24, 2007:

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Demonstration of the Dashnak party, Erevan, April 24, 2008:

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Armenians living in Greece burn a Turkish flag outside the Turkish Consulate in the northern town of Thessaloniki during a demonstration marking the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide, 24 April 2007. Armenians 24 April marked the 92nd anniversary of the killing of hundreds of thousands of their compatriots under the Ottoman Empire, an event recognized as genocide by many countries but a flashpoint in relations between Turkey and the West. Amid heavy snowfall, thousands climbed to a hilltop memorial for the victims in the Armenian capital Yerevan



Dussardier, Paris, Ile-de-france, France said...

These are the same peoples who burn Turkish flags, or incite their friends to burn Turkish flags, and, after this, ask the "recognition" of the so-called "genocide". The Dashnaks burned a Turkish flag in Bruxelles and in Beirut in 2005, but the photos are unfortunately unavailable.

As pointed correctly Mr. Sarafian, the Armenians of XXI st century cannot present themselves as "victims". We can add that many Armenians are aggressive and provocative.
Congratulations to the authors of this blog, decent and human peoples, who make a useful job.

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Tete de Turc , Groupe Moniteur, France said...

You can find the pictures here too :


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Gilbert, Az, United States said...


Did you think you disposed of me?
That your conscience was clear because you erased your memory?
That you could wash your mind of its historic bloody stains?
Did you think you could eradicate my name
as you did the inscriptions on the old stone churches in your midst?
Did you think you could teach your children lies
and then have them repeat your words and make them sound
like truths because they came out of the mouths of babes?
Did you think Time would heal your self-inflicted wounds?
That your sins would not be visited upon your sons?
Did you really think that by ignoring me
you could stop me from gnawing away at your vitals?
Did you really believe that you could sleep the sleep of the just?

I creep into your dreams at night
I make you shudder in the dark.
I inflame your guilt by magnitudes.
I send a shiver down your spine.
I show you pictures of your deeds:


You called me “Kardash”; therefore I trusted you.
We lived together side by side.
I shared my ancient and historic homeland with you.
I tilled the soil for both of us.
I fashioned handicrafts for our mutual use.
I infused your language and song with grace and finesse.
I told myself that Christian love would bridge the gap between our worlds.
I upheld the laws of the land.
I fought in your army as a trustworthy subject.
Too late did I discover your treachery.

History required that I play Abel to your Cain.
But Abel’s story can be read and acknowledged.
Not so with me.
I must live with a truth that goes untrusted, unbelieved.
Only I can be found telling the story
and therefore am vilified for being self-serving.

“They say” I hate you.
But my role is to point the accusing finger at your hatred of me.
And your hatred is like a sickness that grows with self-awareness.
As you strive to be equal with the civilized world,
you repress more and more that which you cannot face.
And the sickness continues to grow.
Your aberrations will not cease.
They will haunt you to spiritual death.
And my curse will be upon you and your children.
Never to be released!
Damnation of the spirit is your rightful inheritance.
And then will my revenge be complete.


C.K. Garabed

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Conan, Pmg-adsl, Rotterdam, Netherlands said...


The 200.000 Armenians (great part Ottoman Armenians) in World War I, what were they doing in the armies of the enemies of the Ottoman Empire?

See also headlines from Newspapers in

(“1961) New Series: Innocent(!) Armenians Through Historical NewsPaper Archives”)

Had that been a massive infiltration of Armenians to help the Turks against the war enemies or something else?

And the thousands of Ottoman Armenians behind the war fronts, inside Anatolia capturing cities and handing over to the arch-enemy of the Turks, attacking communication lines, attacking supply lines, etc:

Why would the Armenians do that? To show their loyalty?

If you can give a reasonable explanation for this behavior of the Ottoman Armenians in wartime, your bitterness will be justified.

And never threat a lion when you are mouse.

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Levent, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia said...


When Republic of Turkey was founded, 5.5 million of the 17 million of her population were born outside the borders of the republic. That tells you something, without even talking about the count of the dead Turkish bodies.

Turkish losses were far greater than the Armenians' and Turks were subjected to ethnic cleansing not only in Eastern Anatolia, but also in the Balkans, in the the Middle East, in the Caucuses. Eastern Anatolia had seen bloody struggles as a consequence of Armenian provocation, betrayal and aggression. My generation grew up listening slaughter, mass migrations, kids and elderly dying from hunger and exhaustion. My barber keeps a nice handicraft Armenian knife taken out of her great grand mother's dead body.

We moved on and it did good for us.

Unfortunately your hatred eats you alive and does nothing to us.

Happy to offer apology, but I deserve one too.


A Turkish American(76.255.1x.xx) Los Angeles, California, United States said...

This is a proof of Armenian supremacist mindset.

They are out to get everything Turkish out there. They are as supremacist and racist as Al-Qaida and Taliban. They hate everything Turkish out there, even Taner Akcam and Orhan Pamuk. I bet if you give an Armenian a gun, they will butcher every Turkish living being and drink their blood like Dracula. These Armenians even squirm and pout like a bunch of little babies when Kobe Bryant signed a deal with the Lakers. Lol, then maybe Jews should tell everyone to stop buying BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen then.

They squirm, pout, threaten, cry and only use immature ad-hominem attacks. When people present the facts to them, they get angrier then bulls. They even got busted for Medicare Fraud in the USA (150 million dollars) and you will see Armenians celebrating how they mooched money of Americans thinking Americans are stupid just because of their fraud schemes. Everyone should laugh at these Armenians, they need to get a life and no one should take these people seriously.

They are like a bunch of bratty babies who just squirm, squirm and squirm without thinking. They don't care if a Turkish person still agrees with the genocide allegation, they will still hate.

I'd bet every Armenian out there wants to get a gun and point it to the head of people who disagree with this genocide stuff. The reason why they want to plant a genocide allegation is to snitch land from Turkey, vilify Turkish people more worser then Adolf Hitler did towards the Jews and drain every single penny from the Turkish government. This is why we sit their and laugh at these clowns. They need to give up, they are tired people who are just emotionally sick and demeneted in the head. We will never ever recognize a fairy tale.

The only reason some people believe them is because these Armenian supremacists threaten, squirm and shout. They are after Turkish blood and want to drink the Turkish blood. They are all hateful. (With the exception of Artin Penik, may he rest in peace).

( Covent Garden, Westminster, United Kingdom said...

If we actually look at the bigger picture of the alleged genocide you will soon discover that Armenians massacred Azerbaijani and Kurdish people.

Lets not forget the reason for the war between the two nations.

Until hard evidence is proven the genocide is very much a fictional aspect in politricks.

Ask any neighbouring country of Armania???

Armenians killed many Jews and Muslims as they believed that they were some kind of orthodox Christian empire progressing like an epidemic. It was the ottomans who they feared and eventually lost their ruthless campaign.

Turkey??? If the genocide is true then its the ottomans??? not the Turks right.

But personally i believe no genocide.

I will use my freedom of speech. Long live the truth.

By the way im not Turkish im welsh and have read loads to know whats what.

Read guys read both sources and you will see.

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