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Progress is creature control, and the existence of life without struggle is not clear. In the life expectation of the world is only an illusion, because the world is only after our death, to the cemetery. The fight is worth - as our lives, the struggle is sacred - as labor, the fight is nothing like the highest concentration of thought, spirit and work. Tired of fighting to die, will live and rule only full of power struggle. . .

Collective struggle.
Sacred duty to struggle lies not only on individuals, it also has communities and peoples. Just as the individual maintains a separate existence, their originality only by struggle, and the community and the nation may adopt its originality and its existence only through struggle. The people, nation, who are not able to maintain a collective struggle, doomed to failure, and even the destruction, though it were their own culture, and abilities above the enemy.

Living a sovereign and independent, to dictate their "I", to ensure their existence is that people who are capable of collective struggle, the whole - as one, even less in quality and quantity of its surroundings. "That's it for this reason, the first condition for the existence of nations - the unity of the organization, and only after other national values and achievements - cultural, trade, crafts, education, etc. The idea of education, the capacity values are significant only when there is a will to give them importance, otherwise these values have nothing, nothing was as head of Archimedes with his sword in front of a soldier of Rome, or a luxurious throne of Byzantium - before the attacks of Turkish janissary. Yes, living will and the organization more desirable than the wisdom and ability. The latter is a necessary complement, rather than the bedrock of existence.

The organization is nothing more than an association of individual disparate forces, unity of will. As of the individual grains of sand collected from the mountain and negligible drops of water - the river, and from individual human negligible forces from going through invincible tribe, nation and state. Destroy the organization and the nation or state - whatever the powerful - to evaporate, to disappear as the clouds disappear from the strong wind. The value of the organization not only in its goals, ideas, or in any form, but primarily in its existence - it is an end in itself, because there is a unification of forces, it is in itself the strength and opportunity.

The strength of the Armenians.
The strength of the Armenians existed when it was «majestic of all northern peoples». It was the strength and the moral and physical, as was its corresponding time of the organization, even if based on the conquests of Tigran the Great, or power nahararov.

Anchor of the Armenian state forces were on the one hand, centripetal power, and military organization Artashesids and Arshakuni, based on the Armenians, on the other hand - raznoyazykih identity and origin of various elements and an alliance with them - in one state. On the one hand - centripetal administration, on the other - detsentralistskie methods and a single army - that is exactly what has created the Armenian people the opportunity to not only survive but also to dictate its will to the borders between Syria and with the center of Antioch, Mtsbin, as well as to the northern, more Virka and Utika, and of the Albanian lands to maskutov country, with the center of Chora Valley. This impressive power to compete with Rome and Tizbonom was not so much a consequence of the quantity or quality of the Armenians, but rather the creation of the organizational methods used by Armenians.

Our forefathers were not only skilled craftsmen in the construction of magnificent temples of stone and earthworks and bridges, and today, damaging its magnificence, but the architects in the construction of various human souls and blood of different strength, quality, creating a nation state - majestic and inaccessible to the environment. And then, as now, Armenians had no number, but quality, and the basis of this quality was the art of producing and numerical, and qualitative opportunities - for the nation and homeland.

Brilliant, strength, and even the existence of Armenia turned to dust as the dust turns into a marvelous temple of a severe tremors. The reasons for our loss of our historians and critics in general are accustomed to attribute to our small size and the large number of opponents. But our forces were amenable to the countless small legions of Lucullus, or before the cavalry Bugaya and Gulaza also smaller, but better organized.

One of the reasons for our loss, we consider the geographical disadvantages of our homeland. Very unfair treatment to our homeland - Armenia.

Indeed, it is similar to the unassailable fortress, which was surrounded impassable divide, given the harsh climate, a natural cemetery for the tiny inhabitants of the plains.

No, Armenia is not to blame for its geographic position, it is not the cause of our weakening, on the contrary, it should have been to promote the Armenians if the Armenian spirit of the special one - the institutional art.

Finally, as the cause of our weakening and dissipation is given the lack of ability and courage of our tribe. It is also an unfair characterization of our people. Armenian knows how to die, he was brave of the brave, and as before his sons in the Persian and Roman armies were the punishment for the mess and the Scythians, and now the Armenians are the best warriors, despising death. Armenian capable and will remain so. Proof of this is that the Armenians for centuries ruled by Byzantium, and so far in various countries offer outstanding personalities of international dimension in all areas. That spread Armenians had neither a beggar, that a worldwide competition to preserve their identity and culture of a thousand - well, except for Jews - is unparalleled in the self-initiative, all this proves that the Armenian is not retarded, unable to part, on the contrary - contains a high quality, but also a weakness, which makes him impotent, void as to himself, and for their homeland.

Armenian has lost the will, the will to recognize the complex responsibilities of one's country and nation.

In psychology, it has been individualistom and, as a personality, like the Jew has become a strong, but as a community of like a rootless and without a nation Levante weakened. Our greatness and our insignificance should go here. And if it were not so, who knows, could be external forces to destroy our wonderful creation - the magnificent temples Artashesids, Bagratuni, Artsruni, Rubenidov or the Republic of Armenia.

We spray mainly because of our evil - because of shortages of collective organization.

Organization of the Armenian Church.
After the death of the Armenian statehood, the Armenian homeland, and enslavement, should not be left collective Armenians, it must be dissolved in the surrounding nations, as happened with a number of our neighboring states. Today should not be there, even the Armenian name, and only as a historical name was mentioned it would be next to the names of our neighbors, Albanians and the Hittites - if there had been no Armenian church education. If today there are Armenians as a nation, then this greatly, we are obliged to our church. Should, however, specify what more should be ascribed the important role of the Armenian church - its idealism and its organization? According to some, a positive moment in our church is its ideology. However, the ideology of our church - a simple, ancient Christianity, almost the same as the Orthodox, a difference which is understandable only to experts on religion, doctor of theology. The ideology of our church is different from other churches, therefore, is not that ideology is the cause of our identity and the preservation of our national identity. On the contrary, Christianity with its ideology was the cause of assimilation and the disappearance of many nations - it was in the crucible of Catholicism Hlodvigskie Franc assimilated with the gallium to form the current French or Lombard to latinyanami to form the current Italy. Or, for example, in the cauldron of Orthodoxy melted and many, many people, giving the top Russian, Greek national families.

No, not the ideology of our church is the cause of preserving our national unity. Our national identity in the organization of a church: Armenian, losing their homes, has created on their land abstract homeland oveschestviv it rocks Echmiadzin. Lost kingdoms Arshakuni, Bagratuni, Rubenidov, Armenians turned this secular authority in spiritual power, creating Ararat, ERC-runiyskoe, Cilician Patriarchate. Having lost their leading aristocracy, Armenians approved to replace the loss of traditional religious institutions, and electoral officials. The Church ceased to be only a prayer house and became an informal authority, court, school, cultural institution, the center of external relations and representation of the Armenian people, and even an advisor to business affairs.

His organization Armenian Church in fact become an Armenian state, with no state law - without the land and country, no army and police, prisons, and without coercion. It was the unofficial state within a state, morally tsarstvuya over the souls of the oppressed and the persecuted body of Armenians, though intangible power, rather than teaching, as in other churches. We have an obligation to the exclusive organization of our church that, though, and lost our freedom, power, our homeland, but remained the Armenians as a community educational wing, retaining much of our national capabilities, and above all - our identity. Given that the value of our church, Armenian, whatever opinion he was not - an atheist or a believer, Catholic or Protestant, socialist, or Democrat - should take care to preserve the organization of the Armenian Church, to develop it, rather than seek its destruction, the desire, which may be inherent Only the enemies of the Armenians. We need to continue to do so until the Armenians did not gain its independence. Let the souls of the spiritual power remains until it can not pass into our hands.

Organization Dashnaktsutyun.
We saw that our church, in addition to Christian teaching, was disguised Armenian organization, administration, authority, based on voluntary spiritual under the Armenians, the power, not organized on the principles of heredity and the divine covenant, and to voice the will of the people. It is for this reason the enemies of the Armenians saw our church as a political force and as a consequence, its direct hit on her organization. "Situation" of Russian tsars, the prosecution Bolsheviks steps aimed against the unity of our church, or an attempt to subordinate its policies and turn to his agency with the leadership of the church, as it succeeded in the case of Duryanom, Mesrop or Mazlumyanom and other bishops - all of which are main purpose is not so much separation of church and state, but rather the deprivation of the Armenian people of one of its pillars, its religious organization. The goal is assimilation of the Armenians, it anatsionalizatsiya, and not to give effect to the freedom-loving slogans. It says that religion - matter of conscience. But we see that our Church - not only a matter of conscience, and moral management of the secular demands Armenians as an incentive to preserve the Armenian community, albeit devoid of the homeland, powerless, inert and living in their souls. It is in view of these circumstances, our enemies have made the target of their attacks Armenian church. And today it is under attack, and next to it for half - AR Dashnaktsutyun.

What is Dashnaktsutyun?
"What is Dashnaktsutyun?" - The answer to this question lies in a small booklet of several pages, called "Program AR Dashnaktsutyun.

It is this little book serves as a compass for the hundreds of thousands of members of the organization and, if you will, for the Armenian people.

This book is actually the Koran, the Talmud Dashnaktsutiun, his gospel, so, for what dashnaktsakan and will spare no lives.

"The program is for Dashnaktsutyun sacred, and not without reason, many rank and file members, especially from the soldiers - it sanctifies religious sign, kiss, put your eyes, and then open up. This program is the goal of true dashnaktsakana for which he sacrifices his life as sacrifice themselves for the first Christians the Gospel of Christ.

However, there is a difference in faith and respect for its relic of the Dashnaktsutyun and holy books mentioned above, there is a fundamental difference between the "Program" Dashnaktsutyun and programs of other parties.

The Gospel, as the Koran, as the Talmud or the teachings of Marx, Engels or Lenin's teachings, and the like - unchanged, and if you change their structure, obrushatsya and turn into the dust of their beliefs, leading to a life of many heresies and sects. At the same time, on the contrary, the Gospel Dashnaktsutyun changes, it is not a petrified dogma, as the first and last word Dashnaktsutyun. From each before the next General Meeting in accordance with the requirements of the time period and the program may change and take another form, without the slightest concessions to its values and commitments. If in other exercises, the other parties in the program are stone cathedrals, immutable and final, we have, on the contrary, the program is similar to the huge oak tree that grows from a seed becomes a sprout, a sprout - in the plant, the plant - a tree, gradually Thus, by modifying, according to the weather and time, but always retaining its nature and essence.

Many noticing this phenomenon, we attribute besprogrammnost and expediency, while we, on the contrary, we see in this life and vitality.

There is a second, even a big difference. Other parties, religion consists of philosophical theories of a person - mind and soul of people, put in some form, imposed on the masses. There are as whether socialism of Marx, Lenin's Bolshevism, fascism of Mussolini, Hitler's Nazism, democracy of Roosevelt and the "Hulk" Kemal?

Yes, exactly like this. Exceptional individual (top) dictate something different masses, namely the identity of imposing its will on the people (bottom).

Oddly, from this point of view, we are the exception: we have, by contrast, programs and requirements dictated by bottom surface.

Dashnaktsutyun was not and is not selected, and the rulers did not tolerate them - Hitler and Lenin, it is not available, it authoritative founders Christopher, growth, and Simon, a revered than Lenin, have different world views, but found the majesty and wisdom to put aside the material interest and personal views, and to organize people around a program dictated by the bottom. Their greatness is that they understand that voice and created in accordance with the organization.

Marxist growth populist Christopher and then if bakuninets, then if nechaevets Simon, not forgetting their teachings, to melt them in a different doctrine, that is called Dashnaktsutiun - a kind of religion, whose true source beats of the Armenian peasant worldview of his desires and dreams . They sang along with the people and the national anthem and a song plowmen.

We know that Dashnaktsutyun by and large is not a theorist, and not need it, its theoretical - its people, its General Assembly. And if he has many writers, they only seek to capture the facts and not make the facts of the theoretical efforts.

This is our critics interpreted in the sense that we obey the crowd and administered, we believe that, on the contrary, we listen to the interpreters to the masses, striving to understand them and compare our program with the people, not people adapt to our program.

We tailored clothing under the body, rather than the body under clothing. And this is the secret of our popularity and strength of the party, as well as the lack of dignity concluded that the explanation of the fact that others have resorted to violence and live a short life.

There is also a third, no less important distinction. In other parties, the program theory is required for the masses and for the state, it usually embodies the will of the majority party congress.

In such parties, the views of individuals or minorities made anathema, or creating a false appearance of unanimity, or subordinating the minority vote requirement of "unity" party. As a consequence, these parties have emerged in the cult of personality and the cult of the majority, from which comes all sectarianism: for example, numerous Russian and French factions.

Such evils, we have no (or rather, exist in small amounts), because we do not have, first, the phenomenon of the cult of personality, and secondly, if we have the will of the majority required for the minorities, while respecting the views and minorities. These views are not rejected completely. For us, the decisions taken by a majority or even unanimity is not immune dogmas. As I said in the first paragraph, for Dashnaktsutyun there is no single dogma, there is no definitive law. Any decision to remain in force as long as it is effective in life and beneficial to society. "The experience becomes Dashnaktsutyun theory rather than theory - experience" - seems to be so - and very rightly said in the famous trial in the Senate over dashnaktsakanami one of the Russian judicial officials.

The other theoretical calculations and reflections have become law and theory, while we have a mistrust of the validity of these calculations and thought, until they are tested and approved in real life - a majority or minority. Dashnaktsutyun not like a chemist, who, like Mendeleev, his theory of the atom determines the existence of chemical elements. On the contrary, it is similar to a lab, which is experienced by an theory.

It must be said that both in the end, come to one conclusion, to the same truth. However, these two different methods we have the advantage that would not be permanently and safely Mendeleev mistaken would be fun to see and correct their mistakes.

Here we want to look for an explanation of our unity, our power, and multilateral initiative!

Told us enough to understand that the nature of Dashnaktsutyun can only talk at this point - that the essence of the decisions it made last General Meeting and is summarized in his little "program". But it is impossible to guarantee the identity of the "Programs" for the past and the future. It is variable, as variable time, the conditions and aspirations of the people.

And when dashnaktsakan ready to sacrifice their lives for this "program", he was ready to do it not for the sake of a dead paper, letters and formulas, but for the sake of the spirit of devotion to the people that prevails in the "Program". Applied his lips to the body of opinion Dashnaktsutyun, he kisses his people, their aspirations.

It is no coincidence that our church, unlike the other churches do not worship idols, not ikonopochitayuschaya but - iconoclastic. Dashnaktsutyun is like our church: it is also not dogmopochitayusch not programmopochitayusch, but - bogopochitayusch. His god - the blood of his ancestors, vechnozhivuschaya, but changing.

Based Programs Dashnaktsutyun represent the desire of the Armenian people and the existence of the people aspirations. And because the wishes of the Armenian people volatile, changeable, and "Program" Dashnaktsutyun. But there is, apart from variables and constant values. And how permanent some of the desires of the Armenian people, as well as some permanent foundations programs Dashnaktsutyun. These same principles are:

Preservation of the Armenians.
Armenia - Armenians.
The strength and organization.
Just work.

These four principles steadfast in his heart, and the Armenians, these four principles are the pillars in the "Program" Dashnaktsutyun. Others - secondary conditions change according to circumstances, in accordance with appropriate, in accordance with the possibilities. Even the idea of independence is a matter of expediency, and not an end! It is flexible to such an extent that sometimes starts with a simple local autonomy and, through the federal requirement is absolute independence.

Even issues of devices and social relations, in a sense, flexible: they also extend from the petit bourgeois, a purely democratic representations to certain communist principles. All of these policy items are not an end in itself but a way of achieving a higher and a fundamental purpose, concentrated in the above four points.

The revolution, which is an integral part of the name Dashnaktsutyun, again, not an end in itself but a method, a form of struggle for the attainment of the above four paragraphs, and in this reason that during the first half of the Dashnaktsutyun was a lot of periods when it is evolutionary, peaceful organization.

For the short and limited minds of these transfiguration seem unprincipled adventurism, while we believe they represent our freedom, freedom of thought of our prejudices.

During the confiscation of church holdings of our enemies - socialists, or monarchists mshakovtsy - have criticized us, and some even ridiculing us in the press, dressed klobuke Catholicos at bakunintsa Simon only because he defended the rights of the Armenian Church, donating the letter "Programs" in the name its spirit. Since the abolition of the rights of the Church, it was unfavorable to the cause of preservation of Armenian identity, To the - I think Simon - for the cause of preserving the Armenians and Armenia conscious dashnaktsakanu not permissible to vest it in klobuke Catholicos, and even Satan.

Want to know what is Dashnaktsutyun?

- Dashnaktsutyun is the federal organization of the Armenian revolutionaries, united around four main objectives and organized in accordance with the principles set out in the Charter. Dashnaktsakan as soldiers, it is obliged to strictly obey the Charter, and serve these goals.

The birth of the organization.
Often there are elderly people, who claim that they were dashnaktsakanami even 50 years ago, although it is known that 50 years ago Dashnaktsutyun did not exist. Or there are the village preachers, confidently claiming that the founding patriarch Dashnaktsutyun is nuts, and that was dashnaktsakanom Brave Vartan. Of course, this anecdote, but the visible path to the truth. And should be considered correct, that actually Dashnaktsutyun existed before the advent of its title: not only psychology but also as an isolated, unnamed, or are the names of revolutionary groups, the current.

Dashnaktsutyun was formed as a union of already existing organizations.

Our church, the main impetus of national reunification and preservation of the identity of the Armenians, are already beginning to feel their weaknesses, and its impotence. The head of the church Khrimyan Hayrik announced his flock: "Paper polovnikom Aris did not eat, need iron polovnik. This covenant was taken by Armenian masses as follows: "By acquiring the rights in the fight."

Although the church with its unified organization to preserve the spirit of the Armenians, and it became an abstract state, but with his organization would not be able to either provide the physical survival of Armenians, nor guarantee their civil rights. She could not give him the land, a country that was okroplena blood and then his grandparents. Armenia does not belong to Armenians, as a stranger, the physical existence of the Armenians was under threat and the Armenians were viewed as slaves. That is what prompted the state to create a close to the Armenian Church, as a complementary part of the new organization. And organizations was the Armenian Revolutionary Dashnaktsutyun.

These circumstances of birth Dashnaktsutyun prove that he was not the result of outside influence, he was not the fruit of thought and walks souls of individuals, on the contrary, it has been generated by the conditions in which Armenians and aspirations arising from these conditions. Dashnaktsutyun was designed to continue and deepen the work which is still in the cold by the Organization of Armenian churches. Dashnaktsutyun motto was: Armenians, the homeland, the strength and labor warranty.

Dashnaktsutyun - party or organization? Some say that the party, some - the organization. However, the need for this dispute, if it is clear that the party that has no organization, the corpse. Party is that first of all, the organization has to demonstrate a common will and force.

And if the source of this will come from the heart, mind and aspirations of the people, masses, and not of any group, in this case, the organization will cease to be a party, will be higher and more preferable than the party. Dashnaktsutyun has proven that he has the will and the power source of its strength and the objectives pursued by them, come out of the Armenian people, and not from any part of it. That is why mistakenly identify as Dashnaktsutiun party. It is essentially the organization of the Armenian people.

The form of organization.
The form of organization is as important as its goal. The form of organization will ultimately prejudice and its purpose. For example, the centripetal or cultivating person entity or unwillingly, eventually resulting in the monarchical, theocratic regime, even if it was contrary to its purposes. Conversely, an organization with a democratic structure, even against their will, the State seeks to people. If the parties could lie or make mistakes in their programs, it is impossible that they lied or were mistaken in their charters, which are a mirror organization. If you want to know the party in all its depth, to understand its present and foresee the future, then you need to examine not only its promises, programs, but with all the attention to analyze the structure of the party, the form of its organization. And at the same time figure out how to take root and become the life of the people close to its own methods.

The greatness of purpose and vitality of the party to be found in the organizational forms and their success. And, significantly, not only now but also the future of the party, led by the organization.

Charter Dashnaktsutiun and used them in the organizational forms have the following peculiar features, apparently unknown to any other party:

a) It is decentralized, ie is a union of numerous independent central committees; every 500-1000 ordinary members form a separate unit with its own legislative and executive bodies. Educated at the mutual consent of the individual and independent entities, the union is the ultimate for all those of the legislative body, called a General Meeting, as well as the highest organ of government, called the Bureau.

However, the right of the higher authorities is limited. These rights are defined in the Constitution, which is generated by mutual consent, although subordinate, but essentially independent units.

Organization Dashnaktsutyun close and similar to the federal and confederal state structure.

All this shows that Dashnaktsutyun wittingly or unwittingly, in their view, and in his future political activities should strive to decentralize, to a federation or confederation. He is a natural enemy of any form and structure of centripetal power.

b) In other individual parties with their mental and moral values, origin, status or wealth, took a seat, often a place is determined by the leadership is on the above data. For Dashnaktsutyun these values do not exist. Not important class origins, history, wealth, titles, intelligence, etc. taken into account, only three values: loyalty, sacrifice (for this) and the energy to work.

These values make the organization is deeply neklassovoy and make it more in the affairs of the temple and sacrifice than in a certain group of vain theoretical disputes.

That is why there is Dashnaktsutyun internal desire to rethink Parliamentarism together and unifying the legislative and executive powers, while garmoniziruya class confrontation, but confrontation is not exacerbating it. Legal Form Dashnaktsutyun is parliamentarianism and class opposition to their natural opposites, in the end, Dashnaktsutyun must come to other forms, closer to its organizational structure.

Other parties have a number value, and the vote is the anchor, which holds the power numbers. For Dashnaktsutyun votes do not force, and the number is not an absolute value if the quality has not.

For Dashnaktsutyun value is the quality. Regarding quality, he understands the discipline that has the ability to bend and obey, and the willingness to sacrifice is not unlimited for themselves, but for the sake of unity. These principles and the obligations attached to the form of more military, whose mandates are counted not only the finger and voice, but also a bayonet and sacrifice, and this number is a quality community.

According to the laws of freedom of the individual is limited: each is free to think, feel and act to the extent taken communion, personal freedom can be expressed only by means that are permitted by the Charter, in its freedom of the individual sacrifices for the sake of unity.

Although not warlike, but this form of organization is the foundation of the principle should be read: "One for all and all for one" - the only platform of the nation and the state and development of physical strength.

These basic features of organizational structure attached Dashnaktsutyun extraordinary moral and political values.

In addition to the main points of the Charter, as we have said, although his other articles and have a general with the statutes of the other parties, but differ from those that are not immutable, are designed to clarify the responsibilities of membership, but there is a reminder to members of a family of their responsibilities. Outside of the responsibilities defined by the Charter, there are unwritten, in the spirit of the statutes relevant to each individual, which are concentrated in a so-called "traditional rule Dashnaktsutyun, is as institutionalized as it was of the items. Moreover, sometimes these "traditions" stronger than the rules. For example, the Charter does not define the duties of private life, but secretly, without punishment, a state of privacy in a significant impact on the status or weight in the party. Life Dashnaktsakana was not only him, but, according to these traditions, the respect of all. If dashnaktsakan - sansculotte adherent drinking, gambling, if unclean in their personal, family life, if the fraudster, if lazy, etc., then even without the rules of the Charter, it will be either expelled from the ranks of his comrades, or to be neutralized. Each dashnaktsakan is a member of a group member, he acquires only with the consent of the group, therefore, taken into the Dashnaktsutyun should have common moral concepts and norms of their group and their region. If these do not exist, it will remain outside the party ranks, at least, with and loyalty, and sacrifice, and past achievements. This appears to be inherent, it seems, only Dashnaktsutiun, it gives the organization of the patriarchal nature of the Armenian family, where members of the group is not just friends, but sisters and brothers of one family, fervently loyal to each other under the control of a demanding "grandfather" or " grandmother, who in the eyes of dashnaktsakana is its tradition and statute. Once one of our ordinary fellow, Alexander, came up to me and poured the soul afraid:

- I am in love with M. Mr. - A M. loves you? - I asked. - Yes --
he said. - If so, then zhenis.

Could hardly restrain her tears, he turned to me:

- You can not, Sir, and I, and it is organized ... He wanted to say
that they both dashnaktsakany, ie, members of one family, marriage between them is sacrilege.

Only after much persuasion I was able to be at their wedding kumom.

Organization Dashnaktsutyun is kind of a family, with the moral concepts that characterize the Armenian home, and this absolutely does not violate the dominant discipline in the organization as family laws and customs house of Israel does not soften the Jehovah's insistence. Dashnaktsutyun likes its members as a mother and a cruel and demanding for them than to strangers. These were patriarchs, is, and Dashnaktsutyun. Anyone who has closely followed the lives of our organization, he always noticed that Dashnaktsutiun with his organization has made a fundamental upheaval in the family, and in the political life of the Armenians, having created a world of its own and samokreschennyh moral perceptions.

Even if Dashnaktsutyun had no program and belief, his organization would be sufficient to enable the Armenian people the opportunity to collectively work to ensure its survival as a community and lead to the release of this common labor, homeland and nation, while not denying the freedom of others, however, becoming ideological leaven and associates to their release.

What does the organization.
Proverb says: "One fool can ask of the hundreds of scientists." The same happened with one of our casual acquaintances, Kadzhaznuni, in one of his speeches, declaring: "Henceforth, no cases have Dashnaktsutyun. This is the temptation to constantly expose themselves to our enemies, forgetting that" the dog barks and the caravan moves. "

Dashnaktsutyun stronger today than when the predictions Kadzhaznuni.

And here is why.
a) If Dashnaktsutyui had no institutional Charter and tradition, he not only would have remained weak and may be even longer exist in 45 years after its creation, but also dissipates a mere 45 days. Our existence, we are obliged only to the spirit of our laws and organizational rigor, austerity, but never - hostile.

The purpose of this severity is not only the interests of Dashnaktsutyun, but also the interests of the individual. The strictness that for the Armenians - the same gracious, but hard-Jehovah. The strictness is needed for the nation.

b) The laws and traditions Dashnaktsutyun come from the soul of the Armenian people. And as the power of Rome disappeared due newcoming laws, and the Armenians will take into desuetude, if not the traditions and laws Dashnaktsutyun, unless the organization. For the power of our people need to keep this value at all times. This truth should zarubit themselves in the memory of those comrades who Blinded glitter of fashion, want to forget the customs of our people and give him Hitler, fascist or Leninskiye mores. For nature Dashnaktsutyun is unacceptable.

c) Dashnaktsutyun your organization creates force the Armenians to Armenia, he is fighting with the Armenian levantiystvom, which is basically very close to the Jewish anatsionalizmu he was before the anti-dam processes, the anti bolshevism, and there is the stigma against vpavshego in deep sleep "neutral" Armenian element. He fights with the three diseases, and this struggle must end in victory, as there is Armenian, not renounced the desire to have its own power.

g) Dashnaktsutyun has trichromatic Znamya symbolizing the liberation of the Armenians and Armenia.

d) At the maiden banner written in blood: Nagorno-Karabakh, Nakhichevan, Akhalkalaki on the one hand and the Turkish province of Armenia, on the other side should be attached to the homeland.

e) He has his party a banner with the coat of arms obtained from the hands of Rostoma, emblem, meaning self-determination of nations in the alliance of free peoples.

g) It has its own coat of arms, meaning the forces of harmony, of thought and work, he just wants to work, unity, and not the class of contrast, than to suffer as a bourgeois, and the disastrous class Bolshevik regimes.

And yet there is this motto Dashnaktsutyun to perform live and fell to his share of a huge deal - not only for us but for our descendents. He has to live, yet not broken down in the hearts of Armenians levantizm, neutrality and anatsionalizm.

Da die and disappear, these evils, indeed fulfilled the objectives pursued by Dashnaktsutiun, and only then let them disappear as Moses and the Armenians - Dashnaktsutyun.

(c) 2008


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