3204) Armenian-Turkish Couple Ties The Knot After 6 Years Of Waiting

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The love of a Turkish man and an Armenian woman finally found its happy ending with a marriage that came after six years of waiting.

Armenian Hermina Dalmazyan met Muhammet Ali Şimşek six years ago when she arrived in the Black Sea province of Trabzon’s Of district to visit her sister. Şimşek proposed to Dalmazyan soon after and she said yes. However, were unable to get married for six years due to bureaucratic obstacles. The years-long efforts of a local governor have finally paid off, and the civil marriage of the couple recently took place. . .

Şimşek’s first marriage ended when his wife died in a flood six years ago. He had four children from the marriage. He met Dalmazyan, who came to visit her sister, that year. Falling in love with her, Şimşek proposed to the woman and received an affirmative response. Dalmazyan moved into Şimşek’s house, where he lived with his four children and ill mother. Due to financial problems, the Armenian woman could not go back to her country to get the documents necessary for a civil marriage.

In the meantime, Dalmazyan converted to Islam, heavily affected by the sound of the azan, the call to prayer, and changed her name to Ayşe. Despite all odds, she did not leave Şimşek’s family with the support of her neighbors. The couple had two kids, named Fatma and Muhammet.

A letter changed the lives of the couple. The governor of Of, Tuncay Sonel, sent a letter to the children of Şimşek’s first marriage as part of a project focusing on children without one or both parents. When he visited their house to give the children the presents they wanted, the governor learned about the situation and initiated procedures for the couple’s marriage. Following official letters, Dalmazyan earned Turkish citizenship and took the name of Ayşe.

The wedding ceremony took place according to the local traditions. The marriage witnesses of the couple were Governor Sonel and Of Müfti Mehmet Genç.

“Ayşe sees the children as her own. We were happy to witness that. We worked for their civil marriage, and finally the bureaucratic procedures were completed and their civil marriage was executed,” the governor said during the ceremony.

The groom wept during the ceremony. “This happiness is something else. I cannot hold it in my heart. Thank God that my children have a mother now. This is a very different emotion,” he told the Anatolia news agency. When he was asked about his sorrows, he responded, “I established a family 19 years ago and 2005 was the year of destruction, but 2011 is a year of happiness and peace for me.” Şimşek said his wife decided to convert to Islam after she saw him praying. Her mother also decided to become Muslim following her one-month visit.

Dalmazyan, now Ayşe Şimşek, who had been married and divorced in her native land, said her sister introduced her to Şimşek. “I met Şimşek, who spoke honestly. I liked him and accepted his proposal,” she said.

Ayşe Şimşek said that in Armenia they do not look after the husband’s mother and do not do much work in the garden, either. She said she felt alone in the beginning but learned everything gradually.

The bride speaks Turkish with the local accent.

The four children from Şimşek’s first marriage say their mother looks after them very well and they love her.
17 January 2011 / TODAY’S ZAMAN, ISTANBUL

Comments From Hetq.am Readers
Armen_yan Says:
January 18th, 2011
Hmmm..couldn’t find a man with 4 children and sick mother to look after in Armenia? How desperate and ugly she must’ve been! Good luck until the next flood)))

zohrab Says:
January 18th, 2011
a huge mistake in her life down the track she will find out

John from Canada Says:
January 18th, 2011
This lady married a Turk, and converted to Islam…can you say traitor?
This turkish man might be a very nice man, and God Bless him, however, don’t we as Armenians have an obligation to our ancesters and religion…aren’t some things bigger than such cowardice? shame on this Armenian woman…good riddance…

January 18th, 2011

Kristine Says:
January 19th, 2011
She converted and then her mother visited and converted… what kind of made up BS is this. Yeah, couldn’t find a mother in law to take care of in Armenia. That’s like saying couldn’t find a drop of water in the ocean.

Grish Begian Says:
January 19th, 2011
…One more Armenian added to Faithful Turkish population>>>>I like to see some Armenian men bring some Muslim Turkish girls into Armenia, and and convert them to Christianity, and teach them Armenian heritage…we have more “raped” Armenian women in Turkey, than any other nations!!I wonder why she could not find a single Turkish man, rather than a Muslim man with 4 children…does she act as a nanny??And I am happy that Turkish border is closed…



(81.153.1xx.x) Kingswinford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom said...

I can't believe how these remark are so lacking in generosity......

"This lady married a Turk, and converted to Islam…can you say traitor?

This Turkish man might be a very nice man, and God Bless him, however, don’t we as Armenians have an obligation to our ancestors and religion…aren’t some things bigger than such cowardice? shame on this Armenian woman…good riddance"

This comment from John sums up the problem more accurately than anything else could!

I do hope that this attitude is not the norm in Armenia.

Sukru Server Aya said...

Vow !
I am shocked to read so many "racist and religious interventions" over the lives of two mature persons who fell in love with each other and crossed so many bureaucratic obstacles to be accepted by the community.

I noticed a lot of "ballast arguments" just because it happened that the woman was the Armenian! If it was the woman a Turk marrying an Armenian and becoming Christian, would it have been applauded by the commentators? The picture does not show any imam, the person in red gown is the "municipal official authorized to to the civil marriage".

In Turkey "imams" are not authorized to conclude marriage contracts (like priests-ministers do in Christian churches). The commentators should look into the mirror and ask their own conscience, "what right they have to approve or disprove the sentiments of two human beings in love"! If you believe in your religious preferences or blood purity, please keep it to your own selves...

These two persons deserve to be respected because the strength of their love and challenging so many big mouths of ,empty heads but with no hearts!

I think the "commentators never fell in true love and have no appreciation of its strength and sacrifices"....

If you cannot love you cannot be happy!



Karlen, (99.112.85.xxx) Glendale, California, United States said...

I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that this woman needs to have her documents to even get into Turkey.

As this article claims, "the Armenian woman could not go back to her country to get the documents necessary for a civil marriage."

If she does not have her documents to get married, there is no legal way she got into Turkey.

Before getting angry at my claim, please realize that I have went to Turkey to see Van, my father's and my grandfather's Armenian land.

When I had to pass the border they had to check my passport/visas multiple times before I could officially go through security. And this was not only once. My brothers have gone into Turkey multiple times and every time required their passports to be checked.

This article is either leaving out a crucial detail how this woman must be a prostitute who got a real Turkish woman's papers to get into Turkey and then returned those papers. Or this article is a complete lie to raise nationalistic pride of Turkish people and to demote the belief in our Armenian people.

If this story is to be true, good riddance we got another loyalist Turk to leave Armenia.


( Glendale, California, United States said...

I don't see a problem with the marriage. If you guys can't swallow your egos, wake up and realize that for hundreds of years, Armenians have been raped by the Ottomans and all other kinds of non-Christians passing through our lands.

That's why we look so similar to Turks.

Whether we like it or not we pretty much share the same damn blood and are different only by titles and association.

If you want reparations for the Genocide, that is between governments and you will need to find means OTHER than useless boycotts and protests to even attempt any kind if change.

And in any attempt to bring recognition to the Genocide, the number one priority should be the living and breathing Armenians in Turkey. We have 70,000+ brothers and sisters living there. Their safety comes ABOVE AND BEYOND anything else.

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