3457) Hon Emanuel Celler, NY, House Of Reps: Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis

Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis


Thursday, November 1, 1945

Mr. CELLER. Mr. Speaker, in justice to the Armenians, I herewith submit a statement from the Armenian Mirror-Spectator as of September 1, 1945, entitled "Document Reveals Dashnag Collaboration With Nazis," and excerpts from Propaganda Battlefront, as of September 30, 1945, entitled "Document Shows Dashnags as Nazi Collaborators": (From the Armenian Mirror-Spectator of September 1, 1945]


(EDITOR'S NOTE.-The following document, translated into Armenian from the original German text and published in a pamphlet in France, recently arrived in this country. As the document reveals, the so-called Armenian National Council (not . be confused with the Armenian National Council organized and now functioning in America) appealed to Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi minister of the eastern occupied areas (Russian) to turn Soviet Armenia into a Germany colony. The council was comprised of the following Dashnag leaders: President, Prof. Ardashes Abeghlan; vice president, Abraham Gulkhandanian; secretary, Hairoutune Baghdasarlan; members, David Davidkhanian, Garegin Nuzhdeh (father of Tzeghagrons), Vahan Papazin (Count), Dro Ganayan, and Der-Tovmasian.)
. . .

S1. The Armenian National Council was organized in Berlin, December 15, 1942, under

the patronage of the ministry of the eastern occupied areas. The former will endeavor to carry out its program by maintaining permanent ties with the eastern bureau as well as with other jurisdictional departments (authorities). Thus the Armenian National Council undertakes to be an agent between Germany and the Armenians, and to that end is ready to serve the people and, of course, within the coexisting circle of the Eurcpean peoples.

2. On the one hand, the Armenian National Council strives for the liberation of Armenia from the Bolshevik yoke and the Russian domination, but, on the other hand, it encourages the efforts of the Armenian nation for freedom and the political self-government of Armenia.

3. In order to carry out these purposes and programs freely, to achieve and to establish them firmly, the Armenian National Council considers the political protection of the German Reich over Armenia the most secure guaranty. On this occasion the Armenian Nation Council is actuated by the idea that in this way the policy followed by the Armenian leaders of the Middle Ages may be revived and established; according to the policy, the powerful German Reich was considered the liberator of Armenia and of the Armenian people.

4. For the successful execution of its program the Armenian National Council finds it imperative to gather together all the Armenian national living forces. It will strive to achieve this purpose by oral or written methods.

5. The Armenian National Council finds it imperative-the gradual return to the fatherland of its nationals who under definite historic or political conditions, against their will, were compelled to emigrate and now live in various countries. In this category are, first, artisans, skilled workers, farmers, also physicians, nurses, writers, and intelligentsia, etc. Only in this way will it be possible to utilize the inner creative power of the Armenian people in its entirety for the growth and progress of the country-and it is this power which has been accepted and appreciated by the noted travelers and scientists of Europe.

6. The Armenian National Council, to second its program, will call the attqntion of its patron government upon the territorial needs of the present-day Armenia. The Armenian National-Council, as far as it is capable, will try to solve this problem justly in Trans-caucasia, and, if necessary, will call upon the adjudication of the Reich.

7. The Armenian National Council is convinced that the efforts of its people should be crowned with success because Armenia, through the powerful help of the German Reich, will become a self-governing country and, as such, will be built up. Only in this way will the Armenian people be able to develop freely their native culture and national life in all its phases. . Language, literature, industry, economy, administration, justice, etc., and, of course, in new ways and new direction.

8. The Armenian National Council will do everything to facilitate the work of its patron government, including the national wealth of the land, taking into consideration the economic reconstruction of Armenia and the interest of the two peoples.

9. Under. the protection of the German Reich, Armenia, so far as she is able, will strive to strengthen the German influence in the Near East. In this connection the Armenian National Council finds it imperative to evaluate the bitter disappointments and terrible misery, which Russia, as well as England, have caused on the Armenians in the course of history. This is a strong reason for the Armenian people to. turn their face from .(relinquish) the abovementioned governments forever. In this connection the 'Armenian: National. Council. would, like to mention the fight of many years which the Armenian people waged against the Russian tyranny, whether czarist dr Bolshevik. On this occasion the general revolt of the people on February 18, 1921, should be remembered, as a result of which the Bolshevik despotism was overthrown and a national government was established, even though for only a short time.

. 10. Besides this, the Armenian National Council will strive to cultivate relations with all neighboring peoples, and especially with the people of the Caucasus and their national organs, and, of course, upon the basis of mutual understanding and common interests.

11. Realizing the historic, political, economic, and cultural intimate ties between great Germany and her protectorate, Armenia, the Armenian National Council will consider it its high duty to strengthen these mentioned ties'and to render them unbreak. able. For this purpose are already called, and hereafter will be called, those auxiliary Armenian forces which are now active and fighting with the Germans for final victory and liberation.

12. The Armenian National Council is an agent in the present period of transition. Its jurisdiction and activity cease the moment when, under the leadership of Germany and the help of the Armenian National Council, a new government is created in Armenia.

(Translated from the German, Berlin, February 15, 1943.)

From the Propaganda Battlefront of September 30, 1945


Conclusive proof of the Fascist character of the American Revolutionary Federation (Dashnag) was provided recently with the discovery of a German document showing that eight top-ranking ARF officials entered into an agreement with Alfred Rosenberg to serve as Quisling rulers upon Germany's conquest of the Caucasus.

The document and supplementary photographs show that on December 12, 1942, ARF leaders in Berlin, headed by the notorious Gen. Dro Ganayan, formed an Armenian National Committee to serve as agent between Germany and the Armenians. The Dashnag traitors regarded "the political protection of the. German Reich over Armenia the most secure guarantee," and looked upon the Nazis as "liberators of Armenia."

ARF leaders in Boston, Douben Dasbinian and Simon Vratzian, at firs. frantically denied the authenticity of the document, but finally admitted'in the party organ, Hairenik, that it was genuine. They offered the lame excuse that the ARF leaders were all noble and patriotic men who could do no wrong. Photographs show Dro Ganayan posing with high-ranking Nazi officials and other Dashnag chieftains charged with training ARF spies to penetrate into Soviet ranks. Another Dashnag Quisling, active with Dro in Berlin, Rumania, and Bulgaria was General Nejdeh, organizer of Tzeghagrons (race worshippers), the ARF Youth Corps in the United States.

Sympathy for the Nazis was expressed in Asbarez, Dashnag organ published in Fresno. On February 23, Asbarez protested against a harsh peace,'saying: "A harsher-treatment (of Germany) is not possible to formulate. * * * Whether such dragonic treatment of the vanquished people by the conquerors will serve its purpose, will thwart their recovery forever and will prevent future wars, is moot question."

And on August 10 it attacked the Potsdam 'conference on three points; apologizing for Germany, and attacking the harshness of the terms: It. regarded as.reprehensible to let the living standards of the German people excel that of the small and poorer people of Europe. -It 'decried the peace terms whertby the highly.talented, Industrial and commercial German people were deprived forever from engaging in heavy industry and commerce.

ARF leaders have falsely represented themselves to Americans as representatives of the Armenian people, and, under that guise, terrorist Dro and his Quisling gang made their agreement with the Nazis..


halil65 said...

what do expect this nazi collaboration is a very bad stain and dirty bagage they wish no one to remember or speak of .
this and there armenian claims against turks is the same the fact is armenians always play down any shorfall or anything that works against there aims and only focas on what they want all to except!!

thank god the world is waking up to the grandest lies and twisted portrayals of the facts .

Sukru Aya said...

Congratulations for this valuable document:

Readers can find additional information in Chapter 21 of my book
http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/04/2429-new-e-book-genocide-of-truth-based.html ( in particular page 427, 429) and also in

Chapter 13, pages 228, 229, 230, 233 as well as Chapter 14/2, p.249 & 253.

What an unbelievable complete EMPTINESS of posted knowledge, written in books, shown on several posts in this blog since year 2005? The German press and TV media are so carried away by the Armenian Propaganda that they even intend to include “genocide” in their schools curriculum.

I hope that some readers in Turkey and Germany will forward this document and references to uninformed celebrities in Germany (Cem Ozdemir, Volkan Vural and others) and our friends in USA and Britain may take note of this U.S. House Representative statement in 1945, and rather than sending conciliation petitions will bring such (and many other available documents) to the knowledge of U.S. House and Senate Speakers, who are unaware of their own history and wish to change history, as if they are authorized or qualified.

Sukru S. Aya

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