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Ref: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2006/07/899-birthday-issue-special-by-hrant.html

Mr, Dink, draws some paralelism between the Jews (priviledged people of God) and Armenians. Does he really believe (like Pres. Bush) that some people are priviledged by a (mental-made) God, or some wiser humans goading others! Jews have exploited their true Genocide incident to the maximal possible limits and now Armenian diaspora is trying to wear the same shoe, which unfits for "any genocide" in logical and legal expression. Jews, instead of being the "priviledged people of God", for centuries were the "unwanted and immigrant people of God", because they did not intigrate or assimilate with any community they lived in and benefiteed, With what is going on now in Palestine and Lebanon, it is not difficult to guess that pretty soon Jews again will be the unwanted people on earth by other nations and pretty soon, they will be back in the vicious circle, this time being the tyrants and criminals, instead of victims. As it looks, all USA under the strong influence of the Jewish lobby, will soon share the same fate, despite the "all time good-will and world-wide help" of American citizens. Mr. Dink, and the Armenian diaspora (regretfully) confirm their national psychosis and need for a victim's blanket to wrap the "special Armenian identity" (as if such a differentiation exists, unless injected in brains). This kind of "globalisation" with separatist preferences, may be a clinical case forv study. If "there were to be a true genocide" and if such a "compulsory acceptance" would have settled the "wrong or sick minds", the person making such an acceptance would have felt very disturbed "for lying to please some one". There was no genocide, and "there was no motive, time or means" for any genocide... If you do not read, and prefer to be guided only by what you are told to read, or told, or preached... what can I do, other than accepting your "right to think" as you wish !

Another "true" observation is the difference he points out between Christians, Islam and Turks. "Onward Christian Soldiers" songs, was part of the British propaganda prior to 1914s, (p.252) whilst the Ottoman lands were tottered by super powers (p.256) and Armenian diaspora still cannot understand from Sykes=Picot agreement that nothing was to be given to them but they were an excellent excuse to hide the real intentions of French and British for Mesopotamia and Baku oil fields (p.256-257). and they were needed as a "pion in the chess-game" of "sharing all spoils of the Ottoman Empire". May be the Armenians would have been given some little awards for their undeniable dedication and fighting on the side of Russians-French and British, but when it came to settle accounts at Lausanne, they were given nothing. Too bad that Mr. Dink has not even read the excerpts of Akaby Nassibian, which is self explanatory on many things. Mr. Dink is still hammering the wrong door...

Regarding his statement about the "Armenian trauma" this is a psychological case, and the medicine or cause, is not "any paranoia"... Much that Mr. Dink is digging the past, without even having read the books available with this site, nor A.A. Lalayan or Katchaznuni or Nassibian books, the whole thing is not more than a "thousand and one night dream" or huge dramatization and imagination, playing the "right but victimized side"... Can Mr. Hrant, name but ONE Armenian person in the past or present, ever charged with any brutality and ever blamed or penalized by Armenians? Why ? It is simply because the Armenian - Christian identity, exceeds or suppress the logics of their otherwise "free mentality". And Mr. Hrant, please do not use simple words of racism, such as poisonoous or clean blood! These are again dramatizations...aren't they ? By this time, you should know that the DNA's we have are almost identical, and if we need a blood transfussion, no one will search for other than the "Rh" of the blood group... These are totally empty, (may be literary but) no more than self-dramatization words.

As long as Mr. Hrant and alike thinkers, push their Armenian identity in our nose (much like the Orthodox Jews in New York do in their strange dresses) it will not be the Turks treating them differently, but it will be themselves in search of preferential identity and forcing same on the general public. Ataturk said "what a joy for the one he calls himself a Turk" (not Muslim). So, every one accepting this secular nationality is welcome and is free to do whatever he wants in church or privacy. Those who do not like to live in this community (where people name themselves as Turks and most of them happen to be Muslim), they may go wherever they may have better comfort. The majority of the people does not have to live the way the minority desires... Minorities, cannot have more rights than the majority, nor any special privileges by pretentions. I am afraid that on the 4th page of the message Mr. Hrant displays his racist. nihilist, nationalist and religionist tendencies and "under the freedom of speech" he is "injecting ideals much like the Dashnaks from Russia had done a century ago"... (May I also remind Mr. Dink that myself and class friend Ataov, were not admitted even as listeners to the famous past Conference,at the school we graduated...and seat carrying my name plate).

If Mr. Hrant wants to struggle for Armenia, there is nothing to stop him but this would be much like me telling the Turks of American nationality, what they should do to change the policy of the US government ! Mr. Hrant, would certainly help the cause much more effectively, if he was to be in Armenia spreading his ideals (and may be elected some time), and of course if he could have experienced as much freedom as our present "restricted freedom of speech". : Ministry of Diaspora for Republic of Armenia, is solely for their government to decide and it may be even good because the population of Diaspora is greater than Armenia and the Diaspora prefers to always give advice instead of effective help...

But as a citizen of Turkish Republic I am not entitled to express any opinion !

Mr. Dink's suggestion to arrange more visits to Armenia for all, may be quite useful in removing this "mental curtain" and see how much more we have and must share in common. (Only 4% of Armenians in Armenia are insistant on the Genocide claim) I think that Diaspora Armenians (plus Turks) can visit both the Republic of Armenia and the lands their fore-fathers lived long time ago... What has passed has passed... Hundred fifty years ago, 60% of Yerevan was Muslim! How many are there now? I think that Mr.Laciner counted some 60 churches active in Turkey... How many mosques stand and are active now in Armenia?

Finally, please let us not involve at all religious tendencies in matters of life and intelligence; they usually brought and are still bringing calamities at all times... Can't we see it ? (All holy books are written by humans;and temples stand behind them...and behind temples, clergy class stands and goads!) Think and act positive Mr. Dink, I am afraid that you are definitely wearing the wrong shoe and walking in the no-end direction on the wrong side-walk and I appreciate your good-will and best

Kind regards
Sukru S. Aya

(For notes refer to "American Theocracy" Keving Phillips ISBN 0-670-03486-X)


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