955) Turkish archives are open why are the Dashnak archives in Boston not open?

Turkish Historical Society head Yusuf Halacoglu: We want Armenian archives in Boston to be opened

23 Aug. 2006

“All the archives in Turkey are opened. However, no scientist from Armenia or Armenian Diaspora has come to learn these archives so far,” Professor Yusuf Halacoglu, head of Turkish Historical Society told APA’s Turkey bureau.

The professor reminded Turkish Prime Minister Rajab Tayyip Erdogan’s appeal to Armenian head of state for opening all archives to jointly investigate the “genocide” claims noting that Armenians and their supporters should find the answer of this question together with Turkish historians if they are self-confident.

“When the government head offers this it means Turkey will do all its duties,” Halacoglu said.

The professor said they want Dashnak (Armenian party) archives in Boston to be opened stressing they are ready to conduct joint researches with world scientists.

Turkish Historical Society head also said the 11th History Congress will be held in Ankara on 11-16 September, which will bring together 310 representatives from 44 countries. Prime Minister Erdogan will make an opening speech. Several Turkish scientists are expected to be awarded medal for contributions to Turkish history.


COMMENTS To The Article Above

Yusuf Halacoglu is right, I do agree with him. The only thing remained to tell is that Armenian bosses and Dashnaks are not after recognition of Genocide, normalization of relations with Turkey, well being of Armenian people. They had, have and going to have one concern:

well being of Russian Empire, because their form their salaries are coming.

Vahe Avetian

Misguided Vahe.....Just to promote his own beliefs he is siding with
Halacoglu. It has been proven that Turks never tell the tuth. Halacoglu claims
that Turkish Archives are open..... I call it BS. The open archives in
Turkey cover only late 19th and very early 20 th Century, The years 1915-1920 ARE NOT OPEN....Vahe..why don't you investigate before you write your BS?


I'll side with any one, who'll tell "let’s learn together" and that is what Mr Halacoglu tells.

>It has been proven that Turks never tell the truth.

By whom was it proven? When and how? Is it proven that Armenia or Soviet Union was telling the truth?

>Halacoglu claims that Turkish Archives are open..... I call it BS.

Yes he does and that is an historic fact. An other historic fact is that Armenian self appointed authorities denied the invitation severally. So the only way for me to know weather Halacoglu and Turks in general are lying or not, is to see that my leadership went there to study and make agreements, and they weren't allowed. Until then, the historic fact is: Turks invited, Armenians haven't gone. I am sorry for your emotions and sentiments.

>The open archives in Turkey cover only late 19th and >very early 20 th Century, The years 1915-1920 ARE NOT OPEN....Vahe..Why don't you investigate before you write you’re BS?

How do I know? I don't trust self appointed authorities and commissars from Science, who was in pact with Devil. I know it myself, I don't need extra sources.

So how you know, and how I shall know when we even have no legal leadership and scholars.

Until then, Halacoglu is the MAN, because he is a professional diplomat and our bosses are hooligans and hoodlum.

May Lord make so, that I was the misleaded.

Vahe Avetian


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