1303) Russia's Ruthlessness with Revolutionaries

Here is how ruthlessly Russia has treated revolutionaries (the word "Fidais" used below is the counterpart to the Armenians' "fedayis"), without raising the ire of the hypocritical West. The difference here is that unlike the Ottomans, who were defending themselves from the madness of the Armenians within their territory (and where practically any response to the Armenians' outrages would be recorded in the bigoted West as a "massacre"), Russia's heavy-handed and often barbaric treatment extended, in this example, to trouble-makers outside Russia's borders! According to one of the reports below, Iran gave orders for the inhabitants of their invaded villages to not strike back; this is believable, as the Iranian government surely did not want to give the aggressive and militarily powerful Russians reason to advance further inland or, worse, to stay.

All three accounts below are from the front page of The Middletown Daily Times-Press, Dec. 28, 1911; only a few years before the "genocide."


Adopt Stringent Plans to Disarm Rioters.

St Petersburg, Dec 28 — Russia has decided to take everything into her own hands in the disturbed area of north Persia as completely as if it were her own territory.

The following statement on this subject has been issued "After considering the situation that has arisen through the aggression of mobs of anti-Russians at Tabriz, Resht and Ensell, and believing that these hostile acts deserve the greatest punishment, and seeing that the Persian government, whlle it is not concerned In these doings, does not possess the necessary power to punish the guilty, the Russian government has decided that it is incumbent upon it to take repressive measures in these towns, as It may deem best."

It has accordingly Instructed its military commanders to adopt immediately, with the co-operation of the Russian consuls, the most stringent steps to chastise the guilty parties and hasten the disarmament of the Fidais and other turbulent natives.


Persian Natives to Pay Dearly For Alleged Cruelty to Wounded.

St. Petersburg, Dec. 28.—There is great indignation here over the charges of cruelties and outrages by the Russian troops at Tabriz, which are vehemently denied. The anger of the people has been greatly increased by statements that the Persians tortured wounded Russians and mutilated the bodies of those who had been killed. No matter whlch side is the more culpable. It may be expected that as soon as all the Russian soldiery arrive at Tabriz the natives will pay dearly for their share. It is evident that Russia intends to hold a bloody assize, hoping to rope in with the Fidais a number of Georgian and Armenian revolutionists who escaped to the Caucasus lu 1905.


Persians Accuse Russians of Cruelty at Tabriz.

London, Dec 28—The Persian committee in London has received accounts of what happened at Tabriz. According to these accounts, the Tabriz people only began to defend themselves from Russian attacks after they had exercised the most extraordinary forbearance, and they ceased defending themselves on receipt of orders from Teheran.

They accuse the Russians in addition to the previous charges of various outrages of driving over school children and trampling them under the horses' feet.

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