1978) To The Esteemed Members of the U.S. Congress, Re: HS 106

As a Turkish citizen, educated in an American College, and father of a US citizen son and two grandsons, plus too many friends I made in USA in my business or social life in the past 55 years, (including many friends of Turkish Armenian ethnicity with whom I share much of my present happiness), not as a Turk . . . . but as a decent human who can answer all charges, I must express my concern for your approving HS 106, for the factual reasons, that:

a- Almost everything written as the basis of HS 106 (authored by Armenian Diaspora) is NOT TRUE and is based either on distortions or on fabrications contradicting concrete historical records. For example Hitler never said any such phrase, but this was fabricated at time of Nuremberg trials, which suddenly converted some 20.000 Nazi Armenian soldiers with Dashnak arm bands, into and provided their easy admittance into USA. 1.5 million Armenians did not even exist; in 1918 one million was living, as per Armenian, British, USA, Russian official reports!

b- Please have a quick glance at below US Newspapers headlines. If these are TRUE, as they stand, how can it be possible that the U.S. Congress sympathizes rebels who cooperated with enemy invaders? Do you still believe that these were all “innocent” brigands or volunteers?

c- Your support of HS.106, will be a condemnation, without seeing evidences or listening to the accused! Will this fit U.S.A. or LYNCHING justice? Why would USA prevent scholarly debate and revelation of TRUTH? Are you Judges, or Jurors under oath? And even if you were to assume such a self-empowered position, you cannot condemn a nation for some fabricated crime which did not happen, and COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, in the light of “existing undeniable documentation”. All articles on HS 106, are distortions and you seem to be afraid of confronting any documents or facts! Do you know that diaspora is so democratic, that they did not permit even the Armenian Patriarch to speak in USA ?

d- Can you explain to your own conscience why you “have sided with world-wide swindlers”, who can even pressure U.S. Congress, to increase their own financial profits, to enable their making larger contributions and promises of votes! These modern day gang leaders (and terrorists like Murat Topalian on NBC TV) are Armenian first, U.S. citizen later, and openly serve priority goals of the diaspora. They must - by order of their strong mafia style organization, which now is about to use the Congress for their grudge-revenge-hate salesmanship! Is staunch relations with the Armenian adventurers your first priority, and should USA wipe the alliance of some 75 million honorable and dependable Turks, who would rather die instead admitting such a slander for something that has not been committed or thought? Why would you force friends, to become opponents? Did any Armenians die in Korea, or fight next to US forces in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Somali etc…or was it Turks! We learned betrayal from Ottoman ‘Armenian citizens‘! Is U.S. next, or in the wrong route of justice, truth, logic and USA’s global interests?

Yours sincerely,
Sukru Server Aya (Businessman, born 1930 – importer of shop equipment from USA)
Sukru Server Aya, Kemeralti cad. Karakoy, Istanbul


1 – “The New York Times”, August 23rd, 1895 ”THE SASSOUN MASSACRE Proof of Assertion – Armenian Revolutionist

2 – “Centralia Enterprise and Tribune -Nov.12th,1895” ARMENIANS IN REVOLT–26,000 in Zeitut Mountains Defy the Sultan

3 – “The Lima Times Democrat” – May 16th,1903 DISQUIET PREVALENT – Armenian Revolutionist bands come from Russia

4 – “The News”, May 2nd, 1904 FIGHTING IN TURKEY - Troops lose 20 killed – 23 wounded in battle with Armenian rebels

5 – “The Washington Post” - Sept. 6th, 1904” ARMENIANS FIGHT TURKS – Insurgents resisting Sultan’s troops in Van

6 – “The Washington Post” – Aug.10th, 1904 TURKISH GARRISONS ATTACKED BY ARMENIAN REBELS

7 – “The New”s, Maryland, USA - May 2nd, 1914 Fighting In Turkey – Troops lose 20
8 – “Daily Kennebec Journal” – May 28th, 1914 Armenian Volunteers are to be Increased to 15.000

9 – “Iowa Recorder” - June 1st, 1914 Destroy Many Towns - 17 villages destroyed by Armenian insurgents

10 – “The Washington Post” USA - August 10th, 1914 - Slain With Bombs Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels . .

11 – “Fort Wayne Journal” – Nov.6, 1914 ARMENIANS JOINING RUSSIAN ARMY

12 – “The New York Times”- Nov.7th,1914 Armenians Fighting Turks -Besieging Van -Others Operating in Turkish Army’s Rear

13 – “ Manitoba Free Press” – Nov. 7th, 1914 Campaign Against Turkey – Armenians are aiding the Russians

14 – “The New York Times” - Nov.10th, 1914 Russians Take Erzurum

15 – “Fort Wayne Journal Gazette” – Nov. 11th 1914 ARMENIANS ACTIVE IN EUROPEAN WAR – Armenians playing in…

16 – “The Ogden Standard”- Nov.12th, 1914 ARMENIANS HAIL TROOPS WITH JOY

17 – “Fort Wayne Journal” - Nov.13th, 1914 ARMENIANS ACTIVE IN EUROPEAN WAR –refusal to become Turkish conscript

18 – “Manitoba Morning Free Press”” - Nov. 13th, 1914 UNEARTHING GUNS AND AMMUNITION

19 – “Elyria Evening Telegram - Nov. 13th, 1914 ARMENIANS READY TO SIDE WITH RUSSIANS

20 – “The Washington Post – Nov. 13th, 1914 ARMENIANS JOIN RUSSIANS AND 20,000 SCATTER TURKS NEAR FEITUN DEAL BLOW TO TURKS Russians Scatter a Big Army Occupying Batumi Valley – Are Near Erzurum Fortress

21 – “Newark Advocate” - Nov. 17th, 1914) AMERICANS (should be ARMENIANS) are Fighting Turks in Self-Defense

22 – “Reno Evening Gazette” Jan 7th, 1915 ARMENIANS FIGHT FOR RUSSIA

23 – “Manitoba Morning Free Press, Jan. 8th, 1915 Armenian Volunteers at Tbilisi

24 – “Indianapolis Star”-Jan.8th,1915 ARMENIANS JOIN RUSSIANS-Detachment of Volunteers Arrive at Tiflis for Army Serv.

25 – “The New York Times” Jan.8th, 1915 FROM AMERICA TO FIGHT – Detachment of Armenians Welcomed at Tiflis

26 – “Daily Kennebec Journal, May 28th, 1915) ARMENIAN VOLUNTEERS ARE TO BE INCREASED TO 15,000

27 – “The Washington Post” - Aug. 22, 1915 THROW OFF TURK YOKE

28 – “ The New York Times”, October 9t ,1915 Why We Aid Armenians. Reventlow says it’s because we’re bought by Gold.

29 – “Oakland Tribune” – Feb. 21st, 1916) ARMENIANS SLAY TURKS IN REVOLT Grand Duke’s Victory Disrupts Islam

30 – ”New Oxford Item” Feb. 24th, 1916 RUSSIANS WIN VAN DISTRICT

31 – “Reno Evening Gazette”, August 8th, 1916* TURKS ALARMED

“We have been told that the tall tales of the Bible (or Genocide) are ‘revealed truth’. What we need now is to have that ‘revealed truth’ revealed, for as yet it never has been. What follows are but scraps of the required knowledge “ (Preface 7, Lloyd M. Graham, “Deceptions and Myths of the Bible” 1991)

*“It is the clear duty of men of science, and of all who value scientific knowledge, to protest against the new forms of persecution rather than to congratulate themselves complacently upon the decay of the older forms.”

*“The argument is that we none of us know all truth, that the discovery of new truth is promoted by free discussion and rendered very difficult by suppression, and that, in the long run, human welfare is increased by the discovery of truth and hindered by action based on error. New truth is often inconvenient to some vested interest; the Protestant doctrine that it is not necessary to fast on Fridays was vehemently resisted by Elizabethan fishmongers.”

*“New truth is often uncomfortable, especially to the holders of power; nevertheless, amid the long record of cruelty and bigotry, it is the most important achievement of our intelligent but wayward species.” (Religion and Science, Bertrand Russel, Oxford Univ. Press, New York 1997 pgs 251-252-253)

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Mathew 7/15)


News Antisemitic Book Presented in Armenia; Jewish Leader Heckled (February 20, 2002)
On February 9, 2002 in Yerevan, a book entitled “National System” by Romen Yepiskoposyan, printed in Armenian and Russian, was presented at the Union of Writers of Armenia, according to Artak Varzhapetyan, head of international relations at the Jewish Community of Armenia. The author of the book identifies Jews and Turks as the No. 1 enemies of Armenians, writing that:

“In the contemporary world there are two nations that are the carriers of evil of the most concentrated and aggressive type. These are the Jews – the nation-destroyer with a mission of destruction and decomposition, and the Turks – the nation-killer with a mission of devastation and crushing.” A section in the book entitled “The Greatest Falsification of the 20th Century” denies the Holocaust, claiming that it is a myth created by Zionists to discredit “Arians.”: “The greatest falsification in human history is the myth of Holocaust. …no one was killed in gas chambers. There were no gas chambers.”


“…And so we have worked hard to support our friends in the American political system, supporting people like Congressmen Schiff, Pallone and Knollenberg in their election campaigns. We have also worked with Sen. Menendez to put a hold on the nomination of Mr. Hoagland as U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, because we, as our friends, believe in truth and in a cause that is just. We are making every effort now to realize the Genocide Resolution in Congress with our friends on both sides of the isle. The Genocide Resolution is not only a condemnation of Turkey's crime committed over 90 years ago, but is also a condemnation of its reluctance to come to terms with its past, a condemnation of the kind of oppression and limits on speech that foster hatred and racism. A poisoned public opinion fueled by years of lies which results in desecration and attacks against Armenian churches and cemeteries, destruction of symbols of Armenian cultural heritage, and even assassinations like that of Hrant Dink”. (Why you did not let even the Armenian Patriarch to speak in USA?)

General Drastamat Kanayan (Armenian: Դրաստամատ Կանայան, known as General Dro, Դրո, May 31, 1884 – March 8, 1956), was a politician, revolutionary, general and commander of the Armenian Legion of the Wehrmacht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany and part of Armenian national liberation movement.

Note: Whenduring WWII, Turkish Embassy staff was saving some 19.000 Jews in France from being annihilated, by giving them Turkish ID papers (see Washington Post, June 17,1943), some 20.000 Armenians 812th and other Battalions, were rounding up Jews in occuppied countries, wearing Armenian Flag-Dashnak arm-bands, General Dro, nicknamed “butcher” had a reputation of killing Moslems during WWI 1915-1920, escaped to Roumania and later joined Germans to”serve and butcher in Nazi uniform”. Later he was admitted in USA as immigrant !

(This probably gives a hint about Hitler’s alleged phrase, and how it saved one of his general to go to USA as a war hero)

http://www.jewishracism.com/ Jewish Genocide Enlarged PDS

Book by Christopher J. Bjerkens, titled “THE JEWISH GENOCIDE OF ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS” 575 page book

claims that it was the Jews within the Ottoman Empire CUP Party, which caused the Genocide.. Other articles display the antagonism of Armenian ARYAN race against JEWISH race. Historical records prove that the last Jewish Tribes in the Caucasus were cleansed by Armenians, some 3000 people. There now remains only about 300 Jews in Yerevan which Armenia considers a threat.

REMINDER: All specific serious questions relative to the GENOCIDE SLANDER are welcome!

Istanbul, Sept.21st, 2007


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