2298) The Expenses of PKK is from Armenia / PKK-Armenia Hand To Hand

The view of some part of the Armenian lobby . . over the Turkish government is evident…

The terrorist organizations, ASALA to be the lead, have moved hand to hand with PKK from time to time at the attacks that they conducted against Turkey. As a matter of fact, the two terrorist organizations made a written agreement among themselves. In 1987, the terrorist organization PKK and Armenians signed an agreement. Following are the conditions of the aforementioned agreement:

- The Armenians will get training within the PKK terrorist organization.

- 5, 000 USA Dollars will be paid per person each year to the PKK terrorist organization.

- The Armenians will attend to the small scale activities.

When the Armenians advanced rapidly within the organization following the agreement was signed, the following decisions were taken at the meeting that was realized with Hermez Samurouyan, the administrator for PKK-ASALA relations, dated 18 April 1990.

- PKK and ASALA terror organization would be administrated mutually.

- The Armenians would do the intelligence activities against the security forces in Turkey.

- The lands would be shared equally following the possible revolution.

- 75 percent of the camp expenses would be covered by the Armenians.

- Activities would be conducted at the metropolitan cities of Turkey.

Abdullah Öcalan, the terrorist Chief was elected for the honor membership by the Armenian Authors’ Union due to his “contribution to the Great Armenia Dream”. A Kurdish Committee was formed within the structure of the Armenian Public Movement, as it was done in the many of the European countries.

On 4 June 1993, Armenian Hinchak Party had organized a meeting, attended by ASALA and the members of the PKK terrorist organization at the center of the PKK terrorist Organization situated in West Beirut. Another striking instance regarding Armenia-PKK relation is the following expressions that were mentioned at the meetings dated 6-9 January 1993 that were organized at two separate churches in Beirut in which Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Archbishop, Armenian party officials and 150 young people attended:

- We should be calm against Turkey for the time being.

- The Armenian society increasingly grows and becomes economically stronger.

- Due to developed propaganda activities, the so-called genocide is increasingly recognized.

-The Armenian state has been founded and every passing day its lands are expanded and it will eventually take the revenge of its ancestors.
- All the Western countries, primarily USA, acknowledge Armenians to be right over the issue on Karabakh. This opportunity should be evaluated. And new ones will join to the Armenian youth, who are fighting in Karabakh.

- The civil war in Turkey (they mean the struggle against the terrorist organization PKK) will continue, the Turkish economy will reach at the zero point and the citizens will revolt.

- Turkey will be divided and a Kurdish state will be founded.

-The Armenians should carry out their relations with Kurds very well and should support the struggle of Kurds.

- The lands that are in the hands of Turks at present will be possessed by the Armenians tomorrow.

Source: Abdullah Özdogan-Yeniçag Daily Newspaper-03.12.2007

The Expenses of PKK is from Armenia
An extremely striking claim was put forward regarding the financing of the PKK. . It was claimed that the Armenians have been financing the expenses of PKK.
Indicating that the Diaspora Armenians have been attempting to fail the economy of Turkey with the activities of the terrorist organization PKK, Savas Egilmez, Assistant Professor of the Association for Struggling against the Baseless Claims, said: “75% of the expenses of PKK is being financed by the Armenians.”

Savas Egilmez, the head of the Association for Struggling against the Baseless Claims and Assistant Professor of History Department of the Science and Literature Faculty of the Atatürk University, has made significant clarifications regarding PKK-Armenia relations that was recently brought on the agenda.
Expressing that the cooperation between the PKK and the Armenian terrorist organizations went back to 27 years ago, Assistant Professor Savas Egilmez stated that the terrorist organization PKK has recognized the 24th of April as the day of Armenian massacre since 1980’s and organized various ceremonies. Stating that the Diaspora Armenians desire to use PKK and damage the Turkish economy, Egilmez said the following regarding a meeting that was organized by the Armenians in 1993: “Lebanon Orthodox Archbishop organized a meeting, where 150 youngsters attended at two separate churches in Beirut together with the officials of the Armenian Party.”

it was discussed at the meeting that the Armenians were increasingly getting stronger and the so-called genocide was being recognized owing to the propaganda activities that were developed. Furthermore, it was stated that the support given to the PKK activities in Turkey has intensified, and so, the Turkish economy would come to the zero point, and that situation would create a chaos in the society, which would lead a split within the country. The goal of the Diaspora is to get an apology following the admittance of genocide and then, demanding compensation and land.”

Claiming that the terror organization PKK had made a deal with the Diaspora Armenians in 1987, Egilmez noted that PKK obtained financial support with this deal. Pointing out that 75 percent of the camp expenses of the terrorist organization PKK was covered by Diaspora Armenians, Egilmez said: “The Armenians will be included in the training activities of the terrorist organization PKK and 5 thousand dollars will be given to each person every year with this agreement.

The Armenians will involve in the small scale activities, attend to mutual activities with the PKK, the intelligence activities regarding the security forces in Turkey will be conducted by the Armenians and the lands that will be seized following the split of Turkey would be equally shared. Moreover, 75 percent of the camp expenses would be covered by the Armenians.”

Stating that as the Association for Struggling against the Baseless Claims, they have been attempting to explain in the national and international level that the so-called genocide claims, are nothing but a lie, Egilmez clarified: “We have received many reactions, both negative and positive, during our efforts. Most of these reactions were directed from abroad by e-mails. Recently, negative reactions coming from home in addition to insulting piece of writings towards the Turkish nation, have increased. According to the analysis that we conducted, it came out that there is terrorist organization PKK at the root of these reactions.”

Source: Vakit Daily Newspaper-05.12.2007