2413) Mr Justin Paul’s Theory Has Been Tried Tested And Failed Miserably by Ataman Atlas

It is well and good for Mr Justin Paul to state, “The crucial point that many Turkish lobbyists miss is that you need to invoke calmer argumentation when your viewpoint is the less accepted one.” In an ideal world where only reasonable people reside and everyone is in pure harmony, that tact would be effective.

However, we do not live in an ideal world and Mr Paul’s theory has been tried tested and failed miserably. . .
For decades the innate modesty and good manners of the Turks has been their failure. They tried for years putting the facts up in a calm professional manner and who listened? I am talking about various Turkish Governments, various academics various diplomats. The Armenians made not only ad-hominem attacks on those individuals but actually bodily harm and in the worst cases DEATH. Look at what their propaganda machine directed by the likes of Peter Balakian A FRAUD, CHEAT, and LIAR has attempted to do to reputable historians like Heath Lowry. Yes I call Peter Balakian a FRAUD CHEAT and LIAR, (I hope he reads this article and wants to sue me for defamation because it would be my utmost pleasure in defending such a case, I will even provide him with my full particulars and an address for service of the Writ of Summons).

It’s all well and good to speak about “calm argumentation” when you’re an academic in an ivory tower shielded by the harsh realities of the world outside, I for one will scream out what I believe in from every roof top I can possibly reach. Juries in trials quite often do not listen to “calm argumentation” they are duped by theatrical Counsel preying on emotions, rumours, and innuendos. Most Counsel will do whatever they can to present their clients best case, albeit within the law but certainly NOT WITHIN the boundaries of ethics or morality, and THAT’s exactly what the Armenian Diaspora do stoop to forgeries such as the Andonian Telegrams, the false Ataturk quotes and even his picture, the false Hitler quote. They use these items over and over and over again knowing them to be false, and the wider community accepts them as the truth. It makes it even harder when the Western media are biased and do not give the Turks equal time to put forward their case and evidence before the court of public opinion. That is exactly how the Armenians are winning this debacle in the court of public opinion, not in a properly convened Judicial Court. To win over the masses one needs charismatic oratory, passion, assertiveness, and conviction. Good manners and modesty do not work in the West that has been well proven.

What I find most offensive about Mr Paul’s patronising diatribe is his criticism of the Tall Armenian Tale (TAT) web site. Regardless of what an academic might think of the TAT web site, it has ( along with this particular web site I might add) done more in the relatively short period of time it has been up for the Turkish case then any Turkish Government initiative. It has drawn the ire and notice of the Armenians and as a direct result the interest and notice of many others. Mixed with articulate, informative, and intellectual arguments the humour is greatly appreciated by average people on the street, who are not undertaking PhD course at University.

Before Mr Paul criticises the TAT web site and other more vocal Turkish advocates I would ask that he walk a mile in our shoes.