2648) Letter To Hon. Joe Hockey, Federal MP, Australia: Genocide Allegations

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Ref: Australia To Recognize Armenian Genocide

Dear Sirs,
In reference to your posting and the texts provided; I herewith submit my contradictory comments and documentary evidence, and kindly request that these be diffused as OPEN LETTER to the general public and in particular to the honorable members of the AU parliament.

Full references have been promptly provided in my book downloadable here and below referred attachment.

Unless my presented documents or sources are proven to be scholarly untrue, concerned parties are kindly invited in the name of TRUTH and HUMANE ETHICS to review and rectify their opinions based on hearsays only! . .

Yours sincerely,
Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul, 09 November 2008

REPLY by Sukru Server Aya, author of "The Genocide of Truth" ISBN 9789756516249 Istanbul Commerce University – 2008 Download the Free-E-Book Here and refer to the Review by Prof Sam Basket

To The Hon. Joe Hockey's Address To The Australian Parliament

ADJOURNMENT - Armenian Genocide (20 Oct 2008, House of Representatives)

Mr HOCKEY (North Sydney) (9:40 PM) —I thank the member for Werriwa for that endorsement. In 1939, Adolf Hitler addressed his battle commanders at Obersalzberg with these chilling words:

I put ready my Death’s Head Units the order to kill without pity or mercy all men, women and children of the Polish race or language. Only thus will we gain the living space that we need. Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians?

This is a huge lie resulting from a blatant forgery. Hitler never said any such words, the paper where this falsification was written to sell to British agents, was not a regular state stationery, was not even typed on a German keyword typewriter and was full of grammatical punctuation errors. You can reach the document on the internet. For details and links, see my above book, pages 366-367-368-369 documentation proving the contrary! The Hitler quote was never accepted by the Nuremberg trial as valid and it is a total hearsay turned to sound as if true!

On the basis of the worldwide apathy to the plight of an entire generation of Armenians who were rounded up and systematically slaughtered, Hitler embarked on his own diabolical plan of extermination. Some 70 years after Hitler’s words, the Armenian community is still struggling to achieve recognition for their own genocide at the hands of the Ottoman military during World War I. In the dead of night on 24 April 1915, 250 Armenian political, religious, educational and intellectual leaders in Istanbul were arrested, deported to the interior of the country and murdered. On that same day, 5,000 of the poorest Armenians in the city were rounded up and slaughtered on the streets and in their homes. This is now recognized as the beginning of an official attempt by the Turkish government to exterminate its Armenian population.

To pledge that (no existing) Armenian killings "inspired the extermination of Jews by holocaust" is a ridiculous, if not base, deformation. On 24 April 1915, "5.000 poor Armenians were never rounded up or slaughtered"! Unless this is proven by valid documentation, I call this another shameless lie. On April 15, 1915 the city of Van was occupied by Armenian Voluntary Armies, declared independent republic of Van (photos can be seen in the book "Why Armenia should be Free" on internet. On April 24th only 235 prominent Dashnakist-revolutionary ring leaders were arrested (after they were warned to stop their treason, since the Allied Forces already attacked Dardanelles in mid March 1915, and ANZAC forces landed on April 25th) and were sent to the interior! None of them was killed; half of them returned to Istanbul within couple of months, those found guilty were imprisoned. Such blatant disinformation does not become the respectable AU Parliament, unless proven by documents to be true!

Over the next three years, the Turkish government ordered the deportation of the remaining Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire to concentration camps in the desert between Jerablus and Deir ez-Zor. They were marched through the country on foot in a hard and cruel journey. Women and children were forced to walk over mountains and through deserts. These people were frequently stripped naked and abused. They were given insufficient food and water, and hundreds of thousands of Armenian people died along the way. Around 1½ million Armenians were murdered during the Armenian genocide out of an estimated total Armenian population of just 2½ million people.

The relocation (dictated by military obligations because of fifth column activities, explicitly written and photographed in the above book by their prominent leader Pastermadjian) started at end of May 1915, Catholics and Protestants were exempted at the end of August, and by the end of September all relocations were completed, with war shortages and hardships. Dair-el Zor was an agricultural land on the Euphrates and the relocated people had expressed their satisfaction to Ambassador Morgenthau when their leader Bezdjian visited him in autumn 1915. See page 269 of my book for exact excerpts from Morgenthau's diary also pages 293-297 for other "documented" references.

"Some columns only" were attacked by brigand bands and given protection proved to be insufficient because the good gendarmes were already sent to the war fronts East & West & South! They used the same roads, which all others had to use, they were permitted to take their transportable properties on ox-carts (poor families were provided with ox carts), and they could use the railway for the limited sections! They had to walk the rest over the mountains, same like other people or soldiers did! There were no asphalted roads or motor coaches or even horse carts because the army took all draft animals. Several “relief organizations” provided food to some camps.

The kitchens run by Turks in transfer places or settlement areas were never given any of the relief supplies for distribution! All seaports were blockaded by the British-French navy, and "only the ships carrying supplies for Armenians" were permitted to pass through blockades! Famished Turkish soldiers guarded these supplies. Only in January, 80.000 soldiers starved and froze to death on the Caucasus Mountains because they had no food or blankets in temperatures -30*C. Was this situation to stay alive when fighting on 3 fronts, to “ perform miracles only for Armenians"?

Total Armenian population before the war was 1.5 million at most. See chapter 15, pages 303 and others for recorded, numbers. Kindly also refer to the Flier Sheet and official records given in the US Congress-Senate report, attesting that 1.414.000 Armenians were alive at the end of 1921! Which figure should we believe? For more details and excerpted references please read other pages of chapter 15. Page 303 of the book, gives diverse records of population! From which reliable source the estimate of 2.5 million Armenian populations does come. Do given all other sources lie? The report dated 1.3.1914 for land distribution prepared by French-Armenian commission gives the most dependable figure!

The intention of the Ottomans was the complete obliteration of not only the Armenian nation but any memory of the Armenian people as well. During the operation, reporting and photography were forbidden by the Turkish government .The mere existence of Armenians in Turkey was officially denied. Maps and history were rewritten. Churches and schools were desecrated. Children who were taken from their parents were renamed and raised as Turks. Back in 1915, the word ‘genocide’ did not exist, as the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was only adopted in 1948 in the aftermath of the Holocaust. But there is simply no other word for what happened to the Armenian people of Turkey. They were indeed the victims of an act designed to destroy an entire race.

The innocent Armenians, who did (or not) cooperate their Revolutionary armies, had to suffer the consequences of war and the fifth column activities, which cannot be denied! Above referred book of Pastermadjian has several photos and paragraphs about their armies, victories, barbarities! In 1915, there were very few cameras with glass negatives and very few photographers, and prohibition of photography of military bases or certain areas is a common practice even today. There are plenty photographs showing the "bilateral barbarity and butcheries" which are well confirmed and admitted by various US, British, Russian, French and even Armenian writers and documents!

There is not a "shred of evidence" that any extermination in any form was ever intended, or that the CUP government had the "cause-means-capacity-benefits" from such a plan or that the losses owing to natural causes of starvation, epidemics etc. were any different than Moslem losses!

Why the esteemed MP made no mention of “greater Moslem losses”?

A few starving surviving Armenian refugees returned to their former homeland only to see their country subsequently conquered by the Bolshevik Red Army and incorporated into the Soviet Union for seven decades, until 1990. These survivors were able to tell the world what had happened to their people. There was outrage across Europe as news of the atrocity spread. Today the government of Turkey steadfastly refuses to recognize the genocide of its Armenian citizens. They campaign actively, claiming a lack of evidence. Indeed in Turkey, under article 301 of the Turkish penal code, individuals, intellectuals, journalists and publishers can be prosecuted for insulting Turkey. Therefore, whenever referring to the genocide in that country, people refer to it as the ‘alleged genocide’ to avoid prosecution.

According to the "U.S. Congress-Senate" Resolution no. 192 dated 22.04.1922, 300.000 Armenians had returned to South and East Turkey after the Mudros ceasefire (30.10.1918) with the British and French armies. The atrocities committed by the Armenian legion in the French army ignited the resistance of the civilian people plus few Nationalist officers! The French forces soon had to sign an agreement with the nationalist Ankara government and evacuate the area. At that time, according to the U.S. Relief Report about 300.000 (or all people who had returned), evacuated the area by their own preference, when they were asked to stay since they were the people with various skills.

Turkish penal code 301 is pea-nuts compared to Swiss or French Penal codes, where "accepting this world wide forgery" is made compulsory, regardless of TRUTH, lack of evidence or any legal decision and is irrelevant!.

My book and more than 1500 verbatim excerpts I have used all from neutral or anti-Turkish sources, prove the “wheeler-dealer-money swindling profiteers from this patriotic demonstration, who deprive the poor people in Armenia of any chance of reconciliation, because the diaspora and churches, keep watering the seeds of hatred and grudge. Regrettably, these profiteers could bring this falsification to your esteemed parliament, without a shred of evidence, aimed to over shade the friendly relations between the two nations, despite the ANZAC episode!

In spite of this, many countries have officially recognized the Armenian genocide. As yet Australia has not done the same. This weighs heavily on me, particularly as my own grandfather was himself a survivor of the genocide. He never knew the fate of his siblings and his friends as they were presumably led to their deaths. Similarly, this lack of recognition weighed heavily on the hearts of Armenian-Australians, especially when on 28 August our ABC aired the Family Footsteps program on an Armenian-Australian who had traveled back to the homeland of her ancestors. Throughout the program, the narrator repeatedly refers to the ‘alleged’ genocide. The doubt that is cast over what happened to the Armenian people by this offensive word has no place in an Australian television program. It is divisive and offensive.

Esteemed MP, brings a personal family episode which is not evidence as a valid cause to take a Parliamentary decision!

The reply of the program aired by ABC, was already given by me! Please refer here and refute any of my given proofs!. Australia is being pulled into the "trap of animosity" against a country that treats those who died there for a war that never concerned them. See page 662 of my book and an article by Reno Evening Gazette dated Oct.14, 1915, and note the last prophetic paragraph: "If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world, it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone".

Australian people deplore this sort of racism and barbarity. This country has prospered though the immigration of people from countless nations, including Armenia. I urge this parliament to recognize the Armenian genocide for what it was—not alleged, not supposed and not so-called. It was the intentional attempted obliteration of an entire people. To refuse to acknowledge this genocide is to ensure that future Hitlers can capitalize on the world’s reticence in taking a stand.

For barbarity and extents of racism desired by Armenians, please view the Map they presented to the Paris Peace Conference in Feb. 1919, and note their demand for the land be freed of all non-Armenian population, where they were not even 15% of the living people.

I cordially invite all parties at ABC and commentators to first read the following links, and arrive to their own conclusion, and inform me if they find any mistake in any of the sources I have given.

a- and all three documents mentioned therein

b- Flier Sheet about Relief Report can be seen in the first section of the book before introduction.

I do not find the other letters of "overwhelming preponderance" , "genocide scholars" worth of consideration or factual value. History must be based on documents. I present you herewith most authoritative Armenian and American documents and as long as these stand valid like obelisks, no literary or foamy dressing is enough to cover the facts. It is time to give an end to these Ali-Baba stories and pull down masks. As I say openly, esteemed people either prove the contrary with authentic documents or SHUT UP!

Yours cordially,

Sukru Server Aya, Istanbul 11.11.2008

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To: J dot Hockey dot MP at aph dot gov dot au, joe at joehockey dot com
Cc: menzies.stuart at abc dot net dot au, mediawatch at your dot abc dot net dot au, Corporate_Affairs4.ABC at abc dot net dot au

No Response From Australian Parliament House So Far, But We Do Have The Receipt Of Their Visit Here

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