Once upon a time… Once, a child who would be a king in the future was born in one country.
Although his mother named him as Koch-arian by hoping that he will be a brave and strapping, he had a nature which is not similar to his name. The child was fractious and ill-tempered and brawling. He liked nobody and nobody liked him too. Unfortunately his nature was such that. . .
As time passed, the child grew up and became a king in one day. But his people did not embrace him, did not trust him. His wife, Bella began to be called as evil (Bela in Turkish).

People began to talk about a widespread speculation that the King overthrew the former King who liked by his people with many plots. Even it was talked about a secret agreement with killer in an assassination against one of the prominent leaders in the country.

The ill-tempered characteristic of the King reflected naturally in the country’s governance. Although his people desired peace and democracy, he was always in conflicts with neighboring countries. His desire to annex other countries to his territories became so ambitious that the King began to be called as occupier. The King began to see “mountains” as his own estate. In fact people suffered mostly from his unreasonable views. And as time passed, people began to consider that they are not deserved to be incompetent on the other country’s eyes.

While the King interested in other’s territories, his own country fell in bankruptcy and his people suffered with hunger. Corruption, bribe became widespread. Especially young men were very anger since the king was indifferent and did not give a chance for them and those who saved themselves from the violent measures of the King began to flee to other countries. The county was almost emptied.

His older brother from “the same father” that the King relied on was seen to help him, but in fact he kept the King’s country under control. In return of loan given to younger brother, he seized on his electricity, gas and production plants. Even he deployed his forces in King’s country.

Apart from economic hardship, democracy did not exist in the country. Democratic principles and human rights are violated seriously. The King did not show tolerance for peoples from different nations and religious minorities.

The King relies upon the only one back: Frightening his people with a neighboring country whose courage and power are celebrated.

Ancestors who lived in that neighboring country had attempted to betray their country. They took side of enemies and wanted to partite the country. For this reason, even they killed mercilessly neighbors they lived together and shared bread from the same territories with them. Finally the neighboring country had found the only solution to expel these people it considered as “royal citizens”.

In fact realities are such that, but what could the King do, he had to tell lies for his throne and he made attempt to persuade his people, even other countries that traitor ancestors were massacred. These countries began to use the King and his country as a tool in achieving their countries’ targets by pretending to believe this.

The King was not aware of happenings and showed profiles in different platforms as if he were a Victor and erected poles he named as monument to everywhere he could find, in one day people became aware that they got caught ”between these poles”.

The remedy was to prick up people’s ears and to resign from the throne, but the King could not do this. Such strange named opposition figures as Aram-Sarkisyan, Ovan-esyan, Dalak-yan, Manik-yan, Demirci-yan emerged. People took side of them. Hands that applauded yesterday became fists against the King.

The King was desperate… The King was unhappy…

And in one day everything came to an end…

People stood against the King by their flags opened for peace and democracy. For the King, there was no other choice other than saying “Good-bye”!

In tales, three apples fall from heaven, but in this tale, rocks and stones fell. And all of them fell over the head of the King…



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