According to the U.N. Genocide Charter, authorized courts will decide whether an event is genocide or not

'We are denying any attempts to establish a link between Jewish genocide (Holocaust) and Armenian genocide claims,' Shimon Peres . . .
The Holocaust was a massacre staged in front of the eyes of the world, but the other is an unproved allegation meant to be political propaganda conducted in line with states' strategic goals

The Ottoman Empire did not have any intention to destroy the Armenians in line with the U.N. Charter

While attempting to aid the Holocaust, the Armenians committed genocide by taking a loyalty oath to Hitler

"We believe the proof did not reveal the events were "genocide" as specified in the United Nations Genocide Charter dated 1948. The 1915- 1916 events were a tragedy in which two sides were harmed."(1)

Quests for compensation, lies on the basis of so-called claims which were not defined as genocide by objective criteria, revealed by documents from archives and a number of sources, enabled Armenian circles with a tendency for racist motives to depend on decisions taken by parliaments in other countries.

However, Turkey accepted before Armenia that genocide was a crime in accordance with laws by signing a contract. Naturally, Turkey signed that the "Law" recognized the "Crime." Then, who defines the crime? The country's parliament or independent "judiciary?" A former member of the Turk-Armenian Reconciliation Commission (TARC), Ambassador Gunduz Aktan took up the issue in line with objective and universal evidence and pointed out certain significant facts: (2)

"According to the U.N. Genocide Contract, authorized courts will decide whether an event is genocide or not. Legislative bodies do not have judicial power. Decisions taken by them do not have any legal authority.

"It is for this reason that the Armenian Genocide Law, a law alleging genocide against the Armenians, passed by the French parliament was not considered relevant. Because the parliement is not a court.

"The United States forced the Swiss Central Bank, other banks and the government to pay money to the Jewish due to some practices during World War II. However, it was legally possible since the Nuremberg Tribunal had passed judgement on the Holocaust. There is no judicial verdict on Armenian events. It is not seen possible for U.S. national courts to make decisions on genocide by asserting they are an authorized court..."

The quests of historians and scientists for objective information and documents free of political tendencies continue to this date.

However, the Armenian lobby, which did not achieve legal sanctions is now focused on gaining support via multi-sided psychological pressure. To put it more correctly, the phenomenon identified is concentrating on the the "Holocaust." That is to say, the systematic massacre, staged by Nazi Germany against Jewish people is being compared to the Armenian experience.

The representative of the Jewish government Shimon Peres said, "We are denying any attempts establishing a link between Jewish genocide (Holocaust) and Armenian genocide claims. The events don't have any relation to genocide. The Armenians' experiences are not a genocide, but a tragedy." (3)

"Making a comparison between the Holocaust and the tragedy experienced by the Armenians is unacceptable. The Holocaust is a much different phenomenon since it was planned and aimed to destroy the whole of the nation." (4)

"A similarity with regard to Jewish genocide can be established as follows: the destruction of all Muslim peoples in the Independent Armenia Republic systematically. Muslims formed at least 30-40 percent of the Republic's total population." (5)

"Israel accepts the tragedy experienced by the Armenians. However, these events cannot be compared to genocide." (6)

One should carefully compare the Holocaust and genocide concepts and understand that both concepts should not be turned into a mitosis backed by groundless allegations.

In other words, the Holocaust and Armenian claims are concepts that have no common properties.

The Holocaust is a massacre witnessed by the world and the other is political propaganda conducted in line with states' strategic goals.

On the one side, the will for systematic destruction staged by Nazi Germany and on the other side the Ottoman Empire's arresting only harmful Armenian gangs and organizations that were cooperating with enemies, and changing locations of some Ottoman citizens of Armenian origin (relocation decision) is a point at issue.

However, the Ottoman Empire practicing the said relocation decision made some 1,397 people, who did not protect the Armenians, who attacked them and stole their properties, face grave punishments and most of them faced the death penalty. Could we think of a holocaust in which the German SS faced the death penalty on the grounds of not protecting the Jewish? On the other side, it will be useful to illustrate the Ottoman Empire's lack of volition to systematically destroy the Armenians with the help of historical events that have been associated with the holocaust. What is more, the number of Armenians in provinces where no re-location took place is almost 200,000.

The symbolic meaning of this situation draws attention to a very significant point. Can one think that the Jewish living in Berlin and Munich would be left out of the Jewish genocide (holocaust) created by the racist hatred? Even this example reveals that no genocide was committed against the Armenians. (7) Shortly, re-location decisions were taken not to destroy, but to carry the Armenians, who cooperated with Russian invasion armies, guiding them, dealing with espionage, rebelling, attacking the Ottoman army, cutting logistics and communication lines, attacking Turk-Muslim settlement areas with their terrorist guerillas, staging massacres and attempting to commit acts of ethnic cleansing, to the south of the country from the eastern front. This aspect of the relocation, having the military necessity, is conforming to the current law as well. The reason for the relocation was obviously military and it was practiced to protect the citizens.

The presentation of the documents that were not proved by Armenian extremists together with the official date of the holocaust made the issue an extension of political propaganda unconsciously made by the Armenians. At the same time, the Armenians' attempts to pin their hopes on falsified documents showed the weakness of Armenian racists since the quality of the events from the aspect of the Armenians was put aside. According to them, what is important is an identical example's existence that will be easily perceived by the whole of the world. That is to say, the most permanent sole example is the fact that claims mounted to the level of a holocaust.

However, "Genocide conditions" defined in the international arena do not encompass baseless Armenian claims or any baseless claims. The Holocaust meant to destroy a group of the Jewish-origins. This crime is a result of racist hatred. However, Turks have never had racist hatred against the Armenians stemming from the administration. Together with these conditions and reasons, defining a holocaust cannot be applied to the Armenian genocide. The existence of state volition aiming to destroy the Jewish is a point at issue in holocaust. But, the Ottoman Empire did not have any intentions to destroy the Armenians in line with the U.N. Charter. What is more, all documents envisaged the protection of the Armenians and their taking refuge easily although there are no written documents or verbal notes that will prove an intention to destroy the Armenians.

That is why, secret or indirect massacre is not a point within the scope of the charter (8). As is seen, there are no defined conditions and reasons for the genocide, by which the Turkish can be proven culpable, during the conflicts (9). The measures, taken during the conflicts and which were formed in the axis of dominant states' strategies, and relocation were presented to the Western public opinion by the Armenians. Whereas, the Ottoman history registered 29 pashas, 22 ministers, 33 deputies, seven ambassadors, 11 consul generals and consuls, 11 university academics and 41 high-ranking civil servants from Armenia. Among the aforementioned Armenian ministers, there were those who had key and important posts such as foreign affairs, finance ministry, trade and postal services ministry (10) (11). All archives show that the Ottoman Empire had no intention to destroy the Armenians. Many documents from the archive (12) translated into several languages and transferred to the inter-net show that there was "Armenian cruelty" contrary to general attitude of the Western public opinion on the issue.

On the other side, the fact that the word "genocide" gained its full meaning after massacres perpetrated against the Jews during the World War II is known and totally admitted. Within this scope, it is necessary to take up the issue from the aspect of Jewish Genocide (Holocaust) during the World War II and analyze it systematically in a circle where Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his officers plotted their evil deeds. It is inevitable to come across with noteworthy findings. During World War II, Armenian volunteers flowing into Germany were received by Nazi Propaganda Minister Jozef Paul Goebbels in Berlin in 1953. The duty given to the Armenian group by Nazi general was as follows: "To form the Middle East leg of German propaganda activities carried out in a number of centers." But, "mass loyalty oaths" in front of Hitler taken by the Armenians in the German army put forth the real, but tragic motives of racist Armenian ideology.

Thus, the code, continuously repeated by the Armenians and attributed to Hitler and saying, "Who is talking about the massacre staged against the Armenians?" has been broken. This situation clearly means: "While attempting to adopt the holocaust, A big crime in the 20th century, the Armenians committed genocide by taking a loyalty oath to Hitler.

To sum up, political remarks based upon groundless claims cannot be linked with the Jewish genocide (Holocaust), which is a human tragedy.



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