2234) How to Find What You’re Looking for On This Site . . Fast !
- Mini Site Navigation Guide

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How to Find What You’re Looking for On This Site . . FAST!
Mini Site Navigation Guide
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6 Ways To Find What You Need

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1)Through Article Archives

2) Through our SiteSearchFreeFind

( Database is updated once a week)

3) Through A Label - Categories - Author

Each Label shows how many posts in them, when mouse over the label.
Once you click on the Label, you'll get 20 posts in your first result page and when click on the Older Posts link at the bottom right of the page , you'll get to the next 20 posts in that Label until you exhaust all the number of posts under that label

e.g. When We Mouse Over on the Sukru Server Aya Label We'll see 248 -at the time we have created this navigation Guide

When we click on "Sukru Server Aya (248) or any posts that has "Labels: Sukru Server Aya" at the bottom right of a post, we'll get the first 20 posts details under that category.

Once we go to the end of the page, we'll also notice "Older Posts" link on the right. (or Newer Posts link on the left - if there are any)

If we click on that "Older Posts" link we'll get to the next 20 posts details and so on.

Question: How many pages we need to visit to see 248 posts details of Sukru Server Aya
a) 248 pages
b) 13 pages

Correct Answer is b)13 pages : 248 posts divided by 20 posts per page equals to 12.4 pages.

4) Through Our Google Custom Search

( It is a live search which means that the results are as current as they can be)

5) Top Navigation Menu

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6) Latest Posts & Excerpts

Lists the 15 Full Article titles of the recent posts & short excerpts

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