2345) The Armenian Council Is Living In A World Of Imagination

Assistant Professor of the Atatürk University Science and Literature Faculty, and the Chairman of the Association for Struggling against Baseless Genocide Claims (ASIMED) Savas, Egilmez said: “The Armenian council is living in a world of imagination.”

Reminding that the Armenian Council has decided that the cost of the bill to Turkey on the 1915 incidents would be 14, 5 milliard dollars during its special session entitled “Relations with Turkey” dated 19-20 December, and demanded that the Article 301 to be removed and the borders to be determined all over again according to the Serves Treaty, Egilmez said: “The Armenian Council has exposed once again that they would not abandon their hostility.”

Pointing out that Turkey has always took the first steps for establishing relations with Armenia, however, the Armenians rejected it, Egilmez noted the following:

“During the public survey that was realized in Erzurum , Istanbul, Ankara by us with 8 thousand 714 people for finding out the Turkish people’s view on establishing social and economic relations with Armenia in 2006, it once again became clear that our nation establishes its philosophy on “forgiving”, as it has managed to maintain during in the history.”

Expressing that the Turkish nation is expecting an apology for the massacres that was committed by the Armenian gangs during the World War I, before establishing social and economical relations with Armenia, Egilmez added the following:

“The Turkish nation demands that this country should abandon baseless genocide claims, pull down the so-called genocide memorial in Armenia and remove all the articles against Turks and Turkish lands in their constitution and give an end to their relations with the Diaspora for establishing political and economical relations with Armenia. Moreover, the Turkish nation, which demands giving an end to the invasion in Karabakh by the Armenians, would only then establish relations with Armenia.”

Anadolu Agency-31.12.2007 10.01.2008