2437) 28Apr2008 ANU, Canberra Ataov Seminar: Turkish Identity & Armenian Issue

Turkish Australian Seminars Committee, Cordially invites you to attend a conference
By Professor Türkkaya Ataöv, Professor Emeritus of International Relations, at Ankara University, Turkey

At The Australian National University Physics lecture Theatre: PHYS T
Sullivans Road (Near Fellows Rd) Acton ACT , Monday 28 April from 5:00 pm - 8:00pm

Title of the Conference: Turkish Identity and The Armenian Issue : Coming to Terms with the Past

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Much has been said about the alleged “Armenian Genocide” by the Armenian Diaspora over the years. However, as a result of Western prejudice and bigotry, Western Media and certain politicians from the West have suppressed the full facts of these issues and all the available evidence. The tragic events that occurred in Eastern Anatolia during the material times need to be fully examined and analyzed before one can make fully informed policy decisions. . .

The tragic deaths of hundreds of thousands (both Turkish and Armenian) should not be politicised and used for political purposes, or agenda. The rationale and purpose behind this seminar series (arranged by the Australian Turkish Community) is to explain the events and examine the available evidence. Further still, to put back some dignity into the tragic deaths of all those innocent people both Turkish and Armenian only to be used for political ends by certain entities, politicians, and academics.

We will show the documentary entitled “The Armenian Revolt” produced by renowned documentary maker Mr Martin Callaghan from the United States. This documentary was suppressed and free to air channels in Australia have refused to air it. This may be the only opportunity you receive in viewing and critically analysing this documentary in Australia.

Then Professor Türkkaya Ataöv will deliver his paper, at the end of which there will be time for questions and answers. Invites have been sent to all interested parties including, all Australian politicians, The Armenian National Committee of Australia, several Jewish Organisations, Ambassadors of various nations, and the Australian Media both print and electronic.

Discover the difference between the facts and falsifications for example forged items such as the “Andonian Telegrams” and the false “Hitler Quote” (discovered to be false by an Armenian Mr Robert John) which are still used to this date by certain academics in order to support their thesis.

Most importantly remember that this Seminar could not take place in certain EU states like FRANCE and SWITZERLAND because it would be against their domestic laws. The latest victim of these anti freedom of speech laws is Professor Norman Stone formerly from the University of Oxford who dared to deny the alleged Armenian Genocide in an article in Switzerland. Come and see for yourselves how certain western nations apply double standards when it comes to fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and expression. Although they supposedly espouse to the ideals of a liberal democracy and frequently take the high moral ground in criticising other nations for alleged human rights abuses.

There are limited seats available so please RSVP by 1.00pm 28 April, 2008 to our Mr Atlas on 0422341950 or in the alternative e – mail to lecturesinaustralia@gmail.com
if you wish to reserve your seat.

We look forward to having your company in our pursuit for the truth.